BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1162


Chapter 1162 – Survival Elimination Series

Time quickly flew past and the first day of the realm qualifiers had come. In these past few days, Machine Planet was anything but peaceful. There were more than several hundred duel requests that were submitted to the local police station. It was fortunate that the local police had already prepared for this. As long as both sides were willing to fight and the participants pay rent for the arena, they would no longer budge in even if someone was killed. Naturally, these fights would be held in areas approved by the police.

Unlike other people, Zhao Hai didn’t head out to see the scenery outside. Instead, he looked at the planet through the Space’s monitor. But even if this was the case, other people were still able to gain information about him.

One shouldn’t underestimate a person’s ability to find information. These families had existed in the Machine Field for many years, and their relationships had gone completely intertwined. Today, you might find a spy in your house, and then the other day you would plant a bomb on theirs. There was no such thing as secrets to the people in the Machine Field.

Naturally, the core secrets of the families were heavily guarded, otherwise that family would be finished. So even if nobody knew that Zhao Hai completed Liquid Silver, the other families still knew that he was strong. And there were fuzzy videos of his battles being passed on to other people.

Zhao Hai was already considered as the eleventh expert after the ten famous ones. And his information had also been placed on the desks of major families.

To be honest, when these great families saw Zhao Hai’s material, they were shocked. They never expected a monstrous talent like him to appear. He hadn’t even ascended for a year yet he was already a level 4 Mage. Moreover, he was able to win first place in the family qualifiers.

Zhao Hai has already incurred the attention of all forces in the Machine Field. Information even from the time he ascended were dug up. Seeing Zhao Hai’s enchanting growth, it wasn’t a mystery why these people were surprised.

Nowadays, a lot of participants had already tagged Zhao Hai as the most dangerous person in the competition. But even if Zhao Hai knew about this, he didn’t care. After all, his goal wasn’t in the Machine Field, but in the much broader World of Cultivation.

Zhao Hai and Margaret were currently inside the Space while drinking tea. Then suddenly, Cai’er came over and said, “Young Master, you need to go back to your room. Desbarres is looking for you.” Zhao Hai nodded and returned to his room. And before long, a knock was heard on the door.

Zhao Hai opened the door and saw Desbarres, Cadjo, and Luke outside. He immediately invited the three in. After they had sat down and were drinking tea, Zhao Hai looked at Cadjo and said, “General Manager, do you need me for anything?”

Cadjo nodded and said, “The competition is tomorrow. How do you feel?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “I really don’t feel anything. I’m just normal.”

Cadjo nodded and said, “I’m here to tell you about the competition. As it turns out, this competition had a record high number of participants. Because of this, the competition committee decided to change how it went. Unlike the past, the competition wouldn’t be a fight in the arena and instead would be an elimination series.”

Zhao Hai replied, “Elimination series? How different is it?”

Cadjo nodded and said, “There’s a huge difference. This time, the fight won’t happen in an arena. Instead, it’s a survival elimination.”

Zhao Hai’s eyes flashed a cold light, then he asked, “Survival Elimination? We can kill others?”

Cadjo gave a nod, “Right, you can kill. Little Hai, I think you should have heard about Yellowsand Planet, right? The elimination will happen there.”

Zhao Hai has certainly heard about Yellowsand Planet. This planet was quite famous, its existence was very special. It can be said to be one of planets that haven’t been completely conquered in the Machine Field. Majority of the reason for this was because its environment was terrible.

Yellowsand Planet was situated at the edge of the Machine Field. Even if it wasn’t far away from the Cultivation Realm, it was still closer to the Machine Field. But even if this was the case, only a few people from the Machine Field went there. In comparison, there were more Cultivators that frequented the planet.

Yellowsand Planet consists of 70% land and 30% water. Then dividing the land was 70% desert and 30% mountains. Its years lasted for 12 months with ten of them filled with hurricanes and two months where it rained.

The winds that blew on the planet weren’t ordinary winds, they were violent ones. These were the type of winds that would destroy a human body upon contact. Even experts wouldn’t be able to last long once they were buffeted by these winds. And eventually, their bodies would end up drying up before they die.

Generally, such unforgiving environment wouldn’t be able to support life. However, the planet actually had a lot of lifeforms, both fauna and flora.

