BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1163


Chapter 1163 – Entering Yellowsand Planet

Zhao Hai was currently calmly sitting inside his room in a ship. This room wasn’t big, only at about 20 square meters. Moreover, he wasn’t the only one in the room. All in all, the room accommodated four people. They lived together in bunk beds stuck on the wall.

Zhao Hai didn’t know anyone in the room with him. Although he scanned the information about the participants, he didn’t pay any attention to them.

But still, Laura and the others reminded Zhao Hai to leave a good impression. Therefore, when Zhao Hai entered the room, he greeted everyone inside in a friendly manner. However, what met him were hostile gazes. Naturally, since they were hostile, Zhao Hai didn’t care about them anymore.

Zhao Hai also knew why they were like this. Although they were roommates today, when the match starts, they would be enemies. There was no need to maintain any friendly attitude towards each other.

This time, Cadjo and Margaret weren’t with him. There were 100 ships that set off from Machine Field Planet to send Zhao Hai and the others to Yellowsand Planet. Then after that, they would be left alone to fend off against the planet’s dangers.

Although there was quite a distance between Yellowsand Planet and Machine Field Planet, the travel between the two planets went peacefully. After all, these 100 ships were sent from the capital. Nobody would dare touch a fleet like this. 

It took the fleet ten days altogether to reach Yellowsand Planet. However, Zhao Hai’s silver needles were faster than the ships. They arrived at the planet sooner and began to do a search on the area.

The ships stopped right outside the planet’s atmosphere as Zhao Hai and the others were grouped up in their ship’s decompression chamber. There were 1,000 other participants inside the ship Zhao Hai was in. However, Zhao Hai didn’t know any of them, none of the top ten experts were here.

At this time a Mage walked over and said, “All of you will be staying inside Yellowsand Planet for three days. These are your transmitters. You need to have them on your body at all times, and they cannot be placed inside your spatial equipment. Not only do you need to survive for three days, you also need to protect these devices. If we lose contact with your device for an hour, then we’ll take it that you failed and you will be rescued. There is also a rescue button on the device. If you feel like you need to forfeit, then you can use it so that someone can fetch you. But if you use this function, then it means that you’ve forfeited. Are we clear?”

Seeing Zhao Hai and the others nod, the Mage added, “Then take these transmitters. Remember, you can’t hide them inside your spatial equipment. If you place them inside, and we don’t detect your signal for an hour, then you’ll be eliminated.” Then he proceeded to give everyone their own transmitters.

These transmitters looked like small badges. One couldn’t even see any antenna on it. However, nobody dared to neglect this thing since it was related to their future.

Zhao Hai also received his own transmitter. Before long, the Mage said, “Start the signal.” Then just as his voice fell, everyone’s transmitter flashed for a moment before it returned to its original look.

The Mage looked at everyone and said, “There’s no need to worry about your transmitters being faulty. If your transmitter is proven to be faulty with no external influences, then you will immediately pass the test. Alright, prepare yourself. We’re opening the decompression chamber.” Then after he said that, the Mage left the decompression chamber.

Zhao Hai looked at the others around him and smiled. Then he attached his transmitter on his robe and stood in place. He waited for the decompression chamber to open.

Before long, the decompression chamber was opened and Zhao Hai flew out of the ship. Not too far from where he appeared was Yellowsand Planet. This planet was much bigger than Machine Field Planet and Dark Demon Planet. Moreover, it wasn’t in a scale of two. At the very least, it was bigger than Dark Demon planet by ten times. This caused Zhao Hai to be surprised.

But what surprised ZHao Hai even more was the yellow surface of the planet. There was no other color seen, only yellow. Zhao Hai knew that the color of the planet was caused by the huge sandstorm that buffeted the entire planet. And it happened to be the time where the sandstorm was at its peak.

At the same time, Zhao Hai noted a row of flashing red signals in a circle on the surface of the planet. Zhao Hai and the others were already informed that these signals showed the area where they should be in. If people died outside this area, then the committee wouldn’t be responsible for them.

Zhao Hai also noticed that the other participants were heading out of their own ships. Moreover, everyone was staring at Yellowsand Planet. Zhao Hai didn’t care about the others as he flew towards the planet. The Space had already mapped the planet, so there was no need for Zhao Hai to be cautious.

