BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1169


Chapter 1169 – Meteor Zhu Chen

It was Violent Bear Xiong Li!

Only Violent Bear Xiong Li would have such imposing aura. Although Zhao Hai hadn’t met him before, he had seen Xiong Li’s battles. Zhao Hai’s memory of Xiong Li’s aura was still quite fresh.

Violent Bear Xiong Li, he had the same name as his title. Once a fight begins, he would turn into a violent beast, tearing and shredding the enemy in front of him.

Xiong Li’s weapons were two sledgehammers. Moreover, these sledgehammers were connected by iron chains.  He doesn’t store these sledgehammers inside his spatial equipment and just hung them on his waist.

Zhao Hai considered this person as the most threatening participant. Xiong Li’s offensive power was absolutely strong. Zhao Hai even believed that Streep might not be able to deal with him.

Most Mages have their own bodies as their most vulnerable aspect. If two experts battled with each other, then this physical deficiency might be significant for the result.

Xiong Li’s aura continued to rush over and soon entered the range of Zhao Hai’s spiritual force. Xiong Li was wearing armor while his sledgehammers were hung around his waist. His facial expression was unexpectedly leisurely and free.

But it was obvious that spiritual force wasn’t Xiong Li’s strong point. Because of this, he had yet to discover Zhao Hai. As the distance between the two decreased, Xiong Li finally stopped when he was about five li away from Zhao Hai. It was at this point that Zhao Hai knew that Xiong Li had discovered him.

Zhao Hai continued sitting there without moving. He wanted to see what Xiong Li would do. After staring for a moment, Xiong Li continued flying forward, his speed was quick this time.

Zhao Hai didn’t mind it as he continued to relax. Before long, Xiong Li was less than 100 meters away from Zhao Hai. Although there was sand and wind between the two, both sides knew that the other was looking at them. After all, once one reaches their level, spiritual force was no longer different than normal vision.

Xiong Li stayed silent as he stubbornly stared at Zhao Hai. After some time, Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Xiong Li, come over. How about we share a cup?” After he said that, Zhao Hai took out another recliner from the Space.

It took Xiong Li some time to process what Zhao Hai said. Then suddenly, he laughed as he flew towards Zhao Hai’s side and sat on the recliner. He looked at Zhao Hai and smiled as he said, “You’re interesting. I didn’t expect to see someone as interesting as you here. Why do you have these things? It looks like you’re prepared to go to the beach.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “When I heard that we’ll have a survival elimination round in Yellowsand Planet, I immediately prepared them. After all, we’re not required to kill other participants in this round. And defeating others also wouldn’t give us any advantages. Therefore, I decided to just spend three days relaxing here.”

Xiong Li stared, then he laughed and said, “Right, right, we’re not required to kill other people. Spending three days relaxing isn’t a bad idea. Hahahaha. But you need to be careful, I heard that brat Zhu Chen has been going around looking for trouble.”

Zhao Hai gawked, “Meteor Zhu Chen? Hmm, that sounds about right. He’s an earth element Mage. Although Yelowsand Planet is filled with astral winds, the sand carry an abundance of earth element. Fighting here would allow him to fight with 120% of his strength. He could use this three days to eliminate some competition. What’s wrong, did he find you?”

Xiong Li snorted and said, “Hmph, if he dared to fight me, then I’ll just drive him away. I heard level 3’s suffering under his hands. He’s quite ruthless, almost everyone he met has died.”

Zhao Hai raised his brows and said, “He’s a bit peculiar. He should hope that we don’t meet. Otherwise, he would have to withdraw from the competition.” 

Xiong Li looked at Zhao Hai. His understanding of Zhu Chen was much deeper than his understanding of Zhao Hai. Although Zhu Chen’s rank was on the bottom end of the top ten experts, this didn’t mean that he was weak. In fact, the ten experts were picked based on their performance during fights. For Zhu Chen, this was because he was very hard to deal with, his defence was just too abnormal.

Zhu Chen seemed to have preference for defense. He has a lot of defensive equipment on his body. And along with his own cultivation, Zhu Chen was the most defensively strong among the top ten.

Naturally, this didn’t mean that since Zhu Chen focused on defense, his offense had suffered. Zhu Chen’s offensive ability was also quite astonishing. However, compared to his defense, his offense fell short. Therefore, people only took note of his defensive abilities.

People who were good at defending generally had a tenacious temperament. Such a person was like a tortoise inside their shell, very difficult to deal with. Because of this, most people would steer clear of these kinds of experts.

