BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1188


Chapter 1188 – Xiong Li vs Zhang Qinghe

At this time, the ring to start the battle was heard. Zhao Hai smiled faintly as he waved his hand and a 5-layer formation appeared in front of him. Then the formation turned red before a red dragon flew out of it and then headed straight towards Dongfang Yu.

When Dongfang Yu saw Zhao Hai’s attack, he couldn’t help but laugh. Then he waved his fire dragon sword and then sent a fiery red sword qi towards Zhao Hai’s fire dragon.

However, much to Dongfang Yu’s surprise, just as his sword qi was about to cut the Fire Dragon, the dragon opened its mouth and then swallowed the sword qi. After the sound of an explosion, Dongfang Yu’s sword qi vanished. On the other hand, the dragon’s head was the only thing left of its body. Nevertheless, the head kept flying towards Dongfang Yu.

Dongfang Yu shouted, “Ha!” Then he moved and retreated. At the same time, he continually waved his sword and sent sword qi after sword qi towards Zhao Hai’s fire dragon.

Dongfang Yu didn’t expect Zhao Hai’s control over magic to be this delicate. Moreover, his magic actually had this much power to it.

What Dongfang Yu didn’t know was that this was the most ordinary kind of attack Zhao Hai could do. If Zhao Hai mixed in astral qi to his attack, then his attacking strength would increase even more.

The emotion below the arena was mixed. There were those who saw the magnificent display of the two fighters and felt excited. They shouted and waved their hands with each blow.

But as for the other participants left in the competition, they couldn’t help but turn silent as they looked at the two. Xiong Li and Sun Fei were sitting beside each other. While looking at the arena, Xiong Li turned to Sun Fei and said, “Little Fei, what magic did Little Hai use? How could it be that strong? Dongfang actually used three sword qi strikes in order to get rid of it.”

Sun Fei smiled bitterly and said, “On the surface, it looks just like an ordinary 10-layer fire dragon spell. However, I am sure that 10-layer fire dragons cannot be that strong. From what I can see, Brother Hai uses formations that I had never seen before. I don’t know what formations he used to make his sets. This is the reason why his spells are much stronger than average.”

Although Xiong Li wasn’t a Mage, he was still clear about matters regarding magic formations. So upon hearing Sun Fei, his brows couldn’t help but tighten up as he said, “You mean Little Hai has been creating his own formations?”

Sun Fei shook his head and said, “That’s impossible. I might believe it if he created his own formation sets. But formations? That is absolutely impossible. Creating your own magic formations is much more difficult than creating formation sets. It’s possible that those formations are the secret formations of the Ashley Family. After all, secret formations of a family aren’t allowed to be distributed outside.”

Xiong Li nodded, then he sighed and said, “I heard that I am a genius. But comparing to Little Hai, I’m just too far off. This kid just ascended roughly a year ago and he’s now this strong. It’s really unbelievable.”

Sun Fei nodded, he sighed as he said, “I don’t want to think about that right now. Because whenever I do, I feel like killing myself.”

Upon hearing Sun Fei, Xiong LI couldn’t help but laugh. He patted Sun Fei’s shoulder and said, “Don’t think about it too much. That kid is a demon that can’t be compared to normal standards.”

As the two were talking, Dongfang Yu and Zhao Hai continued to exchange blows for several rounds. Although the attacks the two dished out looked impressive, those who were knowledgeable knew that the two were holding back. They were just comparing their qualitative abilities. It was basically an exhibition match.

This caused those who were watching to feel confused. They knew that the two had a great relationship with each other. However, this competition had something to do with their rankings as well as the benefits of their families. In this case, they shouldn’t be playing around. However, the two were doing just that, they were playing around.

The two continued to clash for half an hour. The formations Zhao Hai used were mostly from the fire element. Meanwhile, Dongfang Yu proved his skill with his fire dragon sword as he swung it in all kinds of directions. Their fight looked very lively, it was very entertaining for the spectators. Meanwhile, the referee couldn’t help but bitterly smile from time to time. The two actually used the ranking tournament as a place to spar.

However, he couldn’t stop the fight. After all, the two were still fighting and didn’t stop for a moment to chat. This made the referee helpless once more.

