BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1196


Chapter 1196 – Skyfrost Sword Li Chuchen

Ba Dong looked at Cadjo and slightly nodded as he said, “Cadjo, congratulations on your achievement. Right, let me introduce you to this talented gentleman. This is Li Chuchen from Extreme Cold City of the Cultivation Realm. He’s also going to participate in the 6 Realm Beginner Competition. In the Cultivation Realm’s qualifiers, he managed to get the tenth place.”

Ba Dong saying that Li Chuchen was just 10th place wasn’t an insult, but actually a compliment. Becoming tenth place in the Cultivation Realm was much more significant than being first in the Machine Field. It must be said that it was extremely rare for a tenth placer in one realm to be equal to a tenth place to other realms. 

Cadjo immediately felt angry due to Ba Dong talking to him like he was talking to a junior, but after hearing Ba Dong’s introduction, Cadjo couldn’t help but dissipate his anger.

Although the Machine Field and the Cultivation Realm occasionally had friction, the two realms weren’t without communication. And even if these exchanges were far and few in between, the Cultivation Realm always had the upper position during these events. They always took the lead.

And since the Six Realm Beginner Competition was about to begin, everyone began getting information about the talented newcomers from the Cultivation Realm. And Li Chuchen’s name was one of the names being passed around.

A genius named Li Chuchen, nicknamed Skyfrost sword, ascended into Extreme Cold City four years ago. Although it has only been four years since he ascended, he was now a Foundation Establishment cultivator. Moreover, he was granted an advanced-grade magic treasure by the Extreme Cold City’s City Lord, an item named the Skyfrost sword. Li Chuchen relied on this sword to slowly increase his reputation.

Extreme Cold City wasn’t an unknown force in the Cultivation Realm, it was one of the more influential sects. Its disciples reached 10 million in number. Their Inner Disciples numbered 1 million and their Core Disciples were about 10 thousand. Including their Elders and other resident experts, they were no doubt one of the more powerful sects in the Cultivation Realm.

One shouldn’t look down on Extreme Cold City’s 10 thousand Core Disciples. Although they were few, they were very strong. The Cultivation Realm’s Core Disciples were in a completely different level compared to the Machine Field’s Core Members.

Most Core Members in the Machine Field were people from the families themselves. It didn’t matter if they were strong or talented, as long as they were from the family’s direct lineage or members from extended families, they were allowed to become core members. Because of this system of not attaching great importance to a person’s talent, the core faction of some families were very weak.

But the Cultivation Realm was different. In the Cultivation Realm, everyone spoke with their strength. Before becoming Foundation Establishment, cultivators would be in the Outer Sect. Only once they reach Foundation Establishment would someone become part of the Inner Sect. If one could become Gold Core Experts, then they would become Core Disciples. They would then have enough strength to face one Machine Field fleet.

As for Li Chuchen, he was able to reach Foundation Establishment and enter the Inner Sect only four years after ascending. This in itself was a great accomplishment. He was a rare genius.

Because of this, even if Li Chuchen was only in tenth place in the qualifiers, Cadjo didn’t dare underestimate him. He immediately gave Li Chuchen a bow as he said, “So it is Young Hero Li. This Cadjo has been disrespectful. I didn’t expect Young Hero Li to visit our Ashley Family. It’s truly an honor to have you visit.”

Li Chuchen didn’t give Cadjo even a little bit of face. He just snorted and said, “I heard that a genius has popped up from your family and became the champion of your qualifiers. Hahaha. The Machine Field has been getting more and more absurd. Hahahaha. Someone who ascended less than a year ago actually became the realm champion. You still have the face to host a party? Don’t you think it’s ridiculous?”

Upon hearing Li Chuchen, Cadjo’s face immediately turned ugly. Then he turned to Ba Dong and saw him just smiling and staying silent.

Cadjo wasn’t actually angry because of Li Chuchen’s arrogance. The Cultivators had always been like this. The reason Cadjo was angry was because Li Chuchen seemed discontented with Zhao Hai’s achievement. If this was really the case, then he might challenge Zhao Hai. This would put Zhao Hai in danger.

When he thought of this, Cadjo couldn’t help but get angry at the Water Temple even more. He didn’t expect the Water Temple to be this malicious. Zhao Hai could use his strength to fight for the Machine Field in the Six Realm Beginner Competition. However, the Water Temple actually wanted to cut Zhao Hai’s path prematurely. This was absolutely a shortsighted plot that didn’t think about the bigger picture.

Although he was seething, Cadjo didn’t dare show his anger. He remained polite as he answered Li Chuchen, “Of course, the strength of the Ashley Family can’t enter the eyes of Young Hero Li. However, the Ashley Family hasn’t achieved any decent accomplishments recently, so we couldn’t help but celebrate this one. I apologize for making Young Hero Li laugh.”

