BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1198


Chapter 1198 – The Third Sword That Never Misses

Zhao Hai stood still as he watched the sword. It wasn’t that he doesn’t want to move, it was that he couldn’t. Li Chuchen’s second sword was very formidable. It completely locked into Zhao Hai. If he moved,  then the sword would follow behind him. The sword doesn’t only fly in a straight line, it could also turn. Therefore, dodging would only be a waste of time. 

Zhao Hai waved his hand as a hundred-layer formation appeared in front of him. When the formation appeared, a large sword began to materialize out of it. The sword wasn’t any smaller than the first sword. The sword’s body was entirely golden, glistening as it appeared. This golden sword faced the skyfrost sword, tip to tip. 


The large sword and the skyfrost sword collided. Two different swords clashing caused an unbelievable amount of energy to burst out. The explosion caused a wave that started at the center of the collision and spread outward. Whenever a tree was hit by this wave, they would immediately be uprooted.

The spectators outside the forest immediately erected their shields. But since they knew that the energy that would remain when it reached them had decreased by a lot, ordinary shields were enough for protection.

When the large sword collided with the skyfrost sword, it froze over before turning into fragments. But in turn, it managed to stop the skyfrost sword from going forward. Now that its momentum was quenched, the skyfrost sword lost all of its imposing power. At this point, even if Li Chuchen himself was to fly forward to attack Zhao Hai, the force he would add would still be insufficient.

Knowing that his second attack has been rendered useless, Li Chuchen’s expression sank even more. Although he was used to having his attacks being blocked, he didn’t expect Zhao Hai to be able to do so. He knew that the Machine Field’s hundred-layer formations were strong, however, he still didn’t pay any attention towards Zhao Hai. In his mind, he only needed one sword to kill Zhao Hai on the spot. But unfortunately for Li Chuchen, Zhao Hai was able to survive two swords in a row. This caused Li Chuchen’s face to turn ugly.

Cultivators from the Cultivation Realm were rarely defeated by the Machine Field’s Mages and Warriors. Even if the opponent wasn’t a level 4 but instead a level 5, Foundation Establishment experts would still be able to survive, even killing the enemy. This had something to do with how both sides cultivate.

When Cultivators practice, they would take in energy into their own body and then digest it in their dantian to be absorbed by their sea of energy. This would give them a supply of energy during fights.

And once this energy reaches a certain level, they would liquefy. Upon successful liquification of energy, one would then become a Foundation Establishment Expert. And once one’s energy becomes a solid core, they would then reach Core Formation.

As for the Machine Field, they practice differently than the cultivators. Warriors in the Machine Field mostly practice Battle Qi. Battle Qi gave importance to tempering one’s body. They would frantically exercise their body then produce Battle Qi. Once Battle Qi was produced, they would store it in their bodies to slowly transform their physique. However, this battle qi wouldn’t form a dantian. Therefore, Battle Qi was much more difficult to utilize compared to the qi used by the Cultivators.

Meanwhile, Mages practice spiritual force. However, practicing spiritual force wasn’t easy. And in addition, items suitable for Mages were too few. Cultivators, on the other hand, had a lot of tools they could use.

Mages in the Machine Field would generally have only a Mage Staff and also their own formation sets. Their families might provide them with additional protection but that was it. Warriors were in the same state. Besides their weapons and defensive equipment, they weren’t able to use any other thing.

Cultivators were able to forge all kinds of artifacts. From portable flying swords to peculiar items that had unique effects. It can be said that they had tools for everything. Because of this, Cultivators would win most of the time when up against Mages and Warriors from the Machine Field.

And today, Li Chuchen declared that as long as Zhao Hai survived three of his swords, then he would let Zhao Hai go. Therefore, the only weapon he could use now was the skyfrost sword. He was too arrogant in making his declaration.

Li Chuchen had become arrogant, not only because he was a genius, but also because he was a Cultivator from the Cultivation Realm.

Of the entire World of Cultivation, there was without a doubt that the strongest group hailed from the Cultivation Realm. Because of this, no matter where they went, Cultivators would always think that they were a cut above others. Naturally, Li Chuchen wasn’t an exception, let alone here in the Machine Field.

Because of this arrogance, Li Chuchen wanted to kill Zhao Hai in a flawless manner in order to show his power and prestige. However, he didn’t expect Zhao Hai to block two of his swords. This caused Li Chuchen to be caught in a tight situation.

