BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1195


Chapter 1195 – Viper Ba Dong

The night silently came. However, Machine Field Planet was a planet that never sleeps. The planet’s night life was very rich. This was even more so today since the qualifiers just ended. Families held parties to commemorate their achievements. And the most eye-catching party of them all was of course hosted by the Ashley Family.

The Ashley Family wasn’t considered to be that big of a family in the Machine Field. Before this, it can be said that their name was unknown in the vast territory of the realm.

Although the Ashley Family was in good terms with other families before, these families were just medium to small-sized families. They weren’t that influential in the Machine Field.

In the past, whenever the Ashley Family held parties and sent written invitations to powerful families, they didn’t even expect them to respond. Those who participated in their parties were those from medium-small sized families who they had good terms with. Moreover, besides those who they have a really good relationship, the other families would just send in representatives to attend, they didn’t place great importance to the party.

However, this time, it was different. Now that Zhao Hai had gained first place in the realm qualifiers and brought the Ashley Family great benefits, the great families of the Machine Field had to give them face. This was because everyone knew that the Ashley Family was on the path to becoming powerful. Having the Ashley Family as a friend was much better than being their enemy.

Because of this, a lot of people expressed their desire to attend the Ashley Family’s party. In the parking lot of the Ashley Family’s building were a lot of cars passing in and out. There were men and women dressed in their best attire holding crystal glasses and drinking wine inside the building’s lobby. Once in a while, women’s laughter could be heard in the halls.

The melodious music as well as the light breeze that sent coldness to everyone, and also the absence of the sweltering heat of the day, made those present very comfortable.

Cadjo shuttled back and forth in the crowd to meet and talk with people he was both familiar and unfamiliar with. Desbarres and Luke were the same. At this time, the three of them were the faces of the Ashley Family.

Xiong Li’s group of four were standing in the lawn. Xiong Li looked around him and then snorted as he said, “I hate these kinds of parties the most. These are just people wearing masks and talking nonsense. It’s very boring.”

Li Kuangren nodded and said, “Right, you can see that their laughs and smiles are all fake. It’s better if we take Brother Zhao Hai out and then have some drinks and meat ourselves.”

Donfang Yu looked at them and then he smiled and said, “Alright, stop complaining. It’s already very good that we managed to attend this kind of party. Look at everyone here, some are from powerful influences, there are also honored and famous people here. It’s only because of our relationship with Little Hai that the Ashley Family gave us invitations to this party. Do you really think these kinds of parties would invite people from External Halls like us?”

Sun Fei nodded and said, “Boss Xiong, don’t be too sad. Also, we can use this as an excuse to take Brother Hai out drinking later.”

Upon hearing Sun Fei, Xiong Li stared for a moment, then he said, “Right, we can do that. I like that plan. Then it’s decided!”

The group laughed, causing them to attract attention. However, the looks directed at them had despise mixed in. It was clear that the natives of the Machine Field were still looking down on ascenders.

Xiong Li and the others didn’t care about it. They were people who could summon wind and rain back in the lower realms, they had seen everything. Even if their status in the Machine Field wasn’t as good as back in the lower realms, they were still geniuses that were highly valued in their respective External Halls. They wouldn’t care about minor matters like these.

At this time, the clock struck eight. Those who were going to come had already arrived. It was also at this time that Zhao Hai and Margaret showed themselves to the guests.

When the two appeared, they immediately attracted the attention of everyone present. Zhao Hai and Margaret were both wearing black robes that weren’t too showy. However, one could see that these robes were specially made. There were places that were unique compared to other robes. Most importantly, the designs of the two robes were specially made so that when they stood together, their clothes would blend in with each other. At this point, even blind people could see that they were a couple.

Seeing Zhao Hai come out, everyone came to give him their greetings. Zhao Hai also received each person with great politeness. And to everyone’s surprise, Zhao Hai was able to say their names casually as if they had met before.

Achieving this feat wasn’t easy. This was because everyone present here could affirm that this was their first meeting with Zhao Hai. And when the Ashley Family handed over their invitations, their families didn’t even say who would be coming. In other words, Zhao Hai being able to know who they were was very remarkable.

Zhao Hai had participated in a lot of parties back in the lower realms. Although the environment has changed, the courtesy needed for such events didn’t change much. Therefore, Zhao Hai was able to comfortably conduct himself well in this situation.

