BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1156


Chapter 1156 – Done

Zhao Hai calmly looked at the Ashley Family’s fleet through the monitor. They had already arrived at the designated area. However, they were an hour later than what Zhao Hai expected.

Zhao Hai knew that this was because Cadjo and the others were still reluctant about his capabilities. Nevertheless, he didn’t say anything nor go see Cadjo. What he needs to do now was to maintain his mysterious capabilities, making Cadjo and the others feel that he was an unreadable character.

Maintaining one’s mystery can save you a lot of trouble sometimes. Others would hesitate to take action against you if they had yet to grasp your capabilities.

Zhao Hai was doing this exact thing. He would help the Ashley Family with their matters but he wouldn’t reveal everything to them. Besides his family, he wouldn’t easily trust anybody else.

Upon seeing Cadjo and the others entering the predetermined area, Zhao Hai shifted his attention towards the Zhang Family’s fleet. Because the Zhang Family’s fleet had their communications withdrawn, they weren’t able to detect the Ashley Family’s fleet. They could only rely on the sentries they sent outside for information. However, these sentries had already been dealt with by Zhao Hai. Because of this, the Zhang Family fleet wasn’t in any state to fight, which gave Zhao Hai the best opportunity to attack.

Zhao Hai saw that Cadjo was almost prepared to start. However, he wouldn’t immediately take action. He would wait until Cadjo and the others began to suppress the enemy’s electronic communications.

You ask why Zhao Hai knew that Cadjo’s fleet was prepared to take action? Zhao Hai had been inside Cadjo’s ship for a long time. At this point, he knew how many cockroaches were inside the ship and where they were.

When Cadjo and the others began suppressing the enemy’s communication system, Zhao Hai immediately began to move. In a flash, large quantities of Undead appeared inside the Zhang Family’s ships. However, these Undead weren’t controlled by Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai came out of the Space and arrived in front of the Zhang Family fleet.

Just like what Zhao Hai expected, the ship operators couldn’t resist the onslaught of the Undead. On the other hand, the mech soldiers were still on standby when the Undead attacked. A lot of them engaged in melee combat with the Undead. Some of these soldiers died while some were able to ride their Mechs and exit the ship.

Zhao Hai calmly looked at these Mechs. Mechs pilots were all elite soldiers. If these people didn’t have Mechs, then their strengths would be worse than Mages and Warriors. But as long as they were inside their machines, they would then be able to fight groups of Mages and Warriors. These people started their training earlier than Mages and Warriors. Among the major influences, their status was higher compared to Mages and Warriors of their level.

Being able to exit the ships in a short period of time was a testament to these Mech pilot’s capabilities.

Now that the battleships were being overrun by Undead, the tall Mechs would be inconvenienced to fight inside. Moreover, it seems like they have guessed that the other battleships were also under attack. Because of this, they ran out of their ships to either escape further into the starfield or regroup with the Mechs from the other ships. It can be said that they made the correct choice. 

They were truly elite soldiers. However, it was a pity that they were against Zhao Hai. And there was no chance for Zhao Hai to be polite to them.

The Mechs were still flustered from the surprise attack. And with Zhao Hai killing them one by one, the panic among the pilots was increasing.

But just before the Mechs were about to find their footing, they suddenly saw their ships starting to open fire. This collapsed the Mech army. They were now aware that there was no way for them to survive this ordeal.

Even if they were able to realize this, the thought came too late. The battle was over very quickly. And just like Zhao Hai expected, the Zhang Family fleet tried to report the situation to the family. But with Cadjo’s suppression, their last hope was destroyed. 

Twenty battleships were defeated just like that. The battle was extraordinarily simple. In less than five hours, all ships were captured and the Mechs were destroyed. Besides the ships and Mech fragments, not much else was left.

Bloodstains were the only things left inside the ships. Not a single living person nor dead corpse was seen. Meanwhile, the ships and the unmanned Mechs were left in fairly perfect condition.

After Zhao Hai swept the battlefield, he glanced at the battleships before returning to the Space. At this time, Laura and the others had already finished their work.