After ten more minutes of fighting, Zhao Hai and Dongfang Yu finally got bored. They now had a fair idea of the other party’s strength. Dongfang Yu was truly strong, but he was still inferior when compared to Zhao Hai.

Once they reached this understanding, Dongfang Yu withdrew his fire dragon sword as he laughed and said, “Alright, that’s enough. Then I’ll have to depend on you when we face the other realms.” Then he turned to the referee and then said, “I admit defeat!”

Upon seeing the conclusion, the referee didn’t say anything and immediately declared Zhao Hai as the winner. In any case, nobody would oppose to Dongfang Yu losing.

 Zhao Hai looked at Dongfang Yu and then he laughed and said, “Don’t worry, leave those fellows from the other realms to me. Let’s go, we still need to make Little Fei bleed. After Boss Xiong’s battle, we’ll go drink.” After this, the two proceeded to walk off the arena.

Looking at the two laughing and being friendly with each other, those under the arena were surprisingly not angry. Instead, they gave the two a heavy applause. For the people on the stands, this was a testament to the two brothers’s friendship.

However, those who were knowledgeable saw something else. Although the match between the two was merely a spar, they saw that Dongfang Yu was in fact exerting some effort in the last couple of clashes. However, Zhao Hai just easily received these attacks. Even if the two engaged in real combat, Zhao Hai would still be the winner.

Also, those watching below recalled that Zhao Hai had yet to use any items to defeat his opponents. He did so ever since the start of the qualifiers. In this case, how strong was Zhao Hai really? A lot of people couldn’t help but submit when they thought of this.

One must know that Zhao Hai’s previous opponents weren’t pushoevers. Also, there was Zheng Yu and Iron Tower, people from the Machine Field Army who had a grudge against Zhao Hai. In this case, it was impossible for these two to be lenient towards him. But even so, Zhao Hai still managed to easily defeat them. This just shows how strong Zhao Hai really was.

After Zhao Hai and Dongfang Yu returned to where Xiong Li and Sun Fei were, Xiong Li looked at Dongfang Yu and said, “Dongfang, how is Little Hai’s strength? Is he a little bit strong? After all, I still need to beat him.”

Dongfang Yu gave Xiong Li a look as he said, “Brother Xiong, don’t blame me for reminding you. Even if you are a little stronger than me, you’re still a long way off from Little Hai. If I were you, I’d surrender immediately.”

Xiong Li snorted and said, “Get lost. If I have to admit defeat, then it will be after a huge fight. Otherwise, people will think that I’m weaker than you.”

Upon hearing Xiong Li, Sun Fei and Dongfang Yu couldn’t help but laugh. At this time, the next round of participants were called over. This time, it was Meteor Zhu Chen versus Iron Lancer. It was a heavy matchup. There was no need to talk about Zhu Chen. Just like Sun Fei’s situation, he was absorbed by the Divine Earth Palace. His defensive strength was astonishing while his offensive strength wasn’t that bad. Moreover, he was vicious and merciless. 

Iron Lancer, on the other hand, was a rare cavalry warrior. He had a powerful offense while his mount adds to his mobility. A man and his mount managed to reach the top 25. Only a small number of people were able to fight him for more than 20 mins. It was obvious that his strength wasn’t low.

These two against each other would surely be a good show. Xiong Li became excited to see the match. Meanwhile, Zhao Hai looked at Zhu Chen’s appearance. Zhu Chen wasn’t tall, he was fat and looked a little like Buddha. But his eyes were very cold, enough to make one’s hair stand up.

Even with his cold eyes, Zhu Chen had a smiling face. He had the smile of a person who had just been on vacation for a very long time. It was hard to say what he was thinking about.

At this time, Xiong Li coldly snorted and said, “This Zhu Chen looks more annoying than Iron Lancer. He’s still smiling as though he hadn’t killed a lot of people. I hate these kinds of people the most.”

Zhao Hai turned his head to Xiong Li as he smiled faintly and said, “Don’t worry, in any case, murder is no longer allowed in the arena. Let’s wait until the Six Realm Beginner Competition, let’s destroy him then.”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Xiong Li and the others turned to him. Xiong Li looked around them as he whispered, “Little Hai, don’t speak like that. If the others know that we’re planning to kill people during the Six Realm Beginner Competition, they’ll never let us off.”