Although this party was held to celebrate his victory, Zhao Hai knew that he was just an expert of the Ashley Family at this time. If it wasn’t for giving the Ashley Family some face, then these people wouldn’t have been enthusiastic in meeting him.

This party’s star was Zhao Hai, but the truth was actually different. He was only the face of the party. This party was a ground for powerful and influential people to mingle with themselves in both an open and covert way. Zhao Hai’s purpose in this party was no different than a vase being used as decoration.

After greeting everyone that needed greeting, Zhao Hai led Margaret towards where Xiong Li and the others were. Seeing the two arrive, Xiong Li smiled and said, “Little Hai, I didn’t expect you to be this experienced in dealing with people. Did you attend a lot of parties before?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “I had time to attend these parties before. In fact, the parties are the same each time. As long as you participate in one, you’ll know what to do the next time.” Xiong Li couldn’t help but laugh. Like Zhao Hai, he had attended parties before, so he knew what Zhao Hai was talking about. 

The group proceeded to talk amongst each other. On the other hand, more and more people went to talk to Cadjo. After all, those who came here knew that Cadjo was someone that held the trust of the Ashley Family’s Patriarch. Moreover, he was a very powerful character. The true star of the party was actually him.

Zhao Hai knew about this, so after giving his greetings, he took Margaret with him and then went to where Xiong Li and the others were. He didn’t try to approach any guest and try to build a relationship with them.

Time passed in a moderate manner in this event. Unknowingly, it was already 9 o’clock. At this point, Cadjo had established cooperative relationships with some families. It can be said that he had received a bountiful harvest.

At this time, a blue light was seen from a distant place and before long it arrived at the Ashley Family’s parking lot. When Cadjo saw this blue light, his expression couldn’t help but change. This was because he recognized this blue light. In the Machine Field, only one group had this specific blue light in their vehicles, it was the Water Temple..

The Water Temple was one of the top powers of the Mage Alliance. The power that they held was much more than the Ashley Family.

Originally, the Water Temple had no enmity with the Ashley Family. Sending someone to this party was equal to the Temple’s support of the Ashley Family. Cadjo should be happy about this.

However, one shouldn’t forget that Streep was someone from the Water Temple. If it weren’t for Zhao Hai, then Streep might have gained first place. But now, Streep has been defeated by Zhao Hai. This was akin to the Ashley Family having developed enmity with the Water Temple. 

Naturally, not wanting to offend the Temple, Cadjo was polite and sent an invitation. However, the Temple didn’t send a response. This caused Cadjo to think that nobody from the Temple was coming. But now, an hour into the party, the Water Temple suddenly arrived. This caused Cadjo to think about the possible reasons why.

When the car stopped, the door opened and two people came out. Upon seeing who came, the eyes of those present couldn’t help but shrink. This was because they didn’t know who the other person was. Moreover, this unknown person wasn’t wearing clothes normally worn in the Machine Field. Instead, the man was dressed as though he was from the Cultivation Realm.

Cadjo believed his own judgement. He knew that those from the Cultivation Realm didn’t just dress differently than those in the Machine Field. They also carried themselves differently. Even if someone from the Machine Field wore clothes from the Cultivation Realm, they still wouldn’t be able to gain the Cultivation Realm’s special temperament.

As for the other person, Cadjo know him very well. This was the reason why Cadjo’s heart jumped. This person was a Bishop from the Water Temple. He was named Ba Dong. However, this Ba Dong had a nickname, Viper!

Viper Ba Dong. Upon hearing this nickname, one would have an idea as to what kind of person he was. Just like his nickname, Ba Dong was as venomous as a snake. As long as someone enters his sights, they wouldn’t have any lucky day. When this person decides to be vicious, nothing would stop him from chasing after his enemy. He was a very hard to deal with character.

It can be said that Cadjo wouldn’t be nervous if any other person from the Water Temple came. But after seeing Ba Dong, Dadjo’s heart couldn’t help but tighten up. However, he still took a step forward. When he was a couple of meters away from Ba Dong, Cajo laughed and said, “I didn’t expect Bishop Ba Dong to actually come. My Ashley Family is incredibly honored. This Cadjo expresses his gratitude.”

Ba Dong was tall, dark, and thin. He had no redeeming qualities. But once you look at his eyes, your body would no doubt turn uncomfortable. You could see a hint of coldness in his eyes, it was as though you were staring right into the eyes of a snake!


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