BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1199


Chapter 1199 – Mutual Probing

When he detected this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but stare. But he immediately concentrated his spiritual force and explored the surrounding area. Soon, he was able to discover something abnormal in the tornado.

Zhao Hai knew that in this tornado filled with ice blades, there were 360 ice blades altogether. These ice blades were coordinated with each other, forming a large net inside the tornado. All those who enter would be shredded.

But when Zhao Hai’s spiritual force searched inside the tornado, he actually felt that there were 361 ice blades inside. What made it 361 was precisely Li Chuchen’s skyfrost sword. The attacking method of the skyfrost sword was actually very strange. It could even enter Zhao Hai’s magic and become part of it.

With the skyfrost sword becoming one with the ice blades, it was akin to a fish returning to its school. It advanced alongside the tornado and didn’t resist. This wouldn’t only make it undetectable to Zhao Hai, it could also hide its aura using the tornado as a cover.

Li Chuchen’s previous two attacks were very overbearing. But the attack this time was actually as supple as running water. However, Zhao Hai didn’t dare to underestimate this attack. If Li Chuchen’s last two attacks were sword and spear meant for clashing, then this third attacking was simply meant to kill.

The skyfrost sword was now akin to a silent assassin. Only when it was the opportune time would it reveal itself and make a sudden attack. This was very dangerous.

If Zhao Hai’s spiritual force wasn’t formidable, then it would be impossible for him to discover the hidden sword. And even if he knew about it, it was still very difficult to deal with this attack.

Zhao Hai was well aware that having the skyfrost sword this close to him was too dangerous. Even if the skyfrost sword had integrated itself into the tornado, there was still a trace of Li Chuchen’s soul inside it. If Zhao Hai used any means other than magic, then Li Chuchen would certainly find out.

With this thought in mind, Zhao Hai’s eyes couldn’t help but flash a cold light. Then he waved his hands and cast a 50-layer formation from each one. Once these formations materialized, they immediately became ice dragons. These ice dragons shook their bodies before charging towards the wind blade filled tornado.

When the skyfrost sword detected the approaching ice dragons, Li Chuchen knew that his plan was most likely discovered by Zhao Hai. In an instant, the skyfrost sword exploded with incomparably powerful might. One ice blade sprang out from the tornado as it headed towards Zhao Hai.

However, this action didn’t seem like an attack. It was like a stream of water that arced towards its target. This time, the attack was more complex and unpredictable. Moreover, its speed was anything but slow.

Zhao Hai’s expression turned heavy. He lifted his mage staff as he whispered some incantations. A 100-layer formation appeared in front of him and soon formed a huge hammer. Once this metallic hammer appeared, it immediately locked into the skyfrost sword. With the might that could destroy the heavens and the earth, the hammer pounded towards the incoming attack.

As the trajectory of the skyfrost sword changed, the hammer did as well. Since the sword was locked into him, there was no need for Zhao Hai to purposefully command his hammer. 

It didn’t take long before the hammer and the sword came in contact. Boom! A loud sound was heard as Zhao Hai’s large hammer vanished. However, the skyfrost sword didn’t slow down, instead it became faster as it stabbed towards Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai felt his heartbeat going quicker, he didn’t expect the skyfrost sword to use the strength of the explosion to propel itself forward. It truly was very difficult to deal with.

With this thought in mind, Zhao Hai waved his hand as huge magic formation appeared in front of him. Once this formation appeared, the ice and wind tornado vanished as it gathered around the magic formation. Even the white mist was being sucked by the formation. This allowed the spectators outside to have a clearer view of things.

The formation set rotated, and in the process of rotating, all magic formations slowly fused together forming a huge formation plate. This formation plate revolved around Zhao Hai before stopping in front of him, restricting the approaching skyfrost sword.

The skyfrost sword wanted to avoid the formation plate but was unsuccessful. If the skyfrost sword was a car, then the formation plate was a roadblock. However, the plate just rotated in place and didn’t attack the skyfrost sword, it just guarded Zhao Hai.

The sword was at a deadlock. The spectators couldn’t help but have their hearts stuck in their throats. But at this time, Li Chuchen’s expression changed. This was because he knew that it wouldn’t be good to drag on. He knew that there was no way for his attack to break Zhao Hai’s magic formation.

Zhao Hai’s magic formation was strange. Although it was just a 100-layer formation set, it could actually absorb the surrounding energy to strengthen itself. This caused the formation to be more and more solid and increasingly hard. At this point, it was impossible to break through this formation using the skyfrost sword. 

This isn’t to say that Li Chuchen couldn’t break this formation, but it was impossible for his third attack to do so. His third sword was akin to flowing water that changes its direction silently as it approached the enemy before making a sudden attack.

Although this attack was very hard to defend against and was the best for killing, there was no denying that the power of this attack was much worse than the last two attacks.

This was an attack that sacrificed offensive strength in exchange for unpredictability. And if the skyfrost sword was met by another attack, then it could use that to strengthen itself.

