BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1168


Chapter 1168 – Violent Aura

The Space didn’t issue much of a response when the spiders were sent to the Space. It only gave simple responses like they were irradiated and were mutated versions of spiders.

Although the Space didn’t level up, the spiders were still quite strong. But this was in the condition that they maintained their current state.

The Space’s prompt informed Zhao Hai that if these spiders were placed in an ordinary environment, then they would slowly turn into ordinary spiders. Although their strength was still stronger than most spiders their size, they were weaker than the spiders who lived within astral qi.

Strictly speaking, this was devolution. Because the environment that they lived in was good, these animals would no longer need their strong abilities to survive. As generations pass, their strength would naturally decrease.

Zhao Hai doesn’t want this to happen. Although the Hell Space was also an  unfavorable environment, it was still different compared to Yellowsand Planet. If he wanted to preserve the strength of these spiders, then he needs to keep their living conditions.

With this thought in mind, Zhao Hai immediately ordered Cai’er to transform an entire ordinary background into an environment similar to Yellowsand Planet. Then he would make use of it later.

This time, the Space did not’ require Zhao Hai to spend money on the transformation. The Space had already told him that he can transform any environment to be the same as Yellowsand Planet. Because of this, even if he did it several times, Zhao Hai would not need to spend money to transform a background.

Naturally, the Space’s yellowsand environment was different from Yellowsand Planet. Currently, only beasts inhabit Zhao Hai’s yellowsand background. As for plants, he would need to work on it in the future.

Zhao Hai wasn’t worried much about developing this yellowsand background. In any case, Yellowsand Planet has already been mapped by the Space. There were a lot of opportunities to come back here.

Actually, the Space now had the ability to improve genes. Zhao Hai could simply take ordinary plants and then modify them so that they could survive in the yellowsand environment. There was no need to take plants from the Yellowsand Planet.

After instructing Cai’er what to do, Zhao Hai returned to his relaxed state. He lied down on the recliner and then folded his umbrella. Since it was already dark, Zhao Hai can only sleep.

But just as Zhao Hai laid down, Cai’er suddenly said, “Young Master, there’s an assassin. They hid very well. They’re currently 5li(2.5 km) away from you. Judging by their strength, they should be level 3.”

Zhao Hai raised his eyebrow. He didn’t expect this night to be lively. There were spiders earlier and now assassins came.

Although he heard Cai’er’s warning, Zhao Hai didn’t do anything. He believed that the assassin had already discovered him, he wanted to see what it would do.

Before long, the assassin was already about two li(.5 km) away from Zhao Hai. He stopped and then carefully sized Zhao Hai up. Zhao Hai looked as though he was asleep. He was lying down on his chair, unmoving.

The assassin couldn’t make up his mind. There were still winds in Yellowsand Planet, yet this person was sleeping peacefully. This was the first time that he’d seen this.

It must be said that Zhao Hai wasn’t the first person that the assassin met in Yellowsand Planet. He had run into other participants before, but all of them were in a critical situation. Their bodies would be covered in protective formations or shields made from battle qi. The others would also have defensive equipment protecting them. Everyone was very cautious, they were guarding against other participants as well as the planet’s beasts. Nobody even dared to think about taking a nap. And now there was Zhao Hai, the sole person who was unafraid in Yellowsand Planet.

It was because of this that the assassin was unable to make a decision. If Zhao Hai was the same as the other participants, then he would have already made a move. However, Zhao Hai wasn’t the same. This made the assassin stuck on what to do.

The assassin stopped two li away from Zhao Hai for one hour. In this hour, Zhao Hai was still lying down on his recliner, looking like he was sleeping soundly. He would even turn once in a while. He looks like he was really asleep.

It can be said that when it comes to the skill of pretending to sleep, if Zhai Hai claimed that he was second, then nobody would dare claim first. This was a skill he perfected back on Earth. He could pretend to sleep for several hours at a time. People wouldn’t be able to see any flaws in his acting.

Zhao Hai would pretend to sleep back on Earth just to curb his boredom. But here, it seems like it was actually useful.

As the assassin was observed Zhao Hai, he was beginning to be convinced that Zhao Hai was really asleep. Then his heart began to stir. He was the same as Wan Xiang, thinking that Zhao Hai’s comfort amidst the astral qi winds was certainly due to some treasure. The thought of this treasure moved the assassin.

