BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1170


Chapter 1170 –  Sun Fei

Xiong Li processed his thoughts and decided to not provoke Zhao Hai. But Zhao Hai didn’t know about this. He just sat there and took sips from his fruit drink. He also talked to Xiong Li from time to time.

When Xiong Li discovered that Zhao Hai didn’t have any evil intentions, he also began to relax. The two continued to lie down on their recliners and chatted.

The two got more comfortable with each other as they talked. Although Xiong Li was wild and was sometimes scheming, he wasn’t that bad. He also didn’t have a tendency to look for fights, which goes very well with Zhao Hai’s character. The two unexpectedly connected.

During the time the two chatted, spiritual force kept sweeping their bodies. However, it didn’t take long before they shifted their attention elsewhere. They actually discovered Xiong Li and Zhao Hai. Nobody dared to make any noise and just immediately went another direction. These two weren’t known for being merciful. And seeing them being merry, nobody dared to disturb them.

Time passed quickly and evening came. Zhao Hai took out some food from the Space and shared it with Xiong Li alongside a cup of wine.

The two drank until midnight and then they fell asleep on their chairs. Spiritual forces kept sweeping them even while they were drinking. Naturally, these people decided to avoid provoking the two.

But not long after the two had fallen asleep, a roar was heard. It didn’t take long before Zhao Hai could see something coming from the direction of the roar.

It was a group of apes, but their heads were actually from a wolf. They looked tall and majestic.

When he saw these beasts, Zhao Hai immediately identified them. These were among the famous beasts in Yellowsand Planet, known as coyote apes.

Coyote Apes were beasts that belong to the earth element. They were super strong and their defense wasn’t something to scoff at. Although they couldn’t fly, the sand carried by the astral winds could actually become their weapon. They were quite formidable beasts in Yellowsand Planet.

After seeing these coyote apes, Zhao Hai turned to Xiong Li and said, “It looks like a pack of coyote apes. Hmm, they seem to be chasing someone.” Zhao Hai could now see a man running for his life. He didn’t fly and just ran. However, his speed seems to slow down, it was clear that he was running out of energy.

Looking at the person’s face, Zhao Hai discovered that he actually knew him. This person was none other than one of the Ashley Family’s participants. 

Zhao Hai knit his brows gently, he was thinking that he needs to offer his help. After all, this person was from the Ashley Family. He couldn’t just look at him die without helping.

With this thought in mind, Zhao Hai turned to Xiong Li and said, “Brother Xiong Li, the man being chased by the coyote apes is from my Ashley Family. I couldn’t just sit here and not help. Wait for me here, I’ll return soon.” Then Zhao Hai moved as his figure disappeared.

When Xiong Li heard Zhao Hai, he couldn’t help but stare. His spiritual force could only cover the distance of about 3li(1.5km). Naturally, Zhao Hai would have stronger spiritual force, he was a Mage after all.

However, Xiong Li was aware that his spiritual force wasn’t that inferior compared to Mages with the same level as him. In other words, the most a level 4 Mage could see was about 5li(2.5km) away. But it seems like Zhao Hai had much stronger spiritual force than this.

It was through this small matter that Xiong Li was once again reminded that Zhao Hai was worthy to be called the most talented beginner. Most Mages simply couldn’t compare to him.

But Xiong Li didn’t dwell too much on this thought. He let out a long breath and then muttered, “It looks like the realm qualifiers has become even more complicated.”

Actually, before Xiong Li met Zhao Hai, he was very confident about his own strength. But after meeting Zhao Hai, Xiong Li’s confidence began to waver. This was because Zhao Hai’s strength seem to be on a different level. Xiong Li wasn’t able to see how deep Zhao Hai’s skill really was.

Zhao Hai didn’t care much about these things. After seeing that Xiong Li didn’t follow, he felt relaxed. Then he reappeared right beside the man and identified him to be one from the Upright Symbol Camp.

When the man saw Zhao Hai, his expression couldn’t help but light up as he said, “Zhao Hai, help me!”

Zhao Hai nodded, “You go first. I’ll deal with these coyote apes.” The man nodded before he quickly ran.

Zhao Hai stood in place and then immediately released five spells. Upon seeing Zhao Hai’s attack, the coyote apes roared.

