BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1165


Chapter 1165 – Formidable Supporting Magic Formation

There was a very small tree in front, it was yellow. In fact, most of the plants in Yellowsand Planet were almost this color. Therefore, there was nothing strange about it.

And in this small yellow tree was a little yellow flower. This flower shook amidst the wind, it might even look as if it would fall at any time. 

However, Wan Xiang clearly knew that it was impossible for this flower to fall. This was because this flower was part of a yellowsand worm’s body.

One shouldn’t underestimate the yellowsand worm’s bait. This little flower would exude a very unusual fragrance. As long as a beast smelt it, they will most likely run over. Naturally, those beasts who did became food for the worm.

In the beginning, people didn’t know about this ability from the yellowsand worm. Back then, when people killed a yellowsand worm, they would use these little flowers as accessories. But they didn’t know that it was actually attracting large numbers of beasts. It didn’t take long before people became aware of the little flower’s use.

Now, whenever people see these little flowers, they know that they should walk around it. The area around the flower would be the domain of a yellowsand worm. Yellowsand worms became beasts that nobody would provoke in Yellowsand Planet.

These worms generally won’t attack people. And since they had no obvious weakness, they were very difficult to kill. Their tough skins also dissuade people from hunting them.

Moreover, it was very difficult for people to find yellowsand worms. Once they hide in the sand, they would immediately become one with their surroundings. It was common for people to lose sight of them, even if they were Mages with formidable spiritual force.

Additionally, the speed of the worms under the sand was quicker than human flight. They had a strange body structure that allowed them to swallow sand and eject it from their behind. The process of ejecting sand would propel the worm further, increasing its speed. They depended on this trait in order to traverse the sand underneath the surface.

Another reason why nobody provoked the yellowsand worms was because there were no indications whether a worm was only a few tens of meters long or 10 thousand meters. Most of its body was buried under the sand, and one couldn’t use their spiritual force to find it.

Because of this, when Wan Xiang saw the little flower, he looked as though he saw a severe flood coming or a violent beast. He immediately turned and circled around the flower.

Just as Wan Xiang stepped forward, he stopped and couldn’t help but shake his head. It was as if he found something unreasonable. He couldn’t believe what he just saw.

However, he immediately found out that he wasn’t seeing things wrong. There was actually a person in front of him, sitting on a chair and sipping tea!

A man just drank tea as though nothing strange was going on around him. He seems to be unaware that he was at Yellowsand Planet and was surrounded by violent winds. If someone did it at this environment, then they would have been eating sand!

However, the person was really drinking tea. Moreover, he had a chair to sit on. This caused Wan Xiang to stare, he didn’t know how to react.

Wan Xiang already knew that this Mage wasn’t someone ordinary. And if this was the case, then he might have already been discovered. So now, Wan Xiang was stuck on how to face this person.

He was currently in Yellowsand Planet, and each person here was a competitor. With this in mind, he was left with two choices, either to run or to fight.

But while Wan Xiang was having doubts on what to do, the Mage kept leisurely sitting there. It was as though he had nothing to be afraid of. Wan Xiang wasn’t sure if he can win if he rushed towards the Mage.

Before Wan Xiang arrived at the planet, he already had an understanding of the powerful contestants. And since he knew about the ten geniuses, then he was naturally aware of the Ashley Family’s Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai’s name had already spread in the Machine Field. A level 4 Mage that had ascended just a few months ago, this was an unprecedented event. Therefore, Zhao Hai can be said to be the most talented contestant in this competition.

A genius character such as Zhao Hai wasn’t someone that Wan Xiang could contend against. However, Zhao Hai’s quick rise was precisely the reason why some people doubted his strength. How strong would a person be just a few months after ascending? How far could he have progressed in Magic Theory?

Wan Xiang was one of those who didn’t believe that Zhao Hai was strong. In his mind, Zhao Hai might just have a rare treasure on his body.

Seeing Zhao Hai now, Wan Xiang’s ideas were solidified. Yellowsand Planet was covered with violent winds, yet Zhao Hai was leisurely sipping tea as though no wind came to touch him. Wasn’t this very strange?

“He really does have a rare treasure!” Wan Xiang was even more assured of this idea.

With this thought in mind, Wan Xiang’s greed couldn’t help but emerge. He immediately kicked off and flew towards Zhao Hai, his sword already drawn.

