BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1159


Chapter 1159 – Visit

Desbarres sneered and said, “If they really want to test Little Hai’s strength, then he might as well show them. Let Little Hai go out and challenge those bastards. I can still remember what they did in the past.”

Cadjo smiled and said, “All these years, we’re always at the receiving end of their bullying. It’s good to expel some bad air.”

When Luke saw how confident Cadjo and Desbarres were, he couldn’t help but get curious. He looked at the two and asked, “Is Little Hai really that strong?” Cadjo smiled and said, “If you face Little Hai, then even you might not survive. Alright, Little Hai, you can head back first and study the materials we gave you.” Zhao Hai nodded before he turned around and left.

Seeing Zhao Hai leave, Luke looked at Cadjo and Desbarres and said, “You really are that confident in Zhao Hai huh? Anyway, you two really showed off this time. You defeated 20 ships of the Zhang Family. You even managed to leave them intact. The Young Master is very happy. I’m sure he will reward you when you return.” 

Cadjo and Desbarres looked at each other and smiled, then Cadjo said, “You say we defeated 20 Zhang Family battleships? What if we tell you that they were defeated by Little Hai alone? Will you believe me?” 

When Luke heard Cadjo, he couldn’t help but stare, then he exclaimed, “He did that? Are you telling the truth? Don’t you lie to me.”

Cadjo rolled his eyes and said, “Bah. Luke I’m telling you this because Zhao Hai’s relationship with Miss Margaret is doing well. It wouldn’t be long before he becomes a powerhouse of our Ashley Family. Do you really think that we will falsely give him merit?”

Luke muttered, “So the kid is really a hero huh. It seems like its time for us to hold our heads up high.” One must say that Luke had been feeling suffocated all these years. It wasn’t only the Ashley Family who had a building in the Machine Field Planet. The other families also opened branches here.

If the relationship between two families were good, then they would lend each other a hand. However, if two families were at odds with each other, then it’s normal for them to compete.

In the Machine Field Planet, people wouldn’t act unreasonably. After all, this planet was where the three major powers did their work. Moreover, this was where Leng Wuyeng was buried. If they dared to disturb the peace, then the three major powers definitely wouldn’t let them off.

However, things like discouraging talks couldn’t be avoided. In the past few years, the Ashley Family has been getting bad results in the realm qualifiers. Naturally, this gave the Ashley Family’s enemies an opportunity to take shots at them. The amount of negative words that Luke had received all this time was enough to kill a human being.

Because of this, Luke had always been hoping for the family to produce a powerful expert. This way, the Ashley Family could turn the tables and allow Luke to breathe out some foul air. And now that Zhao Hai was here, Luke couldn’t help but be happy.

While the three were talking to each other, a knock was suddenly heard, then a voice came in, “Director, Zhang Family’s Young Master Mingyue is here. He wants to see Miss Margaret.”

When he heard this, Luke immediately opened the door. He looked at his assistant and said, “What?” The assistant replied, “Director, the Zhang Family’s Young Master brought people over to pay Miss Margaret a visit. They’re currently in the guest room.”

Luke knitted his brows. Then he waved his hand and said, “Alright, I’ll go down soon.” The man responded before turning around and leaving.

Luke looked at Cadjo and Desabaress and asked, “What do you think?” Luke knew about the dirty matters regarding the Zhang Family. Therefore, he asked the two for their opinion.

Cadjo sneered and said, “Let’s inform Miss Margaret about this first. I want to see what she has to say.” Luke nodded, “Alright, you wait here while I go see her.” However, Cadjo and Desbarres stood up and said, “Let’s go together.” Then the three walked over to Margaret’s room.

Just after Cadjo knocked on the door, Margaret’s voice was heard, “Yes?” Cadjo said, “Little Margaret, it’s me.”

Margaret opened the door and was shocked. She didn’t expect Cadjo and the others would look for her. She looked at the three and asked, “Uncle, what’s the problem?”

Cadjo replied, “Young Miss, Mingyue is here. He wants to see you. What do you think?”

Margaret’s expression sank, then she coldly said, “Mingyue wanted to see me? And why should I meet him? Our engagement has already been broken.” 

Cadjo nodded and said, “Alright, I understand.” Then he turned around and went towards the elevator. He will go meet the Zhang Family’s Young Master.

When Margaret saw the three of them leave, she didn’t immediately go back to her room. Instead, she went to Zhao Hai’s room. She thought that it would be best to tell Zhao Hai about this. After all, she was once engaged to the Zhang Family. She didn’t want Zhao Hai to misunderstand. Although she hasn’t seen Zhang Mingyue for a long time, she didn’t have any feelings towards him.

Margaret knocked on Zhao Hai’s door. Before long, Zhao Hai’s voice was heard, “Come in.”

