BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1161


Chapter 1161 – Strong Wind Li Kuangren

Zhao Hai noticed these Warriors at that time. All of them had heavy cross swords and they also have similar temperaments. From what he can see, it seems like they practiced a coordination technique. Zhao Hai wanted to see it in action.

Zhao Hai turned to Laura and said, “Laura, can you look into how these people had a  conflict with Li Kuangren? Aren’t they with Zhang Mingyue just earlier?”

Laura turned to look at Cai’er. Cai’er waved her hand and changed the image on the monitor. When Zhang Mingyue left the building, he was very angry that he needed to drink at the hotel. And because of his anger, he heavily scolded a hotel staff. Meanwhile, Li Kuangren was at the same hotel. When he saw Zhang Mingyue, he coldly snorted.

Zhang Mingyue was already incensed about Zhao Hai. Hearing someone snort at him, he immediately stood up and pointed towards Li Kuangren and said, “What are you snorting about? You have something to say?”

Naturally, Li Kuangren wasn’t a peaceful monk, he also stood up and said, “Pretty boy, do you know who you’re pointing to?”

This made the situation even more difficult. Mingyue just called Zhao Hai a pretty boy, and now Zhang Mingyue was called the same thing. This caused Zhang Mingyue to be even more angry, he coldly snorted and said, “I’m talking to you, outsider. You think you can just call everyone out when you’re from the lower realm? Know your place.”

Zhang Mingyue’s words weren’t unusual here in the Machine Field. However, only a few people would dare to publicly say this, unless they want to offend all the lower realm ascenders. One must know that there were a lot of ascenders in the Machine Field. There’s no benefits to offending all of these people.

Zhang Mingyue’s words made the room turn colder. The words he spoke were taboo. It wasn’t only Li Kuangren whose expression changed, even the other Warriors and Mages in the room had ugly expressions.

Li Kuangren looked at Zhang Mingyue, then he laughed and said, “Pretty boy, you’re quite fearless aren’t you. Since you don’t know your manners, let this grandfather teach you a lesson.” Then after he said that, he went straight for Zhang Mingyue.

Although Zhang Mingyue looked delicate, his strength was the real deal. He waved his hand and released a 5-layer defensive formation to protect himself. At the same time, he retreated behind the five Warriors who already pulled their cross swords out and rushed forward.

These five were indeed cultivating a special technique. All of their moves were well coordinated. Their five swords proceeded to assault Li Kuangren, attacking him at all points.

Li Kuangren was also an expert. When he saw the situation, he immediately retreated backwards. Then he flew out of the hotel with his two broad axes. At the same time, he yelled out, “Pretty boy, you still owe 300 rounds with this grandpa.”

But before he could add to his sentence, the five Warriors already jumped out of the hotel and stood opposite him.

And this led to the present situation. The display on the monitor changed once more and returned to Li Kuangren’s confrontation with the five Warriors.

Li Kuangren gripped his axes. He looked at the five Warriors opposite him, then he said, “The Five Element Tigers. You’re quite the celebrities in the Zhang Family’s External Hall. This Li Kuangren has heard so much about you. But I didn’t expect that you’re just lackeys to someone like Zhang Mingyue. Wanting to die for him is such a disgrace.”

Because Zhao Hai had just recently ascended, and had spent most of his time cultivating, he didn’t know much about famous characters in the Machine Field. On the other hand, Li Kuangren had already ascended for four years. And with how many missions he has accomplished, he was well-versed with experts of External Halls. As for these five cross-sword wielding Warriors, Li Kuangren knew that they were the Five-element Tigers of the Zhang Family’s Golden Sword Camp.

The Zhang Family’s External Hall was named differently from the Ashley Family. Their External Hall was divided into eight camps; metal, water, wood, fire, earth, wind, light, and dark. The Gold Sword Camp was the Zhang Family’s camp that belonged to the metal element.

