BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1155


Chapter 1155 – Fig Leaf

Three days later, Zhao Hai returned to the ship. But what made Cadjo and Desbarres wonder was Margaret being always absent at the same time Zhao Hai was gone. She would make people deliver food to her room and would just stay inside. 

When Zhao Hai returned to the command hall, Margaret was also with him. Seeing that Zhao Hai had come back, Cadjo and Desbarres quickly welcomed him. Zhao Hai went to the command hall’s main computer and opened the Quicksand Starfield’s map and said, “The Zhang Family hid in these spots. They made sure that they were hidden well. Moreover, their ships don’t emit any electromagnetic signals, making it hard to detect them. If we weren’t prepared, then we might get too relaxed and fall for their sneak attack.”

Cadjo didn’t become an expert by doing nothing. He clearly knew that the Zhang Family’s positioning was the optimal setup that they could do. It seems like the Zhang Family really wanted to destroy them.

Cadjo nodded and said, “So what do you need us to do next?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “We’ll deviate from our original route. Although we may still encounter the Zhang Family, I will deal with them, there’s no need to worry. The General Manager just needs to encircle these ships and interfere with their communication systems.”

Cadjo nodded and said, “That’s not a problem. So when do we make our move?”

Zhao Hai replied, “We’ll just go along our usual time frame. After we arrive at the destination, then you do what you need to do. The battle will start immediately. Alright, then I’ll start getting busy.” Then Zhao Hai’s figure vanished from the ship.

Cadjo looked at Desbarres and smiled bitterly as he said, “This kid, he’s already giving us commands. Alright, let’s start getting busy as well.” Then he turned to Margaret and said, “Little Margaret, what have you been doing these days? Why did you decide to head out of your room now?”

Margaret yawned and said, “I came out because I’m starting to get bored. I don’t have much to do unlike you old men. I just enjoyed playing games inside my room. Alright then, Uncles, I’m taking my leave.” Then she turned around and left Cadjo and Desbarres puzzled.

Desbarres quickly stopped Margaret and said, “Little Margaret, aren’t you worried about Zhao Hai? He’s going to face a fleet.”

Margaret turned towards Desbarres and just smiled as she said, “I’m not worried. There’s nobody in this world that can kill Brother Hai.” Then she waved her hand and returned to her room.

Cadjo and Desbarres looked at Margaret, speechless. They didn’t expect Margaret to be this confident in Zhao Hai. What they didn’t know was that Margaret spent the last days inside the Space with Zhao Hai. The two had been together all this time.

Zhao Hai went back to the Space with Margaret following behind soon. When he entered the Space, he immediately looked at the huge monitor. This time, everyone wasn’t planning on playing any games, they were planning the attack on the Zhang Family’s fleet.

The Zhang Family’s fleet was now fully being monitored. Zhao Hai even stationed some of the silver needles around the ships. In this case, there’s no way for the fleet to escape.

The only thing left for them to do was to begin to take action. Lizzy looked at the map and said, “The Zhang Family’s fleet has 20 ships and about 40 thousand Mechs. This isn’t a small number. Dealing with them wouldn’t be easy. I think we should use the Undead to assault them. Brother Hai, you’ll use Liquid Silver to break their shields so that we can lead the Undead to attack them in close proximity. We’ll destroy them in one go.”

Zhao Hai agreed to the plan. The Zhang Family didn’t bring any Mages or Warriors with their fleet. As long as Zhao Hai breaks their shields, the Undead could overwhelm them. When the time comes, the ships would just be sitting ducks waiting for slaughter.

Zhao Hai also recently discovered that the Liquid Silver’s needles couldn’t touch the other ships if their shields were up. Because of this, he wasn’t able to see the situation inside each ship. It was only once the shields were down that the needles could get in close and invade.

Because they were staging an ambush, the Zhang Family’s ships had been passive in the past few days. They would only erect their shields if meteorites came close. This situation provided Zhao Hai opportunities to make some experiments.

Zhao Hai knew that he would encounter more battleships in the future. Therefore, he needed some time to understand them more. This way, he would know their strengths and weaknesses. And his recent results came out very good.

Actually, when Zhao Hai discovered that he could send Undead into the battleships, he didn’t immediately think about handing the ships over to the Ashley Family.

But soon, Zhao Hai realized that the more valuable aspects of warships were its operators. It wasn’t easy to train people that can run a battleship. Once he defeated the Zhang Family’s fleet, not only could he get their battleships, he would also gain Undead operators that could help him run the ship. 

In the end, Zhao Hai decided to give the ships to the Ashley Family. However, the soldiers and operators inside would have to be taken away.

Megan looked at the ships and said, “We need to keep everyone in the ships inside. It would be a problem if the Mechs headed out.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “If those Mechs manage to escape, I’ll personally go deal with them. The Space doesn’t have enough materials to make a lot of Liquid Silver replicas, we’re quite lacking in that aspect. The Space’s army is still not enough to contend against a Mech army. I have to deal with the Mechs myself. But as long as we take control of the battleships and turn the operators into Undead, we’ll be able to deal with those Mechs. There’s no need to worry much about it.”

Megan and the others nodded. Then they discussed other aspects of the attack. Actually, what was left to discuss was very simple. They were only waiting for the right time to make an attack.

After the discussion, Laura turned to Margaret and said, “Margaret, do you want to lead a team?”

When Margaret heard Laura, she couldn’t help but stare for a moment. Then she felt cold. She just heard them talk about murder as though it was a game. She wasn’t used to it.

