BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1152


Chapter 1152 – Ten Great Experts

When Desbarres heard Zhao Hai, he nodded and said, “Correct, the Zhang Family is indeed planning to do that. Since they have spies in the family, they were aware about your abilities. They don’t want you to join the realm qualifiers and then gain benefits for the family. This is because once you show your ability in the competition, the family would no longer worry about having allies. When that time comes, the Zhang Family would have no way of dealing with us. This is also the reason why you should win and gain the best position you can. The better your position, the safer the family would be.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Rest assured, Camp Lord, I understand.” 

Desbarres nodded, then he turned to Margaret and said, “Miss Margaret, will you be coming with us?”

Margaret nodded and said, “Of course I’ll go. We can go anytime, I also don’t have much to pack.”

Desbarres smiled bitterly and said, “Alright, then we’ll be heading to Lofty Demon Island first. The Patriarch wouldn’t be going with us. Instead, Cadjo will be leading our fleet.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Alright, let’s go. The Family’s matters are important, we can’t afford to waste time.”

Desbarres nodded, then he brought Margaret and Zhao Hai out of the villa. But as they went out, Desbarres looked at Margaret and noticed something different about her.

Desbarres was an experienced person, therefore, he knew that something happened between Zhao Hai and Margaret between now and last night. With this thought in mind, Desbarres couldn’t help but worry.

Although Thunder had agreed to Zhao Hai and Margaret’s relationship, the two were doing things prematurely. Desbarres wasn’t sure if Thunder would be provoked by this or not.

The group went out of the building and immediately rode a car to Lofty Demon Island. While sitting inside the car, Desbarres looked at Zhao Hai and said, “After you came back, the Patriarch immediately warned the Zhang Family. Moreover, the Patriarch dissolved Miss Margaret’s marriage agreement with them. This is literally a slap to the Zhang Family’s face. The Patriarch is afraid that we might meet danger along the way, so he told us to leave as soon as possible.”

When Margaret heard Desbarres, she couldn’t help but stare. Then her face lit up as she asked, “Fat Uncle, did the Patriarch really dissolve my marriage agreement?”

Desbarres nodded with a smile and said, “Of course. I wanted to tell you this yesterday. But because I drank too much, I wasn’t able to. Who knew that you two would reach this point.”

Hearing Desbarres, Margaret knew that he had already found out about Zhao Hai and her. Her face couldn’t help but turn red as she lowered her head in silence. Meanwhile, Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Camp Lord, will the Patriarch blame me for this matter?”

Desbarres sighed and said, “At present, there’s no way for the Patriarch to blame you. After all, the family still needs you. Moreover, the Patriarch has already agreed to wed Miss Margaret to you.”

Zhao Hai didn’t worry about this matter. He believed that Thunder should already know about Margaret not returning to her villa last night. Judging by the fact that Thunder didn’t send anyone over last night, it’s highly probable that he wouldn’t send someone today.

The car arrived at Lofty Demon Island while everyone was talking. The island was very huge and also quite lively. But the car didn’t stop and just immediately sped towards the port. Cars and small-sized ships were already waiting there as well as Cadjo and the people from the other Camps. Only the Bone Symbol Camp was missing.

When the car stopped, Desbarres immediately went out of the car. When he saw everyone, he laughed and said, “I apologize for being late. I drank too much yesterday.”

Cadjo stared at Desbarres before turning his head to look at Zhao Hai. Then he smiled and said, “Forget it, I’ll let you be proud this time. Get in quick, the Patriarch said that he wouldn’t see us out. But when everyone heads back victorious, the Patriarch will personally fetch us.”

Everyone nodded and entered the ship with Cadjo. Desbarres went to the other Camp Lords and said, “Everyone, there’s no need to worry about the fellows from the External Hall. I’ll take care of them.”

Dia and the others nodded. They didn’t say anything. They just owed Desbarres and Zhao Hai a huge favor this time, they could no longer act like before.

Desbarres didn’t say anything else as he boarded the ship. Since this ship was just used for transport to the outer space base, the ride wouldn’t take too long. Therefore, Cadjo didn’t assign any rooms to everyone. They were all just standing inside the command hall.

