BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1154


Chapter 1154 – A Good Plan

After some time, Cadjo and Desbarres sobered up. Then their eyes lit up. Cadjo looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, are you telling the truth? You really can make replicas of Liquid Silver?”

One couldn’t blame Cadjo for his excitement. Zhao Hai wasn’t from the World of Cultivation so he might not know that replicas were almost always easier to use than the original copies.

It was widely known that the Cultivation Realm was the most powerful realm in the World of Cultivation. Almost all huge sects and factions in the Cultivation realm had incomparably powerful magical artifacts; each one capable of turning mountains to seas. However, such artifacts couldn’t be easily taken out.

But in addition to these powerful artifacts, these huge powers also had replicas of said artifacts. These replicas were made by these powers themselves. But even if they were just replicas, one shouldn’t underestimate their might. The power held by these influences wasn’t unrelated to the quality of their artifact replicas. Because of this, there was a huge market for artifact replicas in the Cultivation Realm.

Thinking that the Machine Field would have these replicas thanks to Liquid Silver, it was no wonder that Cadjo became excited.

Zhao Hai looked at Cadjo and nodded as he said, “Yes, we can certainly produce replicas. Little Silver has already chosen me as its owner. It has my spiritual imprint, allowing me to study it better. If I hand Liquid Silver over to the family, then it would only be useless. As long as I have the time, I reckon I’ll be able to find out the materials used to make it. As for the refining method, it would take a while. But when the time comes, I’ll have to ask the family to provide me the materials for refinement.”

Cadjo happily replied, “There’s no problem with that. As long as you can make replicas of Liquid Silver, then the family will give you anything you want.”

Desbarres looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Why didn’t you reveal this before?”

Zhao Hai smiled bitterly as he replied, “Camp Lord, the time just wasn’t right. If Margaret couldn’t become mine, then what benefit would I have if I reveal it? If I did, then I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to guarantee my freedom.”

When Desbarres heard Zhao Hai and thought about Thunder’s temperament, he couldn’t help but sigh and stayed silent. Zhao Hai looked at Desbarres and said, “Camp Lord, I’m aware of how well you treated me, and it has been engraved deep inside my heart. However, Liquid Silver already belongs to me. And no price can make me hand it over. If the Patriarch wants to take liquid silver away because of its value, then I would have no other choice than to leave the Ashley Family. Of course, I wouldn’t preemptively do this. After all, I already have a deep relationship with the camp. Nevertheless,  I wouldn’t just recklessly reveal the matter of the replica. But now that Margaret has become my woman, I’m already a member of the Ashley Family. Because of this, I have already placed the family’s benefits inside my mind. Therefore, I decided to reveal this matter. I’ll have to ask the General Manager and the Camp Lord for forgiveness.”

Cadjo nodded and said, “This matter has already passed. Little Hai, you don’t need to worry too much about the family. Also, when the time comes, don’t forget to call me uncle.”

Cadjo was indeed worthy of being a General Manager. He knew when to let things go. Naturally, people in the family who had the power to forgive numbered only a few.

When Margaret heard Cadjo, she couldn’t help but feel embarrassed. She adorably pouted and said, “Uncle, you’re teasing me.”

Cadjo laughed and said, “This little girl. You actually knew about these matters but decided to hide it from me. Hai, it seems like there are no good women left in this world.”

Margaret turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Brother Hai didn’t tell me that it was Liquid Silver. He just told me that it was a special metal and he needed my help to study it.”

Zhao Hai and Margaret reached a tacit agreement about what to say about this matter. But since Laura already told Margaret about the Space, she naturally knew about Liquid Silver. And because Laura and the others didn’t hide anything from her, Margaret knew that Zhao Hai was deliberately lying. But in order to not expose the identity of the Space, Margaret decided to help Zhao Hai with his lie.

Cadjo teased Margaret several times more. Then after some time, he turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Are you confident in dealing with the enemy fleet?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “I was able to return from the Rainbow Meteorite Field with more than 1000 people. Taking care of a fleet wouldn’t be any harder. Since we don’t want the Zhang Family to know that their fleet has been destroyed, I’ll have to ask the General Manager to disrupt their communications. We cannot let the Zhang Family know about this information. If a war were to happen before the end of the Six Realm Beginner competition, then the Ashley Family would suffer.”

Cadjo has been a General Manager for the Ashley Family for decades. He has seen a lot of things. Therefore, he understood what Zhao Hai meant. He immediately nodded and said, “Little Hai, you can rest assured that information about this wouldn’t be sent over. All of us here are core members of the family, so there’s no need to worry about loyalty. You just need to put your mind into fighting. Hurting the Zhang Family would make us expel some bad air.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “General Manager, you should send a message back to the family. Have them go to Quicksand Starfield in order to take the captured battleships.”

