BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1164


Chapter 1164 – Formidable Yellowsand Worm

While Zhao Hai was wrapped up in his thoughts, the worm spun and bit towards him. Zhao Hai immediately cast a 5-layer formation and shot a fireball towards the worm’s mouth.

Zhao Hai looked at the worm but couldn’t see its eyes, so he aimed for its mouth. When the fireball was sent out, the worm swallowed it in one bite and then closed its mouth.

When he saw the worm swallow the fireball, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but sneer. His fireballs weren’t something that could be swallowed.

After the worm swallowed the fireball, Zhao Hai found out that the worm had no bones and its skin was transparent. He could clearly see the fireball going down the worm’s body and towards its stomach.

The worm looks like it had swallowed a chug of water and was satisfied. When it closed its mouth, it slowly sank back into the sand. At this moment, the fireball suddenly exploded.

Zhao Hai expected the worm to be instantly killed by the blast. However, the worm’s stomach just bulged and then shrank back in. Then it opened its mouth and burped black smoke before going back down underground.

Zhao Hai just stared at the worm as it returned to the sand. This worm was too absurd, it could actually eat everything. His fireball should be able to roast the worm on the spot. Instead, it was eaten. Wasn’t the worm a bit too strong?

At this time, Laura’s voice was heard inside Zhao Hai’s mind, “Brother Hai, that thing is called a yellowsand worm. They’re very famous in Yellowsand Planet. The defensive ability of these beasts is formidable. However, their offensive method is simple. This thing wouldn’t attack people under normal circumstances. They could eat anything. If they don’t find anything else to eat, then they would consume sand. This thing is very difficult to kill. Even if they are bisected, they could still survive.”

Zhao Hai responded,”There’s such a thing? It seems like it would be good if we take this thing to the Space. Cai’er, take that thing to the Space.”

Cai’er said, “Young Master, it’s about 200 meters underground. However, this yellowsand worm is more than 1000 meters long. Do you really want to bring it into the Space?”

Upon hearing Cai’er, Zhao Hai immediately reacted, “It’s more than 1000 meters long? Are you sure? My goodness. Interesting. It’s about ten meters thick but it’s actually more than 1000 meters long? I have to take it to the Space.”

Then his figure moved and burrowed into the yellow sand. Then Zhao Hai discovered that although the sand looked like ordinary sand, it was actually very different. This yellow sand had faint traces of energy that wasn’t good for humans.

Zhao Hai knew that this energy was the negative energy that was mentioned by the Space. It’s a kind of radiation that would adversely affect anyone who came in contact with it for a long time.

It didn’t take long before Zhao Hai penetrated 200 meters below ground. He saw the worm there, motionless. However, it completely blended into the surrounding sand. Not even Zhao Hai’s spiritual force was able to feel it out.

Naturally, the worm was able to feel Zhao Hai’s existence. It squirmed its body but it didn’t attack Zhao Hai. After circling the worm, Zhao Hai knew how long this thing really was. It was actually 1500 meters long.

After taking a careful look at the worm, Zhao Hai opened a spatial rift. The rift went along the worm’s body from the head to the tail. Before long, the entire worm was sent to the Space.

As soon as the yellowsand worm entered the Space, a prompt was heard, “Discovered a sandworm that has mutated because of radiation. Mutation allowed the creature to be extremely tenacious. At the same time, it is able to absorb anything in its body. Host may breed it inside the Space. Mutated sandworm has been placed inside the Space’s shop. Host may purchase creature in the shop.”

After thinking about this, Zhao Hai had Cai’er pick an area inside the Space for the sandstorm. Now he has a constant source for violent winds and yellow sand. He also placed the sandworm to live in that area.

After taking the yellowsand worm, Zhao Hai flew out and swept the surroundings with his spiritual force. Upon finding nothing else nearby, he immediately flew away.

When he had flown for about five kilometers, Zhao Hai suddenly stopped. This was because he could discover something in front of him, and it looked quite familiar. On the yellow sand was a branch-like thing, and on its top was a small flower.

Zhao Hai stared for a moment, then he smiled as he asked Cai’er, “Cai’er, is that a sandworm?”

Cai’er looked at the monitor, then she nodded and said, “Young Master, it’s a sandworm. That small flower on its head is used to attract prey. It’s just that we haven’t noticed it before. Do you want to take it to the Space as well?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “No, I want to see how other people would deal with it. Right, what level was that sandworm from earlier?” This time, Laura replied, “Brother Hai, there isn’t much information about yellowsand worms in the internet. It was only rated as a grade 1 beast.”

Zhao Hai asked, “Grade 1 beast? How is that possible?

Laura smiled and said, “It’s possible. It’s really a grade 1 beast. And it’s because of its growth potential. As long as it gets left alone, it could reach 10 thousand meters long. When that time comes, nothing in Yellowsand Planet could threaten it. There’s a record of one appearing in the past. In the end, the Cultivation Realm sent more than a hundred Nascent Soul Experts to kill it.”

Zhao Hai stared, he didn’t expect the yellowsand worm to be this formidable. More than a hundred Nascent Soul Experts, what kind of fighting power is that? Even the Ashley Family would be exterminated with that much fighting force. And it was used to eliminate one yellowsand worm? Isn’t this worm too overpowered? 