The ship smoothly took off and soon it was passing through the planet’s atmosphere. Cadjo looked at the view outside the ship and said, “The family will send five medium-sized ships this time. Additionally, we’re going to take 10 thousand mechs. This should be enough to ensure our safety. Our goal is the planet at the core of the Machine Field, our realm’s capital. The qualifiers will be held there.”

Zhao Hai and the others nodded, then Cadjo continued, “It will take us eight days of full-speed travel to get there from Dark Demon Planet. The time we have left should be sufficient enough. As for any accidents on the road, you won’t need to worry, the family has already taken care of it.”

The ship arrived at the outer space base during Cadjo’s speech. They didn’t stop here as the small ship immediately went towards the family’s medium-sized ships. Not long after everyone had transferred, they took off once more.

The medium-sized ships that they were in were larger than the one used in the previous mission. Not only can this ship store thousands of mechs, it also had smaller emergency ships inside. Moreover, this ship had much stronger firepower.

After assigning everyone their respective rooms, Cadjo called them over to the conference room. Although it was smaller than large-sized ships, this medium-sized ship actually had complete facilities along with several conference rooms.

Everyone was called over to a small conference room. Present inside were Cadjo, Desbarres, Zhao Hai, Margaret, and then the other participants from the other camps.

After everyone had sat down, Cadjo said, “I called you over to tell you about the opponents that you might meet in the qualifiers. These are very powerful people, you need to be careful if you encounter them. Besides Zhao Hai, everyone should have already received information about the participants from the other families.” Then he turned to Zhao Hai and said, “You can use these days to read up on them. It’s fine as long as you get a general idea of their strength.”

Zhao Hai gave a nod. Then Cadjo continued, “I’m here to tell you about experts that you need to pay special attention to. These people are said to be the strongest participants in the realm qualifiers.”

After he said this, Cadjo moved to the side as the wall behind him turned into a display monitor. On the monitor was the image of a person, a Mage. Displayed on his side were pale blue formations. His hair was also pale blue. He was quite handsome with his faintly smiling face. One would feel intimate while looking at him

On the person’s side was an introduction. Zhao Hai read the description: Name: Streep. Nickname: Saint of Ice. Background: Water Temple. Ascendance: Four Years. Strength: Level 4 Mage. Conclusion: Extremely dangerous. Some reports state that he fought with a small battleship and ended up destroying it.

Then there were even more detailed introductions. Zhao Hai looked at it and understood that Streep was truly strong. He managed to reach level 4 just four years after ascending. And from the time he ascended up to the present, he had already experienced hundreds of battles and suffered no defeat. 

After the introduction, Streep’s fighting scenes were seen. These video clips were very short, some were even fuzzy. One of these fuzzy scenes seems to show an arena, most likely from the local qualifiers. From the video, one could see Streep cast ten-layer formations with no problem. And he could also cast 50-layer formations in a short time. One could see that his spiritual force was strong from this point.

With Zhao Hai as an exception, all other participants had unattractive expressions as they looked at the video. When they saw that 10-layer formations were easily being sent out, they thought that it was because of a magic staff. However, the person on the video didn’t actually use one. This ability was too formidable.

They knew that only Zhao Hai could face Streep. It was impossible for them to fight these kinds of people.

Although the equipment that the family provided them were the best there was, the other participants would be the same as them. Since everyone deemed the competition as a very important matter, people like Streep would also have top-graded equipment. 

At this time, the image on the monitor changed. When he saw the person depicted on the monitor, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but stare. It was because this person looked so strong, it also seems like he wasn’t a human being, more like a giant. However, his height was somewhat shorter than most giants.

The man was about two and a half meters tall. He was bald and had skin akin to molten copper. And with his well-developed muscles, the man looked like an ancient giant that came out of the earth.

He was currently wearing armor that covered his whole body, boosting his formidable image even more. However, the most noticeable aspect of this person were the two sledgehammers on his side. They were quite large, looking almost impossible to wield.

