BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1157


Chapter 1157 – Everpresent Ancient Sand

Zhao Hai looked at Cadjo and Desbarres’s expressions, then he smiled and said, “General Manager, Camp Lord, you can rest assured. I’ve already taken care of it. If you want, we can go and see the situation. In any case, confirming it wouldn’t take too long.”

Naturally, Cadjo and Desbarres agreed to visit the site. They directed their fleet to where the Zhang Family’s ships were. And as soon as they arrived, everyone was dumbfounded. Besides a few Mech fragments in Space, everything else in the fleet was completely preserved. It looked like they didn’t receive even a point of damage.

If not for the absence of shields as well as incoming attacks, they might have thought that the Zhang Family were still manning the ships.

Cadjo and Desbarres turned to Zhao Hai with completely confused expressions. Zhao Hai just smiled at them and said, “Camp Lord, General Manager, do we head inside a ship to take a look?”

The two couldn’t help but look at each other. At this time, Margaret, who had already entered the room, smiled and said, “Alright. Let’s go and take a look. I want to see how different the Zhang Family’s ships are compared to ours.”

Since they didn’t have anything to say about the matter, Cadjo and Desbarres just nodded when they heard Margaret. Before long, their ship suspended a bridge to connect towards a Zhang Family battleship.

Entering another ship through a connection bridge required the approval of the ship being boarded. If nobody were inside the other ship, then the connection bridge would be useless. Cadjo and Desbarres turned to Zhao Hai and wondered how it worked. If it weren’t for Margaret, the two wouldn’t have been confident in boarding the ship.

Once they entered the decompression chamber of the other ship, Cadjo and Desbarres couldn’t help but stare. This was because those in the decompression chamber weren’t human, they were Undead!

There were no living beings in sight, but the two Undead present were wearing the Zhang Family’s uniform. When the Undead saw the group arrive, they immediately gave a salute before going to the side.

Zhao Hai didn’t care about this as he led the others towards the ship. Once they were inside, Cadjo and Desbarres finally began to believe Zhao Hai. This was because they were able to see bloodstains inside the ship. However, besides the bloodstains, not a single person nor corpse was there.

Zhao Hai looked at the scene, then he smiled and said, “General Manager, Camp Lord, I have turned all of the people in the Zhang Family fleet into Undead. The ships have been completely preserved. As long as the family arrives, they can have the operators take over the ship and be more familiar with it. With enough practice, they would be able to use these to fight.”

Cadjo stared at the battleship, then he laughed all of a sudden. He repeatedly pat Zhao Hai’s shoulder and said, “Good, Little Hai, well done. I’ll immediately explain the situation to the family. Also, I’ll leave a ship behind to guard this area. I’ll also leave some operators behind. At the very least, we could erect the ship’s shields and weapons. It’s highly probable for these ships to be hit by meteorites at any time. If we don’t guard them, they might be destroyed.”

Desbarres and the others were also laughing with happiness. After they returned to their ship, operators were left behind to staff the captured ships. Then shortly after that, they continued on with their journey.

Cadjo detailed everything Zhao Hai said in his report to the family. When Thunder read it, he couldn’t help but be surprised. He never thought Zhao Hai to move this flawlessly.

But what made him confused was how Zhao Hai was able to enter these ships silently. Nevertheless, Thunder proved that he was equipped to be a Patriarch. He didn’t ask much about the process and instead just sent people to retrieve the ships.

Naturally, the people who were with Zhao Hai on the fleet knew about his accomplishments. Their admiration towards him was now going through the roof. At the same time, those from the other camps completely removed the dissatisfaction in their hearts. When someone who defeated you only had a bit more strength, then you might feel that the result was unsatisfactory. However, when that person shows overwhelming strength, you couldn’t help but just accept it.”

Two days after Cadjo’s fleet left the Quicksand Starfield, the Ashley Family’s operators arrived. They quickly took over the 20 ships. The Ashley Family basically gained a fortune by doing nothing.

At this moment, Zhao Hai was inside the Space, observing the Quicksand Starfield. Naturally, the scene he was observing wasn’t the meteorite field outside the Quicksand Starfield, but instead the wide expanse of desert in the center.

Laura and the others were also looking at the vast desert. After some time, Megan said, “Big Brother Hai, don’t you want to take a look at the desert?”

After following beside Zhao Hai for a long time, Megan and the others were already aware of his thoughts. Seeing how Zhao Hai looked at the vast desert, they immediately knew that he wanted to personally see it for himself.