One must know that the stages in the Cultivation Realm were divided into Body Tempering, Qi Condensation, Foundation Establishment, Core Formation, Nascent Soul, Transcending Tribulation, Severed Spirit, Immortality, and much more. However, there were clear dividers between these stages. Not to mention Immortals, if a sect had a few Transcending Tribulation experts, it was already considered good. In the Cultivation Realm, Nascent Soul Experts were overlords of a region. They can open their own sects and establish their own school of thought.

Although Zhao Hai was already very strong, he estimates that his level could only contend against Core Formation experts. And most Core Formation experts would find it very hard to contend against Nascent Soul Experts.

So after hearing about the yellowsand worm’s capabilities, Zhao Hai was truly startled. But in the end, he couldn’t help but rejoice. If he grew a few sandworms, then he would have helpers in the future.

At this time, Laura’s voice was heard once more, “It’s also said that the yellowsand worm is only considered dangerous whenever it’s hungry. Otherwise, it would stay docile and will not actively attack anyone.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “This yellowsand worm is interesting. Alright, let’s wait here and watch the fun. In any case, we’ve already mapped the planet. Moreover, the beasts here aren’t something we can just find at will. We’ll stay in this worm’s territory for now. And when we grasp the planet’s strength, we’ll go out and take some of the planet’s beasts.

Laura nodded, “From what I can see, the reason the committee chose this area is because it is the territory of the sandworms. These worms don’t attack people most of the time, therefore, there won’t be too much casualties.”

Zhao Hai agreed, “That might be it. I’ll stay here for three days, but I cannot enter the Space during that time. It’s a pity that you can’t come out here and join me.”

Laura and the others laughed, then Megan said, “Brother Hai, you came here for the competition, not for vacation. If we go out to join you, then you’re just insulting the other participants.”

Zhao Hai laughed, then he took some furniture from the Space and sat down. Then he pulled out a pot of tea and slowly drank it. His easy manner doesn’t match with his surroundings.

If other participants saw Zhao Hai, then they would certainly feel irritated. However, Zhao Hai didn’t care. Yellowsand Planet was filled with danger. Take the yellowsand worm for example, it would take him quite the effort to deal with it. And if he really met a very powerful beast that he couldn’t deal with, he would only hide inside the Space and be eliminated. Therefore, there was no need to run around the entire time.

While Zhao Hai was leisurely spending his time, the other participants were starting to feel the pressure. They didn’t have the Wind Bead nor the Space to overcome any obstacles for them. Therefore, they met the full brunt of the planet’s winds.

The hurricanes in yellowsand planet had sand mixed in with them, making it enough to be called a formidable weapon. Most Mages and Warriors wouldn’t be able to survive inside it for a long time. Even if they were powerful experts, they would still need a shield to support them from time to time. After all, prolonged exposure to the sands would cause damage to one’s body.

Although the Machine Field’s cultivation method was different than the Cultivation Realm’s, they still knew about the Cultivation Realm’s methods. In the Cultivation Realm, the most powerful attacks weren’t the ones with elemental attributes, instead, they were techniques infused with special qi. 

These types of methods were the most effective when it came to attack. For example, there were techniques called yin attacks in the Cultivation Realm. There were a lot of sects who had these methods. There were also variation in naming this attack, some sects called it dark attacks. But no matter what they were called, these attacks merged qi into an ordinary attack. Because of this, the effects were formidable.

Something similar to evil qi was astral qi. Both of these things could enhance offensive power. If one merges evil qi into their attacks, then they would be yin attacks. If astral qi was merged in, then that would be astral attacks.[1]

However, merging evil qi or astral qi requires one to find a source for them. Then they would have to condense evil qi and astral qi into their bodies slowly.

Also, condensing these two energies into one’s body was a very dangerous matter. If ten were to try this action, then four would succeed while the other six would die. One could see from this point the risks in using evil qi and astral qi.

As for the Machine Field, they didn’t have a method to merge these energies into their bodies. Because of this, both Mages and Warriors could only rely on protective shields in order to survive. Even then, it wasn’t an easy matter, astral qi attacks kill without shedding blood.


Wan Xiang considers himself as an unlucky person. He ascended more than three years ago. Despite his short time of ascension, he was still able to reach level three and would reach level 4 soon. It can be said that he was a genius. However, he wasn’t valued by his family. This was because his family was strong, there were already plenty of people like him. The strongest participant that their family sent for the competition was a level 4 expert.

Wan Xiang’s attendance in this competition was supposed to be his lucky break. If he could obtain good results, then this status in the family would improve. This was a very good thing for Wan Xiang. He even believed that he was blessed by good luck. But upon arriving at Yellowsand Planet, he discovered that he was actually very unlucky.

Not long after he flew into Yellowsand Planet, he was met by an attack from a yellowsand worm. In the end, he was able to run away after spending a huge amount of his battle qi. Although he was drinking recovery potions all this time, supporting his protective shield reduced his strength to 70% of what was before.

Wan Xiang sighed as he carefully advanced. He needs to survive in this place for three days, otherwise he would be eliminated. If he was out of the competition by the first round, then he would certainly gain zero benefits from the family.

Wan Xiang released his spiritual force as he advanced, paying careful attention to his surroundings. Although the spiritual force of Warriors were inferior compared to Mages, for all Ascenders, their spiritual force was already enough to maneuver themselves on the planet.

As he carefully moved along, Wan Xiang suddenly encountered something. When he saw this, his expression couldn’t help but change!

  1. “Astral” might be a temporary term, I couldn’t find other meanings to the character Gāng(罡) other than being related to planets or constellations or internal gods.


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