BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1193


Chapter 1193 – A Huge Move


After a melodious ring, Zhao Hai and Streep proceeded towards the arena. 

Once the two were on the arena, the shields went up. The two stood opposite of each other 100 meters away.

Terry, with his everpresent confident smile, looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Mister Zhao Hai, I have known about you all this time. Being able to compare notes with you at this moment is truly an honor.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and then returned the greeting as he said, “Mister Streep is too polite. I’ve long admired the person in the first place among the Ten Great Experts. I’m very lucky to be able to exchange one or two spells with you.”

If one just looks at them, they wouldn’t look like two people who were going to fight. Instead, they looked like two friends who liked each other and were having a nice discussion.

Naturally, none of the two believed what the other said. Those who took the other party’s words seriously were certainly fools. At this time, the bell rang, signifying the start of the realm qualifier’s finals.

As soon as he heard the bell, Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Mister Streep, the battle has begun. Excuse me for being impolite. I’ll be making my move first.”

Although Zhao Hai was talking to Streep, his defense didn’t relax at all. He had an uncomfortable feeling towards Streep.

Despite Streep’s nice and polite way of talking, Zhao Hai never had the inclination to be friends with him. This was due to the uncomfortable feeling that he had been experiencing all this time. It always told him to stay far away from Streep.

Streep was also quite stunned by Zhao Hai. Actually, he was paying attention to Zhao Hai in the past few days. Zhao Hai had formidable strength even with him having ascended less than a year ago. In that short time, he was able to become a level 4 Mage. Moreover, he managed to succeed in pursuing the Ashley Family’s young miss, making it possible for him to become a core member of the family. Most importantly, in just a very short time, he was able to become friends with Xiong Li, Dongfang Yu, Sun Fei, and even Li Kuangren. It was clear that Zhao Hai was an extremely skilled person.

And such a person was talking polite towards him, which made Streep’s heart even more cautious.

So upon hearing Zhao Hai, Streep stared. Then his expression turned serious as he said, “Mister Zhao Hai is too polite. We’ll have to exchange blows eventually. Please proceed.”

Zhao Hai looked at Streep’s eyes, then he smiled faintly and said, “Alright, then allow me to be impolite.” Then Zhao Hai made his move and released a 5-layer formation that sent out a fire dragon towards Streep.

Streep looked at Zhao Hai’s attack and then moved his hand to release a 10-layer formation. This formation appeared to be a huge machine gun. It sent out a barrage of ice cones towards the approaching fire dragon.

Naturally, Streep knew about Zhao Hai’s multicasting abilities. He knew that if he used an ice dragon to combat the fire dragon, then he would only be the one losing the exchange. Therefore he changed his battle plan and decided to just shoot ice cones towards the fire dragon. It was much easier to cast and operate. He would just adjust the direction in order to deal with Zhao Hai’s fire dragon. This was the best way to deal with this situation.

When Zhao Hai saw Streep’s response, his eyes couldn’t help but light up. Then he waved his hand and released his ten thousand fiery arrows. At this point, his fire dragon had already been shot down by Streep’s ice cones.

When Streep saw Zhao Hai’s ten thousand fiery arrows, he immediately erected a giant 10-layer formation ice shield in front of him. This managed to keep Zhao Hai’s arrows at bay.

But this time, Zhao Hai’s attack turned more violent. He used two offensive spells at the same time to attack Streep. However, Streep wasn’t just any other Mage. After he blocked Zhao Hai’s ten thousand fiery arrows, he immediately countered.

It must be said that Streep’s spiritual force was very formidable. And since the ice shield was just there, he spend little to no effort to maintain it. This allowed Streep to use another magic with ease.

Streep had naturally realized that Zhao Hai was a severe threat. He wanted to deal with Zhao Hai as soon as possible. Because of this, while he supported his ice shield, he muttered an incantation while performing hand seals. His seals were very quick and before long he had completed his incantation. Streep pointed towards Zhao Hai and said, “Extreme Cold, Permafrost, Bind!”

Right after Streep said that, the entire arena was suddenly shrouded with white fog. This white fog was quite overbearing. Everything that was touched by this fog was immediately turned into ice. The arena was no exception.

