BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1191


Chapter 1191 – Final Four!

The final four were finally revealed. They were Zhao Hai, Streep, Xiong Li, and Lei Xiaotian. This time, drawing a bye wasn’t needed. But after they were selected, the four were given a few days of rest. What happened next was the battle between the 5th to the 25th place. This would make the battle between the four the highlight of the qualifier.

Zhao Hai paid attention to the battle for the 5th to the 25th place. After all, Sun Fei and the others were among the participants. And the result was satisfactory. Sun Fei, Dongfang Yu, and Li Kuangren placed in the top ten. Li Kuangren was sixth, Dongfang Yu was eighth, and Sun Fei was tenth. 

Although the battle for the 5th to 25th place was very heated, the climax of the qualifiers, the battle between the top four, had yet to happen.

The ranking competition for the 5th to 25th place used up three days. Zhao Hai used these days to watch the competition. And after each event, the brothers would go and have a drink. The time was spent merrily.

The past several days also allowed Xiong Li and the others to understand Li Kuangren more. It was quite obvious that Li Kuangren had quite a fiery temperament. Moreover, not only was he hot-headed, he was the type of person who would give a person a beating right then and there.

But generally speaking, this kind of character made Li Kuangren straightforward and likeable. There was no right or wrong in his eyes, only something he accepted and didn’t accept. Even if it was he was an emperor, as long as he agrees to something, then anything could work. Even if you took his axe in exchange for wine, he wouldn’t say anything and would just laugh about it.

If such a person fell under bad hands, then he would become a tool to do their bidding. But after Zhao Hai and the others came in contact with Li Kuangren, they knew that Li Kuangren’s family weren’t bad people.

Finally, the day tens of thousands of people were waiting for had arrived. It was the start of the battle between the top 4. The first battle immediately began, it was Streep vs Xiong Li.

Upon seeing this matchup, everyone in the stands became excited. Streep was the first among the Ten Great Experts. He was the person most people expected to gain first place in the competition. He was also handsome and polite, making him very famous in the Machine Field.

On the other hand, Xiong Li was second among the Ten Great Experts. His fighting strength was formidable. And with his tall and strong appearance, he was also a dream man for quite a few women. Moreover, he was the sole Warrior among the top four. This made him very famous among the Warriors.

This was a collision between the first and second Great Experts. Sparks were flying in all directions. This caused everyone to be excited.

The competition between the top four couldn’t compare to any other ranking tournament. Because of this, the fight needed to be more formal. After the fighters were selected, both sides were given half an hour to prepare before they would fight.

At this time, Xiong Li was sitting down as he looked at the far away Streep. Streep also saw Xiong Li, but he just smiled and nodded. His demeanor was very polite.

Although Xiong Li was repulsed by Streep, he also knew that there were a lot of people looking at them at this time. So he didn’t lose his temper and just smiled and returned Streep’s nod.

Zhao Hai looked at Xiong Li’s action and couldn’t help but smile. Then he whispered to Xiong Li’s ear, “Boss Xiong, you need to be careful. I’ve received some information in the past few days. Streep is strange.”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Xiong Li became curious, so he asked, “Strange? What’s strange about him?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “I suspect that Streep has experienced a lucky encounter. I’ve been looking into his battles in the past few days. His magic formations are just ordinary ones, but their attacking power is very powerful. I think he has something that could make his spells stronger than normal. So you need to be extra careful when you fight him.”

When Xiong Li heard Zhao Hai, he couldn’t help but stare. Then he nodded and said, “Alright, I got it. Don’t worry, I’ll be careful.” Zhao Hai nodded.

Half an hour quickly passed by. Xiong Li and Streep proceeded towards the arena. When the two stepped into the arena, their expressions couldn’t help but turn serious.

The bell rang, marking the beginning of the fight. However, neither participant made a move. They knew that the other party couldn’t be taken lightly, so they were very careful.

Both of Xiong Li’s hammers were already in his hands. Streep had also setup a defensive formation for himself. But at the moment, none of the two made a move. This caused a deafening silence to descend on the entire stadium.