All ascenders of the Zhang Family would join these camps according to their attribute. It didn’t matter if they were a Mage or a Warrior, they were categorized the same.

As for the five-element tigers, they were metal element Warriors from the Gold Sword Camp. The reason they were called five-element tigers was due to the technique that they practiced, a formation known as the five-element golden light. With this formation set, the five were able to make a name in the Machine Field.

One of the five element tigers coldly snorted and said, “Li Kuangren, it seems like you want to withdraw from this competition. You need to know that there are some people that you can’t offend.”

Li Kuangren laughed when he heard this, “Unable to offend? You mean the pretty boy? Hahahaha. He’s just a useless pretty face who had his marriage agreement broken. Hahaha. What ability does he have?”

Zhang Mingyue couldn’t bear the humiliation as he pointed at Li Kuangren and said, “Kill him! Kill him for me!”

The Five Element Tigers quickly moved and threw themselves towards Li Kuangren. The five surrounded their opponent in all directions.

Li Kuangren began to wildly laugh as he said, “Good, good. Let this grandfather see the  mighty five elements golden light.” Then he began to wave his axes, causing strong winds to surround the area.

Zhao Hai now knew why Li Kuangren was given the nickname “Strong Winds” The attack of his axes had some special characteristics. When he attacked, the axes would cause turbulence in the surrounding area. Not only would this increase its power, it also added a rotational orientation to the attack, increasing the potential damage that it could inflict.

Zhao Hai was thinking that Li Kuangren’s axes must be very heavy. And it was certain that he was using a special technique to wield them. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to control his axes as he continued to wave them around. 

At this time, the winds surrounding Li Kuangren were getting bigger and bigger before finally turning into a whirlwind. The Five Element Tigers were wrapped up in it, the sound of clashing weapons were endless.

Zhao Hai watched this happen and couldn’t help but secretly nod. He didn’t only agree to Li Kuangren’s method, he also commended the five element golden lights that the five Warriors were using. When this formation set was used by the five Warriors simultaneously, one could see that it was very powerful. If not for Li Kuangren’s exquisite control of his axes, then he would have already been defeated. However, with the current situation, it wouldn’t be long before Li Kuangren would admit defeat.

To be honest, Zhao Hai quite liked Li Kuangren’s character. However, he wouldn’t go so far as to help him at this moment. This was because Zhao Hai knew that fights in this planet wouldn’t last long. This was Machine Field Planet, causing too much commotion here would incur the ire of the three major powers.

Just as Zhao Hai expected, not long after the two sides began fighting, several cars flew over and surrounded them. Then a voice was heard, “Stop fighting immediately. If you don’t, then don’t blame us for being impolite.”

Li Kuangren and the Five Element Tigers slowly stopped their movements. Then they jumped out of their battle area. At this time, another announcement was heard, “Fighting is forbidden in Machine Field Planet. If you want to duel, you need to go to the police station and register. This is a warning, the next time you fight, you will be arrested.” Then after they said that, the cars left the area.

But even when the police had left, the two sides didn’t continue fighting. Although Zhang MIngyue was the Zhang Family’s Young Master, he was a nobody here. If he dared to act unreasonably, then there’s no stopping the police force from being impolite.

Because of the realm qualifiers, the planet was currently filled with a lot of influential figures. Some important members of smaller powers even came here to see the competition. One could say that the current Machine Field Planet was filled with Patriarchs. In such a situation, Young Masters were merely dogs on the street. If Zhang Mingyue really dared to continue fighting, then he would be arrested by the police. By that time, he would become a joke in the Machine Field. And this wasn’t something that Zhang Mingyue would want.

The same was true for Li Kuangren. Although he looked crude, he wasn’t insane. He’s a participant in the realm qualifiers. If he did get arrested by the police, then he might not be able to compete. Once he returns to his family, his status would certainly drop. The situation wasn’t worth it.

