BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1166


Chapter 1166 – Testing the Body Tempering Technique

Wan Xiang knew that it was impossible for him to match Zhao Hai. He was someone who was tactful of his actions. He would do his best to avoid extreme danger. This was the reason why he immediately ran away when his attack was effortlessly blocked.

However, just as he turned around, he suddenly felt the hair on his back go up. Wan Xiang was an experienced Warrior who had developed his own instincts. He knew that an attack was coming for him. 

Wan Xiang didn’t immediately turn around but he continually waved his sword and sent sword qi flying behind him. Then he took a quick glance back and saw something he didn’t expect.

This time, Wan Xiang couldn’t help but pause. He was almost certain that a magic spell was coming for him. However, what he saw wasn’t a spell, instead it was sword qi. A completely solid sword qi.

Wan Xiang already noticed that the three sword qi that he sent was already destroyed. Despite his surprise, Wan Xiang was still able to use his sword to block the incoming sword qi.

Clang! A sound of clashing swords rang out. And at the same time, Wan Xiang’s figure accelerated forward. This wasn’t due to Wan Xiang increasing his speed, but instead it was because of the collision that just happened.

Wan Xiang felt his vitality take a huge dive. Even if he felt worse, he still used his own blood essence to propel himself further on.

The only thing inside Wan Xiang’s mind was to escape as soon as possible and as far as possible from Zhao Hai. Then he would find a place to hide and survive for three days. He needs to tell the family that Zhao Hai was both a Mage and a Warrior. Perhaps he might receive a reward for this information.

Any influence attached great importance to information, especially those that involved talented characters. If one can uncover a previously unknown aspect of a great talent, then the family would most likely give a reward.

Zhao Hai was considered to be a highly valued talent. He was a level 4 Mage just after a few months of ascending. It was a talent that nobody would believe the first time they heard about it.

And now, Wan Xiang was actually able to discover that Zhao Hai was not only a Mage, but his skill as a Warrior wasn’t any worse than his skills as a Mage. This information was too important for the Shui family.

It’s just a pity that Zhao Hai would never let him go. Zhao Hai tried to attack Wan Xiang using his sword qi to see how strong it was. And it seems like it was very good.

Zhao Hai had the same thought as Wan Xiang. If he let Wan Xiang escape, then the whole Machine Field would know that he was a Warrior as well. This wasn’t good, as far as he knew, there were only very few people who were both a Mage and a Warrior.

Zhao Hai moved and appeared in front of Wan Xiang, then he attacked. He didn’t use Liquid Silver this time, instead he tried his new fist technique.

The fist technique was a separate aspect of the tempering method. And only when the Stellar Transformation Body Tempering Technique was used that the fist technique would show results. Otherwise, it would just be a common fist technique.

The attacks of the fist technique weren’t the same as battle qi. When the fist techniques were carried out, they follow through the system widely used in the cultivation realm. This method was much more complicated than the ones Warriors used.

The cultivation realm uses the meridians of one’s body to transfer energy from acupoint to acupoint. These acupoints were directly connected to one another but they formed a small cycle. After each cycle of energy, a person’s body would be geared to do their attack.

In the Machine Field, this action was done with the support of weapons, which was an external influence. As for the Stellar Body Tempering Fist, it uses one’s meridians to circulate qi and then send the energy in one go. This belonged to internal strength, which was different.

When Wan Xiang saw Zhao Hai appear in front of him, his eyes shrank. He was a level 3 Warrior, but he wasn’t able to see Zhao Hai move.

At this moment, Wan Xiang saw Zhao Hai wave his fist. He couldn’t help but stare. There were very few Warriors in the Machine Field that attacked using their fists. Even if they did, they would have a gauntlet or something to aid their attack. However, Zhao Hai was actually barehanded. This caused Wan Xiang to be surprised.

Wan Xiang looked at Zhao Hai’s fist as though it was a joke. This was because he couldn’t feel any energy coming from Zhao Hai’s fist.

But just as he was about to open his mouth, Wan Xiang suddenly felt an extremely powerful qi coming towards him. This strength wasn’t sharp like a sword, but it was imposing like a mountain. With such a colossal energy coming towards him, Wan Xiang found himself having trouble breathing.

