BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1187


Chapter 1187 – Brothers Against Each Other

Although Zheng Yu was also confused, he was in the middle of a fight and had not found anything strange. He continued to dodge Zhao Hai’s fireballs while also sending his attacks. He discovered that Zhao Hai’s giant shield was beginning to become less steady, which was good news.

With this thought in mind, Zheng Yu hastened his attacks. However, he failed to see that something had managed to surprise the spectators.

What Zheng Yu didn’t see was Zhao Hai’s fireballs still existing after he dodged them. Moreover, these fireballs slowly turned into fiery figures. These fiery figures were made entirely out of the fire element. It was one of the summoned fire element creatures.

Any magic department had their own summoning magic. The lifeform that each element summoned were also different. These fiery creatures that Zhao Hai summoned were called Flame Demons.

Actually, Fire Mages in the lower realms could also use summoning magic to summon flame demons. However, flame demons summoned in the lower realms were of the lowest level, their strength was simply bad. But in the Machine Field, with Magic Theory as well as the rich amount of spiritual qi, the flame demons that were summoned had very formidable combat strength.

Zhao Hai shot more than ten fireballs. And now, these fireballs all turned into flame demons. It was only now did the spectators understand why Zhao Hai sent out so many fireballs. His spell was actually a summoning spell, not just an ordinary fireball.

After launching about 15 fireballs, Zhao Hai’s formation finally vanished. But Zhao Hai didn’t stop here, he waved his hand once more to prepare casting another magic.

Zheng Yu’s full attention was on Zhao Hai. He was focusing on what spells Zhao Hai would use. But at this moment, he suddenly felt a burning hot sensation behind him. Zheng Yu was startled, then he immediately moved to the side, evading a claw of fire directed at his back.

Just as Zheng Yu evaded the flame demon, another flame demon came attacking. These flame demons weren’t as slow as the fireballs they originated from. Their attack speed was very fast. More than ten attacking flame demons caused Zheng Yu to be flustered.

As Zheng Yu was dodging the flame demons, Zhao Hai was finally able to cast his magic spell. A formation appeared in front of him as ten giant black arrows appeared.

These were dark killer arrows, also one of the spells Zhao Hai used before. These arrows were made from both the wind and darkness element. Their speed was very fast but they were as silent as smoke. This was the best magic to use for assassination.

Zhao Hai waved his hand and sent the ten arrows towards Zheng Yu. Although the speed of the arrows was fast, they didn’t make any sound, causing the target to be fairly oblivious to their approach.

Fortunately for Zheng Yu, he was still paying attention to Zhao Hai even as he was fending off the flame demons. Upon seeing Zhao Hai release fast arrows, Zheng Yu couldn’t help but get startled. Then he waved his sword faster, causing his attack towards the flame demons to be inconsistent since he was also defending against the killer arrows.

But at this moment, the ten arrows curved and shot towards Zheng Yu in all directions. Zheng Yu was shaken. However, he didn’t slow down as he waved his sword faster, causing a ball of sword qi to surround him, forming an almost impenetrable shield.

At this point, the ten dark killer arrows circled Zheng Yu’s position. They circled for a few rounds before all of them shot towards Zheng Yu once more. Zheng Yu quickly consumed his battle qi in order to deal with these arrows.

Just as he was able to fend off the arrows, arrow after arrow from Zhao Hai’s ten thousand fiery arrows spell fell from the sky. But this time, Zhao Hai deliberately made the arrows hit Zheng Yu’s surrounding area but not Zheng Yu’s position.

Seeing this outcome, Zheng Yu couldn’t help but feel helpless. He knew that he had already lost. Moreover, his defeat wasn’t due to cheating or some elaborate plot. It can be said that the fight was under Zhao Hai’s total control. Magic after magic, Zhao Hai was able to lead Zheng Yu by the nose from the very beginning. Zheng Yu simply couldn’t find his own rhythm. In this case, there was nothing left but for him to declare his loss.

Zheng Yu dejectedly stored his wind sword as he looked at Zhao Hai and said, “I lost. Zhao Hai, you’re strong. I was defeated fair and square.” Then after giving Zhao Hai a salute, he turned around and left the arena.

At this moment, the referee also made a declaration of Zhao Hai’s win. At this point, the referees wouldn’t dare act unreasonably. They wouldn’t dare turn any matter into something sensitive. Once they do so, they would certainly suffer extreme bad luck.

Zhao Hai went down from the arena and returned to where Xiong Li and the others were. Xiong Li heavily patted Zhao Hai’s shoulder and said, “Little Hai, you were really great out there. Very good. Very very good.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “He’s just a bit neglectful.”

