BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1181


Chapter 1181 – Suppression Using a Magnificent Cover

After Zhao Hai boarded the car, he immediately took out some spatial water and then drank it. So after the car arrived at its destination, Zhao Hai was refreshed.

Upon getting off the car, Zhao Hai directly went upstairs before he was led to Cadjo’s room by a robot.

When they arrived outside Cadjo’s room, the robot knocked twice and said, “General Manager, Mister Zhao Hai is here.” 

Cadjo quickly replied, “Come in.” 

Zhao Hai pushed the door and walked in. He saw Cadjo, Desbarres, and Luke inside. Zhao Hai gave the three men a salute. Cadjo waved his hand and said, “Little Hai, I just received a message from Old Ma Fenglei. He expressed his gratitude and said that he made you a guest expert of the Fire Temple. What is going on?”

Zhao Hai smiled and then told everyone about what just happened while in Delin’s Barbecue. Cadjo and the others were intently listening. After Zhao Hai finished talking, Cadjo nodded and said, “So it’s like that. Good, very good. Although you offended the Machine Field Army, you managed to hook the Fire Temple in. We already established a connection with the Wu Family, and now there is the Fire Temple. This is going to be good for us. After all, the Fire Temple has a huge influence in the Church Alliance. With our relationship with the Warrior Association and the Church Alliance, offending the Machine Field Army is nothing.”

Desbarres nodded and said, “I also think that today’s matter isn’t an accident. It’s possible that the Machine Field Army sent those people to probe us. Otherwise, those Mech Soldiers wouldn’t have been that courageous. They should be the first ones to know what would happen if they caused any disturbance in Machine Field Planet.”

Luke nodded as well and added, “Delin’s Barbecue is a very famous establishment in the planet. Almost everyone knew that it belonged to the Fire Temple. However, those mech soldiers actually dared to cause trouble there. This matter isn’t simple. Cadjo, I think we should report this matter to the Patriarch. This way, he would make some preparations.”

Cadjo nodded, “I’ll send word to the Patriarch. At the same time, I’ll get in contact with the Wu Family and the Fire Temple. It’s best if we can contact the other Churches as well, just to make sure.”

Luke nodded and said, “The Machine Field Army has five seeded participants in the competition. Little Hai, they might try to deal with you. You should prepare.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and nodded. Cadjo looked at Zhao Hai and said, “If the Machine Field Army doesn’t go too hard, let them go. However, if they dared to be excessive, you don’t have to be polite. Just kill them!”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “You can rest assured, General Manager. I know what to do.” 

Cadjo nodded, “Alright, you can go take a rest. Although the Machine Field Planet looks very calm, you shouldn’t underestimate the undercurrents happening within. You need to be more careful.” Zhao Hai nodded, before he bowed and left the room. 

After Zhao Hai left, Cadjo smiled faintly and said, “Hmm, I didn’t expect the Machine Field army’s action to give the Ashley Family an opportunity. If we can make the Wu Family and the Fire Temple our allies, then it would be very good for the family.”

Desbarres smiled and said, “To be honest, this is due to Little Hai’s luck. If it weren’t for him, then we wouldn’t have been able to establish a connection with the Fire Temple. He actually managed to become a guest expert of the temple. It seems like Old Ma Fenglei really appreciated Zhao Hai.”

Cadjo nodded and said, “I didn’t expect Little Hai to amuse Ma Fenglei. Also, Little Hai actually refused a Camp Lord position. That’s quite a rich offer.”

Desbarres smiled and said, “Old Ma didn’t expect Zhao Hai to care little about money and status. He’s more concerned about sentiment. Little Hai already connected himself with the Bone Symbol Camp. As long as the family doesn’t harm him, I believe he wouldn’t leave.”

Luke sighed and said, “Little Hai is just too strong. I’m afraid the Ashley Family wouldn’t be able to keep him. Our Ashley Family is just too small. A character as great as him would leave sooner or later.”

Cadjo replied, “If he leaves, then we can’t do anything about it. As long as the Ashley Family is in his heart, we could still rely on him when we encounter any trouble.”

Desbarres nodded, “Right, I have the same thought.’


By this time, Zhao Hai had already returned to his room. As soon as he entered, Zhao Hai immediately went to the Space. Margaret already went ahead of him.

