BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1177


Chapter 1177 – Heading Out

Zhao Hai finally went out of the Space. Although Margaret liked to stay inside the Space, she had to come out with Zhao Hai since the next round of the qualifiers was about to begin.

But since Zhao Hai was a seeded participant, he doesn’t need to participate in the beginning stages. At this point, there were 20 thousand people left who were qualified for the next round. Although some of them had withdrawn, there were still more than 10 thousand people left who would participate.

About more than 10 thousand people competing for 100 spots. One could imagine how fierce the competition would be. But things were much easier for seeded participants like Zhao Hai. They wouldn’t need to participate in the beginning rounds. 

Nobody objected to this system of having seeded participants. This was because these seeded participants were the powerful experts the Machine Field had. They already had some reputation in the Machine Field, so everyone knew that they were strong. Also, this was the smart thing to do. And even if one was a seeded player, they would still face the more powerful participants in the final rounds. 

The reason for seeded positions was the fear of two powerful experts meeting in battle prematurely. If there were no seeded participants, then all remaining participants would be in the pool for selection. It might be possible for Xiong Li to meet Streep in the first round. This means that one would be eliminated while a lucky level 3 would defeat their opponent and progress to the next round. Naturally, those who weren’t strong wouldn’t be able to reach the top 100. However, if either Xiong Li or Streep were eliminated and couldn’t join the Six Realm Beginner Competition, it would be a huge loss for the Machine Field.

Because of this consideration, the Machine Field chose 20 people to be seeded. They also want to see how this would go. If it had great results, then they would select seeded participants for every qualifiers from now on.

Upon hearing that Zhao Hai had come out, Cadjo took Desbarres and Luke to Zhao Hai’s room. While Zhao Hai was closing up, only Luke was in the building since Cadjo and Desbarres returned to the family. They were Elders of the family. Moreover, due to the restless state of the Machine Field in the past few days, they were needed to help settle things.

The Ashley Family wasn’t implicated by the situation in the Machine Field. On the contrary, they benefited a lot since they participated in the investigations. Because of the Ashley Family’s position, they were able to lead teams and gain benefits for the family.

The Ashley Family’s time had truly come. They no longer needed to deal with the Zhang Family. And now that the Zhang Family has been eliminated, the Ashley Family were able to absorb some of the members of their camps and they were even able to get several factories. These gains were certainly good for the family.

Then there was Zhao Hai being nominated for a seeded position. This caused the family to be ecstatic. It can be said that the Ashley Family was in a festive mood. So upon hearing that Zhao Hai had come out, Cadjo immediately took Desbarres and Luke to visit him.

Seeing that the three had come to see him, Zhao Hai immediately asked them to sit down. Margaret offered some them some tea before sitting beside Zhao Hai.

Cadjo looked at Margaret and Zhao Hai’s intimate appearance and didn’t give a comment. For three months, Margaret had been inside Zhao Hai’s room while Zhao Hai was closing up. By this point, their relationship had gone public. Moreover, Thunder didn’t object to the two of them. It was as if he already gave a nonverbal agreement to their relationship.

Cadjo looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, did you benefit a lot from your cultivation?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “My harvest isn’t small. The reason I closed up is because I had been contaminated by astral qi back when I was in Yellowsand Planet. I only noticed it after coming back. Therefore, I closed up so that I can refine it. Fortunately, I was able to succeed.”

As soon as Zhao Hai said this, Cadjo and the other stared for a moment before their expressions changed. Cadjo quickly said, “Little Hai, you’re able to refine astral qi? You’re kidding right?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “I won’t joke about this. Don’t forget, I’m both a Mage and a Warrior. If I wasn’t, then it would be impossible for me to refine astral qi. But since I’m a Mage and a Warrior, I had the chance to successfully refine it.”

When he heard this, Cadjo laughed out loud and said, “Good, that’s fantastic. Fortune is really looking down on the Ashley Family. Little Hai, how is your offensive strength now? I heard that as long as one concentrates astral qi, their offensive strength would be outstanding.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Right, as long as it is absorbed by my body, the offensive strength of my attacks are enhanced. My formations are now much more powerful than before, even if I use the same amount of spiritual qi.”

Cadjo’s smile turned brighter, then he said, “That’s good. It seems like the seat of this qualifier’s champion is already reserved for you. Perhaps you might even get a good place in the Six Realm Beginner Competition. Our Ashley family will then be praised by the entire World of Cultivation.”

