BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1176


Chapter 1176 – Seeded Participants

As the clouds in the Machine Field settled down, the people from the Machine Field were finally able to see something they never expected. A lot of families including the Zhang Family disappeared like smoke. Even the Fire Temple and the Divine Earth Palace needed to reorganize themselves after the event.

Although there were a lot of things left to do in the Machine Field, the time needed to accomplish them wasn’t that much. It took two months for all sides to settled down. And all these days Zhao Hai didn’t appear. Not only Zhao Hai, the other ten great experts were nowhere in sight. After all, they didn’t have any place to participate in this matter.

However, two of the ten experts were implicated in this wave that crashed down in the Machine Field. One of them was Meteor Zhu Chen. Zhu Chen was from the Divine Earth Palace. And in the recent elimination round, he was seen slaughtering people, incurring the discontent of many powers. As it turns out, this was another plot by the Yin Yang Sect. Zhu Chen became the Yin Yang Sect’s blade. At the same time, he was also a victim of their plot.

Another expert that was implicated was Fire Saint Sun Fei. He was a candidate trained by the Zhang Family. His situation was the same as Zhu Chen, he was being used as a blade.

However, unlike their patrons, the two were treated differently by the Machine Field. Even if the Machine Field exterminated the Zhang Family’s core members, Sun Fei was from the External Hall. The Machine Field already treated these ascenders differently, therefore, the two weren’t treated as harshly as the family they belonged to.

This wasn’t out of Zhao Hai’s expectation. After all, from the perspective of the Machine Field’s forces, Sun Fei and Zhu Chen were useful tools, like sharp knives. Would you punish a knife that was used to commit sin? Of course not. The knife was just a tool. The person who used it was the guilty party.

This was the case with Sun Fei and Zhu Chen. The two killed a lot of people, yes, but they had the strength to make the other powers think about recruiting them. 

As long as those two join any power, that power would instantly get a place among the 100 participants of the Six Realm Beginner Competition. In this case, nobody would want to pass up on them.

However, an issue came up when there were a lot of people who wanted to get the two of them. In the end, nobody was able to properly recruit them. This matter became the center of the Machine Field’s attention. Even the Ashley Family participated in this competition.

Although Sun Fei has killed a lot of the Ashley Family’s participants, these participants were from the External Hall. If the family could trade a few talents for a true talent, then they would do so without hesitation.

Zhao Hai knew about these matters, but he didn’t do anything about it. This was because he was still closing up. But his practice session was about to end. At fixed times, he would go to the yellowsand background and then practice his body tempering technique. He already stopped absorbing astral qi, this was because his astral qi had already reached a saturated state.

At this point, his body, spiritual qi, and even spiritual force had astral qi in them. Because of this, even if Zhao Hai deliberately absorbed astral qi, there would be no place in his body to place it, making his efforts useless. Therefore, Zhao Hai would just go to the yellowsand background in order to digest the astral qi he had accumulated.

Zhao Hai also tried to see the strength of astral qi. During that time, Zhao Hai was given a scare. Whether it be his magic formations or his sword qi, its offensive power had been increased by about five to ten times. Things would get even more insane if Liquid Silver was added to the mix.

Zhao Hai didn’t expect astral qi to be this strong when he started. Moreover, he discovered that, besides the first time, his digestion of astral qi was getting faster and faster. This caused Zhao Hai to be puzzled.

However, Zhao Hai changed his mind when he understood what was happening. The first time he absorbed astral qi, he needed to maintain sober in order to guide astral qi using his spiritual force. At the same time, he also needed to perform the stellar body tempering technique. This amount of pain was something that no other man could endure. Because of this process, Zhao Hai was able to make his body much more suitable for astral qi. Although Zhao Hai separated his consciousness and body on his next session to escape the pain, the amount of astral qi he managed to absorb at that time was a lot.

And after Zhao Hai separated his consciousness and body, things became different. He could still practice, but this time he didn’t torture himself with the pain. With this situation, it would naturally speed up Zhao Hai’s absorption and digestion of astral qi.

Zhao Hai estimated that his current offensive strength wouldn’t be any worse than Cultivators of his level. If he used all of his strength, then he might even compete against Nascent Soul experts.

Naturally, this was just Zhao Hai’s own estimate. He had yet to fight a Cultivator, so a lot of factors were still unknown.

As for the matters of the Machine Field, Zhao Hai didn’t care much about it. He doesn’t have the strength to affect the big picture, so he could only observe from the Space’s monitor.

The disturbance in the Machine Field didn’t last very long. The Patriarchs of the families in the Machine Field weren’t stupid. They clearly knew that if the realm were to turn chaotic, the Cultivation Realm may use the opportunity to make a move.

Besides their fear of being attacked by the Cultivation Realm, the reason these heads of the powers decided to solve the matter quickly was because of the Six Realm Beginner Competition.

If they didn’t deal with this matter soon, then they would only be harming their benefits in the competition.

Although the Machine Field hasn’t been getting good results in the Six Realm Beginner competition, there were still rewards for participating. And the competition this time was much more important, given how much talent the Machine Field has been able to produce. Therefore, nobody in the Machine Field would want to miss the opportunity to join the competition.

Since there had been a reshuffle and even elimination of some great families, this meant that the smaller powers would be getting a bigger slice of the pie.

Sun Fei and Zhu Chen’s assignment had already been determined. Zhu Chen was still under the Divine Earth Palace while Sun Fei was taken in by the Fire Temple. The two became direct members of the churches and weren’t under any family.

