BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1190


Chapter 1190 – Streep’s Peculiarity

Streep was an idol to a lot of young women. His appearance was very handsome and he also had hair that could make even the most beautiful women jealous.

Compared to him, Lu Dingtian looked very ordinary. Lu Dingtian looked about 30 years old. He was dark and thin. He wasn’t that tall. His facial features were on the cold side. He had a full body armor on as he held his dagger axe in his hand. He looked like a warrior from ancient times, but not the strong one.[1]

After the two stood on the arena, Streep bowed towards Lu Dingtian. Lu Dingtian returned the gesture with a salute. However, this salute was quite unusual. He just knocked his dagger axe on the ground, and that’s it.

The bell for the start of the battle was heard. Lu Dingtian held his dagger-axe with his two hands and then looked attentively at Streep. Meanwhile, Streep had a faint smile on his face, looking very confident.

Zhao Hai was about to concentrate on the battle when he suddenly heard shouting behind him. This startled him. He turned around and saw women behind him turning crazy as they shouted Streep’s name. 

Zhao Hai stared, he couldn’t help but bitterly smile. He didn’t expect to see starstruck fans in the Machine Field as well. And it seems like they were manic fans too.

Naturally, Xiong Li and the others were able to notice these women. Just like Zhao Hai, they also couldn’t help but bitterly smile. Xiong Li sighed and said, “This guy is really taking advantage of women.” Zhao Hai smiled and replied, “I always hated guys like him. I’d like to face him once later on.” At this time, Streep and Lu Dingtian have already begun to move. Just before Lu Dingtian moved, Streep sent out a 10-layer formation. Moreover, this was sent out instantaneously. However, Lu Dingtian wasn’t a pushover. This caused their exchange to be very lively.

Zhao Hai saw Streep’s actions and couldn’t help but feel strange. Streep used very ordinary magic formations. It can be said that these formations couldn’t have huge power behind them. However, in Streep’s hands, these formations had actually become powerful. It was very strange.

Upon seeing this, Zhao Hai talked to Laura inside his head, “Laura, look into Streep’s situation. I want to know how he’s able to improve the power of these magic formations.” Laura and the others complied and immediately analyzed Streep’s footage using the scanner. Before long, a result came out. 

Laura quickly reported, “Brother Hai, we found it. The reason of Streep’s strength might be because of his cultivation technique. It’s possible that he has something that is mixed with his spiritual force that made his formations more powerful. It’s the same as your astral qi.”

Zhao Hai stared, then his expression changed as he said, “Like astral qi? But his formations doesn’t have traces of astral qi. Maybe it’s another energy, like evil qi?” Laura replied, “We don’t know yet, we haven’t seen evil qi.” 

Zhao Hai didn’t ask anymore. He already knew that Lu Dingtian would lose. Streep has something similar to Zhao Hai’s astral qi. This meant that his strength was a stage or two higher than Lu Dingtian. There was no way for Lu Dingtian to win.

However, Lu Dingitan wasn’t someone to be trifled with. Although Streep was using an unknown energy to attack Lu Dingtian, Lu Dingitan was still able to defend. None of the two were able to gain an advantage for quite a while.

After fighting for an hour, Lu Dingtian was finally caught with a freezing attack. Streep had won.

Seeing this result, Xiong Li and the others couldn’t help but have a heavy expression. Xiong Li could gauge that he and Lu Dingtian had the same strength. It might be possible for the two of them to injure one another when they fight. But now, Lu Dingtian was actually defeated. This meant that he wasn’t a match against Streep. This caused Xiong Li’s mood to get heavy.

Zhao Hai looked at Xiong Li’s expression, then he smiled and said, “What’s the matter Big Brother Xiong? You feel afraid? Rest assured, I’ll deal with him if ever we meet.”

When Xiong Li heard Zhao Hai, he glared at him and said, “Get lost. Who says I’m afraid of him? But to be honest, Streep really has true skill.” Zhao Hai smiled faintly. He knew why Streep was strong, even if he didn’t know what exact energy it was. But Streep was indeed strong. It seems like he really deserved to be in the first place of the Ten Great Experts.

 The group found a place to eat and then proceeded to take a rest. The next day, they returned to the stadium in order to attend the competition for the final 13 competitors. They would be divided into 6 groups with one person being the bye. It didn’t take long before Zhao Hai and the others knew who the lucky person was. The person selected to be the bye was one of the Ten Great Experts, Swift Wind and Rain Lei Xiaotian. He was a Mage of two elements and a person from the Wind God Palace’s Lei Family. 

Now that Lei Xiaotian has been selected as the bue, the remaining participants had to be selected to fight. This time Sun Fei wasn’t lucky. He was arranged to fight against Meteor Zhu Chen. They proceeded to fight each other in the arena and in the end, Sun Fei wasn’t able to penetrate Zhu Chen’s defenses and was finally defeated.