Seeing Zhao Hai return, Laura immediately said, “Brother Hai, are we done?”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he turned to Margaret and said, “Margaret, we should head back.” Margaret’s expression wasn’t good. She just commanded a team of Undead to slaughter the people inside a ship. Although she was looking at the situation through a monitor, her face was still quite pale.

Zhao Hai looked at Margaret, then he softly comforted, “It’s fine, Margaret. Don’t forget that they are enemies.” Margaret nodded.

Zhao Hai couldn’t bear to see her pale expression, so he immediately changed to another topic, “Right, Margaret, how powerful is the jammer that you made? Is it strong enough to stop the flight recorders inside the battleships?”

Flight recorders were machines used to record what was happening in the ship during an emergency. This machine was connected to the main computer of the ship but was set up independently. It was contained inside a high-strength alloy which cannot be easily destroyed. Sometimes, even if a battleship was destroyed, these flight recorders would still work with no problems.

Although flight recorders and the main computer were connected, flight recorders were independent from the main computer. As long as unauthorized people entered the ship, the flight recorder would immediately start recording everything that happened on the ship.

Zhao Hai knew about these things before he began his attack. This was also where he had some problems. Whether it be the Ashley Family or the Zhang Family, both of them would be able to use these flight recorders to look into what happened, which was very bad for Zhao Hai.

However, this issue was actually solved by Margaret. Besides being a Mage, she was also interested in magic formations inside electronics.

In fact, in the Machine Field, Mages and electronic products have an inseparable relationship. The technology here was different than on Earth. Earth electronics were generally made with a combination of mechanical and electrical engineering. But in the Machine Field, electronics had magic formations mixed in them. Each electronic product in the Machine Field had some sort of magic formation inside. And there was no need to say about the compositions of battleships and Mechs.

The magic formations inside these Mechs and electronic products weren’t just ordinary formations. They were specifically designed for electronics. The main function of these formations were to assist, not to fight. Because of this, Mages wouldn’t normally dabble to deep into these formations. In the Machine Field, there were only a few Mages in each family who researched these formations. The lack of any offensive and defensive capabilities of these formations made most Mages ignore it.

Even Zhao Hai ignored these formations when he started learning Magic Theory. Only when he took note about flight recorders did these formations enter his eyes. If this matter wasn’t solved, then there was a risk that his secrets would be revealed.

But at the right moment, Margaret actually offered some help. She made a type of jammer for Zhao Hai to use. The range of this jammer wasn’t huge, but its power was quite large. As long as a jammer was inside a ship, then the flight recorder would be as functional as space junk.

It was through this matter that Zhao Hai began to look into the significance of supporting formations. And after looking into it, he found out that these supporting formations were able to increase the offensive and defensive strength of formation sets.

Zhao Hai asked the question in order to distract Margaret. And he succeeded. Margaret quickly replied, “Brother Hai can rest assured. There won’t be any problems.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he turned to Margaret and said, “That’s good. Now, my strength wouldn’t be exposed. Let’s head out. After you return to the Space, you can study these formations. They might provide great use for us.”

Margaret’s thoughts immediately shifted to these formations. Her face turned for the better as she nodded repeatedly. Seeing her recover, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but smile. Margaret was shaping up to become like Karen and the others. 

After sending Margaret back to her room, Zhao Hai also teleported inside Cadjo’s ship. Desbarres and Cadjo were eagerly looking at the direction of the Zhang Family’s fleet. They want to see when Zhao Hai’s fight would begin. However, nothing happened in the distant space. There weren’t any lights nor sounds being captured by the ship. This caused them to be puzzled.

At this time, Zhao Hai suddenly appeared in front of them. Seeing Zhao Hai come back Cadjo quickly asked, “Little Hai, how is it? Do we need to ask for help from the family? If so, then I’ll immediately send a message. However, we cannot stay here for long. We need to rush towards the capital.” Cadjo thought that Zhao Hai had yet to engage the Zhang Family. Therefore, he said these words.

Zhao Hai looked at Cadjo and smiled faintly as he said, “General Manager, we can leave. I’ve already dealt with the Zhang Family’s fleet. The family can come and collect the ships.”

Cadjo and Desbarres stared. They looked at each other and saw the doubt in each other’s eyes. Twenty battleships were dealt with just like that? How is that possible?


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