BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1175


Chapter 1175 – The Perverse Yin Yang Sect

 When the elimination round started, Zhao Hai thought that it was very unfair. There were only a few who spoke up about this at that time, so Zhao Hai’s concern was not very effective.

But now, the situation was different. In order to gain benefits for their family, small powers cultivated talents using their resources. But in the elimination round, almost all of them lost every talent they invested time and resources in. Because of this, these small powers were very unsatisfied with the result. They thought that this was the huge powers trying to suppress their growth.

It wasn’t only these small powers were unsatisfied, medium powers didn’t like the results as well. In fact, the Ashley Family was one of them.

Although they had Zhao Hai, the Ashley Family still couldn’t accept the results. They lost 7 people in the elimination round. And if it weren’t for Zhao Hai, then they might have lost even more. Because of this, every one of these groups lodged complaints towards the qualifier committee. They wanted to form an investigation team to see who proposed the survival elimination round. They wanted to know why it was proposed and for what purpose it was approved.

This matter escalated to the point where the three major powers could no longer control it. Although it can be said that the Machine Field was mostly controlled by the three major powers, one shouldn’t forget that these powers were formed by a collective of groups. And these collective comprised of large and small powers. Majority of which were the medium and small-scale powers. Normally, these medium and small powers operated independently. Some of them even had grudges against one another. Because of this, the three major powers were able to trump against these powers.

But this time, these small powers were all agitated. They managed to form an alliance to pressure the three major powers.

With this situation in hand, the three major powers couldn’t do anything else other than to relent to their request. The small and medium powers formed an investigation team to look into this matter. The Ashley Family also joined this investigation team.

Naturally, Zhao Hai didn’t have anything to do with this matter. After all, he was closing up. Zhao Hai practiced his stellar body tempering technique and would also absorb some astral qi from time to time.

Not only was Zhao Hai absorbing astral qi for himself, Liquid Silver was also improving itself. Zhao Hai didn’t have to worry about controlling Liquid Silver since the Space can already handle it. After all, Liquid Silver was something that was made by the Space.

While Zhao Hai was practicing, another huge matter exploded in the Machine Field. Up until now, the investigation team formed by the small and medium powers had little progress. But suddenly, a person emerged, he was the person who proposed the elimination round.

The investigation team initially wanted to find him, but this person disappeared. Even after looking for a long time, he was still nowhere to be found. This time, he appeared on his own initiative. The reason for his emergence was to ask for protection from the investigation team.

Right, he wanted protection because he was being chased down. According to him, some people wanted to get rid of him since he was a potential witness. His proposal for the elimination round was under the command of some people. He said that these people were from the Divine Earth Palace and the Fire Temple. Besides these two churches, there were also several famous Warrior Clans. It can be said that these groups were large influences in the Machine Field.

The information he brought to light caused huge ripples throughout the Machine Field. They didn’t expect an evil manipulator behind the scenes.

The small and medium powers immediately formed an alliance. And then they collectively went against these several huge powers.

The exposure of this matter severely damaged the reputation of these huge powers. After all, the small influences respected these huge powers. Although it was mainly because of their strength, they were also looked up to because they could offer protection. They could represent the small powers and fight for benefits on their behalf.

But this exposure caused the small powers to see these huge powers in a new light. In a word, these huge powers were playing dirty!

Correct, now, in the eyes of these small powers, the great powers were actually playing dirty! These small powers clearly knew that they couldn’t take the lion’s share of benefits away from these huge powers. It was already certain that these huge powers would get most of the benefits. But these small powers were also aware that they couldn’t get everything or else they would have problems digesting it. Therefore, they allowed these huge powers to get the most things. But these huge powers actually withheld everything from them. This was unacceptable for the small powers. 

The huge influences didn’t expect that the strength of the alliance would actually be so tremendous. All of a sudden, the huge forces found out that their products could no longer be sold, causing their factories to stop production. Their incomes dropped sharply. At the same time, their fleets and Mechs no longer had freedom they once enjoyed. This was because they discovered that their enemy was a hundred times stronger than themselves!