Zhao Hai agreed to the arrangement made by the Machine Field’s higher ups. Due to the recent scuffle, the Divine Earth Palace and the Fire Temple had been heavily damaged. It was proper for Zhu Chen and Sun Fei to gain benefits for them. This would allow the two churches to restore their strength.

This decision was most likely influenced by the Mage Church Alliance. The three major forces of the Machine Field, Church Alliance, Mech Army, and the Warrior Association needed to be balanced. This way the realm would maintain its peace.

The Fire Temple and the Divine Earth Palace had lost so much. And since these two were important pillars of the Church Alliance, they needed to regain their strength or else they would weaken the Alliance. Because of this, the Machine Field’s high-level figures went on with their decision.

However, another matter occured that surprised Zhao Hai. The small influenced began to discover the power they had when they united. They saw that they now had enough influence to talk with the major powers.

There were thousands of small forces in this alliance. They also elected leaders to fight for them. They had the intention of being equal to the three major powers.

But since this alliance was still on its starting stages, they didn’t have much to work on. Moreover, the three major powers couldn’t just leave them be. Therefore, even if these small forces were happy with their current state, they still couldn’t get whatever they wanted.

As things went on, the date for the Six Realm Beginner Competition was finally set. And because of this, the Machine Field’s qualifiers needed to change. What differs the Machine Field from the other realms this time was the existence of seeded players. All of these seeded players were geniuses with a level no lower than level 4.

There were a total of 20 seeded players, ten of them were from the ten great experts. Nobody objected to this decision. As for the next ten, the committee as well as the top ten experts nominated participants. And ranked on the 11th spot was Zhao Hai!

The first person to nominate Zhao Hai to be a seeded player was Xiong Li, and the second was Sun Fei. Although it can be said that Sun Fei’s reputation had taken a huge dive recently, he was still quite a famous individual in the Machine Field. Additionally, he was a strong competitor. Therefore, there were a lot of people who favored his nomination. His proposal for Zhao Hai to be a seeded participant was a huge surprise to everyone. Everyone knew that he had been enemies with Zhao Hai. Moreover, they heard that he and Zhao Hai had clashed back in Yellowsand Planet. Although the two hadn’t fought, their meeting was still bad. Sun Fei nominating Zhao Hai was quite unexpected.

Of course, Xiong Li’s nomination for Zhao Hai also gave people some surprise. But after some time, people found out that Xiong Li and Zhao Hai were friends. Xiong Li’s nomination for Zhao Hai wasn’t strange, he just wanted to help a friend.

In the beginning, only a few people heard about this information. However, as time passed, people found out about it. This caused a huge pressure for the qualifier committee. After all, the committee hasn’t handled the qualifiers that well. Although the members of the committee had long since been changed, the trust to the organization remained negative.

But at this time, Xiong Li defended his stance. He stated that his friendship with Zhao Hai in Yellowsand Planet had nothing to do with his nomination. Moreover, Xiong li openly admitted that even he might not be able to win against Zhao Hai.

Xiong Li’s admittance caused the Machine Field to pause. There were very few people who saw Zhao Hai make a move. Zhao Hai’s ascend and his rise to power was something that surprised many people. And now, Xiong Li admitted that he wasn’t sure of winning against Zhao Hai. This caused more interest towards Zhao Hai.

But when these people tried to look into Zhao Hai, they discovered that Zhao Hai acted very low-key. He had already ascended for quite a few months already, but he spent most of his time closing up. There were very few people who saw him coming out, so there were so few records of his appearance. This caused even more interest to gather towards him.

Very soon, Zhao Hai’s place as the 11th seated candidate was settled. Xiong Li and Sun Fei’s recommendation as well as the committee’s investigation determined that Zhao Hai was qualified to be seeded.

Naturally, Zhao Hai’s wasn’t clueless about these matters. He stayed inside the Space all this time as he watched the changes happening in the Machine Field. At the same time, he was settling matters inside the Space.

Karen’s laboratory has been churning out significant results. Since they learned magic theory, their study towards magic formations went on the right track. It can be said that their experiments weren’t as simple as before. At this point, those kinds of research no longer interested them. What they liked to do now was to research new magic formations.

Zhao Hai didn’t say anything regarding Karen’s current actions. He decided to just let them be and perhaps they might bring him a pleasant surprise.

The other races in the Space were also doing very well. Even if they didn’t have much changes, this didn’t mean that they were slow in their development. After all, they hadn’t been inside the Space for long. Undergoing a huge change in a short time was almost impossible.

On the other hand, Margaret became even busier than Zhao Hai. In the past, Margaret just had a general understanding of the Space. But as she knew more and more about it, she became awed by the mystery of its existence. Margaret now preferred to stay inside the Space instead of going outside.

As for Zhao Hai’s closed door cultivation, the Ashley Family did their best so that nobody would disturb him. No matter what happens outside, the Ashley Family guaranteed that Zhao Hai was not to be disturbed. To be honest, Zhao Hai appreciated their efforts.

The Ashley Family did this also because Zhao Hai was their hope to gain benefits. Therefore, no matter what Zhao Hai wants to do, the Ashley Family would give him their full support.

Moreover, the Ashley Family truly hoped that Zhao Hai would close up all this time, This was because the current Machine Field was too chaotic. It wouldn’t be good for Zhao Hai to participate in it.

After the seeded participants were selected, the date for the competition was decided, and the groupings were prepared, the only thing that everyone needed to do was wait for the next round to start!


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