Desbarres nodded, he was also smiling as he looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, you’ll have to work hard this time. Make the Cultivation Realm know that our Machine Field couldn’t be bullied.”

A lot of things happened in the Machine Field in the past few days. But in the end, all of the blame fell into the Yin Yang Sect. The Machine Field and the Cultivation Realm had always minded their separation. Although there were some scuffles from time to time, these were small conflicts. But this time, the Yin Yang Sect caused a huge chaos to descend into the Machine Field. Even if they didn’t know the stance of the other sects in the Cultivation Realm, the Machine Field still decided to be on guard.

Although it can be said that the Machine Field really wanted to retaliate against the Yin Yang Sect, the individual strength of the Machine Field is just too low. If the Machine Field sent battleships to the Cultivation Realm in order to deal with the Yin Yang Sect, the Cultivation Realm’s sects would certainly stop them. 

Because of this, Desbarres and the others could only suppress the anger in their hearts. They were born and raised in the Machine Field. Because of this, they had a very strong sense of belonging towards the realm. The Machine Field had always been held down by the Cultivation Realm. Whenever Cultivators looked at the people from the Machine Field, all of them would raise their noses up high. There was no way for Desbarres and the others to agree to this.

Therefore, the Six Realm Beginner Competition has given them the opportunity to vent their anger. If Zhao Hai didn’t make any breakthrough, then Desbarres might not be this confident. But after Zhao Hai was able to concentrate astral qi, Desbarres was even more certain of Zhao Hai’s success.

Most of Zhao Hai’s understanding of the Machine Field had come from the computer.  But in the end, a computer was just an inanimate object, there were a lot of things that weren’t true in it. Because of this, Zhao Hai didn’t know what impact someone who absorbed astral qi to the people in the Machine Field.

The Machine Field didn’t have any way to absorb astral qi. This has restricted the individual ability of the soldiers in the Machine Field. To be honest, the magical spells of the Machine Field weren’t any weaker than any other attacks in the Cultivation Realm. Once someone was able to layer 1 thousand formations, they would have the same strength as a Core Formation Expert.

However, the Machine Field didn’t have any technique to absorb astral qi and evil qi. Because of this, they didn’t have any way to increase their offensive abilities.

Naturally, after many years, it was impossible for the Machine Field to have no way to absorb astral qi and evil qi. However, there were extremely few people who were able to do it. This has a lot to do with the current system of the Machine Field.

The Machine Field’s practice gave priority to the battle qi and magic. However, both battle qi and magic weren’t suitable for absorbing astral qi into the body.

Battle Qi specialized in refining the body from outside in. And when the blood was activated, it would produce energy, which was battle qi. Magic specialized in spiritual force. Instead of working on the body, it specializes in the mind. This made it hard to prepare the body for the introduction of astral qi.

And since battle qi specializes in the body, battle qi became tightly knit with the Warrior’s body. There were similar methods in the Cultivator Realm, but this method made it very hard to attract astral qi to one’s body. This method was just like Zhao Hai’s stellar body tempering technique. To be honest, if Zhao Hai couldn’t separate his body and consciousness, it would be impossible for astral qi to be digested into his body.

Practicing stellar body tempering technique was in itself very painful. Zhao Hai’s body had been adapted to the pain, allowing it to take in astral qi. If it were any other Warrior in the Machine Field, then they would not be able to endure the pain.

There was no need to talk about Mages. Mages specialize in spiritual force. Spiritual force was linked with the brain. Therefore, Mages needed to be careful whenever they cultivate their spiritual force, or else they would succumb to insanity. If their brains were to be heavily damaged, they would definitely turn into complete idiots in vegetative states.

It was for this reason that Mages wouldn’t dare combine astral qi with their spiritual force.

The reason why Zhao Hai was able to combine astral qi with his spiritual force was because of his ability to separate his consciousness and body. Actually, this method was truly ingenious. 

It separates one’s mind to their body, turning them into spectators of themselves. So even if the mind was attacked, the body would stay in perfect condition. Additionally, with how strong Zhao Hai’s body was, nothing would be able to hurt him.

At the same time, since the astral qi that Zhao Hai absorbed came from the Space, it was impossible for Zhao Hai to be harmed. Because of this, Zhao Hai was able to succeed in absorbing astral qi!


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