BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1151


Chapter 1151 – On the Nuptial Chamber

The biggest reason why Zhao Hai doesn’t want his identity revealed was because he had another enemy stronger and more terrifying than Lu Wei and the Yin Wind Spirit Emperor. And this enemy was the Myriad Treasures Pavillion!

Zhao Hai knew some details about Lu Wei. He was an elder of the Five Gates Sect, but Zhao Hai knew that his position didn’t have a huge authority in a sect. This was because Zhao Hai was able to find out about known elders from first rate sects. And it seems like Lu Wei was just an ordinary elder of his sect.

As for why Lu Wei, who didn’t have much influence, was able to collect Faith Power from the lower realms, there was a good explanation for it. Those who were able to collect Faith Power did so in secrecy. Even those they were closest to were not told about it.

Moreover, collecting Faith Power from the lower realms required specialized artifacts. These artifacts needed to have a certain relation to the lower realms and could only be obtained through chance.

Zhao Hai looked up some Experts from great sects in the Cultivation Realm, however, he wasn’t able to see Lu Wei’s name. This made Zhao Hai understand that Lu Wei was just an ordinary elder of the Five Gates Sect. He didn’t have real strength to speak of. 

There was nothing to say about the Yin Wind Spirit Emperor. The Emperor’s true threat was the fact that he was a free person who didn’t have any foundations that tied him up in place. It might also be possible that his connection with the Underworld was due to luck. So although he was quite strong, there was no need for Zhao Hai to be afraid of him. After all, the ability of a single person was limited.

Moreover, the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor had offended formidable people and was chased down to the point of forcing him into hiding. In his current state, he had no time to chase Zhao Hai down.

But the Myriad Treasures Pavillion was different. The pavillion was a huge trading company in the Cultivation Realm. It can be said that they were a huge power. And because of their scale, they were very rich. This also made them able to have massive amounts of experts working for them. It can be said that offending such an existence wasn’t wise.

And through the internet, Zhao Hai was able to look into how the pavillion was able to grow so quickly. The reason for their growth was the unique yin-attribute items that they were able to sell.

Upon seeing this report, Zhao Hai knew that he was in big trouble. Breaking a merchant’s source of income was the same as breaking their legs. This hatred would forever remain unforgotten. And Zhao Hai just severed the Myriad Treasures Pavillion’s main source of income.

Breaking the pavillion’s source of income meant that Zhao Hai was now the pavillion’s biggest enemy. Additionally, the Myriad Treasures Pavilion was different than Lu Wei or the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor. Unlike the latter two, Zhao Hai didn’t just offend one person, but the entirety of the pavilion itself. If the pavilion were to know about Zhao Hai’s identity, then a huge trouble would come for him.

Although Zhao Hai had cut off the pavilion’s benefits, the pavilion was still unaware as to who he was. Their connection to the Underworld was just a low-level transmission formation. And it was impossible to see Zhao Hai through that formation.

But things were different when it came to Lu Wei and the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor. The two sent avatars to the lower realms, so they were able to see Zhao Hai’s appearance. If the two knew about Zhao Hai’s enmity with the Myriad Treasures Pavillion, then it was possible for them to work together with the pavilion to deal with Zhao Hai. Naturally, Zhao Hai didn’t want this to happen, therefore, he needed to hunt down Lu Wei and the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor as soon as possible.

While Zhao Hai was pondering about these matters, Laura and the others had already told Margaret about Zhao Hai’s accomplishments in the lower realms. They didn’t only tell Margaret about these matters, they also showed her pictures and recordings taken by the Space.

In addition to Zhao Hai’s accomplishments, Laura and the others also told Margaret about the Space, which without a doubt surprised her.

After the talk, Laura looked at Margaret and said, “Margaret, we can see that you’re interested in Brother Hai. We always encouraged him to pursue you because he needs you. Your identity will allow him to integrate better into the Ashley Family. However, Brother Hai doesn’t want to pursue you for this exact reason. If you didn’t confess to him today, then he would never reveal this place to you. This is because this place is Brother Hai’s roots. He can move unhindered in this world because of this. Do you understand?”

Margaret gave a nod. Then Lizzy added, “It’s also because of the Space’s abilities that Brother Hai wouldn’t easily tell other people about it. Him letting you enter the Space today means that he has already accepted you. But if you really don’t want to share Brother Hai with us, then we hope that you’ll forget everything you heard about this place. Otherwise, Brother Hai wouldn’t be able to have a place in this realm.”