One must know that spatial equipment weren’t uncommon in the Machine Field. It was a general practice for experts, even some normal people, to have spatial equipment on them. And whether one was a Mage or a Warrior, those of notable ability would be bestowed at least a spatial item by their families. Because of this, it was impossible for this burly person to not have any spatial equipment on him. Nevertheless, he was still carrying his impossibly huge sledgehammers on his side.

Zhao Hai looked at the person’s information and found out that he was named Xiong Li, nicknamed Violent Bear. He was a warrior from the Wu Family that had ascended three years ago. He was already a level 4 Warrior and was known for the powerful sword qi that he could send from his hammers. He was also physically and defensively strong judging by his copper-like skin. After making his debut, he was already undefeated in a thousand battles.

Zhao Hai knew that the Wu Family was a famous Warrior Clan and was a huge influence in the Warrior Association. Moreover, people from the Wu Family were famed for their strength. Xiong Li ascending in the Wu Family was his absolute luck.

The third expert was an assassin named Lone Wolf Yan Zhenshan. He wore black clothes to cover his dark and thin body. His facial features were ordinary, but his eyes had a sharp and cold look. He was also at level 4. His hand techniques were very formidable. Without using any swords, he was able to one-shot his enemies. He was merciless. In the four years since he ascended, he already assassinated 1000 people, and all of them died, nobody survived.

The Tian Family where Yan Zhenshan came from was quite a special existence. Unlike the Ashley Family or the Wu Family that were famous for being Mages or Warriors respectively, the Tian Family dabbled in both practices. However, their Mages were always Dark Mages while their Warriors were always Assassins.

But even with their special practice, the Tian Family was a member of the Dark Church. This was because the people from the Warrior Association didn’t like them, they always thought that they weren’t a Warrior Family. Because of this, the Tian Family joined the Church Alliance becoming one of the forces that the Alliance had against the Warrior Association.

The fourth expert was named Swift Wind and Rain Lei Xiaotian. He’s a Wind and Water element Mage from the Wind God  Palace’s Lei Family. He wasn’t surnamed Lei initially, but after he ascended and demonstrated his innate skills, the Lei Family decided to take him in and bestow him the surname Lei. This man was a level 4 Mage. And because he was a double-element Mage, his strength was quite formidable. In his three and a half years since ascending, he was able to fight more than 100 battles undefeated.

The fifth Expert was Divine Fire Dragon Sword Dongfang Yu. This man ascended three years ago and joined a family from the Flame Dojo of the Warrior Association. He’s a level 4 Warrior with a fire element sword technique named Fire Dragon Sword. He became a force to be reckoned with in the Dongfang Family. All of his 300 missions in the family were all completed in a perfect manner. He was a person who was serious in his duties.

The sixth expert was Strong Wind Li Kuangren. He wasn’t very tall but his muscles were quite developed. He wields a two-handed ax and practices the Strong Wind Technique. He’s a level 4 Warrior from the Song Family.

The seventh expert was named Meteor Zhu Chen. This man was from the Earth Temple and had ascended three years ago. His handle on earth magic was superb. He could use 10-layer formations as comfortably as drinking water. Moreover, he claimed that he was the strongest level 4 Mage in the realm.

The eighth expert was Army Breaker Lu Dingtian. He’s a level 4 Warrior from the Warrior Association’s Dong Family. With his one-handed axe, it was said that he managed to hold off against a 1000-man army.

The ninth expert was Fire Saint Sun Fei. Unexpectedly, this person was from the Fire Temple’s Zhang Family who had an enmity with Zhao Hai. He ascended four years ago and was also a level 4 Mage of the fire element. He was known to use 10-layer formations easily.

The last expert was Golden Egg Zhang Qinghe. This person had just ascended three years ago. There were no metal element ability users back in his lower realm. However, after he ascended and taken in by the Divine Palace of Metal’s Rhea Family, his talent in metal-element formations blossomed. It took him three years to reach level 4. And with his talent in metal-element formations, both his attack and defense were beyond formidable. He’s someone whose strength couldn’t be underestimated!


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