Zhao Hai sneered and said, “As long as we get a good position and gain benefits for the Machine Field, they wouldn’t dare touch us. When the time comes, they wouldn’t even have enough time to give us praises.”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, the three brothers looked at each other and saw a trace of excitement in their eyes. They weren’t afraid of fighting other people. However, this was offending the Machine Field. They were still aware of their own strengths. But if they could deal with reprehensible people, that would be good as well.

Zhao Hai looked at the three and smiled. Then he turned his attention to the arena. It seems like Zhu Chen and Iron Lancer were talking to each other. It’s just a pity that the arena’s shield blocked any noise from coming out. However, before long, the two began to make a move.

Zhu Chen’s defensive abilities were truly strong. 5, 10-layer formations were conveniently thrown out. As for Iron Lancer, even if he had formidable offensive strength, he still couldn’t break through Zhu Chen’s defenses in a short time. Meanwhile, Zhu Chen was counterattacking using his Earth Magic. He used Quicksand as well as Earth Spikes. These two spells were fatal towards cavalry units. Although it can be said that Iron Lancer’s mount wasn’t bad, it still couldn’t do anything against those it was weak against.

Moreover, Zhu Chen’s attacks weren’t actually weak. But one could say that it wasn’t something on par with the others in his rank. And even if Iron Lancer’s attacks were being dulled, this didn’t mean that he couldn’t deal with Zhu Chen’s counters. This caused Zhu Chen to be unable to do anything to Iron Lancer.

Zhao Hai and the others were already prepared for such an outcome. Zhu Chen was someone who was strong in defense but weak in attack. Generally, he would defeat his enemies by grinding them down until they could no longer go on. This meant that among the top 100, the longest battles would certainly involve him. 

This time wasn’t an exception. Iron Lancer would attack but he couldn’t deal with Zhu Chen’s defense. Then there was Zhu Chen’s weak counterattack. To be honest, his means of attack couldn’t compare to his defense. His offensive means were too limited.

Zhao Hai looked at the battle and couldn’t help but feel sleepy. From the perspective of others, this might look like a beautiful battle. But in Zhao Hai’s eyes, it was practically meaningless. This battle involved too many matters that both sides were unable to fight at a very solid level. 

And just like Zhao Hai thought, the battle went on for more than one hour. In the end, Zhu Chen was able to grind Iron Lancer down and then win. However, the audience was very discontented with the battle. This was because it was too boring. They preferred Zhao Hai and Dongfang Yu’s spar than this.

After this fight, it was Xiong Li’s turn. Xiong Li had a very good opponent this time. His opponent was one of the Ten Great Experts, tenth place Golden Egg Zhang Qinghe.

Zhang Qinghe was a Metal element Mage. His confrontation with Xiong Li would certainly be full of action. Therefore, when Zhao Hai saw that he was Xiong Li’s opponent, he turned to Xiong Li and said, “Boss Xiong, you need to be careful. This isn’t like your previous fights. You might be eliminated.”

Xiong Li coldly snorted and said, “I’ll be fine. Don’t forget, I still need to spar with you.” Then he stood up and walked to the arena. However, his mood wasn’t as relaxed as his words. It was clear that he was attaching great importance towards Zhang Qinghe.

Zhang Qinghe being a metal element Mage meant that his offensive strength wasn’t something to joke about. And with his background of being a metal element ability user in the lower realms, this meant that he was flexible in his attacks. Moreover, it was rumored that his control over metal was formidable. He was certainly a very difficult opponent to face. To be honest, if talking about offensive strength, then Zhang Qinghe would be up there with Sun Fei.

Xiong Li and Zhang Qinghe stood at the arena and then looked at each other. Both knew that the other party wasn’t someone easy to deal with. Although the Ten Great Experts were one group, they haven’t really met each other before. Also, they haven’t experienced each other’s strength. With this in mind, they would certainly be cautious when faced with each other.

Once the bell rang, Xiong Li immediately roared and then took his hammers before charging forward.

Zhang Qinghe waved his hand and released a huge iron ball. Then this iron ball divided itself into five smaller balls. After that, he cast a layered magic formation, causing an explosion in the sky that rained arrows towards Xiong Li.


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