BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1189


Chapter 1189 – Streep Enters the Stage

Zhang Qinghe’s rain of arrows was different than Zhao Hai’s ten thousand fiery arrows. The latter was a mix between the metal and the fire element. Meanwhile, Zhang Qinghe’s rain of arrows only involved the metal element. However, it was quicker, sharper, and had more penetrative power.

Xiong Li coldly snorted, then he waved his sledgehammer, causing a round sword qi to appear. This sword qi was something unique to Xiong LI’s hammers. It was a type of sword qi transformation. Swords would send out slashes or arrow-type sword qi. Meanwhile, Xiong Li’s sword qi was round due to his hammers.

Zhang Qinghe’s arrow rain was quickly dispersed. Xiong Li proceeded to wave his other sledgehammer, sending a round sword qi towards Zhang Qinghe. Xiong Li didn’t see Zhang Qinghe set up a defensive formation. So he wanted to send a long-range attack to see how defensively strong Zhang Qinghe was.

Zhang Qinghe didn’t dodge. Instead, one of the five iron balls stopped in front of him and transformed into a shield. Xiong Li’s sword qi that was supposed to hit Zhang Qinghe was instead blocked by this iron shield.

The iron shield in front of Zhang Qinghe shuddered and made a large ringing sound. It managed to block Xiong Li’s attack.

When he saw this, Xiong Li’s eyes shrank. He knew that even if his attacks looked normal, they actually contained 70% of his strength. And since his fighting technique was mainly based in strength, his attacks couldn’t be blocked by any simple 5-layer formation. But now, Zhang Qinghe managed to block it by using an iron ball. It seems like his defensive ability was quite strong.

Although he just found out that Zhang Qinghe was strong, Xiong Li wasn’t demoralized. On the contrary, he was even more excited. He had always wished for an even match. It’s just a pity that his previous opponents couldn’t satisfy his craving.

With this thought in mind, Xiong Li couldn’t help but laugh loudly. His battle intent flared up as he said, “Good, Zhang Qinghe, you didn’t disappoint me. Hahaha, come. Let’s fight.” Then he roared and then threw himself towards Zhang QInghe.

When Zhang Qinghe saw Xiong Li’s approach, he couldn’t help but feel bitter deep inside. Although it seemed that he easily blocked Xiong Li’s blows, he was actually exerting great effort on it. Xiong Li’s attack was too strong. It would be uncomfortable if Xiong Li continued his assault.

Zhang Qinghe immediately changed his tactic. He went as far from Xiong Li as possible. Then he used magic to attack. Also, he made it a priority to block Xiong Li’s round hammer qi.

Naturally, Xiong Li discovered this change of Zhang Qinghe. He wasn’t annoyed by it. After all, this was a common tactic in a fight between Mages and Warriors. Although Warriors in the Machine Field could send out their sword qi to attack Mages at a distance, it would still take time for their attack to reach the target. Mages can use this time to either defend or dodge. It was the same thing as Warriors strafing in order to avoid the spells Mages send their way.

Xiong Li had experienced such tactics many times before, so he had ways to deal with it. Even so in an arena with a limited surface area. Xiong Li wasn’t afraid of this tactic.

Xiong Li moved his body and turned sharply. The sledgehammers in his hand danced causing shadows to fly towards Zhang Qinghe. Zhao Hai paid attention to this and saw that Xiong Li’s hammer technique was quite special. Not only was it a technique for close combat, it was a technique that combines both the hammer as well as the sword qi that was released during the process.

Close combat techniques can only attack the enemy within the range of the Warrior. Meanwhile, sword qi could attack the enemy from a distance. Xiong Li’s technique was a combination between close combat as well as sword qi. Together, his hammer technique would launch sword qi towards Zhang Qinghe, proceeding to restrict Zhang Qinghe like wall. This caused Zhang Qinghe’s area of action to get smaller and smaller. At this point, keeping distance against Xiong Li was becoming impossible for Zhang Qinghe.

Zhao Hai looked at Xiong Li and discovered that Xiong Li’s hammers were specially made. Not only can they launch hammer qi, they were also connected with each other by a chain. This chain was very long, allowing Xiong Li to make the range of his hammers dozens of meters. This range couldn’t be underestimated.

Zhang Qinghe also knew Xiong Li’s plan. To be honest, Xiong Li’s tactic wasn’t intelligent. However, it was a very effective brute force method.

Xiong Li was tall and sturdy. He was super strong and also had an astonishing defensive strength. At the same time, his talent for fighting was very good. His methods were very effective, causing Zhang Qinghe to not know what to do.

