BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1153


Chapter 1153 – Quicksand Starfield

TN: Looked into LNMTL and Piaotian5 to see where the first half of the chapter went. However, both were replaced by a section from another random novel. However, the context should still be found in the next chapters. These things happen occassionally but this is the first time where a part of the chapter actually went missing. Usually, the chapter would just be pushed down.

Zhao Hai also heard about Quicksand Starfield, however, he didn’t worry about it. He looked at Cadjo and said, “General Manager, do we know what kind of ship they are using?”

Cadjo looked at Zhao Hai in confusion, he doesn’t know why Zhao Hai was asking this. But he still answered, “About 20 medium-sized warships. Although their level is lower than the ones we have, 20 is still enough to cause us serious damage.”

Zhao Hai replied, “If we wipe them out in the Quicksand Starfield, what consequences would we face?”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Cadjo couldn’t help but smile faintly and said, “And how could we do that? Although our five battleships are more advanced compared to theirs, they have the numbers. Perhaps we might be able to survive, but wiping them all out is impossible.”

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “Naturally, it would be impossible if we only depend on the family’s five ships. But if you add me, then it’s possible.”

Everyone in the room stared. Mages couldn’t fight against a fleet, this was a well-known fact in the Machine Field. But now, Zhao Hai actually wanted to fight against the enemy’s battleship fleet? This was completely out of everyone’s expectations.

After Desbarres recovered from his shock, he turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Are you confident?”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “I am. If they come, then they would not be able to return. Perhaps we might even seize a couple of ships for ourselves.”

Desbarres looked at Cadjo. Naturally, Cadjo also thought about Liquid Silver. He doesn’t oppose this idea, but he still hesitated before he asked, “Do you need any help from the ships?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Actually, our fleet doesn’t need to face the enemy fleet. Our ships can form an encirclement around their ships. After that, we will disrupt their communication systems. This way, even if they can still talk to each other, they wouldn’t be able to send a message back to their family. Can the General Manager do this?”

Cadjo blankly looked at Zhao Hai, then he said, “It wouldn’t be difficult, however, it seems like you want to face all of their ships alone? Little Hai, don’t joke. The other side has 20 medium-sized battleships.”

Zhao hai smiled faintly and said, “Even if they have a lot of ships, I’m only a single person. If they cannot hit me, then what use do their numbers have?”

Cadjo couldn’t help but bod. In fact, one person destroying a battleship fleet wasn’t unheard of in the World of Cultivation. However, there wasn’t a case where someone from the Machine Field was able to do so.

Zhao Hai looked at Cadjo and Desbarres and said, “General Manager, Camp Lord, I’d like to talk to you two alone. What I’m about to say is quite important.”

When Cadjo and Desbarres heard Zhao Hai, they couldn’t help but pause. Then they nodded before commanding everyone to leave. Only the three of them and Margaret were left in the small conference room.

Once the others had retreated, Desbarres looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, what do you need to say?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “It’s good news this time. General Manager, Camp Lord, you should already be clear about my relationship with Margaret. Although Margaret and the Patriarch’s relationship isn’t good, they are still father and daughter in the end. Moreover, Margaret is already closely tied to the Ashley Family. Although I wouldn’t dare to insert myself in the Ashley Family’s matter, now that Margaret has become someone from my side, I need to do something.”

Cadjo and Desbarres were intently listening to Zhao Hai, they were waiting for what he has to say next. Zhao Hai continued, “In the past few days, Margaret and I have been analyzing the refinement method used on Liquid Silver. And after we had a glimpse of the method, we were able to discover something. Although we can’t make something as strong as Liquid Silver, we can still make inferior replicas of it. If we can successfully achieve it, then this would be an absolutely good news to the family.”

Cadjo and Desbarres were immediately shaken. They never expected a windfall such as this to appear. It has been a dream for many generations in the Machine Field to refine Liquid Silver. However, even with how many materials and methods were used, none were able to succeed. And even if the Machine Field was becoming much more advanced compared to the past, this matter was still left unaccomplished. The many failures caused people to be disinterested in this matter. It was precisely because of this that Liquid Silver has been seen as a waste in the Machine Field. People only regarded it as an antique with a significant history behind it. They never did look at it as a weapon.


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