Seeing Zhao Hai arrive, Margaret and the others immediately welcomed him. Especially Margaret, whose face was full of worry. After some time, she said, “Brother Hai, you’re being too risky this time. Ma Fenglei is a difficult person to face. If he decided to deal with you, then it’ll be huge trouble.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Rest assured, I know where things stand. He wouldn’t deal with me. It’s fine.” Laura and the others knew that Zhao Hai said was right. However, they were still nervous upon seeing Zhao Hai talk with Ma Fenglei. This was because the old man’s reputation in the Machine Field was too well known.

Before this, Laura and the others didn’t know about Ma Fenglei. But when Margaret saw Zhao Hai speaking with the Fire Temple Bishop, her expression changed. Then she told Laura and the others about Ma Fenglei, which caused Laura and the others to be nervous as well.

Since the matter has been settled, the group relaxed and then went to the living room. After everyone had sat down, Zhao Hai turned to Margaret and said, “Actually, I was thinking about the Ashley Family during that time. The family needed several allies. I couldn’t stay in the Machine Field all the time, perhaps I might leave after the competition.  Margaret, will you follow me or stay here?” 

Margaret shook her head and said, “It’s fine. I don’t have much connection to the family anyway. But this doesn’t mean that I will abandon the family. Brother Hai, if the Ashley Family were to meet any problems, we need to help them. Even if we can’t save everyone, we should still make sure that Camp Lord and the others are safe.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Rest assured, if anything happens, I will certainly offer my help.”


The day quickly went past. The next day, Zhao Hai decided to stay inside the Space. After all, he didn’t have any fights today, there was no need to go to the stadium.

Moreover, the two days didn’t have anything worth looking at. The level of those competing simply weren’t enough to gain Zhao Hai’s attention.

Zhao Hai thought that after what happened to Yellowsand Planet, the battles further on wouldn’t be too bloody. However, he didn’t expect the fights to be bloodier than before. Those who were eliminated had suffered injuries. There were even some people who were killed on the stage. Some were also cripplied and there was even an instance where both participants mutually wounded themselves.

Upon seeing this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but stare, then his expression turned difficult. When Margaret looked at Zhao Hai’s expression, she couldn’t help but ask, “Brother Hai? What’s wrong?”

Zhao Hai sighed and then said, “It seems like the people in the Machine Field really don’t regard Ascenders as proper equals. Have you ever thought of how many Ascenders would die after the qualifiers? There are nearly 100 thousand people in the beginning, and there are also those who were crippled. No wonder the Mages and Warriors of the Machine Field couldn’t compete against the Cultivators. You should know that those who are killed in the qualifiers are elites of their respective families. If they were trained well, then they might turn out to be powerful experts. They might even be able to fight against the Cultivators. But now, their lives ended in this competition. In this case, how could Mages and Warriors get powerful? It seems like there are some people in the Machine Field that doesn’t want Ascenders to get powerful.”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Laura and the others stared, then their expressions changed as well. Margaret couldn’t believe it, “Brother Hai, how is that possible?”

Zhao Hai coldly snorted and said, “Why would it be impossible? Think about it, which people have the most power over the Machine Field? Its the battleships and the mechs. If Mages and Warriors get stronger, then their control over the Machine Field would be affected. Do you think those who control the battleships and the mechs would accept having their benefits taken? In this case, it’s impossible for Mages and Warriors to rise up. And there’s also the way the Machine Field natives discriminate against Ascenders. It’s natural for them to suppress Mages and Warriors. However, since they couldn’t blatantly reveal the suppression, they needed to find a way to hide it. So isn’t this competition a perfect way to hide it? This competition gathered every single talented ascender in the realm. Even if some geniuses were left in the end, the other realms would take care of them. In the Six Realm Beginner Competition, not only would Mages and Warriors get injured, only very few of them manage to survive. With so few numbers left, there would be no way for them to influence the Machine Field.” 

Laura and the others couldn’t help but unconsciously nod. They thought that what Zhao Hai said was reasonable. If what Zhao Hai said was true, then it would be too scary. This was basically the Machine Field getting rid of their capable subordinates.

Zhao Hai let out a long breath and then said, “Meanwhile, the Cultivation Realm has a different idea. Since Great Sects absorb ascenders, as long as one of them becomes powerful, the sect would gain a powerful expert. Because the Cultivation Realm talk using strength, they couldn’t suppress ascenders. For them Ascenders are another source for powerful experts. They wouldn’t threaten the benefits of ascenders. Conversely, they would cultivate ascenders so that they could provide more benefits to their sect. This allowed the Cultivation Realm to progress quickly. But in the Machine Field, Mages and Warriors were kept powerless. The potential of Magic Theory is truly wasted.”


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