BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1186


Chapter 1186 – Wind Sword Zheng Yu

Zhao Hai looked at Iron Lancer’s departing back. Then he smiled as he turned to Xiong Li and said, “This guy. He actually dared to provoke me. It’s a shame that I’m not allowed to kill people. Or else he won’t survive.”

Xiong Li coldly snorted and said, “Just wait, an opportunity will definitely come. Aren’t we all going to the Six Realm Beginner Competition? Judging by their skill, they wouldn’t be able to survive the elimination round. We can make our move then.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Let’s see when we arrive at the elimination round. To be honest, I really want to see how strong the other realms are. Big Brother Xiong, it’s your turn.” Xiong Li was picked, his opponent was a Warrior not from the 20 seeded but from the top 100 participants. 

Xiong Li glanced at the list and his eyes couldn’t help but light up. He stood up and said, “Yes, I finally get to play. Brothers, I’ll head out first.” Then he immediately rushed towards the arena. Zhao Hai couldn’t help but smile after seeing this.

Xiong Li’s fight ended very quickly. Although his opponent wasn’t weak, he was still not a match against Xiong Li. In the following fights, nothing managed to attract Zhao Hai’s attention. Most of these fights ended quickly, long drawn out battles rarely happened.

Zhao Hai knew that all of the participants wished their fights to end quicker. After all, the longer one fights, the more flaws they would reveal. 

For experts, the line between life and death was very thin. This was the truth that everyone understood. This was like wars where there were spans of days or even weeks where nothing happens. And then there would be a sudden fight to end it all.

The first day of battle ended quickly. On this day, a total of 30 battles had been organized. Of Zhao Hai’s group of four, only Xiong Li was able to fight, the others had yet to be selected.

On the next day, Zhao Hai and the others returned to the arena. But compared to the relaxed attitude on the first day, Zhao Hai and the others were more tensed. This was because they were worried that they might meet each other in the arena.

At exactly 8:00 am, the computer began to draw names. The first batch of fighters were soon selected. Upon seeing this list, the audience couldn’t help but get into an uproar.

There wasn’t anything strange on the list, nor did the four brothers manage to go up against each other. On the contrary, the list was quite common. The first on the list was Zhao Hai. But the one he was up against was Machine Field Army’s Wind Sword Zheng Yu, one of their five seeded participants.

Ever since Zheng Yu ascended, he used his sword as well as his technique in order to gain the title of the fastest sword among the beginners of the Machine Field.

And with Zheng Yu’s fast sword, he was considered to be the nemesis of Mages. Since his attacks were quick, his sword qi was also quick to hit the enemy. This timing would disrupt any Mage trying to cast magic. This caused Mages to be unable to use their skills and end up getting defeated.

It was precisely because of his talent that the people were in an uproar upon seeing the matchup. Although ordinary people didn’t know about the relationship between Zhao Hai and the Machine Field Army, just like the Machine Field Army they initially suspected Zhao Hai’s selection as a seeded participant. But after several fights, this idea soon vanished. Zhao Hai had proven to them that he had the qualifications to be seeded.

Those who were skeptical at first became supporters. After all, besides Zhao Hai, the top 20 seeded participants were well known characters in the Machine Field. It can be said that Zhao Hai was a dark horse. Everyone hoped to see him show his might and overthrow the established strong participants.

This was the reason why people become chaotic upon seeing Zhao Hai go against the nemesis of Mages, Zheng Yu. 

Zhao Hai didn’t care about this as he slowly approached the arena. At this time, Zheng Yu was already on the arena, staring at Zhao Hai with a cold gaze.

When Zhao Hai got on the arena, the arena’s shields immediately rose up. Zhao Hai gave Zheng Yu a salute. However, Zheng Yu didn’t return the gesture. Instead, he looked coldly at Zhao Hai and said, “Don’t think that you’re amazing just because you defeated Iron Tower. That guy is just someone who has thick skin. If you met me earlier, then you have already been killed. You should thank the committee for saving you.”

Zhao Hai looked at Zheng Yu, then he smiled faintly and said, “And why did you only tell me this now that the top 100 has been selected? The words you said just made you look bad.”

Zheng Yu looked at Zhao Hai and then said with disdain, “If you still depend on your cheating method of reaching the top 100, then you can only be at the bottom of this ranking competition. You’ll never be able to defeat another seeded participant.”

Zhao Hai just smiled and said, “Then let’s see.” At this time, the ring sounded out marking the start of the fight. Zheng Yu quickly waved his hand and taking his sword out. Then almost instantly, he waved it towards Zhao Hai, sending a sword qi flying along the way.

The sword was swung really fast, and its sword qi was similarly as quick. In almost a blink of an eye, the sword had already reached Zhao Hai.