Margaret looked at Laura and the others, then she smiled and said, “I’ve already decided on Zhao Hai, naturally I won’t regret my decision. Zhao Hai not pursuing me because he is thinking about you only told me that he is a person who won’t betray me. With a man like that, I wouldn’t have anything to worry about.”

Upon hearing Margaret, Laura and the others couldn’t help but smile. Then Laura pulled Margaret and giggled as she said, “Then you need to be at your best. Megan, help Margaret with her makeup. We’ll have her share a room with Brother Hai today.”

When Margaret heard Laura, her face couldn’t help but turn red. However, she was faintly smiling as she was taken away by Megan. Meanwhile, Laura called Zhao Hai over, “Brother Hai, come here quick.” 

Zhao Hai immediately broke out of his thoughts. Then his body flashed as he entered the Space. Seeing Laura grinning from ear to ear, he couldn’t help but ask, “What happened?”

Laura looked at Zhao Hai and smiled, then she said, “Brother Hai, Margaret has agreed to marry you. Go get ready quick. Everything’s been taken care of. It’s time for you to go to the nuptial chamber.” Upon hearing Laura, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but smile bitterly as he said, “Margaret just learned about the Space, why is the nuptial chamber already involved?”

Laura pouted and said, “Brother Hai, you’re really stupid. Margaret has already confessed to you, so there’s nothing to worry about. Go get ready.” 

Zhao Hai smiled bitterly and said, “Why do you need to make a big fuss over this. Alright, I’ll go prepare.” Laura didn’t delay and immediately made Zhao Hai wear formal clothing. Then he had Zhao Hai sit down so that she could handle his hair. It was necessary for Zhao Hai to be in his best attire when he enters the nuptial chambers with Margaret.

Zhao Hai was a man, so he was clueless about how important a wedding was to a woman. This was especially true for men that they loved, they would make sure that it was special. If Zhao Hai was too casual about this, then Margaret would regret it all her life.

Before long, Margaret was sent over by Laura and the others. Zhao Hai was also in his best attire. Then Laura and the others performed a simple chinese wedding for Zhao Hai and Margaret before they pushed the two towards the nuptial chamber.

Seeing Zhao Hai and Margaret entering the nuptial chamber, Laura and the others let out a long breath. After cleaning up, Laura said, “Alright, Margaret’s matter has finally been solved. I believe Brother Hai’s status in the Ashley Family would become more solid. And with Margaret’s help, our identity will slowly be solved.” Lizzy and the others also nodded. To be honest, they weren’t really jealous of Margaret.

Since Zhao Hai already had multiple wives, adding one more wasn’t a problem. After cleaning the place up, everyone proceeded to take a rest.

There was no need to say about Zhao Hai and Margaret’s matter inside the nuptial chamber. The next day, the two of them shared breakfast with Laura and the others before saying goodbye and then leaving the Space.

After coming out of the Space, Margaret turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Brother Hai, although we’ve officially become a couple, I think we should keep it from others in the meantime. Otherwise, we don’t know what kind of things would come up.”

Zhao Hai smiled bitterly and said, “Margaret, you’re underestimating the family too much. You came over here but you didn’t return for the night. The Patriarch has surely gotten word of it. Forget it, just stay here.” 

When Margaret heard Zhao Hai, she couldn’t help but get startled, then she quickly said, “What do we do? What if he doesn’t agree?” 

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Rest assured, there’s no problem. Take a seat while we wait for the Camp Lord and the others to arrive. It seems like they’ve been looking for us the entire night.” Margaret nodded, then she sat down albeit her face was red. Zhao Hai waved his hand, then a pot of tea appeared on the table. This tea wasn’t from the Machine Field, instead it was from the Space. The tea from the Space tastes much better than tea from the Machine Field.

Not long after the two began drinking tea, Desbarres’s group of three arrived. The three didn’t think much after seeing Margaret. She was seen more and more often with Zhao Hai, so they were already used to seeing her.

After the three were asked to sit down, Zhao Hai quickly offered them tea. But this time, the tea wasn’t from the Space, it was already replaced when the three arrived.

Drinking a sip of his tea, Desbarres looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, you need to prepare. We’re leaving for the realm qualifiers.” Zhao Hai nodded and said, “I don’t have much to prepare. We can go whenever you want.”

Desbarres nodded, then his face turned serious as he said, “Little Hai, this realm qualifiers is very important for the Ashley Family. You need to get good results or else the family would face huge problems.” 

Zhao Hai nodded, “I understand. You can rest assured. Camp Lord, the Zhang Family also wanted to block me from entering the realm qualifiers, right?”


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