After five minutes, Xiong Li finally roared and then waved his sledgehammer and sent sword qi towards Streep. Streep was also able to respond quickly. He used a 10-layer formation to meet this attack. The battle had started.

Xiong Li’s attack had been disrupted, but this time he didn’t try to corner Streep like he did with Zhang QInghe. Instead, he sent sword qi at a distance while also minding his defenses.

Streep was also being very careful. He sent 5 and 10-layer formations forward while at the same time he uses formations to protect himself.

The fight between the two was very strange. Nothing happened in the first five minutes, but after Xiong Li moved, everything exploded like dynamite. Both attacked with all of their strength, hoping to end the fight sooner.

Xiong Li’s thunderous attacks were fully unleashed. Each hammer qi was sent over with all of his power. But at this point, Xiong Li began to realize what Zhao Hai said. Streep’s attacks were indeed strange.

He had fought Ice Mages before. Although the spells fired by these Ice Mages were strong, these spells could still be blocked by battle qi. These spells were never a threat.

However, Streep’s magic was different. Even if these spells were blocked by battle qi, there was a slight pinch of cold strands going straight to the opponent’s body. This would cause one to spend some effort to resolve this strands, cutting one’s focus towards attacking.

In the beginning, Xiong Li didn’t care much about these cold strands. He thought that the small amounts wouldn’t do anything to him. But as more of these cold strands enter his body, Xiong Li discovered that they were beginning to wreak havoc inside his body. This caused Xiong Li to waste Battle Qi in order to eradicate these strands.

Xiong Li became more cautious. However, he was slowly falling behind. Streep wasn’t Zhu Chen whose attacks were weak. Whether it be offense or defense, Streep was equally strong in each aspect.

As the fight reached the one hour mark, Zhao Hai began to wrinkle his brow. Dongfang Yu and the others’ faces were also quite ugly. Xiong Li was now clearly at a disadvantage. There was no hope for him to win.

If this was a real-life situation, then Xiong Li might use other methods. However, they were forbidden to hurt their enemy in the arena. Because of this, Xiong Li’s hands and feet were essentially tied. 

After another hour of battle, Xiong Li discovered that there was no longer any point to this fight. So after thinking about this, he finally stopped and admitted defeat.

Once Xiong Li got down from the arena, Zhao Hai looked at him as he smiled and said, “Boss Xiong, are my suspicions correct?”

Xiong Li nodded and said, “He’s indeed strange, very strange. His attacks has something other than spiritual qi. Other Mages don’t have it. It should be something that doesn’t exist, but it did.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “This Streep certainly experienced a luck encounter. But Boss Xiong, rest assured, I’ll teach him a lesson when we meet later on.”

Xiong Li smiled and said, “If it was a real fight, then I might not be afraid of that fellow. But since we’re at the arena, I’m limited by what I can do. This caused him to have an advantage.”

Zhao Hai gave a nod. At this time, he was preparing for the next battle. This time, there was no need to draw on who the two participants were. There were only two remaining people, Zhao Hai and Lei Xiaotian.

Half an hour passed in a blink of an eye, and Zhao Hai began walking to the arena. But when Zhao Hai arrived, he discovered that Lei Xiaotian wasn’t there. Zhao Hai waited for several minutes before seeing Lei Xiaotian slowly walking over. 

Zhao Hai just calmly waited for Lei Xiatian. Even after he entered the arena and the shields got up, Zhao Hai didn’t say anything. He knew that if he got angry now, Lei Xiaotian’s plan would succeed.

When Lei Xiaotian saw that Zhao Hai kept silent and hasn’t made any noise, he couldn’t help but be surprised. However, he still smiled and said, “Zhao Hai, it’s been hard for you to reach this place. How about you admit defeat so that you can avoid losing too badly.”