Cadjo laughed and said, “Alright, I’ll go send a message. You go rest.”

However, Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “I can’t rest now. I still need to look at the general situation. General Manager, Camp Lord, I’ll be heading out first.” Then after he said that, Zhao Hai vanished from the ship.

When Cadjo saw Zhao Hai disappearing in a flash, he couldn’t help but turn to Margaret.

Margaret just smiled faintly and said, “Brother Hai has left. Uncle, you forgot that Brother Hai can use the space element. If he wanted to leave the ship, then he wouldn’t need to open any doors.”

Cadjo stared, then he understood that Zhao Hai was showing him his capabilities. Moreover, Cadjo knew that although Zhao Hai said that he got help from Margaret to study Liquid Silver, Liquid Silver was complex enough that Margaret wouldn’t be able to give much help. And as for Margaret being his woman, that was just a reason that Zhao Hai thought up.

Cadjo was convinced that Zhao Hai not telling the family about Liquid Silver’s replicas was in order to leave a backdoor for himself. Everyone knew that Desbarres has been good to Zhao Hai. And it seems like Zhao Hai took the matters of heart very seriously. Therefore, Zhao Hai shouldn’t have any reason to betray the family.

Moreover, if the Ashley Family did decide to deal with Zhao Hai, it wouldn’t be very easy to do so. Zhao Hai had his spatial abilities. With the help of Liquid Silver, he was even able to send more than 1000 people to Dark Demon Planet from the Rainbow Meteorite Field. Such capability couldn’t be looked down upon. If Zhao Hai really wanted to leave, then nobody would be able to stop him.

Zhao Hai using his spatial ability in front of Cadjo might be him showing that nobody can stop him if he really decided to leave. And if the family decided to take action against him, then they wouldn’t just gain nothing, they would also have a formidable enemy. Such a plan wasn’t worth it, so the family might as well treat Zhao Hai well.

Cadjo sighed at Zhao Hai ‘s thorough plan. Although he was still weak compared to the Ashley Family’s overall strength, Zhao Hai still had cards he could play, allowing him to stand at an equal position with the family. At this point, it wouldn’t be wise for the Ashley Family to make a move on him.

Cadjo turned to Margaret and said, “Little Margaret, go take a rest. I’ll send the message back to the family. I reckon it wouldn’t be long before we need them to take the captured ships away.”

Margaret nodded before turning around and leaving. Her face had no signs of worry. After experiencing the marvels of the Space, Margaret was already confident in Zhao Hai’s survival.

Once Margaret had left the room, Cadjo sighed as he turned to Desbarres and said, “Fatty Des, this Zhao Hai is quite the character. I only hope that he can be tied down by Miss Margaret. This way, the family will gain a lot.”

Desbarres smiled faintly and said, “I believe that as long as the family doesn’t make a move against him, then Zhao Hai will not betray the family. Even if he gets separated from the family in the future, he will still look after the family because of his relationship with Margaret. Once he becomes an expert of the realm, then the family can sleep without worries.”

Cadjo looked at Desbarres and smiled, “You fatty, you really think so? You’re that confident in Zhao Hai?”

Desbarres smiled and said, “Do you think someone who completed Liquid Silver is a normal person? Maybe the whole Machine Field wouldn’t be enough to contain Zhao Hai.” Cadjo didn’t say anything more about the topic. This was because he was beginning to believe Desbarres’s words.

When Margaret entered her room, a spatial rift suddenly appeared in front of her. Margaret stared for a moment before she entered the rift. Once she was on the other side, she saw Zhao Hai along with Laura and the others.

Margaret stared, then she looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Brother Hai, didn’t you go scout? Why are you here?”

Laura looked at Margaret’s expression and smiled, “Silly girl. We have the Space, so why does Brother Hai need to scout himself? Unless it is a special area, Brother Hai doesn’t need to head out. Alright, let’s go to the living room to have some fun.”

Before long, Margaret entered the living room. Upon entering, Margaret noticed that the monitor already had some images displayed on it. There wasn’t much to look at it since it was a view of outer space. But it wasn’t just stationary space, the image seemed to be moving fast. Margaret knew that this wasn’t the space moving, but something was moving quickly through it.

Then Margaret was attracted to an area close to the monitor. Laura and the others were playing with Liquid Silver replicas to control flying needles outside. 

Although Zhao Hai hadn’t gone to the Quicksand Starfield before, there was already a star map saved inside the Space. This star map was something that was publicly distributed in the Machine Field. Although the star map had yet to be incorporated into the Space, Zhao Hai and the others can still use it as an ordinary map.


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