As the space got closer and closer, the distance between the two got smaller and smaller. Zhang Qinghe knew that this couldn’t go on. He clenched his teeth and exerted some energy as he waved his hand. His five iron balls slammed together and formed an enormous shield in front of him. At the same time, he released a spell. It seems like he wanted to block Xiong Li using his shield while also using the opportunity to use powerful magic to make Xiong Li retreat. This way, he could gain some space for himself to move.

However, if he did this, the amount of spiritual force that he’d use would be huge and he’d risk losing to Xiong Li. But if he didn’t do this now, he can only be pushed back by Xiong Li until he surrenders.

But just as the enormous shield was set up, Xiong Li pulled on the chains of his hammers and then received them. Then his body flew towards the shield. He held his sledgehammers up before smashing straight down towards the shield!

Bang! A loud sound of collision was heard. Zhang Qinghe who was casting his spell was shaken. He knew that the matter he was most worried about had happened. Xiong Li didn’t wait for him to form his spell and instead just immediately attacked. 

Zhang Qinghe let out a long breath. He knew that he had lost since Xiong Li managed to reach him. While he was disappointed at his loss, he looked at Xiong Li and said, “I lost.”

Xiong Li was just about to smash his hammer down once more when he saw that the shield had suddenly vanished. Then Zhang Qinghe admitted his defeat. Xiong Li couldn’t help but stare, then he clicked is cheek and said, “Boring” Then he took his hammer down. After the referee announced that he has won, he unhappily went down from the arena.

Zhao Hai looked at Xiong Li’s expression. Then he smiled and said, “Big Brother, don’t get too disappointed. Let’s go have a drink. There’s no longer anything worthy of watching anyway.”

Xiong Li nodded and said, “Alright, alright, let’s drink.” But just as the group was about to leave, Dongfang Yu paused and then stopped Xiong Li and the others. This caused Xiong Li and the others to stare. Then Dongfang Yu pointed towards the arena. And when they saw who was on, they decided to stay.

After Xiong Li’s fight, the next group of fighters were selected. The person chosen for this battle made Zhao Hai’s group stop. This was because the person that appeared on the arena was too famous. If fame was discussed, then he was much much more famous than Xiong Li. It was Streep.

Saint of Ice Streep. He was the Water Temple’s most talented genius in recent years. He was both powerful and handsome. He was the prince on a white horse that countless young girls in the Machine Field idolize. Moreover, he was polite to others and does good things. He was the incarnation of perfect.

However, Zhao Hai knew that this wasn’t true. Zhao Hai doesn’t believe that a perfect person exists. If such a person existed, then he would have long since died. Moreover, Streep wouldn’t have been able to ascend if he was that good. He surely had killed countless people in the lower realms.

But in the Machine Field, Streep actually managed to gain fame by being a saint. This caused Zhao Hai to be confused. Who knew what kind of potion this guy managed to get.

The Machine Field wasn’t the same as ancient China. This wasn’t the place where you could act like a saint and people would treat you like a saint. The Machine Field placed strength first. If you were weak, then even if you were good, nobody would save you. But if you were strong, even if you were a wicked person, some group would still protect you. It was because of this that Zhao Hai was confused. He didn’t know what Streep was planning to do with his reputation.

Since he had this thought, Zhao Hai wanted to see Streep. So when he discovered that Streep was going to fight, he couldn’t help but stop as well.

There was no need to talk about Xiong Li and the others. Streep was ranked first among the Ten Great Experts. Xiong Li wasn’t convinced by the ranking. So after seeing that Streep was about to fight, he decided to stay back and spectate.

In the past, whenever Streep was about to fight someone, his opponent would immediately admit defeat. And after reaching the top 100, Streep wasn’t able to meet a good match. He managed to end his battles in 2-3 moves. Therefore, up until now, Zhao Hai and the others hadn’t managed to take a good look at Streep’s strength.

The reason why they thought that Streep would have to fight properly today was because of his opponent. Streep’s opponent was also one of the Ten Great Experts, Army Breaker Lu Dingtian!

Army Breaker Lu Dingtian was the most secretive among the Ten Great Experts. People might expect Lone Wolf Yan Zhengshan to be the most secretive. However, ever since Yan Zhengshan ascended four years ago, he was already able to kill a thousand enemies. Although these things were done in a low-key manner, the matter themselves weren’t a secret. 

Lu Dingtian was different. He was very secretive in both his matters and his actions. However, nobody doubted his strength. Being able to defeat an army only by using his dagger-axe was enough for him to join the Ten Great Experts.


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