BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1192


Chapter 1192 – Defeating the Genius

When Lei Xiaotian felt the heat on his back, he couldn’t help but get startled. Then he turned his head to see the fire dragon that had fought against his ice dragon. He didn’t notice it going behind him and was now opening its mouth to wait for him to come over.

As soon as Lei Xiaotian stopped, the ice cone immediately appeared in front of him. Lei Xiaotian could already feel the coldness on his face. Ice and fire on both directions, he was in a dilemma.

Lei Xiaotian knew that he had already lost. He didn’t think Zhao Hai could still control his fire dragon in this scenario. Although Lei Xiaotian didn’t see how the fire dragon went behind him, he was sure that the fire dragon moved right after he extinguished his ice dragon. This only meant that Zhao Hai could control three spells at the same time!

Lei Xiaotian’s thought was correct, Zhao Hai could in fact maintain three spells at the same time. In fact, Zhao Hai can maintain more than three. It was just that using three spells was enough for Lei Xiaotian.

When Lei Xiaotian gave up control over his ice dragon, Zhao Hai continued controlling his fire dragon and had it go behind Lei Xiaotian. This was done while Lei Xiaotian was casting his spells, so he wasn’t paying attention to the fire dragon. Because of this, Lei Xiaotian was successfully trapped by Zhao Hai.

Even if Lei Xiaotian didn’t admit his defeat, it was already clear that Zhao Hai had won. Therefore, Zhao Hai withdrew his ice cone as well as fire dragon. The referee also declared that it was Zhao Hai’s win.

Lei Xiaotian had a difficult expression as he was looking at Zhao Hai. He didn’t expect to lose this match. To be honest, he didn’t look down on Zhao Hai nor did he despise him. The reality was because he was jealous of Zhao Hai.

Lei Xiaotian had always been called a genius, some even tell him that he was a genius among geniuses. But compared to Zhao Hai, Lei Xiaotian was nothing. Ascending less than one year ago but already managed to reach level 4. Lei Xiaotian took three years to attain this achievement.

His jealousy towards Zhao Hai caused Lei Xiaotian to wear an arrogant appearance before the battle. The reason for this has something to do with his character as well as his intent to make Zhao Hai lose to him in front of many people. This way, he could prove that he was the most talented among the beginners.

Although he had seen Zhao Hai’s previous battles, he still believed that Zhao Hai couldn’t match him. But now, not only did Zhao Hai defeat him, Zhao Hai managed to do so without much difficulty and in less than 20 minutes!

Even compared to the battles for the top 25, a fight lasting less than 20 minutes was still considered short. Let alone in the semifinals, 20 minutes was too short. Lei Xiaotian could almost feel the sky falling down on him.

Zhao Hai noticed Lei Xiaotian’s reaction, but he didn’t have the mood to comfort him at this time. He wasn’t related to Lei Xiaotian and both of them didn’t have any connections to speak of. There was no need for Zhao Hai to be charitable. So after the result was announced, Zhao Hai just walked off the arena.

Upon returning to where Xiong Li and the others were, Xiong Li gave Zhao Hai a large hug as he laughed and said, “Good job kid. That was beautiful. This is the shortest semifinals I have seen. Hahaha.”

Dongfang Yu also laughed and said, “I also didn’t expect the fight to be this short. That was beautiful Little Hai.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “It’s nothing. Maybe it’s just because Lei Xiaotian didn’t take me seriously. But Boss Xiong, you’re going to fight Lei Xiaotian next. I haven’t fully tested his abilities so you need to be careful.”

Xiong Li smiled and said, “Rest assured, I’ll win.”

Dongfang Yu and the others smiled. They didn’t leave the stadium yet since the battle for the 3rd and 4th position would happen soon. Lei Xiaotian and Xiong Li would fight after half an hour of recovery. As for the finals, it would be held the next day.

Half an hour quickly went past. Xiong Li already arrived on the arena but Lei Xiaotian seems to be taking his time. But it was obvious that Lei Xiaotian wasn’t being intentionally late this time. Instead, he had yet to recover from his loss. His thoughts were still mixed up.

The bell rang and Xiong Li and Lei Xiaotian’s battle began. However, Lei Xiaotian’s actions seem to be limited by something, making him use only sixty percent of his true power. This allowed Xiong Li to win the battle.

To be honest, Lei Xiaotian’s level wasn’t just this. His confidence had been seriously damaged when he was defeated by Zhao Hai. This caused him to behave abnormally. Otherwise, Xiong Li wouldn’t have won this easily. After all, Lei Xiaotian was a Mage of two elements.

