BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1184


Chapter 1184 – New Rule

Zhao Hai looked at the referee and knew that the man was planning to make things hard for him. This was because there were a lot of instances in this competition where the outcome of the fight was unnatural. Therefore, referees were in place to dispute and decide the winner and loser of the match.

If this was other people, then the people on the stands would have berated the referee. But since it was Zhao Hai, nobody spoke. They also wanted to know where Iron Tower went.

Zhao Hai looked at the referee, then he smiled faintly and said, “He vanished, is that an issue? Since he’s gone while I stayed, should I be the winner? Why is the referee delaying the result?”

The referee couldn’t help but stare at Zhao Hai’s question. According to the rules of the competition, the winner of the competition was decided by who remained standing in the arena. Even if Iron Tower wasn’t killed by Zhao Hai, he wasn’t on the arena, so he lost.

The referee was somewhat angry. He looked at Zhao Hai and coldly snorted as he said, “I’m the referee, and this is my requirement.”

Zhao Hai looked at the referee, then he suddenly laughed and said, “Alright, you are the referee. But don’t forget, you’re under the control of the committee. Do you remember what happened to the past members of the committee? Do you understand what I’m saying?”

When the referee heard Zhao Hai, he couldn’t help but stare. Then his expression changed. He really wanted to make things hard for Zhao Hai, but after hearing Zhao Hai, he couldn’t help but hesitate. Just like Zhao Hai said, referees still answer to the committee. When the last committee members tried to suppress the participants, they were removed. The referee even heard that all of those members had already died, killed by the vengeful small families.

As for the referee, he was just a small element in the competition. If he dared to cause trouble this time, he would definitely be killed. Upon thinking about this, the referee shivered inside. At this moment, he wanted to punch himself for accepting the bribe from the Machine Field Army. 

The referee was truly in a hard place. One must know that among all of the arenas, Zhao Hai’s arena had the most attention right now. Because of the recent rumors circulating around, everyone’s curiosity was directed at Zhao Hai. All of them wanted to see how strong Zhao Hai really is.

It was because of this that the referee was afraid to make a decision. If he makes it hard for Zhao Hai, then he would be removed as the referee.

At this time, someone from the crowd suddenly shouted, “Zhao Hai, stop talking nonsense. What did you do to deceive Iron Tower? You’re unqualified to be seeded. You took Iron Tower’s spot!”

As soon as this person’s voice was heard, more and more complaints came in. All of these voices hinted that Zhao Hai was very suspicious. Zhao Hai looked at the direction of the voices and knew from Laura and the others that these people had connections to the Machine Field Army. Their complaints cause everyone around them to get agitated. This caused a disturbance in the area.

Zhao Hai wasn’t surprised at all. He looked at everyone and said, “Does everyone really want to see Iron Tower?”

The stands bursted with conversation. Zhao Hai didn’t care, he just smiled and said, “Alright, I’ll let you see Iron Tower.” 

Everyone looked at Zhao Hai. They were wondering about what he would do. Will he take out a handful of ash, pick up a stone, or get a lump of charcoal?

Zhao Hai didn’t care about their reaction. He just smiled before waving his hand. A man appeared next to him. This man had green skin. He held a giant tower shield on one hand and then a broadsword on the other. He stood beside Zhao Hai for everyone to see.

All the spectators stared. They didn’t expect Iron Tower to really appear. Moreover, he seems to be intact.

The referee still didn’t know what to do up to this point. So when he saw Iron Tower, he immediately asked, “Iron Tower, where were you? Did you admit defeat?”

Iron Tower didn’t make any noise, he just stayed in place. Zhao Hai suddenly laughed, causing those under the arena to wonder.

Zhao Hai looked at the referee and said, “Mister Referee, you really need to practice your eyesight. At your current level, you shouldn’t be a referee. If a misjudgement happens, things would get serious.”

When the referee heard Zhao Hai, he couldn’t help but gawk. Then he inspected Iron Tower once again. And this time, he discovered an issue, Iron Tower wasn’t breathing.

Even if the referee was an idiot, he would still know what was going on. At the same time, he was shocked by what Zhao Hai did. He actually killed Iron Tower and made him into an Undead. 

Zhao Hai looked at the referee. Then he smiled faintly and said, “Mister Referee, can you announce the result now?”

When the referee saw Zhao Hai smile, he felt his heart turn cold. He just found out how ruthless Zhao Hai was. It would be unwise to go against such a person. It wouldn’t be good if he doesn’t declare Zhao Hai a winner. Therefore, he immediately announced, “Zhao Hai is the victor!”