Dongfang Yu shook his head and said, “Come on, Little Hai, do you treat us as fools? He didn’t underestimate you, he just isn’t your enemy. I asked Little Fei for his opinion and he told me that even he wouldn’t have good odds winning against Zheng Yu.”

Sun Fei smiled bitterly and said, “It’s just too hard. Zheng Yu is truly fit to be called the Wind Sword. His sword is very fast. If Big Brother Hai isn’t able to cast two formations at once, then I’m afraid you would have lost.”

Zhao Hai gave a faint smile and said, “Yes, Zheng Yu’s sword technique is very fast. He’s truly formidable. Right, let’s stop talking about him. How about I teach you how to cast two magics at once when we’re free?”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Sun Fei’s eyes couldn’t help but light up. One must know that being able to cast two formations at once was a huge help when it came to real battles. Although this meant that one’s energy consumption would double, releasing two spells instead of one was an enormous advantage during fights. There were crucial times where another magic spell was needed in order to finish the battle. Also, having such an ability was a very good trump card to use against the enemy.

Sun Fei immediately agreed. At this time, the second batch of participants had been selected. This time, Dongfang Yu was called. However, his opponent wasn’t one of the seeded participants but instead it was one from the top 100. Dongfang Yu said his farewell to the group before heading to his arena.

Because of Zhao Hai, Xiong Li, Sun Fei, and Dongfang Yu’s close relationship, the people from the Machine Field had already called them the Four Brothers. In addition to their good relationship, they were also very strong.

And since their relationship was good, the Ashley Family, Wu Family, Yan Family, and the Fire Temple had already formed an alliance. This was completely out of the Ashley Family’s expectations. However, they really liked this outcome.

Dongfang Yu’s opponent was a Mage. Moreover, the Mage was quite strong so Dongfang Yu proceeded with caution. But with Dongfang Yu’s mastery of his fire dragon technique, the battle was over before long.

At this point, of the four brothers, only Sun Fei had yet to fight. But Sun Fei’s luck was very good. On the second to the last round, he was able to have his turn to fight.

Sun Fei’s opponent was also a Mage. But since the Mage wasn’t among the seeded participants, Sun Fei was able to easily win.

After two days of fighting, the top 50 was finally decided. The next few days would be Zhao Hai and the others’s rest days. These days would be used to rank the number 51 to 100 positions.

Although it was just the ranking battles for the 51st to 100th place, massive amounts of people still came over to watch. After all, these people were the most outstanding newcomers in the past 5 years. The quality of their fights would truly be worth looking at.

After four days of battles, the ranking from 51st to 100th had finally been decided. Wind Sword Zheng Yu was able to easily take up the number 51st slot. This also made it clear to everyone how strong seeded participants were. And it also highlighted Zhao Hai’s strength.

Now that the ranking for the lower half has been decided it was time to see who would get the 1st to 50th place. It was time for Zhao Hai and the others to return to the arena.

After one day, the top 25 had been chosen. Zhao Hai and the others had another chance to rest. These days would be used to decide the 26th to 50th positions.

Fortunately, Zhao Hai and his brothers had yet to meet. The four advanced smoothly up to the top 25. During this time, Zhao Hai was once again faced with another seeded participant. But this person wasn’t from the Machine Field Army. Instead, it was a seeded participant from the Radiant Temple. But in the end, he was still defeated by Zhao Hai.

After the 26th to 50th positions were dealt with, it was time for the top 25 to fight once more. But since there would only be 12 battles, one lucky person would be chosen to have a free passage to the next round. There was no other way of doing things, after all, one person couldn’t fight two battles on the same day.

And this good luck actually fell into Sun Fei’s head. Since Sun Fei was able to progress with no effort, naturally, Zhao Hai and the others had him treat them to a meal.

The remaining 24 people would be divided into 12 pairs. But this time, Zhao Hai and the others weren’t in luck. Zhao Hai finally bumped into one of his brothers, Dongfang Yu. This battle naturally attracted a very large amount of spectators. Those viewing online had also skyrocketed. The reason for this was because the two were now very famous experts in the Machine Field. Another reason was because the two were very close friends. Because of this, the audience wanted to see the result of their battle.

Zhao Hai and Dongfang Yu stood on the arena. Dongfang Yu looked at Zhao Hai and then smiled bitterly as he said, “I didn’t expect to be this unfortunate this soon. Alright Kid, don’t you dare show mercy. I don’t want our fight to look lame.”

Upon hearing Dongfang Yu, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but laugh as he replied, “I have always looked forward to receiving brother’s fire dragon technique. Come, Second Brother, let’s have a proper fight!”

Dongfang Yu also laughed and said, “Alright, let me have a look at your strength!” Then he waved his fiery red dragon sword before pointing it towards Zhao Hai.


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