BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1158


Chapter 1158 – Uses of Supporting Magic Formations

And just like Margaret said, after two days of travel, the Ashley Family’s fleet began seeing the fleets of other families. These fleets weren’t huge. At most, there were ten ships in a fleet.

Zhao Hai was somewhat puzzled by this situation. After asking Margaret, he came to know that each family wouldn’t send too many ships during the realm qualifiers because Machine Field Planet couldn’t handle a lot of ships.

In the Machine Field, there were no less than 10 thousand small and large powers. Imagine if all these groups send large numbers of ships over. Then how many would fit in the space around the capital? Therefore, every realm qualifier, it was agreed that each power wouldn’t send too many ships.

Zhao Hai also saw Cadjo and Desbarres beginning to get busy greeting the other fleets. They even made direct communications from others. As for the rest, flashing their signal lights was enough.

Zhao Hai stayed in the Space for over two days before returning to the ship. He didn’t stop his cultivation during this time. His body tempering technique was beginning to get more and more refined. And as his body got stronger and stronger, his spiritual force was also increasing. Although these effects were only appearing slowly, Zhao Hai still kept pushing on.

Moreover, Zhao Hai began condensing formations once more. But this time, the formations he used were supporting magic formations. Zhao Hai also discovered that the number of supporting formations weren’t less than offensive and defensive formations, it was even possible that there were more.

It wasn’t easy making new combat formations. This was because there are latent dangers during each testing. However, this danger didn’t exist when it came to supporting magic formations. Some of these formations were used to increase the strength of metals. Some were designed to increase a metal’s radioactivity, some for increasing its property of transmitting signals, and many more.

Most importantly, there were no dangers in testing these formations. Even if the test failed, two or three things might be destroyed, nothing else. Because of this, there were more supporting formations than offensive and defensive formations. 

Zhao Hai didn’t know whether he could find any uses for these formations. In any case, he still decided to condense them. Even if they were useless, nothing remarkable would be lost.

However, Zhao Hai didn’t expect the result he would get. After these supporting formations were condensed and analyzed, it actually elevated the quality of Zhao Hai’s formation sets. Now Zhao Hai can use his spiritual force to support 3000-layer formations sets. These formations sets had a lot of supportive formations inside. After these supportive formations were added, not only was the strength of these formations preserved, the spiritual force needed to operate them also reduced by a lot. This was a very good news for Zhao Hai.

There was no need to mention his 5-layer and 10-layer formations. Their power increased by several folds while also reducing the time needed to cast them. 

Zhao Hai didn’t expect these supporting formations to have this effect. But more surprised than Zhao Hai was Margaret. In the Machine Field, people always believed that supporting and combat magic formations were different. The two cannot be combined, otherwise the power of formation sets would drop.

But after seeing Zhao Hai’s formation sets, Margaret’s thoughts were changed. This event made Margaret more curious, she wanted to understand what was happening.

Margaret knew that if supporting formations and combat formations could really be united and have this effect, then it would be a huge boost for the Machine Field’s Mages. This will cause Magic Theory to obtain a huge qualitative leap forward.

This didn’t mean that nobody in the Machine Field tried to combine supporting and combat formations together. However, nobody had succeeded before. After seeing what just happened, Margaret knew that the issue was with how the two were combined.

There were simply too many supporting and combat formations in the Machine Field. Combining combat formations together was already hard, so there was no need to say what would happen if supporting formations were added to the mix. The more factors there were in a combination, the more complex the results would become. Finding a suitable combination for a formation set was easier said than done.

The Machine Field failed to combine combat and supporting formations because they had yet to find success. After carrying out experiments, they weren’t able to find an appropriate combination to make into a useful set. Because of this, the might of the resulting formation set was reduced, causing the current misconception.

But with the Space’s scanner, things like finding a suitable combination was made much easier. Because of this, the effect of supporting formations was seen.

At this point, in Margaret’s eyes, Liquid Silver was no longer the most valuable item in Zhao Hai’s hands. Instead, it should be the Universal Scanner. If people came to know about this godly device, then they would certainly find means to snatch it. The uses of the scanner far surpasses Liquid Silver.

Liquid Silver was a formidable weapon, enough to shake the current state of the realm. But in the end, Liquid Silver was just that, a weapon. Moreover, the spiritual force needed by Liquid Silver was enormous. Not anyone could use it.

On the other hand, the Universal Scanner would calculate differently according to different people. It was the most formidable device for making magic formation sets.

Imagine if a family had their hands on a universal scanner. All of their formations would be combined to form more powerful formations. 

Powerful Experts were certainly important to families. However, a comprehensive increase is strength was something that they needed more.

While Zhao Hai was being busy, they finally arrived at Machine Field Planet. When they reached the planet, Zhao Hai and Margaret quickly went to the command hall. They wanted to take a look at the Machine Field’s capital.

Machine Field Planet was the realm’s center, its capital. This was where the three major powers stationed themselves. They even have their fleet stationed in its outer space bases.

From outer space, Machine Field Planet had three colors – green, blue, and silver! The green part was the forest, the blue part was the oceans, while the silver part were the buildings built on the surface.

Almost all of the buildings in the Machine Field Planet were made of metal. This place was the most developed area in the entire realm. All of the talented natives were also here, at Machine Field University.

The Machine Field University was an institution studying all sorts of fields. There were departments for Magic, Martial Arts, Magic Formations, Magic Formation Sets, Mechs, Battleships, Military Command, and other fields. All of the realm’s best teachers were also hired by the university, making it the best learning and research environment in the realm. Majority of the Machine Field’s Patriarchs were graduates from this institution.