Whether it is quality or quantity of mechs and battleships, the alliance of small forces far surpassed those of the big powers. Before long, the Machine Field’s ecosystem changed.

Nobody thought this matter to evolve into the big thing it was now. There were many significant events in history that was caused by the littlest of things. And it was clear that this was one of those events.

Because of the event that happened in the Machine Field, the Six Realm Beginner Competition had to be postponed. In the beginning, it was postponed for ten days, then it became a month, and then it was postponed even more. At this point, there was no definite match date for the competition. It can be seen from these points that the three major powers had completely lost control of the Machine Field.

The smell of gunpowder in the Machine Field got stronger and stronger. It seems like even the smallest of sparks would ignite the entire realm. It wasn’t only the huge influences that sensed this, the small and medium powers could also feel it. If any one of them makes a move, then the others would make sure to not elevate the situation.

And because everyone had the same thought about this, the Machine Field was able to keep its peace. However, the huge influences decided to make a concession. They began sending representatives to the small and medium powers in order to perform a joint investigation. 

With more people working on this matter, a result was found before long. Upon seeing this result, every single power in the Machine Field, including the three major powers, were shocked. What they found out that this event wasn’t accidental. Behind this event was an evil power in the Cultivation Realm.

The core of this matter included famous families in the Fire Temple, among them was the Zhang Family that was hostile towards Zhao Hai. The same was true for the Divine Earth Palace as well as the Warrior Families. As it turns out, these people were controlled by a fairly known sect in the Cultivation Realm, the Yin Yang Sect!

The Yin Yang Sect was quite famous in the Cultivation Realm. This wasn’t because they were well-respected by the Cultivators. Instead, it was because they belong to the evil faction. At the same time, they also have some forces in the Devil Realm. What they liked to do was to sabotage other forces. Their cultivation method was very strange, they practiced the Dao of Ruthlessness!

Ruthlessness was the core of the Dao of Ruthlessness, there was nothing else that needed to be said about it. The ruthlessness of this dao wasn’t the same as ordinary ruthlessness. The people in the Yin Yang Sect believed that if one wanted to be ruthless, then they must feel emotions first, and then they would use this emotion to cultivate their ruthlessness.

There were quite a number of people in the Cultivation Realm that cultivated the Dao of Ruthlessness, most of them were from the evil faction. In order to cultivate this dao, they would select a child with a good aptitude and then accept them to their sect. When these children had grown up, a person from the sect would take them back to their families and then kill them in front of their eyes. This would break the child’s emotions.

Seeing their family being killed, these children would have their emotions riled up. This was the optimum condition to cultivate the Dao of Ruthlessness.

But even among the ones who cultivated the Dao of Ruthlessness, the Yin Yang Sect was a special case. Although they practiced the same dao, the way they cultivate it was different from the other sects.

When they select their disciples, the Yin Yang Sect did the same thing as the other sects. They would find children with good aptitude and then train them. However, what happened next was different. Other sects would take the children back to their homes and then kill the child’s parents in front of the child. On the other hand, the Yin Yang Sect would have the child kill their family personally!

If these children couldn’t do it, then the sect would take action. However, they wouldn’t kill the child. Instead, they would torture the family members up until the point where death was their only release. Then they would have the child kill their family members.

Because of this conduct, the disciples of the Yin Yang Sect grew abnormally, allowing them to be the best candidates for the Dao of Ruthlessness. It was because of this that the people from the Yin Yang sect enjoyed upturning other groups and sects. And this time, the Yin Yang Sect had their eyes on the Machine Field.

After investigating the suspected groups, the investigation team found out that there were saboteurs from the Yin Yang sect among them. Moreover, these saboteurs were in important positions in these families. For the Zhang Family, it was the most beloved wife of the Zhang Family’s Patriarch. This meant that Zhang Mingyue was the son of the Zhang Family and the Yin Yang Sect!

The Machine Field was in an uproar immediately after finding out of this situation. Although these people from the Yin Yang Sect were strong, it was still difficult for them to escape upon being besieged by mechs and battleships. At the same time, all those who had any relations to these saboteurs were executed. And the families that were involved in the matter were being heavily punished!


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