Since it was the season for astral winds in Yellowsand Planet, the participants needed to stay in these winds for three whole days. These three days would no doubt be very uncomfortable. Level 4 experts might have a better time, but for level 3 experts, even if they were in a fight, they would still need to allocate some energy inside them to support any protective shield. Even if they drank recovery potions, their strength would still be heavily affected.

And now there was Zhao Hai, who was comfortable despite the harsh winds surrounding him. He didn’t even bother erecting a protective shield. This would allow him to be in his peak condition all the time. 

Humans die of greed while birds die in pursuit of food. Since ancient times, people had died because of their greed. This assassin was the same. After he convinced himself that Zhao Hai was truly asleep, he made a move and then took out his dagger before slowly creeping towards Zhao Hai.

Perhaps this was a habit of assassins. When assassins went for the kill, they needed to make sure that they did it in one shot. Therefore, they would usually get closer to their enemies. This habit didn’t change in the Machine Field. The assassin reeled his aura in as he got closer to Zhao Hai.

However, the assassin also knew that he couldn’t fight like he did back in the lower realms. He knew that it was impossible to get really close to Zhao Hai in order to assassinate him. Therefore, he stopped about one li away before he waved his dagger, sending a jet black sword qi flying towards Zhao Hai’s sleeping figure. If it reaches the target, there was no doubt that Zhao Hai’s heart would be pierced.

But at this moment, a sigh was heard, causing the assassin’s hair to stand upright. He stared at Zhao Hai as he gripped his dagger.

And then something strange occurred. Just as the assassin was feeling happy that the sword qi had a hit Zhao Hai, he was suddenly met with a shock.

As the sword qi hit Zhao Hai’s body,  a ‘dang’ sound was heard. And nothing else happened.

Zhao Hai slowly got up from his chair and then turned his head to look at the assassin’s direction. Then he said, “I gave you an opportunity, but you still attacked me. I didn’t want to finish you off, but since you took action, then allow me to retaliate.

The assassin didn’t say anything and just looked at Zhao Hai. Seeing the Assassin’s response, Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Good, you’re certainly a true assassin. But the most important thing for an assassin is being calm, understanding the opponent’s circumstance in order to judge if then can be killed. If your opponent is strong, then even if your goal is important, you need to accept that it’s impossible. Unfortunately, you failed in this aspect. In any case, this doesn’t matter anymore. Let’s just hope that you learn this in your next life.”

The assassin kept silent, he didn’t relax upon hearing Zhao Hai’s speech. He kept all of his attention on Zhao Hai’s movements. Zhao Hai smiled faintly at the assassin before his figure vanished from the chair.

The assassin’s eyes shrunk. Then he immediately dodged to the side. However, just as he moved, a huge sword appeared on his side. Then the sword hit the assassin’s body.

The assassin discovered the sword too late. He expected that his action would give him enough time to block any attack. The sword stabbed through the assassin’s heart and was immediately killed. The Assassin turned his head for the last time to look at the attacker, but what he saw was actually a dark green skeleton!

“I got killed by a skeleton!” This was the last thought that ran through the assassin’s mind before he died.

Zhao Hai looked at the assassin before throwing its corpse to the Space to be turned into an undead. He had already checked the assassin’s identity. He wasn’t valued that much by his family, so his death wouldn’t be much of a threat to Zhao Hai.

Even if the assassin’s family knew that the killed was Zhao Hai, they still couldn’t do anything. After all, this was a brutal elimination round. Dying was normal. Moreover, the participants were Ascenders from the External Halls.

In the eyes of these families, the people from the External Halls were tools to provide them with benefits. If they died, then they died. They simply weren’t worth going to war on.

After dealing with the assassin, Zhao Hai returned to lie down on his recliner. This time, nothing disturbed him as he slept until dawn.

Zhao Hai woke up and then ate breakfast Meg cooked for him. Then he continued to enjoy the sun. A day had passed, only two days remaining before this round ends.

While drinking his fruit juice, Zhao Hai admired the dancing sands around him. He couldn’t help but sigh deep inside about the beauty of the universe. The universe could actually make something like the Yellowsand Planet. Moreover, there were unique lifeforms living in it.

At this time, Zhao Hai suddenly felt a violent aura coming towards his direction. Although this person had yet to enter the range of Zhao Hai’s spiritual force, this imposing aura allowed Zhao Hai to identify who it was!


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