Wan Xiang didn’t have any time to be surprised, he immediately used his last remaining energy to wave his sword. Then he released a huge amount of qi towards Zhao Hai.

However, the sword qi became like a bubble when it met Zhao Hai’s fist. When the sword qi was destroyed, Zhao Hai didn’t give Wan Xiang any time to make another move as he immediately condensed his energy and charged towards Wan Xiang’s direction.

Wan Xiang discovered that he had made a huge mistake. He shouldn’t have sent an attack. Now, he didn’t have any energy left to defend against Zhao Hai.

Wan Xiang suddenly felt his qi resisting the attack. But just like a fly caught in a spider web, he wasn’t able to struggle away from Zhao Hai’s attack.

A large amount of energy kept pouring inside Wan Xiang’s body. When he wasn’t able to resist anymore, a bang was heard. As Zhao Hai’s qi flooded Wan Xiang’s body, all of Wan Xiang’s bones and blood were shattered. His skeletons and meridians were torn into shreds. After experiencing a spike of intense pain, Wan Xiang’s vision turned black.

Zhao Hai looked at the mess on the ground. Wan Xiang became a huge splat on the sandy soil. This was the first time that he used the body tempering fist against an enemy. He didn’t expect the amount of qi to be this overbearing. It completely destroyed Wan Xiang’s body. It can be said that only Wan Xiang’s skin could be seen, everything else has been turned into a bloody mush.

Zhao Hai sighed and waved his hand, receiving Wan Xiang’s sword and storage ring. Although Wan Xiang was wearing chain armor, that armor has also been destroyed by Zhao Hai’s fist, it was rendered completely useless. As he was burying Wan Xiang using earth element magic, Zhao Hai thought that he needed to tone down the amount of energy used whenever he attacked using his fists. It would be a complete waste if he wasn’t able to turn his enemies into Undead!

After processing Wan Xiang’s corpse, Zhao Hai shifted his attention to the storage ring. Upon careful inspection, the ring caught Zhao Hai’s interest. This was because Wan Xiang’s ring had something that cultivators normally had, a spiritual seal!

Spatial items with spiritual seals were quite rare in the Machine Field, how was Wan Xiang able to get his hands on it? While he was thinking about this, Zhao Hai took out some Everpresent Ancient Sand and then wiped it on the ring. The ring emitted black smoke as the spiritual imprint was removed.

Then Zhao Hai used his spiritual force to scan the contents of the ring. Wan Xiang’s ring was full of potions. Some of these potions restored energy, some were antidotes, and some healed wounds. They were basically things that people would take with them on a journey. Besides the potions, there were also some equipment inside like weapons and armor.

However, what took Zhao Hai’s interest was a jade slip. This jade slip looked ancient and didn’t emit any energy. Nevertheless, it still managed to attract Zhao Hai. This was because Wan Xiang wouldn’t just bring a random jade slip with him. Moreover, jade slips were very rare in the Machine Field.

In the Cultivation Realm, jade slips were generally used to record things. On the other hand, there was little use for these slips in the Machine Field, and there wasn’t a huge market for it. But one couldn’t deny that jade slips were very convenient. One would only need to use their spiritual force to read everything that was recorded inside these jade slips. And this method was much more effective that reading through text.

Zhao Hai took the jade slip out before tossing the spatial ring to the Space. Then he used his spiritual force to scan it.

But not long after he began, Zhao Hai paused. This was because the jade slip was also protected by a spiritual seal. But this time, Zhao Hai wasn’t surprised. Almost all things connected to the Cultivation Realm had these seals. This was especially true for important items. If one decided to forcefully break through these seals, then they would risk destroying that item.

So when Zhao Hai discovered the seal, his interest was piqued. He immediately took out some everpresent ancient sand in order to remove the spiritual imprint.

Black smoke kept coming out of the jade slip, but the imprint had yet to be removed. This caused Zhao Hai to be more interested. If the jade slip’s seal was this strong, then the thing recorded inside should be valuable. Zhao Hai was getting somewhat impatient as he looked at the imprint being erased.

As the process went on, Zhao Hai also began to discover that the ancient sand was being consumed when it removed the imprint. Each puff of black smoke took some ancient sand along with it. Before long, the amount of sand in Zhao Hai’s hand has vanished. But at the same time, the jade slip’s appearance changed. It now looked more attractive than before.



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