There was nothing else to say about plants since they could live in the most extreme of environments. And on this planet, even the most common grass had strong medicinal characteristics.

The most famous aspect about Yellowsand Planet was one of the animals living there, the Hurricane Beasts! Nobody knew how these beasts were able to survive such a terrible environment. And even while being hit by merciless winds, they were still able to move freely and unfettered.

And since they were living in a terrible environment, they evolved into strong beings. Even the smallest and weakest one of them were at level 1 strength. It was also rumored that the strongest beast could be considered a powerful expert in the Cultivation Realm.

But what was peculiar about these beasts was the fact that even if they had the strength, they still wouldn’t leave the planet.

With all these things added together, Yellowsand Planet became quite famous not only in the Machine Field, but in the entire World of Cultivation. Every year there would be plenty of people who would go to the planet and take risks to harvest some plants. This was because the planet’s plants fetch a very high price in the market.

When Zhao Hai heard Cadjo say that the elimination round would happen in Yellowsand Planet, he couldn’t help but stare. The planet was infamous for being unforgiving. There were plenty who risked entering the planet for riches, with only a few managing to survive. And more importantly, among these risk takers were famous individuals in the Cultivation Realm. There was no exception to who survived or died in that place.

Zhao Hai frowned and asked, “Are they treating Yellowsand Planet lightly? What results do they want to see? Or do they want all of us to die there?”

Cadjo smiled bitterly and said, “This time, the number of participants in the qualifiers had exceeded 100 thousand. Can you imagine thinning these amount of people and leaving only 150 people behind? Among these 150 people, 100 are the official participants in the Six Realm Beginner Competition while 50 are reserves. Because of the amount of participants, the committee decided to choose Yellowsand Planet for the competition. But you don’t need to worry. The place that the committee chose is a relatively safe place in the planet.”

Zhao Hai smiled bitterly and said, “I’m not worried about myself, I’m concerned about the other participants. The participants are mostly comprised of elites from External Halls. If a lot of these people die, then it wouldn’t be good for the Machine Field. This survival elimination round is borderline unfair. We not only have to face our opponents, we would also face the environment and the beasts. Even the top ten participants wouldn’t be able to hold out for long when faced with those beasts. If one of those ten gets killed by a beast, then it would decrease our chances of winning against the other realms. I really don’t know what the idiots of the committee are thinking about, to actually come up with a stupid idea.”

Cadjo couldn’t help but bitterly smile. To be honest, he also didn’t approve of this arrangement. However, it was easy for people to speak than to be heard. He gave his opinion to the committee only to be stopped and said that luck was a part of one’s strength.

Cadjo thought that this reason was simply fart. However, he didn’t have any means to change the decision. He could only accept it or have his participants withdraw.

Desbarres sighed and said, “Forget it, if someone really dies, then that’s their bad luck. Those fellows in the committee had their heads too high that they won’t listen to us. The survival elimination will only last for three days. You only need to survive against the beasts for three days and then you’ll be picked up after. And if you feel that you can no longer last, you can release a signal and someone will fetch you. However, all those who needed rescue would be eliminated.”

Cadjo said, “Although three days isn’t long, it isn’t short either. After all, it is Yellowsand Planet. And after three days, those who didn’t die nor eliminated will enter a formal competition.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Alright. In any case, it won’t affect me. We should inform the others about this so that we can team up. This way, everyone can have more opportunities to survive.”

Cadjo’s expression changed as he said, “Little Hai, you can’t. You’re the family’s biggest hope. If you join up with the others, then they would drag you down. You’re biggest priority is surviving, understood?”

When Zhao Hai heard Cadjo, he knew that he couldn’t say anything to change his mind. However, he still said, “I’m aware of that. But General Manager, I think it’s still better to group up at the very beginning. I’ll try to help them any way I can.”

Cadjo smiled bitterly and said, “Even if I agree, it is still impossible. You aren’t permitted to bring any electronics to the planet and each participant will be randomly assigned to a transport ship. It’s impossible to team up in a short time. Because of this, I didn’t consider forming teams.”

When Zhao Hai heard Cadjo, he couldn’t help but bitterly smile. It seems like the committee really wants the participants to suffocate and die. They even removed any means to better survive the situation.


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