Margaret pushed the door open and saw Zhao Hai sitting beside the table reading the materials Cadjo gave him. These materials were information regarding the various participants in the realm qualifiers. Naturally, it was impossible to list all of the participants. Cadjo made sure to sort them out and leave only those with substantial strength. However, the list still had several thousand people.

Zhao Hai looked at Margaret and said, “Margaret, why are you here? Come take a seat.”

Margaret looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Brother Hai, Mingyue came. He said he wants to see me. But since I don’t want to meet the Zhang Family, I had Uncle Cadjo see him.”

Zhao Hai said, “Zhang Mingyue? Who’s that? Ah, its that Third Young Master from the Zhang Family, the one you were engaged to. Why is he here? Doesn’t he know about the current state between the Zhang Family and Ashley Family?”

Margaret replied, “I don’t know. Even I don’t understand. I haven’t even met him that many times. His visit here is somewhat strange.”

Zhao Hai wrinkled his brows. Then he suddenly smiled and said, “Interesting, very interesting. I think this Mingyue didn’t come to see you, he wants to challenge me. Hehe. It seems like the Zhang Family is unwilling to give up.”

When Margaret heard this, she couldn’t help but feel relieved, then she looked at Zhao Hai and asked, “Brother Hai, what do we do now?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “This MIngyue didn’t bring Sun Fei. Instead, he wants his family’s experts to cripple me, reducing the risk to Sun Fei. Let’s head inside the Space.” Margaret nodded and the two went to the Space.

Upon entering the Space, the two saw Laura and the others in front of the monitor. On the screen was the confrontation between Cadjo and another party.

The other party only had ten people in it. Leading them was a young man. This young man was wearing a fire red mage robe. He had a delicate and pretty appearance, as well as a masterful bearing. However, arrogance could be clearly seen on his face. His two eyes were cold making everyone he looked at feel uncomfortable.

Behind him were five Warriors and four Mages. The five Warriors looked much older than the young man, with the youngest looking at least 30-years old. All of them carried a sword and seems to share the preference for two-handed swords. Their swords were longer than what seems comfortable and was also wider than normal swords. The sword cross also looked very imposing, which made them look magnificent.

As for the four Mages, they were also wearing fire red mage robes. Just like the Warriors, they were older than the young man. They also held red magic staffs on their hands. Although one couldn’t see what the staffs were made of, it was clear that they were advanced-level goods.

Zhang Mingyue stood up when he saw Cadjo and said, “Cadjo, don’t give me that smiling face of yours. I want to see my fiance. This isn’t something you can budge into.”

Cadjo was smiling, however his eyes began to narrow down. Those familiar with him would know that he was close to losing his temper. But Cadjo still chuckled and said, “Young Master, you must be joking. Your fiance isn’t here. My family has already renounced our arrangement with the Zhang Family’s Patriarch. Is the Young Master unaware of this?”

Zhang Mingyue coldly snorted and said, “So you’re saying that my engagement has been broken? Who gave you such power? Did this Young Master agree to it?”

Cadjo just smiled when he replied, “Young Master Mingyue misunderstands. I didn’t renounce your engagement, the Ashley Family’s Patriarch and the Zhang Family’s Patriarch agreed to it. Does the Young Master not know this? Or you just don’t agree with your family head’s decision?”

Zhang Mingyue expression changed. He knew that he would need to think about his next words. Otherwise, his father wouldn’t let him off. Although they were father and son, in the face of the family’s matters, paternal love was useless.

Zhang Mingyue sneered and said, “Of course I know about the decision. However, we’ve been in a good relationship all these years. I just want to see Margaret. Am I demanding too much?”

Cadjo smiled and said, “So this is what Young Master meant. However, I’ll have to apologize. Our Young Miss is not here. She just left and I don’t know when she’ll be back. I’ll have to ask the Young Master to return another time.”

Zhang Mingyue’s expression changed. He knew for certain that Cadjo was deceiving him. However, he didn’t have the means to push through. If he decided to force himself in, then Cadjo might make a move. If this matter reaches outside, then the Zhang Family would face consequences. After all, this was Machine Field Planet, not the Zhang Family’s domain.

Zhang Mingyue also had talent for cultivation. After years of cultivation, he managed to reach level 6. However, he still fell short compared to the cunning of Cadjo. With Cadjo here, Mingyue was left not knowing what to do.

At this time, a Mage behind Mingyue stepped forward and said,” I have seen General Manager Cadjo. Since Miss Margaret left, then we’ll have to let this matter go. However, the Young Master is also here to meet the Ashley Family’s new genius, his name is Zhao Hai right? We heard that he’s quite strong. Although he just ascended months ago, he’s already able to win your family qualifiers. When our Patriarch heard about this, he couldn’t help but feel happy. Because of this, he prepared a gift specifically for Zhao Hai. He wants us to personally hand it over. I don’t know if General Manager Cadjo will allow us to see him?”


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