Zhao Hai discovered this characteristic back when he sent his hammer out. Because of this, he changed his tactic and instead used the rotating formation disc. Moreover, he controlled it in a way where it wasn’t attacking. Instead, the magic was used to protect. This way, the skyfrost sword wouldn’t be able to make use of it.

Zhao Hai was dragging on since he knew he could. However, Li Chuchen wasn’t in the same situation. His identity didn’t allow him to make a compromise. Either he withdraws his sword or continues on with his attack.

Receiving his sword meant that Zhao Hai blocked his three attacks. And with his arrogance, Li Chuchen would no longer attack Zhao Hai, which meant that Zhao Hai had passed his test.

Also, Zhao Hai had the confidence to block Li Chuchen’s attack. This meant that Zhao Hai had won since he could block Li Chuchen’s third sword if even Li Chuchen decided to continue on with his attack.

Naturally, Li Chuchen taking his sword back held a different meaning compared to him continuing with his attack. These choices would show Li Chuchen’s character. If Li Chuchen receives his sword, then this meant that he knew that he had failed, and has decided to give up. This would show that he was a very dangerous person. Those who had the patience to retreat were dangerous enemies.

If Li Chuchen carried on with his attack, then this meant that he was a person who couldn’t accept losing. He would insist on doing what was impossible just to save face. Such person was equally dangerous since he might become a villain that would take any opportunity for revenge.

It wasn’t late for a gentleman to take revenge after ten years, while a villain would be a threat from morning to night. This didn’t mean that a gentleman wouldn’t retaliate. On the contrary, a gentleman’s revenge would be calmer. He waited for ten years for an opportunity. So when this opportunity arrives, he would make sure that the enemy would never recover.

A villain’s revenge lacked the patience to endure patiently and calmly. He would retaliate from dawn to dusk and would use all means to achieve his goal. This would make him very annoying. But in the end, it was still difficult to know which of the two had a more effective method.

Zhao Hai was now waiting for what Li Chuchen would do next. He wanted to see what kind of person Li Chuchen was.

Li Chuchen looked at the stalemate with a cold expression. He knew that continuing would be futile. Although he was reluctant, he needed to make a decision.

Li Chuchen turned his head to Zhao Hai who was controlling his formation disc and couldn’t help but give a cold snort. His three attacks were meant to test Zhao Hai’s strength. The first sword tested his ability to respond. That sword wasn’t easy to deal with, yet Zhao Hai was able to block it.

The second sword was to test Zhao Hai’s offensive capability. Not only was the sword so simple. It also represented Li Chuchen’s confidence. And once again, Zhao Hai passed the test. 

As for the third sword, it was meant to test Zhao Hai ability for magic. Magic control wasn’t an easy matter. The move ‘flowing clouds’ wasn’t a simple move. This sword required an intense amount of concentration. In order to block this strike, Zhao Hai would need a similar level of control over his spells. Although it seems like he made a bit of an effort, Zhao Hai still blocked it regardless.

Li Chuchen knew that he didn’t have the means to kill Zhao Hai in three swords. Therefore, he coldly snorted and then took his skyfrost sword back. He knew that he was in the Machine Field, and that it wouldn’t be good to continue fighting with Zhao Hai. If he wanted to deal with Zhao Hai, then he needed to do it in the Six Realm Beginner Competition.

Upon taking his skyfrost sword back, Li Chuchen looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Very good. Zhao Hai, you’re quite strong. I’ll be seeing you in the Six Realm Beginner Competition.” Then he turned his head towards Ba Dong for a moment before flying away. He didn’t even spare a word towards the Water Temple Bishop.

Seeing Lu Chuchen fly away, the environment became alive once more as applause began to break out. Almost every single person present were smiling. The Machine Field has been suppressed by the Cultivation Realm all these years. In one-on-one battles, there was almost no way for the Machine Field to win. But now that Zhao Hai managed to block three swords from Li Chuchen, they couldn’t help but feel that it was a victory for the Machine Field.

There was only one person present who had a very ugly expression, and it was Ba Dong! Ba Dong didn’t expect Zhao Hai to be able to block Li Chuchen’s three swords. Now, he was someone who tried to steal a chicken only to lose the rice used to lure it. Everyone knew that he brought Li Chuchen to deal with Zhao Hai. This meant that he would no longer be received well in the Machine Field.

At this time, Cadjo’s voice sounded out from beside Ba Dong, “Bishop Ba Dong, I apologize for the Ashley Family’s poor treatment of your companion. Please accept a glass of wine from me as an apology.” Cadjo’s words didn’t have any shred of sincerity in it and it even held a bit of chill.


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  1. Why didn’t he just steal the sword?! Him being an all-element mage, including a spatial mage, is no secret…This was an official challenge where one side dying wasn’t a problem, so why not just take the sword for himself as ‘compensation’…

    Not to mention, the second sword being a homing attack could be used very well by Zhao Hai guiding it towards its user, making the user himself either stop it or dying from it…Both would be rather humiliating for him.

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