But there was one of them who was still clueless. When Margaret heard Megan, her expression changed as she asked, “Brother Hai, you really want to go there? You shouldn’t. It’s too dangerous.”

Zhao Hai looked at Margaret, then he smiled and said, “It’s fine. Nothing’s going to happen to me. I just want to take some sand and send it to the Space to see if it’s something useful.”

Margaret was still unwilling to let Zhao Hai go. But at this time, Laura said, “Margaret, it’s fine. There’s no need to worry about Brother Hai. And Brother Hai, you can go, but don’t go deep into the sand sea. Just take some sand for the Space and then exit the area.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then his body vanished. The next moment, he appeared on the screen. Margaret was looking at him with worry in her eyes.

When Laura and the others saw Margaret’s expression, then couldn’t help but smile. They weren’t worried about Zhao Hai at all. This was because they knew that nothing will happen to him.

Zhao Hai stood on a meteorite just on the outskirts of the sea of sand. Looking at the boundless desert, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but sigh inside. This desert was too big. Under the radiance of the nearby stars, it shimmered with seven-colored lights. Such scenery wasn’t present inside the Space.

However, Zhao Hai wasn’t planning on taking a step towards the vast desert since he didn’t want to make Laura and the others worry. Instead, Zhao Hai waved his hand as a spatial rift appeared ten thousand meters in front of him. Before long, the spatial rift began sucking up the nearby sand. But what Zhao Hai didn’t expect was the corrosion brought up by these sand particles. As they came in contact with the rift, they actually made it even bigger.

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but stare, then he immediately closed the spatial rift. Then at this moment, the Space issued a prompt: “Everpresent Ancient Sand detected. Earth element attribute detected as well as the property to last for a very long time. It can be used to augment a weapon. It has effect stronger than black iron. It also has the ability to corrode materials as well as eliminate spiritual force.”

When Zhao Hai heard this prompt, he paused for a moment. He didn’t expect the sand to be this formidable. It could actually corrode all things. Moreover, it can eliminate spiritual force. These properties were terrifying.

The ability to corrode might be alright. However, the property to eliminate spiritual force was another thing altogether. Take the Cultivation Realm, for example. Weapons that underwent spirit attachment could be branded using one’s spiritual force. Once one was able to brand their spiritual force into a weapon, then that weapon would forever belong to them.

Fortunately, the spiritual force in most weapons could be eliminated once their masters were killed. However, if one killed a descendant of a powerful being, then they would need a substantial amount of spiritual force to remove the branding. Even if a trace of that powerful being’s spiritual force was left, it would still be very hard for it to be eliminated. Moreover, the powerful being could use that branding to locate the weapon and kill the thief.

In the Cultivation Realm, murders because of weapons were common. However, not a lot of people dared to kill those with powerful backgrounds. If they did, then they would be tracked down and killed. However, with the everlasting ancient sand, eliminating spiritual force on a weapon would be easier. Even those powerful experts would have no way of tracking their weapons.

Besides weapons, there was also another thing. In the Machine Field, most spatial equipment had no spiritual branding. So if it was lost, it would be very hard to find it. But in the Cultivation Realm, spatial items were like magical artifacts and were branded with spiritual force. If you cannot eliminate the owner’s spiritual branding on a spatial equipment, then it would be impossible for you to access its contents.

And if you decide to be forceful in breaking through the spatial equipment, then it might create a spatial disturbance inside and destroy everything. What you need to do was to erase the spiritual branding bit by bit. And this process would take quite a long time.

However, if one uses the everpresent ancient sand, this issue would be easily solved. It can be said that this material would be very useful for robbing the people from the Cultivation Realm.

Zhao Hai entered the Space and immediately examined the sand. The sand was extremely small, much finer than ordinary sand. However, it was very heavy. Zhao Hai felt that the handful of sand he held weighed about ten thousand jin(5 thousand kg). Such weight to volume ratio was too astonishing.

The sand was golden yellow, bordering the color of gold dust. Because of this beauty, Laura and the others couldn’t help but look curiously at it.

After seeing nothing else, Zhao Hai stored the sand as everyone returned to the living room. The image currently displayed on the screen was the situation inside the ship.

Seeing that nothing was out of the norm, Zhao Hai turned to Margaret and said, “Margaret, how far are we from Machine Field Planet?”

Margaret smiled and said, “We’re not that far. We should be able to begin seeing ships from other families in two days.”


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