A Foundation Establishment Cultivator unexpectedly couldn’t deal with a level 4 Mage. If this went out, then people would certainly laugh to death. Li Chuchen’s face would be dragged into the mud. Not only his face, he would also pull down the face of Extreme Cold City as well as the entire Cultivation Realm. Therefore, Li Chuchen needed to make his last sword succeed.

Li Chuchen looked at Zhao Hai with a cold expression on his face. He didn’t expect Zhao Hai to be this hard to deal with. Although he hadn’t fought against Mages before, he still knew something about them.

Mages in the Machine Field rank their strength based on how many layers of formations they could support. The more layers, the stronger the Mage. However, this didn’t mean that a level 6 Mage could send out 1000-layer formations all the time, this was impossible. It was like how a Cultivator couldn’t use his unique skill all the time. If such a skill was that easy to use, then it wouldn’t be called unique.

Because of this, Cultivators held an advantage when going up against a Mage. Cultivators could use all kinds of artifacts in order to fight at 100 percent of their strength. Meanwhile, Mages would need to reduce their strength. This was because if they sent out a strong formation, then they would need a long time to prepare it. The enemy would never give them this much time. In actual combat, using instant-cast formations were the norm.

The fact that Zhao Hai could cast 100-layer formations instantaneously and repeatedly actually surpassed Li Chuchen’s estimates. Li Chuchen might understand if Zhao Hai could send a 100-layer formation shield the first time since it could just be stored inside his staff. However, where did the large sword come from?

Li Chuchen’s attacks weren’t just randomly sent out. His Severing the Mountains and Rivers sword was actually meant to test Zhao Hai’s strength. That move would generally have no problems dealing with Level 4 Mages since that move blocked all of the opponent’s escape routes. Even if Zhao Hai was able to block it, Li Chuchen could also use his second sword to exploit Zhao Hai’s weakness.

Sure enough, when Zhao Hai used a layered formation to form a shield, Li Chuchen immediately saw Zhao Hai’s weak point.

Because of this, Li Chuchen’s second move was his Pierce the Skies sword. His first sword was a cutting move, so its power was somewhat scattered. Since it needed to take into account a lot of things, it was impossible for it to concentrate all of its power into a single point. It wasn’t surprising for it to be blocked by a thick shield.

As for the second sword, pierce the sky was a very overbearing attack. It locked on to the enemy as it stabbed towards them. There was no need to doubt its penetrating power. Li Chuchen intended to use this attack to puncture through Zhao Hai’s shields. However, Li Chuchen didn’t expect that Zhao Hai would use another formation and had a huge sword block the skyfrost sword’s attack. 

Li Chuchen looked at Zhao Hai for a moment before he smiled and said, “Good, good. It seems like the Machine Field’s newcomers this time have some skills. I didn’t expect you to be able to block two of my swords. However, my third sword will certainly cut you.”

Zhao Hai gripped liquid silver before he returned the smile and said, “Young Hero Li, please proceed. If I die by you hand, then that only meant that I haven’t practiced enough. Nobody will complain on my behalf.”

Li Chuchen coldly snorted and said, “So what if there’s a complaint? Nobody will listen to a dead person’s grievances. Take my move, Flowing Clouds, third sword!”

Just as his voice fell, Li Chuchen’s skyfrost sword flew up and made unnatural movements. It didn’t fly in a straight line and instead hovered slowly. Moreover, as the sword flew up, mists began to appear on the surroundings. This mist travelled faster than the sword and before long Zhao Hai was covered by it.

Zhao Hai felt that this sword wasn’t as overbearing as the last two. However, it was very flexible. It was like water that silently crept on. Naturally, murder in this way would happen silently.

Zhao Hai discovered that the white mist that the skyfrost sword produced wasn’t simple. Not only was the mist producing very cold air, it was also suppressing spiritual force in a large scale. This limited the distance his spiritual force could travel..

Upon seeing this situation, Zhao Hai decided to take the bull by the horns. He quickly released fire dragons. As fire dragons appeared, they immediately surrounded Zhao Hai’s body. This scattered the white mist. However, the mist couldn’t be underestimated, it also consumed the fire dragons at a very fast rate.

Zhao Hai didn’t care as he casted another formation. This formation set produced winds and ice blades that eventually formed into a tornado. This formation set was initially used for offensive means but Zhao Hai used it this time to defend. He stood in the center of the tornado as it expanded bit by bit. 

The two magic formation sets extended the range of Zhao Hai’s spiritual force. But at this moment, Zhao Hai suddenly felt that something had entered the area covered by his tornado. If it weren’t for the Zhao Hai’s formidable spiritual force, then he wouldn’t have sensed it!


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