Unfortunately for the coyote apes, even if they were defensively strong, they couldn’t be regarded as advanced level beasts in Yellowsand Planet. They simply don’t have the body to contend against Zhao Hai. It only took a few rounds before all of them were sent to the Space by Zhao Hai.

Once these coyote apes were sent to the Space, Zhao Hai relaxed. He already knew that the casualties of this elimination round wouldn’t be small. There were no weak beasts in Yellowsand Planet. And there was the astral winds as well.

However, Zhao Hai could also see that the committee had already thought through this point. This place was the domain of the sandworms, so there were no very powerful beasts here. So even if some participants were be killed or would withdraw in three days, the participants still wouldn’t be wiped out.

Although Zhao Hai didn’t like this procedure, he didn’t say anything. After all, he didn’t have the qualifications to express his thoughts. And this was in addition to the fact that Zhao Hai just ascended months ago. He didn’t even have the rights to speak in the Ashley Family. Therefore, he could only endure for now.

Zhao Hai sighed then he headed back. Halfway back to his spot, Zhao Hai saw the man from the Upright Symbol Camp. It was clear that the man was tired seeing how slow he was progressing. After he saw Zhao Hai, the man hastily said, “Upright Symbol Camp’s Tao Li has met Mister Zhao Hai. Thank you for saving my life.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Alright, we’re both from the Ashley Family. There’s no need to be polite. Let’s go.” Then he took the man and flew forward. Before long, the two arrived at Zhao Hai’s spot. Xiong Li was still there, pouring some liquor on his cup and continued drinking.

When Tao Li noticed Xiong Li, he couldn’t help but get startled. Cadjo’s introduction for Xiong Li was quite detailed, so he clearly knew about this person. It wasn’t difficult to think that people would be surprised after seeing Xiong Li.

Seeing Tao Li’s expression, Zhao Hai immediately knew what he was thinking. But he didn’t care as he just smiled and said, “Brother Xiong Li, this is our Ashley Family’s Tao Li. Brother Tao Li, this is Brother Xiong Li. Come take a seat and eat something.”

Although Tao Li doesn’t understand what was going on, he still gave Xiong Li a salute before sitting on the chair that Zhao Hai took out for him. Actually, he was awfully hungry. He had been pursued by the coyote apes the entire evening. If his meeting with Zhao Hai happened much later, then he might have already turned into ape excrement.

Zhao Hai sat dawn as he looked at Xiong Li and said, “Two days have passed and we’ll leave this place tomorrow. Hai, to be honest, I really didn’t want to participate in this round. It just seems unfair. Unfortunately, I need to participate for the family. Once we leave tomorrow, Brother Xiong Li and I would be enemies once more. Hehe, it should be interesting.”

When Xiong Li heard Zhao Hai, he also smiled and said, “We really can’t do much. As an Ascender, if we want to live a good life in the Machine Field, then we could only rely on ourselves. Right, and if we meet at the arena, let’s make sure to have a good fight.”

Zhao Hai laughed and said, “Right, a good fight. Let’s drink!” Then he took his glass and downed the liquor. Although it was still wine, it felt like it tasted a bit bitter.

Of course, there was no reason for Tao Li to leave. The three drank liquor before going back to rest. This time, nobody disturbed them. The three slept until noon before they got up.

After the three ate, they continued to chat. Tao Li began to admire Zhao Hai. Everyone who came to Yellowsand Planet were all wary and cautious. On the other hand, Zhao Hai had a recliner out and drank fruit juice. 

As the three chatted, Zhao Hai suddenly discovered two people entering his ten li(5km) range. After sweeping them with his spiritual force, he couldn’t help but wrinkle his brows. He knew these two, one was a person from the Ghost Symbol Camp while the other was Fire Saint Sun Fei.

Zhao Hai was already prepared to deal with Sun Fei. However, he didn’t expect to see him chasing someone from the Ashley Family. It seems like Sun Fei had been incited by the Zhang family to assault the Ashley Family.

Zhao Hai turned his head to Xiong Li and Tao Li and said, “I just discovered two people, one of them is from the Ghost Symbol Camp. However, he’s been chased down by Fire Saint Sun Fei. I’ll head over to save him. You two wait here.” Then his body moved as he flew east.