Seeing Zhao Hai flying towards the planet, those who were still observing couldn’t help but stare. They didn’t expect Zhao Hai to move forward this quickly. However, Zhao Hai’s actions caused the others to move forward  as well.

Before long, Zhao Hai entered the planet’s atmosphere. As he plunged into the planet, Zhao Hai casted a 5-layer formation. The formation was a yellow shield that surrounded his body.

Upon entering the planet’s atmosphere, Zhao Hai immediately felt the winds surround him. These winds were very strange. Even if the shield blocked the force of the wind, Zhao Hai could still feel a faint trace of coldness passing through his body.

Zhao Hai knew that this was the special effect of the hurricanes. But even if he doesn’t care, this didn’t mean that nobody else did. At this time, he heard a prompt, “Massive amounts of harmful energy detected entering the host’s body. Extracting energy. Analyzing. Energy contains radioactive elements that are harmful to human blood. Making antidote to neutralize the energy.”

Zhao Hai stared, he didn’t expect the Space to take action against Yellowsand Planet’s winds. Zhao Hai looked around him and saw that even if the others had followed him in, they were still far from reaching his position. It seems like they were afraid that he would attack them. Zhao Hai didn’t care about it and just continued to descend down the planet.

It also needed to be said that as Zhao Hai was getting closer to the surface, the winds were also becoming stronger. By the time he reached the ground, the winds were big enough to pulverize stone into sand.

The moment Zhao Hai stepped into the surface, he immediately opened a rift. Just as the sandstorm entered the Space, a prompt was immediately heard, “Harmful energy storm with polluted yellow sand detected. Energy may be used to attack the enemy. The yellow sand can also be used for refining. Violent wind element detected, combining with the wind bead. Combination successful. Harmful energy storm is now ineffective against the host.”

When he heard this prompt, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but pause for a moment. Then he was reminded about the Wind Bead inside the Space. It seems like he was now immune to the storm because of it.

Sure enough, after the Space’s prompt, Zhao Hai could no longer feel any wind around him. Even if it was windy, the least he could feel was a gentle breeze. Moreover, the cold he felt before had completely disappeared.

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “That was great. It seems like we’ll have to collect more of this sand into the Space.”

After he said that, Zhao Hai opened a spatial rift, taking in more wind and sand into the Space. After some time, the Space issued another prompt, “Since the host has absorbed a large amount of negative energy and irradiated sand, the host can now designate an area inside the Space for a sandstorm. This sandstorm can generate negative energy storms and irradiated sand on its own. These generated resources will be immediately stored into the inventory.”

When Zhao Hai heard this prompt, he smiled and closed the spatial rift. There was no need to absorb more. 

Zhao Hai looked all around him, then he smiled and said, “I heard that the hurricane beasts here are very strong. I need to collect a few of them for the Space.” Then his body moved as he flew away.

At Yellowsand Planet’s ground level, eyesight could no longer be used as a means of perception. The dizzying hurricanes blowing in all directions made visibility less than 5 meters. In this case, it was impossible to use one’s eyes in order to spot any enemies. One could only depend on their own spiritual force.

However, Zhao Hai discovered that the hurricanes had a property to suppress spiritual force. In the past, Zhao Hai could stretch his spiritual force to 10 thousand kilometers. But now, this range was reduced to 10.

Then all of a sudden, Zhao Hai stopped and then quickly moved upwards. And just as he moved, a huge figure emerged from the ground beneath him. If Zhao Hai didn’t quickly move, then he might have already been swallowed by the thing that came out.

When Zhao Hai moved to the side, he managed to get a glimpse at the creature that attacked him. It was a giant worm looking thing. It was much much larger than any worm he saw before. The tip of its head spread out like a flower, making its mouth bigger than its body. Most importantly, its teeth were stacked into 18 layers. All of the teeth were creepily moving around like a meat grinder. Seeing the glint on their tips, one could see how sharp each tooth was.[1]

Zhao Hai was now 100 meters off the ground. However, the worm was still catching up to him as though it had endless length. Naturally, the worm was more than 100 meters, enough to call it a giant.

Zhao Hai wrinkled his brows. He discovered that this worm wasn’t that simple. This was because his spiritual force failed to detect its approach. He only discovered it when it was drilling up from underground. It’s ability to hide itself was too formidable!

  1. I reckon it’s this = The Sandworm(


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