Zhao Hai smiled, then he got down from the arena. Although the arena had stairs designed into it, none of the participants used it. They would show their magic and just jump down or fly away from the arena. It was rare for people to walk down the stairs like Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai calmly walked down the stairs step by step. Moreover, he didn’t store Iron Tower and just had him follow behind.

As for the people from the Machine Field Army, they were far away from the arena so they weren’t able to see Iron Tower’s appearance. Because of this, one of them shouted, “Why did you announce the winner? Iron Tower is still on the stage!”

The referee wasn’t a fool. He knew who were making the disturbance just now. However, he knew that he couldn’t offend Zhao Hai. Moreover, those sent by the Machine Field Army were idiots. Creating a disturbance at this time wasn’t useful.

The referee gazed coldly at the person on the crowd and said, “Are you blind? Can’t you see that Iron Tower has been turned into Undead? And who are you to judge my decision? Are you the referee?”

As soon as these people heard the referee, they couldn’t help but pause. Then they turned their gazes towards Zhao Hai and then to Iron Tower behind him. It didn’t take long for them to discover that the huge armored man was not breathing.

The area turned silent immediately. Everyone was staring at Iron Tower and Zhao Hai. Even those who were somewhat familiar with Zhao Hai couldn’t help but retreat upon seeing this sight.

Zhao Hai looked at everyone’s reaction and suddenly laughed, then he continued to walk forward. Everyone stared at Zhao Hai’s back and then looked at each other in horror, especially those from the Machine Field Army. They saw that Zhao Hai’s eyes stayed the same, which made everyone even more shocked. Each one of them felt shivers running down their spines.

Zhao Hai quickly met with Xiong Li and the others. Upon seeing Zhao Hai, Xiong Li patted his shoulder as he laughed and said, “Little Hai, good job. Beautiful. Let’s leave this place and have a drink.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Alright, let’s go have a drink.” The group laughed before they headed out of the stadium. Everyone’s gazes were on them, but they seem to not care at all.

Zhao Hai only put Iron Tower away when they were about to ride the car. Then the group proceeded towards the restaurant. This time, they didn’t go to Delin’s Barbecue, instead they visited a different place. After everyone had placed their orders and had settled down, Sun Fei turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Brother Hai, Second Brother Dongfang said that your match may have been tampered with. He wants us to act on it so that the Machine Field Army wouldn’t pit us against each other. What do you think?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “It definitely is the case. But it’s not good to complain against the Machine Field Army right now. We have Iron Tower as a witness. He should be able to know what is going on. When the time comes, he will be a witness against the army. We have to follow the proper procedures. Let’s have our families formally protest against the competition. I want to see how these things end.”

Xiong Li’s expression turned ugly, “Hmph. The Machine Field Army should hope that I don’t meet their people. I’ll definitely kill them all.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Alright. These are struggles of the higher-ups. It’s something we cannot control. Let’s drink! We still have battles tomorrow.” At this time, their dishes and liquor were delivered.

When Zhao Hai returned to the Ashley Family’s building, Cadjo and the others immediately made an official protest. However, Cadjo didn’t target the suspicious drawing of lots. Instead, he complained about Zhao Hai having an unfair referee. This should be enough to keep the Machine Field Army in line.

Also, the Ashley Family weren’t the only ones to issue a protest. The Wu Family, Fire Temple, and Dongfang Yu’s Yan Family also lodged a protest. But instead of the referee, their families targeted the suspicious drawing of competitors. The protest of these families turned into a very serious matter. It provoked a chain reaction, causing every influence to turn their heads to this matter. Another investigation began.

The Machine Field Army suddenly found themselves playing a dizzy game of chess. The current Machine Field was in a very sensitive state. And during this time, they actually dared to do so many things. They were truly asking for trouble. They immediately made countermeasures but the effect wasn’t great. In the end, the investigation found some clues and these clues were pointed directly at the Machine Field Army.

However, the huge powers knew that this matter couldn’t be made public. If the small powers were to catch wind of it, then the Machine Field would be plunged into chaos once more.

The entire matter caused the Machine Field Army to pay a heavy price. In the end, the matter was successfully suppressed. This also made the Machine Field Army hate the Zhao Hai even more.

After this matter, the committee announces a new rule. To better ensure the fighting prowess of the Machine Field in the upcoming Six Realm Beginner Competition, the seeded participants would no longer be chosen to fight against each other. This rule would also extend to the top 100 talents in the Machine Field.

This new rule caused waves in the realm. But after being pressed by the three major powers, everything calmed down. At the same time, Zhao Hai and the others felt relieved.


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  2. If Zhao Hai wants to upgrade his undead’s abilities then he should find out if undead can pilot mechs. Wouldn’t that upgrade their ability like crazy? 100 Billion undead Mech army.

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