Zhao Hai looked at Lei Xiatian, unsure if Lei Xiaotian was extremely arrogant or was just overly good-natured. After reaching this point, even if Zhao Hai wasn’t strong, there was no way for him to surrender. Otherwise, it would be hard for him to enter social circles in the Machine Field. 

Also, Lei Xiaotian was talking as though he was giving Zhao Hai the privilege to surrender. This caused Zhao Hai to be speechless. Seeing that Zhao Hai remained silent, Lei Xiaotian’s expression turned unhappy. He looked at Zhao Hai and said, “What? You don’t want to surrender? Don’t give me that expression. I think highly of you so I gave you the opportunity to surrender. If you don’t surrender, I’ll have to be impolite.”

Zhao Hai looked at Lei Xiaotian and said, “Are we close?”

Lei Xiaotian shook his head and said, “We aren’t close.”

Zhao Hai nodded and then he said, “Then did we know each other before? Or do you know Boss Xiong and the others? Do we have any connection with each other?”

Lei Xiaotian didn’t know what Zhao Hai was going for, but he still replied, “What? You want us to be friends? I already told you, we’re not close. I don’t know anybody you know.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Alright, since we’re not close, we’re not friends either. So why do you need to give me face? Is it because you’re not strong enough and just won because others gave you face? So in turn, you want to give face to others? Am I right?”

When Lei Xiaotian heard Zhao Hai, his face couldn’t help but turn red. Then he said, “Dogfart! This Lei Xiaotian ascended when he is 20 years old. And I reached level 4 in just three years. My talent has been widely recognized in the Machine Field. I don’t need to give others face. Alright, since you don’t accept my goodwill, then excuse me for being impolite. You don’t know how fierce this Lei Xiaotian could get.”

After he said that, Lei Xiaotian waved his hand and released a 10-layer formation that shot ice arrows towards Zhao Hai. These arrows were very fast, evidently passing through a wind element formation.

Zhao Hai didn’t really care about it as he smiled and then waved his hand, releasing a 5-layer formation. This formation turned into a shield that protected his body, keeping the ice arrows off.

After the shield appeared, Zhao Hai waved his hand once more, releasing a 10-layer formation that produced a fire dragon that went straight towards Lei Xiaotian. 

Lei Xiaotian coldly snoted, then he released another 10-layer formation that produced a contrasting ice dragon. When the fire and ice dragons met, it looked like a real fight between two dragons as they bit and clawed each other.

After Zhao Hai launched his fire dragon, he immediately sent his ten thousand fiery arrows towards Lei Xiaotian. Lei Xiaotian was somewhat startled. Now that the fire and ice dragon were in a dogfight, they demanded strict control over them. Lei Xiaotian’s ice dragon also needed all of his spiritual force to control it. There simply was not enough spare spiritual force to release another spell. And now, Zhao Hai actually sent another spell. This only meant that Zhao Hai was stronger than Lei Xiaotian.

With this thought in mind, Lei Xiaotian’s expression couldn’t help but turn ugly. He had been called a genius ever since he was very little. This caused an arrogant and conceited attitude to bloom inside him. Now that he saw someone more talented than him, how could he easily accept it?

Lei Xiaotian immediately let go of his control over the ice dragon. Then he quickly released a 10-layer formation that exploded and transformed into five huge ice shields, guarding Lei Xiaotian in all directions. And right after this, Lei Xiatian was heard muttering an incantation as well as making hand gestures. He was planning to unleash advance level magic.

Zhao Hai looked at this and just smiled. Then he waved his hand, releasing another 10-layer formation. A huge ice cone flew out of the formation. Then soon after the ice cone materialized, winds surrounded it causing it to spin like a giant drill bit. Zhao Hai waved his hand again, causing the ice drill to head straight towards Lei Xiaotian.

Lei Xiaotian’s ice shields soon met with the drill. However, the drill just paused for a moment before it punched a hole through Lei Xiaotian’s shield and then shot towards its target.

Lei Xiaotian, who was still making hand gestures, was taken aback. He immediately stopped casting his spell as he retreated. But at this moment, he suddenly felt heat coming from behind him.


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