At this moment, a formation appeared in front of Zhao Hai. Before the sword qi hit him, a shield was already there to block. Zheng Yu’s aggressive sword qi was actually blocked by Zhao Hai’s magic formation.

Although Zheng Yu was very arrogant when facing Zhao Hai, he still knew that he needed to be careful. He knew Iron Tower’s strength, so he knew that Iron Tower wouldn’t just fall down in one blow. The sword qi he sent out was just a probe to have a fair assessment of Zhao Hai strength. And at this time, Zheng Yu knew that Zhao Hai was strong.

Zheng Yu knew that he couldn’t stop. He waved his sword again and again, sending sword qi flying like machine gunfire towards Zhao Hai.

This caused the spectators to be excited. The reason these people came to watch this battle was because they saw Zhao Hai as a dark horse. He was a mysterious character whose techniques were never seen before. During his past battles, Zhao Hai would always use his dark mist, making the audience unable to see what was going on inside. When the dark mist dissipates, only then would they know that Zhao Hai had won. Only a few people were able to see Zhao Hai’s attacks. Because of this, everyone was very curious about him.

Unexpectedly, Zhao Hai didn’t cover the arena with dark mist this time. Because of this, people could now see how he fights. This caused them to feel excitement towards the show.

When Zhao Hai saw Zheng Yu’s speed in releasing sword qi, his eyes couldn’t help but shrink. While his right hand was still holding the defensive formation, Zhao Hai made some gestures with his left hand, releasing a 10-layer formation in front of him.

Seeing Zhao Hai’s action, everyone watching couldn’t help but gasp. Not only those watching, even experts from the Machine Field were surprised.

Using both hands to use two magic formations at the same time wasn’t an easy task. One needed to split their attention in order to accomplish this. Moreover, the ratio of this division needed to be seriously considered. After all, this relates to one’s control over their spiritual force. Diverting one’s concentration might cause the collapse of a formation and lead to a backlash. Because of this, most Mages would never use two formations at the same time. Using one formation for each hand like Zhao Hai was something that only a few Mages could achieve.

After Zhao Hai’s second formation was finished, large quantities of fiery arrows appeared. This formation had already become Zhao Hai’s signature, ten thousand fiery arrows. These arrows weren’t meant to attack Zheng Yu, instead it was to block the sword qi that were being sent over.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Each collision caused a spectacular light show for everyone watching. This caused the audience to applaud in glee. However, there were those who stayed calm and quiet among these displays. This was because they just discovered how strong Zheng Yu and Zhao Hai were.

The arena was soon filled with smoke and sparks. Then suddenly Zhao Hai exclaimed, “Behead!” Upon saying this, he released a huge sword towards Zheng Yu’s direction.

And at the same time, Zhao Hai released hundreds of giant shields in front of him. The shields shuddered as a metallic collision was heard.

At this time, the smoke on the arena had dissipated and the audience could finally see the state of the battle. Zhao Hai’s giant shield had blocked Zheng Yu’s attack. Meanwhile, there was a giant sword that had already been cleared out by Zheng Yu.

As it turns out, not only his sword, but Zheng Yu himself was fast as well. He kept moving around to send attacks towards Zhao Hai while at the same time dodging Zhao Hai’s counterattacks.

Zhao Hai’s shield was still resisting any attacks coming his way. Zhao Hai waved his hand once more in order to prepare for another formation.

Zheng Yu was finally feeling threatened by Zhao Hai. He depended on his quick sword to disrupt Mages and triumph against them. However, Zhao Hai’s ability was completely out of his expectations. Zhao Hai could cast formations with each hand. This was equal to fighting two Mages at the same time. One Mage defends while the other attacks. There was no way for Zheng Yu to gain any high ground.

Now, after seeing Zhao Hai prepare another Magic spell, Zheng Yu couldn’t help but feel anxious. He paid careful attention to Zhao Hai and at the same time he was closing their distance.

Zhao Hai finally wielded his hand, releasing a 50-layer formation. This formation turned red before it became a one meter tall fireball. Then this fireball flew towards Zheng Yu with a speed that couldn’t be described as fast.

Zheng Yu couldn’t help but smile with scorn. He quickly moved past Zhao Hai’s fireball and then swung his sword towards Zhao Hai’s shield. In his opinion, a fireball as slow as that was no threat to him at all.

But as Zheng Yu moved, he discovered that Zhao Hai’s magic was tracking him. And after that fireball, ten more came after. Even then, Zheng Yu was still able to dodge these fireballs. The spectators couldn’t help but be confused. They didn’t understand why Zhao Hai would use slow fireballs to attack an agile opponent like Zheng Yu.


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