BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1171


Chapter 1171 – Invincible Enemy

A day passed by in a blink of an eye. Zhao Hai’s group now had four people in it. Such group couldn’t be looked down on. Because of this, nobody dared to annoy them. Moreover, there were no beasts around, allowing Zhao Hai and the others to spend the time in peace.

This peace went on even during the night. As if knowing that this place was forbidden, no beasts dared to walk into the area. Zhao Hai and the others had a good rest that night. On the morning of the next day, the group ate their breakfast while waiting for the time to run out.

After eating their breakfast, Zhao Hai and the others didn’t immediately leave. Instead they sat down and drank fruit juice until noon. When time was up, Zhao Hai sighed and then turned to Xiong Li and said, “Brother Xiong Li, it’s time. We should head back. It’s my luck to meet you here. Unfortunately, after we leave, we would become opponents once again.” 

Xiong Li laughed and said, “Brother Zhao Hai, it’s true that we would fight once we leave this place. But as long as we qualify for the Six Realm Beginner Competition, we would be considered allies. My Wu Family and your Ashley Family doesn’t have any enmity. We’ll be able to walk together in the future.” 

When he heard Xiong Li, Zhao Hai laughed and said, “Right, just like you said. Once we go to the Six Realm Beginner Competition, then we’ll be friends.”

Tao Li and the other person looked at Zhao Hai and Xiong Li with envy. They were being tactful and didn’t speak. They were clearly aware that they couldn’t interrupt Zhao Hai and Xiong Li’s conversation. After all, they didn’t have any qualifications to discuss friendship with the two.

Who were Zhao Hai and Xiong Li? One was a gifted talent while the other was a famous existence in the Machine Field. Although Xiong Li had ascended quite some time ago, he was still someone that was above their current position.

After he heard Zhao Hai, Xiong Li nodded and said, “Then it’s time to leave.” Zhao Hai nodded and then stored the tables and chairs before leading everyone out of Yellowsand Planet.

It was more difficult to leave a planet than entering it. But fortunately, the participants were strong enough to easily fly out of the planet’s atmosphere.

They also discovered people going out of the atmosphere from time to time. Zhao Hai greeted a few of these people before flying towards his assigned ship.

Zhao Hai entered the ship through the decompression chamber. Upon entering, Zhao Hai felt the pressure slowly become normal. Then he exited the decompression chamber and went towards the main room.

Upon entering the main room, a Mage met him and said, “Leave your transmitter here. Then you can go.”

Zhao Hai nodded. Then he took his transmitter out and gave it to the Mage. Upon receiving Zhao Hai’s transmitter, the Mage nodded and said, “Your transmitter is in perfect condition. You pass this round. You can go take a rest or explore the ship.” Zhao Hai nodded before he left.

When Zhao Hai returned to the room he stayed in before, he discovered that his three other roommates had yet to come back. Since it might take them some time to return, he entered the Space to take a bath. Then after he freshened up, he went out and then ate some lunch in the ship’s dining room. After eating, he returned to his room to take a rest.

When evening came, a person entered the room. This person’s body was very wounded. He was quite dirty as well, it was clear that he didn’t have a good time.

When the person saw Zhao Hai, he gave a slight nod before entering the bathroom to wash himself. The man didn’t eat and immediately went to sleep. It was clear that he hasn’t slept in the past three days.

The night passed by, Zhao Hai’s two other roommates still haven’t returned. Zhao Hai knew that those two wouldn’t return. Although Zhao Hai didn’t have any relationship with them, he still couldn’t help but grieve for their loss.

Another day passed and the two still haven’t come back. Moreover, the fleet had made the decision to wait one more day. If nobody else came back, then they would no longer wait.

Even if he didn’t know whether Zhao Hai had suffered a life and death situation, Zhao Hai’s roommate still began to chat with him. Although he didn’t say much, Zhao Hai’s room was no longer as boring as before.


It’s been three days since Zhao Hai returned to the ship. This was also the last day for the participants to return. If the participants couldn’t return, then they would lose their opportunity to join the next round.

While Zhao Hai was chatting with his roommate, the ship’s alarm suddenly began blaring up.

Zhao Hai and his roommate stared, then their expressions changed. They knew that this was the ship’s warning alarm for an enemy approach. The ship immediately took action, crew and staff scampered towards their own posts.