When Laura saw Margaret’s expression, she immediately knew what she was thinking. Laura smiled and said, “It’s fine. I can’t even count the number of people Brother Hai killed since his debut. However, all of these people are his enemies. Enemies needed to be destroyed or else they will come after us in the future.”

Margaret nodded. She practically grew up in the greenhouse, so she was quite pure. However, she was already prepared for these events when she decided to follow Zhao Hai. This was the real Zhao Hai, and she must adapt in order to follow him.

It can be said that Margaret was a complete idealist in the past. She always lived inside a very safe environment. The most cruel and ruthless situation that she experienced were internal family issues.

But after following Zhao Hai in the past few days, Margaret began to see the true face of the Machine Field. Although the Machine Field was dominated by the three major forces, the smaller influences were bearing grudges against each other and were constantly fighting. One could only kill their enemy if they wanted to improve themselves.

Because of this thought, Margaret agreed to commanding a team of Undead. Since she already accepted Zhao Hai, then she would need to help.

Once they were done with their discussions, Laura changed the monitor’s display to the Quicksand Starfield. There were a few green dots seen on the map.

Besides these green dots, there were also red dots seen. These red dots were the Zhang Family’s fleet. Zhao Hai saw this situation and said, “Calculate when the General Manager will arrive at the area.”

Laura nodded and said, “There’s no need to worry about that. It would take a day for the General Manager and the others to enter the area, and another four hours before arriving at the predetermined place. Then it would take another two hours before they could suppress the electronic communications. When the time comes, we can make our move. Brother Hai, you should take a rest. After all, when the time comes you will need to personally act.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “You take a rest as well. We can leave this area to Cai’er. We don’t want you to be exhausted when the battle begins.” Laura smiled and said, “Rest assured, we will do well.” Zhao Hai nodded before turning around and entering his room.

Cadjo and Desbarres didn’t share the same relaxed mindset. They stayed inside the command hall all the time. They didn’t even think about asking for reinforcements from the family in order to help Zhao Hai. They believed that once the family makes a move, the Zhang Family would notice it. And when that time comes, the Zhang Family would also send their own troops, triggering an open war between the two; which was very bad for the Ashley Family. 

The Zhang Family were doing everything they can in order to prevent Zhao Hai from participating in the competition. With the realm qualifiers happening in a few days, Cadjo’s fleet couldn’t afford to be delayed.

Since Zhao Hai was confident enough to eliminate the enemy fleet, what they needed to do now was to send a message back to the family asking for personnel to man the soon to be captured ships. This would allow them to rush to the Machine Field’s capital as soon as possible.

At this point, the Zhang Family and the Ashley Family’s contradictions were beginning to reveal itself. Only a piece of fig leaf was keeping everything from blowing up. However, none of the two sides wanted to remove this fig leaf. Once this barrier was punctured, things wouldn’t bode well for both groups.

And with this fig leaf, it was impossible for the two sides to fight on a large scale. Since they couldn’t fight with huge numbers, they could only resort to small-scale conflicts like this fight between a 20-ship fleet and a 5-ship fleet. The number of ships involved wasn’t large and none of them sent large-sized ships.

Most importantly, both sides were still official allies. Even if they knew that the other party was responsible for a small conflict, they would still deliberately ignore it. They would take it as a pirate vs army situation. Since battles between those two sides were common, nobody would be able to say anything.

Actually, from what Zhao Hai can see, the current farce was disadvantageous to both families. They need to wait until after the Beginner Competition ends, then they could have a final showdown.

The ten great experts gave the people from the Machine Field hope. Therefore, high-level figures of the Machine Field regarded this competition as crucial. If the two families dared to disturb this event, then the three major powers would certainly take action.

Even if the Ashley Family and the Zhang Family held great power and influence, they would still suffer if they offended the three major powers. After all, the rulers of the Machine Field were still the big three.

With this thought in mind, Cadjo and Desbarres only sent for personnel to operate the captured ships. They didn’t ask for military reinforcements since they already decided to believe in Zhao Hai.

They believed that Zhao Hai’s Liquid Silver was something that the gods had bestowed to the Machine Field. Therefore, they were very confident in Liquid Silver.

The two stared at the computer screen for a while. Then Cadjo turned to Desbarres and said, “Fatty Des, what do we do if Little Hai isn’t able to take control of those ships? When the time comes, we would have to meet head-on.”

Desbarres coldly snorted and said, “If we need to fight, then we would do it. We’re not afraid of fighting head on. Also, if Little Hai didn’t propose this action, wouldn’t we still need to fight them? We don’t have much choice. We need to believe in Little Hai.”

Cadjo sighed and said, “It seems like we can only proceed like this. Let’s hope that Little Hai succeeds. If he does, then his ability is already enough to reach the top ten in the 6 Realm Beginner Competition.”

Desbarres looked at Cadjo and said, “Don’t underestimate Little Hai’s strength. Do you think  beginners from the other realms are able to defeat 20 medium-sized battleships on their own? If Little Hai succeeds, then he might as well snatch the top position.”

Cadjo looked at Desbarres and said, “Fatty Des, don’t boast too much. We’re talking about the Six Realm Beginner Competition.”

Desbarres rolled his eyes and said, “I know what I said. Or do you want to bet on it?”

Cadjo looked at Desbarres’s expression, then he waved his hand and said, “I wouldn’t dare bet against you. I’m not dumb enough to jump into a pit you dug.” When he heard this, Desbarres couldn’t help but laugh.



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