BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1160


Chapter 1160 – Exhausted

When Cadjo heard the Mage, he immediately knew what they were after. They just wanted Zhao Hai to appear so that they could challenge him. Then they would find an opportunity to kill him in battle.

To be honest, Cadjo wasn’t afraid of Zhao Hai being challenged by these people. He believes that Zhao Hai could easily defeat them. However, it might force Zhao Hai to explode with his true strength, which wouldn’t be good for Zhao Hai.

Cadjo smiled faintly and said, “This is really unfortunate. Zhao Hai has been closing up recently. Not just here, but also on the ship. Because of this, he couldn’t see Young Master Zhang. If Young Master Zhang has something to give Zhao Hai, then I can give it to him on your behalf.”


Mingyue and the others had this same thought inside their hearts. They had seen shameless people before, but they haven’t seen someone so shameless that they would lie straight to their face. There wasn’t even a tinge of red on his face.

However, Mingyue and the others couldn’t do anything about it. This place was the Ashley Family’s office. If they caused any trouble here, then their family would be directly affected.

Zhang Mingyue rolled his eyes, then he suddenly had an inspiration. He looked at Cadjo and laughed, then he said, “I didn’t expect the Ashley Family’s so-called genius to actually be a cowardly turtle. I heard that Margaret has been playing around with him lately? So is he just a pretty boy that she feeds? Hahaha. Only knowing how to hide under a woman’s skirt. So this is the Ashley Family’s genius. Such a person wants to receive my gift? I’m leaving!” Zhang Mingyue made sure to use magic alongside his voice so that the entire building could hear him.

Although Zhang Mingyue said that he was leaving, he didn’t actually have any intention to head out. He just stood there arrogantly and waited.

Awkward silence!

Cadjo and Desbarres looked at the proudly standing Zhang Mingyue. Nobody made any noise. At the same time, Mingyue stayed there, as though waiting for Cadjo to say something.

Five minutes passed by…

Zhang Mingyue’s expression began to turn dark….

Ten minutes passed by, Zhang Mingyue turned pale. In these ten minutes, Cadjo didn’t say a single word. Desbarres and Luke were also similarly silent. And even Zhao Hai who was badmouthed stayed silent. Zhang Mingyue began to feel like he was acting like a fool, jumping on the limelight in order to attract attention. And now that nobody bought his antics, he looked like a stupid monkey.

Cadjo and Desbarres naturally knew about Zhang Mingyue’s thoughts. To be honest, they were afraid of Zhao Hai falling into Zhang Mingyue’s trick.

In the beginning, Cadjo intended to berate Zhang Mingyue with a few words. However, after looking at his proud expression, Cadjo began to want Zhao Hai to come out and deal with Zhang Mingye’s group.

But what Cadjo didn’t expect was Zhao Hai’s absence. Seeing Zhang Mingyue left drying up in the sun for several minutes, Cadjo really wanted to speak. But after seeing Mingyue’s expression turned darker and darker as Zhao Hai continued to be absent, Cadjo decided to stay silent. He just stood there to watch the fun. 

He suddenly found out that ignoring someone was also a good way to deal with taunts. Not only that, knowing that they were being ignored, the perpetrator would become angrier as time goes by.

Cadjo observed as Zhang Mingyue’s expression turned blue. He couldn’t help but suppress his laughter. He felt that Mingyue would spit out some blood soon. It was actually amusing to look at.

Desbarres was also happily spectating at the side. On the other hand, Luke’s expression was somewhat distorted. His stomach was contracted too much that it might get shredded. If he wasn’t facing the Zhang Family, then he would have long since laughed out loud.

Seeing that Zhang Mingyue was about to spit out some blood, Cadjo couldn’t help but cough lightly and said, “Young Master Zhang, Zhao Hai is unavailable. If you have anything to give Zhao Hai, then I can send it on your behalf. If you don’t have any other matters here, then I’ll have to ask you to leave.”

At this moment, Zhao Hai’s stomach was already hurting from laughter. Not only him, Laura and the others were also making fun of Zhang Mingyue’s current expression. 

Seeing Zhang MIngyue leave, Zhao Hai stopped laughing and turned to Margaret and said, “Margaret, stop laughing. Let’s go out, it’s time to return.”

Margaret nodded as she wiped the tear on her eye. Then she took deep breaths to calm herself down from laughing. After some time, she stopped and the two returned to Zhao Hai’s room.