Since both sides had no intentions of fighting, nobody made another move. Li Kuangren stored his axes as he looked at Mingyue and said, “Pretty boy, I’ll remember your Zhang Family. You best pray that I don’t run into your participants in the competition. Otherwise, you can’t blame me for being merciless.” Then he coldly snorted and left.

Zhang Mingyue’s face was pale as he looked at Li Kuangren. Then he countered, “Commoner, you better survive this competition. I still have to kill you personally.”

Li Kuangren laughed as he walked out.

Seeing Li Kuangren’s actions, Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “This is nice. The Zhang Family just offended someone. Hehe. Let’s just hope that Li Kuangren doesn’t encounter Sun Fei. Or else I won’t get my chance.”

Laura turned her head to Zhao Hai and said, “Brother Hai, this Li Kuangren is quite interesting. It might be good to be friends with him.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “I also think that he’s interesting. If I have the opportunity, then I’ll befriend him. He might look rugged, but at least he still knows when to advance and retreat. He also has a good heart. He’s worth paying attention to.”

At this time, Lizzy turned her head to Zhao Hai and said, “Elder Brother Hai, look, I saw someone.” Zhao Hai turned to look at Lizzy’s screen and saw a person wearing mage robes. He had pale blue hair and was quite handsome. It’s actually the first of Cadjo’s ten experts, Streep.

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Saint of Ice Streep. He actually dared to walk outside. It seems like the Water Temple is confident that nobody would challenge him.”

Megan turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Brother Hai, who do you think is the strongest among the ten experts?”

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “I’m not completely certain but I’m confident in Zhang Qinghe, Xiong Li, Dongfang Yu, and Lei Xiaotian. They look very strong to me.”

Megan stared, then he looked over their information. After she read through them all, she said, “Brother Hai, why do you favor these people?”

Zhao Hai replied, “Zhang Qinghe is a rare metal element Mage. And with Rhea family’s training, his fighting strength has improved by a lot. You should already be aware about the metal element’s offensive strength. As for Xiong Li, he has been favored by god and was given an innate talent in cultivation. Additionally, Xiong Li has very rich actual combat experience. Dongfang Yu has the Fire Dragon Sword. Although it looks superficial, his ability to use this artifact allowed him to reach his current status. You should know that artifacts only choose those who are worthy of them. Being chosen by the Fire Dragon Sword means that he has something special. And lastly, Lei Xiao Tian is a dual-element Mage. As long as he levels up and masters his elements, he will be much stronger than other Mages of his level. Naturally, the others couldn’t be underestimated. Take Li Kuangren for example, I reckon that he’s still holding back in the fight just now. During the competition, the participants would certainly show the aces in their hands.”

Margaret nodded and said, “Those ten experts certainly have some secrets. Talents from the External Halls are carefully trained by their families. Regarding these talents, families wouldn’t be stingy when it comes to resources. They’re not like the Ashley Family that develops everyone equally. Therefore, these people would surely have powerful items. But since the competition has yet to start, they wouldn’t dare take them out.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Right. Not to say about the others, even our Bone Symbol Camp has a very rich treasury. Taking into account that entire families are involved in this matter, these ten great experts certainly had massive amounts of resources poured over them. It’s impossible for them to not have any aces or two. Therefore, we can’t just look at the surface to see who is stronger. Equipment is also a huge factor to consider.”

Laura and the others nodded. Then Zhao Hai sighed and said, “If the experts from the Machine Field are already like this, then what would the other realms have? People in the Machine Field are at the bottom in terms of strength in the World of Cultivation. Seeing how strong these Machine Field Experts are, one might wonder about the strength of the other realms.”

As soon as they heard Zhao Hai, Laura and the others couldn’t help but feel heavy inside. Seeing their reactions, Zhao Hai laughed and said, “Alright, I’m just thinking too much. If they aren’t strong, then it would be boring. Hahaha.”

Seeing Zhao Hai’s soaring confidence, Laura and the others couldn’t help but stare at him. Zhao Hai normally appeared ordinary. But at this moment, his body was extremely radiant.


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