Besides the university, Machine Field Planet also had the most special place in the realm, Leng Wuyeng’s Tomb!

Leng Wuyeng held a very special status in the Machine Field. It could even be said that the Machine Field would not exist without him. Therefore, every year on Leng Wuyeng’s day of passing, plenty of people would come here to pay homage. This has become a tradition in the Machine Field.

Looking at the beautiful planet, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but feel somewhat excited. This place was an amalgamation of the realm’s talents. He would be lying if he said he wasn’t thrilled.

Cadjo looked at the planet, then he looked at Zhao Hai. Seeing Zhao Hai’s calm expression as well as the burst of fighting intent in his eye, he couldn’t help but smile and said, “While we wait for the qualifiers to start, I’ll be taking you to visit people who had made friends with our Ashley Family. We’ll also visit Bishop Gode from the Dark Church. You can explore the place when the competition ends. But before that, we can’t have you aimlessly wander the planet.”

All the family’s representatives nodded. At this time, the ship’s captain received confirmation for their dock. Before long, the ship was anchored on a dock with a platform.

Once the ship has stopped, Cadjo brought Zhao Hai and the others out of the ship. This dock wasn’t an outer space base. Instead it was a place where outsider ships could dock their ships. It was designed roughly the same as outer space bases.

When Cadjo and the others got down from the ship, a person wearing Dark Mage Robes immediately walked over and said, “General Manager, Camp Lord Desbarres, welcome. The vehicles have already been prepared.”

Cadjo smiled faintly and said, “Luke, you’re too courteous. Little Hai, let me introduce you. This is Luke, he’s a family director stationed in Machine Field Planet. Luke, this is Bone Symbol Camp’s Zhao Hai, the champion of the family’s qualifier.”

Luke looked at Zhao Hai, his eyes shone as he nodded said, “Zhao Hai, I’ve heard about you. The family’s new genius. I’ll be eyeing you in the realm qualifiers.”

Zhao Hai was also observing Luke. The man was about 1.8 meters tall. His hair was very neatly combed. His robe was also carefully organized that one couldn’t see a single crease on it. One could see from this point that he was a very old-fashioned man.

Zhao Hai quickly returned the greeting, “I wouldn’t disappoint Director Luke.”

Luke nodded, then he turned to Cadjo and said, “Everything has been arranged. As for the ship’s staff, somebody else is in charge of taking care of them.” Then he led the group to a nearby small ship.

After everyone entered the ship, it immediately took off and flew towards the planet. From what Zhao Hai saw, Machine Field Planet was much more prosperous than Dark Demon Planet. There were a lot of other small ships shuttling back and forth in the planet’s atmosphere. It was a very busy scene.

The ship quickly entered the planet’s atmosphere. Before long, the ship stopped in front of a building. This building wasn’t very high, at least thirty floors. With the buildings surrounding it having more than 100 floors, it appeared on the shorter side. On this large building was a huge emblem. Upon looking at it, Zhao Hai identified that the insignia belonged to the Ashley Family.

After the ship stopped, Luke quickly led everyone down. Along the way, Luke was seen whispering things into Cadjo’s ear. Luke was quite casual with Cadjo. Neither one of them exuded authority over the other. One could see from this point that Cadjo trusted Luke very much.

Luke led everyone into the building. Then after everyone were assigned their own room, Luke invited Cadjo and Desbarres to his room.

Not long after the three met, a robot arrived outside Zhao Hai’s room and knocked on the door. When Zhao Hai opened the door, the robot immediately said, “Mister Zhao Hai, Director Luke is asking for your presence. Please come with me.” Zhao Hai didn’t say anything. He just closed the door and then followed the robot to Luke’s room.

When Zhao Hai entered Luke’s room, he couldn’t help but stare. He expected everyone to be here. Instead, the only other people inside were Cadjo and Desbarres. Nobody else was here, not even Margaret.

Although Zhao Hai paused for a moment, he immediately recovered. He didn’t say anything and just gave the three a salute and then sat down.

After Zhao Hai sat down, Cadjo said, “Little Hai, we invited you over to let Luke introduce you to Machine Field Planet’s situation. This is to prepare you for the future. At the same time, we also want to tell you about an order from the family.”

Zhao Hai stared, but he still nodded and asked, “What order did the family give?”

Cadjo’s eyes flashed a cold light, then he said, “The Patriarch wants you to cripple Sun Fei!”

Zhao Hai wasn’t surprised, he nodded and said, “Alright, the moment I face Sun Fei, I will immediately cripple his cultivation. The General Manager doesn’t need to worry about this. Even if the family didn’t give me this order, I will still cripple him to lessen the Zhang Family’s benefits.”

Luke was somewhat surprised at Zhao Hai’s response. He didn’t expect Zhao Hai to accept the order this easily. One must know that Fire Saint Sun Fei wasn’t someone that could easily be dealt with. He was known as a rare talent in the Zhang Family. Moreover, his title wasn’t just nonsense. His fire element magic was indeed more powerful than most. Average people wouldn’t even think of winning against him. So why was Zhao Hai talking about this matter as though it was as simple as brewing tea?

But what surprised Luke more were Cadjo and Desbarres’s responses. They didn’t think that Zhao Hai was saying something strange, they wore normal expressions when they heard Zhao Hai.

Cadjo nodded and said, “Try to not head out in the next few days. Now that only a few people know about your true strength, people will want to understand you better. If someone provokes you outside, make sure to endure.”

Zhao Hai just nodded and didn’t say anything.


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