When Mingyue and the others were out of sight, Cadjo and the others wildly laughed. It took almost all of their strength to stop themselves from laughing. But now that the other party was gone, they laughed loudly.

It took some time before the group calmed down. Then they went back to the elevator and headed towards Margaret’s room. But when they knocked on the door, nobody was in. Then when they thought about it they immediately went to Zhao Hai’s room.

Sure enough, after knocking on Zhao Hai’s door, Margaret was the one to open it. The three entered and saw Zhao Hai sitting beside the table, looking through materials.

Cadjo looked at Zhao Hai and smiled, “Little Hai, did you hear Zhang Mingyue?”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Of course I heard it. That person is interesting, he came here just to shout like an idiot. Hahaha. He actually wanted to trick me. Did he leave?” When Cadjo recalled Zhang MIngyue’s dark expression, he couldn’t help but laugh once more. As they talked about what just happened, even Zhao Hai and Margaret laughed at times.

After talking about this matter, Cadjo looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Right, Little Hai, you need to hold back even if you get taunted by them. The family isn’t officially at war with the Zhang Family. If you deal with Zhang Mingyue now, then the situation would escalate. This wouldn’t be good for our future plans.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “I didn’t intend to head down at all. If I know that the other side is tricking me and I still go, then wouldn’t I be the fool? But they better make sure that I don’t meet Sun Fei, or else I’ll immediately kill him.”

Cadjo smiled faintly and said, “Alright, then you go take a rest. Don’t leave the building in the next few days. I’m certain that the Zhang Family has sent people to monitor your actions. Once you get spotted, they will immediately attack you. I can only ask for your forgiveness for the next few days.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “General Manager, it’s fine. You can rest assured, I wouldn’t leave the building.”

Cadjo nodded. Then he patted Zhao Hai’s shoulder before leaving.

When the three men left, Zhao Hai brought Margaret to the Space. While Zhao Hai was sitting on the side reading some information, Margaret and the others divided Liquid Silver and then used it to explore the entire planet.

It has already become a custom for Laura and the others to release needles to scout whenever they reach a new area. This way, they would become more familiar with the place and also monitor their enemies. 

The silver needles were originally tiny. And with Laura and the others commanding it to fly at high altitudes as well as deep underground, it was impossible for other people to discover them. Because of this, the women looked like they were playing around.

Zhao Hai actually wasn’t paying much attention to the things written in the materials he was provided. It was impossible for these people to be a threat to him. Paying attention to them would only be a waste of energy. Therefore, he just swept through most of the material without any care.

The levels of these participants weren’t too high. The strongest among them were level 4 while the lowest was level 1.

The Mages and Warriors sent by the smaller powers had some qualities worth looking at. Some of them were level 3 or level 4. It seems like these smaller powers were trying to use this qualifiers to elevate their positions.

Nevertheless, Zhao Hai still didn’t care. He just read these materials in order to get acquainted with the general state of the realm. After all, no participant could match him in this competition.

In addition to reading about the beginners, Zhao Hai also checked their situation using the internet. But unfortunately, the network of the Machine Realm wasn’t so interconnected. He couldn’t find a lot of useful things.

At this time, while Zhao Hai was browsing through information, Laura suddenly yelled, “Brother Hai, come here, quick. We found something!” Zhao Hai quickly put his computer down and went to the living room. Shown on the monitor was a fight. And among these people was someone who left an impression on him, Strong Wind Li Kuangren!

This Li Kuangren was one of the ten experts that Cadjo introduced. Judging by the information they had on him, this person was quite strong. When Zhao Hai saw the fight, he became curious and immediately sat down to spectate.

Li Kuangren was about 1.8 meters tall. He had withered and uncombed hair with a full beard. His two eyes were cold. He only had ordinary clothes on. And in his hand were his two broad axes. He didn’t look very big but it was evident that he was strong. His face was quite long horizontally. He had a dark skin that seemed to have a special luster to it. When he saw this, Zhao Hai’s eyes couldn’t help but flash. His defense was quite formidable, otherwise his skin wouldn’t turn into this appearance.  

Zhao Hai was curious about his opponent. But as he looked at the other side, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but get surprised. This was because he knew these people. They were the five Warriors that Zhang Mingyue had with him, the ones with the heavy cross swords!


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