Now that Xiong Li and Lei Xiaotian’s battle was done, the qualifiers was nearing its end. The next day, the last battle of the competition would happen, Zhao Hai versus Streep. This was a battle between the Machine Field’s most powerful beginner and the qualifier’s dark horse. Everyone had their own guess as to who would end up winning in the end.

In the eyes of the Machine Field’s people, even if Zhao Hai had been performing well, it would still take some time for him to surpass Streep. Zhao Hai finished his battles in a relaxed manner and he didn’t use any items. However, Streep was the same, he had yet to use any items. Moreover, Streep managed to easily defeat his opponents, the only exception was his fight with Xiong Li where he exerted a bit of effort. But nevertheless, Streep managed to breeze through the qualifiers.

Now that the two were going to meet, it would be a battle between a dragon and a tiger. Although Zhao Hai had gained a lot of supporters, there were a lot more people who were rooting for Streep.

Since Zhao Hai could see that Streep’s attacks weren’t ordinary, other people could naturally see it as well. One shouldn’t underestimate the people from the Machine Field, they weren’t fools. All who had some knowledge could see that Streep’s attacks were different compared to others. And just like Zhao Hai, all of them were thinking that Streep managed to have a lucky encounter.

The next day quickly arrived. Since it was the last and most important day of the qualifiers, there were even more people in the stadium. There were also some honored and distinguished people who came to watch the battle. Cadjo and Desbarres were naturally present. Besides the two, Luke and Margaret were in the stands. The group all had smiles on their faces, they didn’t have any trace of worry at all.

In fact, the progress that Zhao Hai made was satisfactory enough. Even if Zhao Hai was defeated, they wouldn’t be disappointed. After all, the progress that Zhao Hai made was Ashley Family’s best record.

Zhao Hai’s placement would give the Ashley Family a huge benefit. They could use Zhao Hai’s progress to develop the family as well as gain new allies. Being able to draw the Fire Temple, Wu Family, and the Yan Family was already enough to offset being enemies with the Zhang Family.

Because of this, Cadjo and the others were in a very happy mood, causing them to have wide smile whenever they meet people they were acquainted with. These acquaintances were also smiling whenever they meet the Ashley Family. Even if they weren’t that close, they would still say a few good words.

The Machine Field’s people were practical. The Ashley Family would receive great benefits and could share it with other people. With the Ashley Family’s foundation, they would use these benefits to develop the family as well as their relationships. It was a good time to establish a good relationship with the Ashley Family.

Time quickly went past and it was already nine o’clock. The bell of the stadium rang, making everyone settle themselves down. Zhao Hai didn’t move and just stayed in his seat. The match was scheduled for ten o’clock so there was still an hour left. This hour would be used to prepare for his battle with Streep. But since they couldn’t just make people wait in the stadium, there would be performances to pad out the time.

This would be Zhao Hai’s first time seeing live artistic performances in the Machine Field. There were a lot of performances set up. There were dances, songs, and even theatrical shows. All of these performers learned martial arts. Their moves were very delicately arranged and there were even Mages at the side to assist in making gorgeous and beautiful magical visuals in the background.

Since Zhao Hai didn’t need to prepare anything, he just used this one hour to enjoy the performances. He was quite relaxed. Terry was also very relaxed. The two weren’t tensed, making everyone else feel awkward.

Before long, the bell rang once more. The performances stopped. Zhao Hai looked at the time and it was ten minutes before the battle. Zhao Hai couldn’t help but look at Streep. Streep was calmly sitting in place while talking to another person. There was no anxiety seen on his face at all.

Zhao Hai smiled faintly, he could understand why Streep was so confident. Streep’s attacks contain a special energy, this would no doubt give anyone confidence in winning. Streep must have thought that nobody would be able to defeat him at this level. So even if Zhao Hai was strong, Streep still believed that he would win.

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but laugh deep inside. He was afraid that he might kill Streep if he used his astral qi. Zhao Hai believed that his astral qi was stronger than Streep’s unknown energy. 

The reason for Zhao Hai’s confidence was the results of his analysis. He asked Xiong Li in detail regarding his battle with Streep. And after running the information through the Space’s Scanner, Zhao Hai reached this conclusion.

From the Space’s analysis, Streep’s unknown energy should be a variant similar to evil qi. However, his energy wasn’t as strong as evil qi. He could increase the energy he could send by increasing the frequency of his attacks. However, this increment couldn’t be large, which made it worse than evil qi or astral qi.

Because of this conclusion, Zhao Hai could rest assured. He didn’t want to exert too much strength in dealing with Streep. Zhao Hai wanted to hide his trump cards as much as possible.


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