When Tao Li heard Zhao Hai, his expression changed, but he just sighed and didn’t say anything. Xiong Li looked at Tao Li and said, “You won’t help?”

Tao Li forced a smile and said, “Help? I’ll just be a deadweight if i go. I would just divert Zhao Hai’s attention if I went with him.” Xiong Li smiled faintly and said, “So the Ashley Family and Zhang Family is actually at war? Otherwise Sun Fei wouldn’t just chase your people.”

Tao Li coldly snorted and said, “Let’s see how long the Zhang Family can get arrogant. Sun Fei is really unlucky to meet Zhao Hai today. He’d be lucky if Zhao Hai didn’t peel off his skin.”

When Xiong Li saw how confident Tao Li was in Zhao Hai, he couldn’t help but curiously ask, “You’re very confident in Zhao Hai, is he that strong?”

Tao Li smiled faintly and said, “Of course I’m confident. His reputation has already spread throughout the Ashley Family’s external hall. He’s stronger compared to most established level 4 experts. The family is very confident in him.”

Xiong Li nodded. He also knew that Tao Li wouldn’t say anything else, so he didn’t ask for more information. But at the same time, his mood got heavier. He thought that he would really win in the competition. But now, his confidence wasn’t as big.

While the two were talking, Zhao Hai appeared in front of Sun Fei and the person from the Ghost Symbol Camp and then shouted, “Stop!” Then he sent a spell to block Sun Fei’s magic.

When the person from the Ghost Symbol Camp saw Zhao Hai, his expression lit up, then he said, “Zhao Hai, you’re here, great. This guy has already killed three people from the Ashley Family. He’s chasing me now. He also said that he will kill everyone from the Ashley Family.”

Zhao Hai turned to Sun Fei and then smiled faintly, “Does Mister Sun Fei really want to kill us all?”

When Sun Fei saw Zhao Hai, his expression tightened up. As someone from the Zhang Family, it was impossible for Sun Fei to not know about Zhao Hai. The Zhang Family had already listed Zhao Hai as the most dangerous person from the Ashley Family. He didn’t expect to meet Zhao Hai here. After he heard Zhao Hai, Sun Fei quickly answered, “That’s right, as long as I see anyone from the Ashley Family, I’ll immediately kill them.”

Instead of being angry at Sun Fei’s response, Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “When did the Ashley Family have enmity with the Zhang Family? Why does Mister Sun Fei need to be this violent?”

Sun Fei coldly snorted and said, “Offending the Zhang Family will incur generations of enmity. Zhao Hai, there’s no need to waste your breath. It’s your fault for running into me today. Go die!” Then he began to make a move.

However, Zhao Hai waved his hand and said, “Mister Sun, please wait. Even if this is the elimination round, it wouldn’t be good for the two of us to fight. I’m not afraid of fighting you, but Xiong Li is close by. If we injure each other, then we’ll just be giving ourselves to him. How about we resume our fight in the arena.”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Sun Fei couldn’t help but stare. Then he used his spiritual force to find Xiong Li who wasn’t far away. His expression changed, then he looked at Zhao Hai and said, “You’re quite lucky. I’ll see you at the arena.” Then he turned around and left.

Sun Fei wasn’t a fool. Upon seeing Xiong Li drinking juice with someone from the Ashley Family, he knew that he couldn’t fight Zhao Hai. If he did, and was grabbed by Xiong Li, then the Zhang Family wouldn’t let him off.

On the other hand, the reason why Zhao Hai didn’t fight against Sun Fei was precisely Xiong Li. Although he was happily spending his time with Xiong Li, Zhao Hai was still aware that Xiong Li was someone from another family who was also fighting to change his position. Sun Fei wasn’t someone who could be easily dealt with. With Xiong Li nearby, Zhao Hai couldn’t easily deal with Sun Fei with all of his strength. Because of this, Zhao Hai decided to endure, surprising both Xiong Li and Sun Fei.

Before joining the Six Realm Beginner Competition, Zhao Hai wouldn’t show his full strength. He needs to keep his cards hidden for as long as possible.


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