Although Xiong Li had a strong temper, he was still aware that if it was any other environment, then he would be able to deal with Zhu Chen. However, they were currently in Yellowsand Planet. Even Xiong Li needed to be careful.

Yellowsand Planet’s environment was special. It had violent astral winds as well as thick earth element energy. In this place, Xiong Li could fight with 80% of his strength. Although Zhu Chen would also be subjected to the same surroundings, his strength would be preserved due to his earth element specialty. So even if Zhu Chen’s increased fighting strength was suppressed, he would still be able to fight with 100% power.

Even if Xiong Li was confident in his ability, a fight between 80% and 100% was something that he wouldn’t go in.

But now there was Zhao Hai who said that he would have Zhu Chen be eliminated in the competition if Zhu Chen decides to attack him. Moreover, Zhao Hai was very confident when he said it. This made Xiong Li look curiously at Zhao Hai.

Although Xiong Li’s character was wild, he actually wasn’t bloodthirsty. This was the reason why he didn’t immediately attack when he saw Zhao Hai.

But at the same time, Xiong Li had some problems regarding Zhao Hai’s strength. Although Zhao Hai had the least information among all participants, his strength could be seen by how he acted.

Xiong Li wasn’t an idiot, he didn’t think that Zhao Hai did something behind the scenes. Xiong Li was well aware that no family would treat the Six Realm Beginner Competition as a joke. This was because the competition was closely tied to their interests. The more achievements the participants get, the more benefits the families would gain. Even the three great powers were tempted by these benefits, much less the Ashley Family.

The Ashley Family attaching great importance to Zhao Hai only meant that Zhao Hai had real skill. Because of this, Xiong Li didn’t underestimate Zhao Hai just because it hasn’t been long since he ascended. So instead of fighting Zhao Hai, Xiong Li decided to join him and drink some refreshing juice.

Now that he knew that Zhao Hai wasn’t weak, Xiong Li was at an impasse. After all, Zhao Hai was still his competitor, so he would like to see Zhao Hai’s strength.

However, Xiong Li didn’t try to spar with Zhao Hai. This was because he might make Zhao Hai misunderstand. They were currently in Yellowsand Planet for the competition. Moreover, he just met Zhao Hai. If he suddenly proposed a fight, then Zhao Hai might see it as aggression. It wouldn’t be good if the two of them were to fight now.

Zhao Hai was strong, while Xiong Li wasn’t weak either. If the two were to fight now, then it was possible for the two of them to heavily wound each other. This wasn’t something that Xiong Li wants to see. If he was injured, then he would find it hard to drive away the other participants. Therefore, he decided to stay on good terms with Zhao Hai and safely survive for three days. Then they would see each other at the arena. Xiong Li was confident that he could reap good achievements the competition.

Xiong Li’s temperament was rough and wild, but he was still clear about his situation. Besides, he was declared as one of the top ten experts of this generation.

At the same time, Xiong Li knew that if he wanted to become a core member of the Wu Family, then he would need to obtain good achievements. So after weighing in on the advantages and disadvantages, Xiong Li didn’t make a move against Zhao Hai.

Xiong Li didn’t react to Zhao Hai’s words as he smiled and said, “How’s your time in Yellowsand Planet so far? Did you meet someone? Did any beast attack you?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “The moment I came down, a yellowsand worm attacked me. That thing is really difficult to deal with. I sent a spell over and it just ate it. But fortunately, the worm retreated after eating my attack. I also met a few spiders last night, but they’ve already been dealt with. There are also two other people, they’re gone now.” 

Although Zhao Hai’s words sounded light, Xiong Li thought about how hard it was to deal with yellowsand worms as well as astral wind spiders. Hearing Zhao Hai say that the yellowsand worm was difficult to deal with, Xiong Li couldn’t help but agree. Those worms were truly difficult to kill. He just didn’t expect Zhao Hai to be this strong. Yellowsand worms and astral wind spiders weren’t easy to deal with. For Zhao Hai to be this relaxed after dealing with them meant that Zhao Hai was quite strong.

As for what Zhao Hai said about the two people, one wouldn’t be able to see whether they were defeated or killed. But by looking at Zhao Hai’s appearance, it seems like the two were more likely to have been killed. Most importantly, Zhao Hai was able to kill two people with ease. Xiong Li could see that Zhao Hai wasn’t a naive kindhearted individual. He surely had killed some amount of people before. Such a person was most dangerous.

Fighting strength doesn’t only mean one’s strength level, it also included one’s battle experience. From what it looks like, Zhao Hai had rich experience in battles. He wasn’t someone that should be provoked.


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