This wasn’t because Cadjo was submissive. If this was any other event, he would be impolite towards Li Chuchen. After all, even if Li Chuchen was a disciple of Extreme Cold City, he was still an ascender. Moreover, he’s from the CUltivation Realm. Even if Li Chuchen was offended, he still couldn’t do anything. In the end, this was the Machine Field and he was an outsider.

The reason Cadjo was polite was because he wanted to shift Li Chuchen’s attention so that he wouldn’t challenge Zhao Hai.

Cadjo was an old fox who had been swimming in rivers and lakes for a long time. What he heard from Li Chuchen wasn’t good. Although Li Chuchen was from the Cultivation Realm and that the Cultivators wouldn’t dare to easily wage war with the Machine Field, if Li Chuchen used the excuse of challenge to kill Zhao Hai, then the Ashley Family wouldn’t be able to do anything. After all, the Ashley Family couldn’t declare war against Extreme Cold City.

Lu Chuchen wasn’t the fearful one. What was scary was the influence behind him. Extreme Cold City was very powerful. When the time comes, not a lot of people would support the Ashley Family in going against the city. After all, nobody was willing to offend a huge power like Extreme Cold City.

It can be said that the Water Temple’s move was quite ruthless. Since they couldn’t act against Zhao Hai, they used Li Chuchen. If Li Chuchen challenges Zhao Hai, then Zhao Hai would have no choice but to accept. This was the custom in the Machine Field.

The Machine Field had been pressed down by the Cultivation Realm. However, the Machine Field’s people had their own dignity. If a Cultivator killed Zhao Hai, then the Machine Field would certainly make a move. This was because they could claim that the Cultivators were bullying the weak. However, if Zhao Hai was challenged, then Zhao Hai had to agree. If Zhao Hai refuses the challenge, then he would be bringing shame to the Machine Field. Because of this, Zhao Hai had to agree to Li Chuchen’s challenge. The Machine Field would rather have Zhao Hai be killed in a challenge than to have Zhao Hai bring shame to the realm. This was the pride of the Machine Field.

The Water Temple had already settled the event. They wanted Li Chuchen to step forward and challenge Zhao Hai in order to seek revenge. It seems like the Water Temple really wanted to snatch the first place position away from Zhao Hai. The Water Temple didn’t get what they want, so they had to resort to these means.

It was pure coincidence that Li Chuchen, a disciple from the Extreme Cold City and a participant of the Six Realm beginner competition, happened to visit the Water Temple. This was because there was something he needed there, and this thing was called Heavenly Divine Water.

Heavenly Divine Water was also a treasure in the Cultivation Realm. However, the quantity of this item wasn’t a lot. This divine water was very useful for Li Chuchen’s cultivation. Additionally, Li Chuchen was currently in a bottleneck. So he decided to go out for experience and personally get the divine water from the Water Temple.

Heavenly Divine Water was also very important for the Water Temple. However, they wouldn’t deny Li Chuchen’s request. This would make Li Chuchen owe them a favor. And if Li Chuchen gets stronger and achieves great results in the Six Realm Beginner Competition, Extreme Cold City would owe the Water Temple. There was no reason for the temple to refuse Li Chuchen’s request.

Li Chuchen had a similar situation to Lei Xiaotian. He grew up receiving constant praise from others. Therefore, he was very proud. Ba Dong could see this so he brought Li Chuchen to the Ashley Family’s party so that Li Chuchen would challenge Zhao Hai.

Ba Dong also knew that he would bring trouble to the temple by doing this. After all, this was colluding with an outsider to deal with someone from the Machine Field. However, he couldn’t help but do it. He really wanted to kill Zhao Hai.

The reason Ba Dong was like this was because Streep became strong under his tutelage. He paid a great price so that Streep could become strong as soon as possible. Ba Dong did this so that Streep could gain first place in the qualifiers. In turn, Ba Dong’s position in the Temple would increase and maybe he might become an Archbishop of the Water Temple one day.

However, all of his efforts were destroyed by Zhao Hai. Therefore, Ba Dong hated Zhao Hai so much that when he saw Li Chuchen he immediately thought of it as an opportunity. As long as Zhao Hai was removed, then everything else would be worth it.

It was said that a dead genius wasn’t a genius at all. As long as Zhao Hai was dead, the Ashley Family wouldn’t be able to do anything in the Six Realm Beginner Competition. It would then be impossible for the Ashley Family to rise up. Meanwhile, Streep would still be alive. And as long as Streep could get a good score in the competition, then the Ashley Family’s allies would turn their heads towards the Water Temple. And Ba Dong wouldn’t be in any trouble!


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