BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1183


Chapter 1183 – Am I Unqualified?

When Xiong Li and Sun Fei heard Dongfang Yu say this, Xiong Li said, “Dongfang, what are you saying? Are you saying that the random lot is being manipulated?”

Dongfang Yu coldly snorted and said, “Those fellows from the Machine Field Army are getting more and more arrogant. It wouldn’t be impossible for them to manipulate the random lot. If we let the Machine Field army go on like this, we would only suffer. If those Machine Field Army bastards let us go against Zhao Hai, what do we do?”

Xiong Li and Sun Fei stared for a moment upon hearing Dongfang Yu. Then their expressions changed. They knew that the consequences of this matter is very serious. If they were to meet Zhao Hai, then their future opportunities would certainly be stopped.

Xiong Li immediately said, “Let’s go now.”

Dongfang Yu stopped him and said, “There’s no need to be anxious. In any case, a fight will happen today. We should wait until tomorrow. After Little Hai’s fight, we should go together and do something about it.” Xiong Li nodded, then he turned his head to the arena. 

Zhao Hai was standing there and facing his enemy. He knew about Iron Tower of the Machine Field Army’s External Hall. This man was known for his height as well as the giant tower shield that he held. His cultivation method was also very special. In three words, his cultivation method was, work hard, work hard, work hard. It was a type of cultivation method that refined the body. This body refining method was very formidable. If it was practiced to a very deep state, one’s body would become very resilient. Most swords and spears wouldn’t be able to pierce through the skin.

Moreover, Zhao Hai also knew that Iron Tower had the opportunity to be a seeded participant. It’s just a pity that he went up against Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai looked at his opponent, then he smiled and said, “Interesting, I actually met you in my first fight. Hahaha. The Machine Field Army’s plans are very good.”

Iron Tower coldly snorted and said, “You can still afford to smile? Today, I’ll let you know who is more qualified to be a seeded participant.”

Zhao Hai looked at Iron Tower and then he smiled and said, “Being a seeded participant isn’t necessarily nice. Alright, it’s useless to talk anymore. Let’s just prove it!”

Iron Tower coldly snorted and said, “I have the same idea!” Then after he said that, he slammed his tower shield in front of him and then roared towards Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai just smiled and then waved his hand, casting a 5-layer magic formation. Iron Tower quickly braced his tower shield in order to block Zhao Hai’s spell. However, the formation suddenly exploded, surrounding the arena with black mist. This caused the spectators to be clueless about what was happening in the arena.

But Iron Tower quickly found something strange. Although they were surrounded by dark smoke, the arena was free of any obstruction. He could still see properly inside. The dark mist looked like a shield that covered the arena.

Iron Tower didn’t know what Zhao Hai’s plan was. He looked at Zhao Hai warily. Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “You think I’m unqualified to be a seeded participant. I’ll let you see why I was chosen instead of you.” Then Zhao Hai made a move. He took out his own tower shield and on his other hand was a giant hammer.

Iron Tower couldn’t help but stare at Zhao Hai. Seeing his opponent’s reaction, Zhao Hai smiled, “Come, let me see if you have any skill.”

Iron Tower regained his clarity. He stared at Zhao Hai before breathing in cold air, then he said, “You’re also a Warrior?”

Zhao Hai laughed and said, “Correct. I’m both a Mage and a Warrior. Hahaha. Here I go.” Then his figure moved as he charged towards Iron Tower.

Iron Tower immediately recovered. He roared as he prepared to defend against Zhao Hai. He settled his tower shield to his shoulder as he braced for impact.

Boom! A loud sound was heard as the two parties collided with each other. Because of their collision, the entire arena fiercely shook.

In this collision, both Zhao Hai and Iron Tower were subjected to a massive seismic force. However, when this force entered Zhao Hai’s body, it merely rippled out before it vanished completely. The bluesteel by his feet was just cracked and he wasn’t blown away.

On the other hand, Iron Tower suffered a different fate. He was shaken by the force and had to retreat a few steps. Every step he made caused an indentation to appear on the bluesteel arena.

Iron Tower was only able to stabilize himself after retreating eight steps back. Just as Iron Tower regained his position, Zhao Hai rushed over with his tower shield, looking much like a giant charging elephant.

Iron Tower saw this and knew that if he were to get hit, he would be finished. He roared and then held his shield up high before slamming it firmly straight into the ground.

Iron Tower’s shield was specially-made. Below the shield was a sharp point. With Iron Tower’s immense strength, a third of the shield easily sunk into the bluesteel floor. Iron Tower wanted to stop Zhao Hai’s charge using this method.

However, Iron Tower underestimated Zhao Hai’s strength. During their first collision, Zhao Hai didn’t even use his full force, only about a fourth of his strength.