One must know that Streep’s Extreme Cold, Permafrost spell was a 100-layer formation. It was certainly very formidable.

 Zhao Hai saw this and knew that the spell was powerful. His waved both of his hands and then released 10-layer formation fire dragons from both of them. Lifelike dragons emerged from the formations. But this time, they didn’t attack Streep. Instead, they circled Zhao Hai and revolved around him.

Streep saw this and couldn’t help but smile. He believed that his spell wasn’t that easy to break. This spell wasn’t only a level 4 formation with hundreds of layers, it also had a lot of yin energy added to it.

This yin energy was Streep’s biggest trump card. He depended on this energy to become the first of the Ten Great Experts. If not for this yin energy, then he wouldn’t even be able to become one of the Ten Great Experts.

Just like what Zhao Hai saw, even if Streep was a genius, his talent still fell short compared to Lei Xiaotian and Xiong Li. His formations were very common even if he was able to obtain secret formation sets. But after yin energy was added to these formations, their attacking power greatly increased. This allowed Streep to be very powerful among the beginners.

Ever since he discovered the uses of yin energy, Streep continued to collect it all these years. And as he collected more and more yin energy, his magic formations became stronger and stronger. And in the past two years, no Mage nor Warrior of his generation were able to match him. Because of this, he became very confident in his spells. Be believed that Zhao Hai’s fire dragons would never be able to hold the Permafrost spell back.

But much to Streep’s surprise, after the white mist got in contact with the fire dragons, it began to dissipate. Although the fire dragons got smaller in the process, they still managed to hold off against the permafrost spell.

Upon seeing this outcome, Streep’s eyes became round. This was the first time he saw someone block his permafrost spell using a ten-layer formation. One must know that whenever fire magic was used to fight against permafrost in the past, both the fire spell as well as its user would be frozen. This was the first time where the permafrost was blocked by a fire element spell.

After releasing more than ten fire dragons, Zhao Hai stopped. Then he began whispering incantations and then making had seals. 

Actually, Zhao Hai’s actions were just for show. He didn’t need to mutter any incantations nor do any had seals. This was because the formations had already been recorded by the Space, he could use them whenever he wants.

However, he needed people to see that he was still casting spells and doing hand gestures. Otherwise, people would probably turn crazy knowing that he could cast hundred or thousand layered formation sets instantaneously. How long has it been since Zhao Hai ascended? Being able to reach level 4 for in less than a year was already monstrous enough. If he shows that he could release a 1000-layer formation instantaneously, he would no longer be seen as a monstrous talent, he would be seen as a monster.

After whispering and making hand gestures for some time, Zhao Hai proceeded to release his magic, “Wind breathes fire, fire rides the wind, Raging Inferno, Burn!” 

Along with Zhao Hai’s declaration, fire began to shoot up into the sky. Then with him as the center, a fiery tornado appeared. The winds helped the fire to turn intense almost instantly. The tornado swallowed the fire dragons in before heading towards Streep’s location.

The permafrost spell launched by Streep was broken the instant the fire tornado came into being. When Streep saw this, his expression couldn’t help but change. He quickly waved his hand and muttered some words. Before long, a more than 100-layer formation appeared in front of him as he said, “Ice as the body and water as blood, Ice Dragon, roar!’

When Streep’s voice fell, the formation consisting of hundreds of layers in front of him suddenly shook as a dragon roar was heard. Then a huge blue being came out of the formation. It was a giant dragon with a height of 100 zhang(333m). When the dragon appeared, it immediately clashed with Zhao Hai’s fire tornado.


The entire arena shook. Meanwhile, the shields surrounding it began to develop cracks. It looks like it would split at any moment. 

When the referee saw this, he was greatly surprised. Then he immediately called over several Mages in order to repair the shield. This allowed the shield to stabilize and not break.

But due to the large explosion, the inside of the arena became hazy. Nobody could see what was going on inside. However, there weren’t any sounds of fighting heard, which made people feel relieved.

Although the sound of the explosion was very loud, the spells used by the two participants were very dazzling. This caused the spectators to cheer. 

Even after seeing the arena’s shield crack, none of them left the area. Instead, their eyes were locked into the battle. Although, nothing could be seen at this time.


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