Naturally, Zhao Hai had already discovered Wan Xiang. Moreover, upon seeing him, Laura immediately gave him his detailed information. One could say that Wan Xiang wasn’t simple. He was from the Shui Family, the most powerful family in the Water Temple. Even the Ashley Family wasn’t at its level. The Shui Family was able to send 15 people to attend the realm qualifiers. Of the 15, 14 were level 3 while the remaining one was level 4. Although this person wasn’t among the ten great experts, this person’s strength was still very high.

However, Zhao Hai didn’t really care. He didn’t mind attacking the Shui Family. In this elimination round, him not provoking others was already their fortune. If he did go out of his way to attack people, then the participants would suffer extreme bad luck.

Zhao Hai wasn’t initially planning to kill Wan Xiang. In his opinion, this elimination round was very unfair. Even if they had some skills, resisting the winds and the sandstorm wasn’t easy. And with beasts scattered around the land, surviving was already hard. And there was still the last element which was the other participants.

But even if one doesn’t want to hurt the tiger, the tiger would still harm humans. Zhao Hai didn’t want to deal with Wan Xiang, but Wan Xiang wanted to deal with him. When Zhao Hai saw Wan Xiang pulling his sword out, he couldn’t help but sigh deeply inside.

However, Zhao Hai didn’t make a move. He still sat there, with his teacup in hand. The yellow sand mixed with the wind made a very magnificent view of the surroundings.

Wan Xiang waved his sword and sent a sword qi towards Zhao Hai. Seeing the attack, Zhao Hai sighed and waved his hand, releasing a 5-layer formation. The formation immediately became a huge shield, blocking the sword qi in front of him. Only a few sparks appeared on the shield before peace returned. There wasn’t even a scratch on the shield.

Upon seeing this situation, Wan Xiang’s complexion changed. Although he just attacked, he was able to see Zhao Hai’s strength. Zhao Hai wasn’t someone that can be easily dealt with.

Wan Xiang and Li Kui, the most powerful beginner in the Shui Family, had compared notes before. Li Kun was also a Mage. Although he specialized in the water element, his ice shield was something that could compare to metal element shields. During their spar, Wan Xiang was able to shatter Li Kui’s shield. Li Kui even said that Wan Xiang’s offensive strength was very formidable, and that he had a rare talent for offensive attacks.

But now that he was faced against Zhao Hai, the offensive strength that he was so proud of was actually rendered useless. He wasn’t even able to leave a trace on Zhao Hai’s shield. 

But what Wan Xiang didn’t know was that Zhao Hai was also very surprised. This was because the shield that he sent out wasn’t an ordinary 5-layer shield. This one was a revised version that included a supporting magic formation. According to Zhao Hai’s estimates, 5-layer formations should be able to contend against level 3 Warriors. However, it was impossible for it to be unscathed, it should have shattered alongside the sword qi. 

And now that supporting formations were added, the shield actually blocked Wan Xiang’s sword easily. There wasn’t even a scratch on the shield. Moreover, the amount Zhao Hai used to release the formation was a third of what 5-layer formations usually required. This result was too astonishing!

Arranging formation sets was a great subject of study. Choosing five formations from thousands of formations, putting them together, have them display the most amount of power while also maintaining the proper balance was something that was easier said than done.

The five formations that Zhao used were a metal-element supplying formation, metal-element solidifying formation, a reinforcing supporting formation, a strengthening supporting formation, and a metal-element shield formation.

This wasn’t the case before, instead of two supporting formations, the other two formations used were metal-element strengthening formations. Their effect wasn’t as good and they used up more spiritual force.

It was through this revised formation that Zhao Hai understood how formidable supporting formations were. At the same time, it made Zhao Hai happy. These supporting formations would increase his strength by two-folds. He was now more confident in dealing with his enemies.

Seeing his attack having no effect, Wan Xiang didn’t stay and instead turned around and left. Looking at Wan Xiang escape, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but stare. Then he coldly snorted as he sent a sword qi towards Wan Xiang.

This was Zhao Hai’s first time using sword qi in the outside world. This sword was also sent through a formation set. However, the formation used to strengthen his sword qi was different from the conventional formations. He also included supporting formations in his sword, causing its effects to be elevated.


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