Xiong Li’s opponent was also one of the Ten Great Experts. It was Lone Wolf Yan Zhenshan. Yan Zhenshan was fast and very agile, but he was eventually defeated by Xiong Li. However, Xiong Li also exerted some effort in order to win.

As time went by, Zhao Hai was finally picked. This time his opponent was also one of the Ten Great Experts, it was the person Zhao Hai saw in the past, Strongwind Li Kuangren.

To be honest, Zhao Hai had taken a liking to Li Kuangren. Although this person was impulsive and hot-headed, he was straightforward. He wasn’t someone who would let injustice happen in front of him.

When Zhao Hai got on the arena and stood opposite Li Kuangren, he smiled faintly as he bowed and said, “I have long heard about the name Strongwind Li Kuangren. I’ve admired you especially the last time when you confronted Zhang Family’s Zhang Mingyue. It’s just a pity that the Five Element Swordsmen made things difficult. I’ve missed a great opportunity to get to know you. It’s truly regrettable.”

When Li Kuangren heard Zhao Hai, he couldn’t help but have a favorable impression of him. So upon hearing Zhao Hai, Li Kuangren laughed and said, “Mister Zhao Hai is too polite. I’ll be honest with you, I didn’t agree to you being seeded in the beginning. But after seeing you fight in the last few days,  this Li Kuangren has been convinced. Meeting you today is my misfortune. This Li Kuangren knows that I’m not your match, but I still like to try.”

Zhao Hai laughed and said, “Hahaha, then how about we drink together after our fight? I’ll introduce you to my brothers Xiong Li, Dongfang Yu, and Sun Fei.” 

Li Kuangren was amused, he nodded and said, “That would be great. But mister, we need to begin.” At this time, the bell rang to start the fight. Li Kuangren held his two axes in his hands.

Zhao Hai wasn’t polite as he immediately sent out a 5-layer formation to begin his fight with Li Kuangren. Although Li Kuangren knew that he wasn’t Zhao Hai’s match, he was still a Warrior and he wanted to at least give it a try. At the same time, Zhao Hai didn’t hold back. He knew that he couldn’t hold back against people like Li Kuangren. If he did, then Li Kuangren would think that Zhao Hai was looking down on him. Therefore, Zhao Hai let loose on casting his spells, making the arena very lively.

After exchanging blows for half an hour, Zhao Hai was finally able to see an opportunity to capture and defeat Li Kuangren. Once the two got down from the arena, Zhao Hai introduced Li Kuangren to Xiong Li, Dongfang Yu, and Sun Fei. The group proceeded to get some drinks, no longer caring about the rest of the fights. 

The next day was the competition to get the top 4. Naturally, since there were 7 participants left, another bye would be selected. Although it looks unfair, this was the fairest way to go forward. But when the result came about, people were doubting whether the results were being manipulated or not. This was because Lei Xiaotian was chosen once again.

Not to say Zhao Hai, even XIong Li and the others were surprised. Nevertheless, the competition must continue. Zhao Hai was in the first match. This match was actually against an old acquaintance, Zhu Chen.

Upon seeing Zhu Chen, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but smile. He had always wanted to test out Zhu Chen’s defensive capabilities. The two didn’t talk and just waited for the bell to start. Once the bell rang, Zhu Chen immediately set up shields to protect himself.

Zhao Hai would naturally be impolite. He immediately unleashed his spells. Ten 50-layer formations were quickly thrown out towards Zhu Chen. This was something that has never been seen before.

Zhu Chen didn’t attack and just went full-on defense. On the other hand, Zhao Hai didn’t bother to make any defensive measures as he went completely offensive. This caused the spectators to focus on the battle. This was a battle between offense and defense that has never been seen in this competition before.

Zhao Hai had yet to use his astral qi in this competition. There simply was no need to do so. He also refrained from using astral qi in his battle with Zhu Chen. Although he was now in the offensive side and was consuming more energy. Zhu Chen’s energy consumption was surely not small. He could grind Zhu Chen down this way.

People already had an idea about Zhao Hai’s strength. But after seeing Zhao Hai send out 50-layer formations in an instant, they couldn’t help but reevaluate him. There was no longer ang trace of doubt towards Zhao Hai.

Their fight went on for an hour. And throughout this span of time, Zhao Hai’s offense never got weaker. Zhu Chen actually couldn’t bear the pressure and was forced to drink a restoration potion. However, the restoration was slow and with the rate of his consumption, Zhu Chen was quickly pushed into a corner. He didn’t have any opportunity to counterattack.

On the other hand, Zhao Hai didn’t drink any potions until now. One could see from this point that he was stronger than Zhu Chen. Zhu Chen also knew that he could no longer go on with this fight. Because of this, he immediately announced his surrender.

  1. Dagger-axe(戈)


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