It can be said that Zhao Hai’s present strength was terrifying. In the past, Zhao Hai’s strength wasn’t this huge. However, after absorbing astral qi, Zhao Hai’s strength skyrocketed. Don’t forget, Zhao Hai uses the stellar body tempering technique. No matter what he does, his body would certainly get stronger as time goes by.

Zhao Hai saw Iron Tower’s move, but he didn’t care. This time, he was charging over with 80% of his strength. After a bang, Iron Tower’s body flew. Meanwhile, his tower shield was broken. It was clear that Zhao Hai had put much more power in this charge.

Since Iron Tower’s body was in the air, there was no way for him to stabilize his body. Zhao Hai took a few steps forward before jumping. Then he waved his hammer and smashed it straight down towards Iron Tower.

Clang! Iron Tower was like an iron ball dropped from a plane. He fell to the arena, his broadsword had already been bent by Zhao Hai.

Bang! Iron Tower’s huge figure fell into the arena. At the same time, blood spurted out of his mouth. Although it can be said that Iron Tower was truly strong, he was still human in the end. This fall, along with Zhao Hai’s powerful strength, shook Iron Tower’s internal organs violently.

At this time, Zhao Hai fell back to the ground and then he immediately rushed towards Iron Tower. Iron Tower knew that Zhao Hai was about to kill him, but he didn’t shout his surrender. He knew clearly that shouting at this point was useless.

Zhao Hai being both a Mage and a Warrior, this was information that the Machine Field Army’s intelligence division failed to collect. Naturally, this was because Zhao Hai had been keeping it a secret all this time. Now that he knew about Zhao Hai’s secret, Zhao Hai would certainly make sure to get rid of him. It was already certain that he would die today.

Nobody wanted to die, the same was true for Iron Tower. He rolled on the ground before doing his best to stand. However, since he stood too quickly, he couldn’t help but spurt out blood.

Zhao Hai looked at Iron Tower, then he smiled faintly and said, “Iron Tower, now do you still think that I don’t have the qualifications to be seeded?” 

Iron Tower coldly snorted but he didn’t say anything. When he saw that Zhao Hai was a Mage and a Warrior, he knew that he could no longer win. Not only was Zhao Hai qualified to be seeded, it was even possible for him to be the strongest participant in this qualifier.

Zhao Hai looked at Iron Tower, then he smiled faintly and said, “I decided that if the Machine Field Army really wants to deal with me, then I would kill every participant they have in this competition. So die!” Then he moved as fast as a cheetah. But this time, he didn’t have a shield and hammer in his hand. Instead, Zhao Hai took out a large glaive!

Iron Tower’s eyes shrunk, he didn’t notice when Zhao Hai traded his weapon. Moreover, he had no idea what Zhao Hai’s weapon was. But he knew that Zhao Hai’s weapons weren’t normal. And from the looks of this weapon, its purpose seems to be cleaving people in two!

With this thought in mind, Iron Tower quickly lifted his tower shield. Although the tower shield only had two-thirds of its body left, it was still a huge piece of steel. Iron Tower had just managed to recover, so holding up the shield wasn’t a problem.

Just as Iron Tower lifted his shield, Zhao Hai’s glaive arrived. After a ‘ka’ sound, Zhao Hai stepped on the arena again, his glaive in his hand. On the other hand, Iron Tower stood in place with his tower shield in his hand. After some time, the tall shield fell to the ground, Iron Tower’s hand fell along with it. Then shortly after that, Iron Tower’s body seemed to lean on one side before it began falling on the ground.

At this time, a red line appeared across Iron Tower’s body. The wound went from his left shoulder to his right waist. Zhao Hai’s glaive actually split him in half.

Zhao Hai looked at Iron Tower then he stomped his feet. The broken half of the tower shield that was embedded into the arena flew over. At the same time, Zhao Hai waved his hand as Iron Tower’s other part of the shield as well as broadsword flew over. Then after turning Iron Tower into an Undead, Zhao Hai repaired the tower shield as well as the broadsword.

After taking care of these, Zhao Hai withdrew the dark mist surrounding the arena. When the mist dissipated, Zhao Hai saw an indignant crowd. However, he didn’t care as he turned his head towards the referee.

The referee was blankly staring at Zhao Hai. At the same time, he also swept his gaze towards the arena. It’s obvious that he was looking for Iron Tower.

When Zhao Hai saw that the referee didn’t announce anything, he said, “Referee, could you announce the result?”

The referee stared, then he said, “Zhao Hai, where’s your opponent? Why is he not here? Without him here, I cannot announce anything.”

Zhao Hai just met the referee’s response with a smile. This caused the referee to feel uncomfortable. He received a bribe from the Machine Field Army to help Iron Tower. But since the arena was covered, he couldn’t do anything. Therefore, he could only give Zhao Hai a hard time now.


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