However, this was a Machine Field Planet fleet, who would dare attack a Machine Field Planet fleet? Space pirates? While he thought of this, Zhao Hai heard an announcement, “All participants pay attention, all participants pay attention. We ask everyone to stay in their rooms and don’t leave without instruction. I repeat, don’t leave without instruction. Thanks for cooperating.” Then no other announcement was heard.

At this time, Zhao Hai learned from Laura and the others that the fleet wasn’t being attacked. Instead, they were being alert because they came upon a certain group. And this group was no other than people from the Cultivation Realm.

When he heard that it was a group from the Cultivation Realm, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but get curious. He wishes to enter the Space to take a look. But since his roommate was still with him, he couldn’t just disappear.

But on the other side, Laura and the others were very excited to see people from the Cultivation Realm. They told Zhao Hai that the group seems to be from a big power in the Cultivation Realm and were performing a smelting trial in Yellowsand Planet. The group were riding on a huge ship. But compared to the Machine Field’s spaceships, the Cultivation Realm’s ship looked like a huge ancient boat. Moreover, this ship wasn’t big. Comparing the size of the two ships was like comparing a watermelon to a soybean.

However, this tiny ship actually caused the Machine Field’s fleet to be anxious. They sounded out warnings to everyone. On the other hand, the boat didn’t seem to care about the huge ships. They swaggered through the fleet and then entered Yellowsand Planet.

When the ship finally entered Yellowsand Planet, the warnings from the fleet died down. Then the fleet immediately took off and left the area.

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but let out a long breath. He can see from this point how overbearing those from the Cultivation Realm were. They didn’t even spare a glance towards the Machine Field’s fleet.

Hearing Zhao Hai sigh, the roommate thought that he was relieved that everything went back to normal. Therefore, he didn’t feel anything strange about it. He looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Zhao Hai, who do you think attacked the fleet? Nobody in the Machine Field would dare come and attack the Machine Field Planet’s fleet. I reckon they’re space pirates.”

Although he knew that the alarms were due to the Cultivators, Zhao Hai couldn’t just say it. So he shook his head and said, “I don’t think that it’s the space pirates. Otherwise they wouldn’t be able to stay in the Machine Field anymore. This is Yellowsand Planet. Although it is part of the Machine Field’s territory, there are people from other realms that come here. It’s possible that it’s those people from the other realms. Otherwise the fleet wouldn’t be so nervous.” 

As soon as he heard Zhao Hai, the roommate thought that what he said was reasonable, so he nodded and said, “That’s true. After all, our Machine Field is the weakest among the six realms. It’s no wonder why the fleet got nervous.”

Zhao Hai nodded and didn’t speak about the topic anymore. However, the roommate opened his mouth and said, “I ran into those people just a few days after I ascended. Whenever they see someone from the Machine Field, they would always point their noses up high. At that time, I really wished that I could punch them in the face.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Did you manage to fight them?” The roommate shook his head and said, “I didn’t. However, I’ve seen a sword cultivator from the Cultivation Realm fight. With just his own strength, he was able to fend of an entire pirate fleet of 30 ships. Every time he waved his sword down, a ship would be cut in half. It was too scary!” After he said this, the roommate couldn’t help but recall the horror of that time.

Upon hearing this, Zhao Hai knit his brows and asked, “The  people from the Cultivation Realm are that strong? And how come they’re in the Machine Field’s territory?”

The roommate shook his head and said, “From what I heard, they were here because some pirates snatched something from their sect. That sect issued a mission and that person was the one who took it. He interrogated the pirates and found out that they didn’t intend to get that item. They only thought that they were attacking a small merchant fleet. They didn’t know that there was a special relic inside. It seems like that relic was an important item between the Machine Field and that sect. Therefore, they sent someone to find it.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he let out a long breath and said, “If I have the opportunity, then I’ll try going to the Cultivation Realm to take a look. I reckon they have much more splendid things compared to the Machine Field.”

The roommate smiled and said, “There have been a lot of people with the same idea. However, there were plenty of them who weren’t able to return. Nobody knows whether they died or became a member of a sect. As for those who managed to come back, they actually kept silent about their journey to the Cultivation Realm. It seems like something happened to them that they can’t say.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “No matter what, we’re people from the World of Cultivation. Sooner or later we would have the urge to travel to other realms. At the very least, I would like to understand the other realms more. If I’m able to explore the Cultivation Realm, I would want to find out how strong they really are.”

As soon as he heard Zhao Hai, the roommate couldn’t help but smile bitterly. However, he didn’t try to stop Zhao Hai.


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