BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1150


Chapter 1150 – Finding Out

The dining hall’s mood was very warm. But what surprised Zhao Hai was the fact that Margaret wasn’t in sight. But even if he was confused, he didn’t think too deeply about it.

After everyone became drunk, Zhao Hai returned to his villa. He wasn’t able to eat a lot at the feast since he was drinking with Desbarres and the others. However, he used spatial water to dissolve the alcohol. So even if he drank a lot, he wasn’t drunk at all.

Then suddenly, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but stare when he came close to his villa. He just felt someone’s presence inside. However, Zhao Hai didn’t feel any danger because he saw that it was Margaret when he swept his villa using his spiritual force.

Although Zhao Hai was somewhat puzzled, he still entered his villa. Margaret was currently sitting in the living room. When Zhao Hai saw Margaret, he couldn’t help but gawk. This was because the present Margaret was different than before.

In the past, Margaret looked like a humble Mage. Although she still took care of herself, she had a simple image. She also wouldn’t put makeup on her face, she was old-fashioned.

But today’s Margaret was different. She wore a new mage robe. Although the robe was still black, it seemed more attractive than what she wore before. Her hair had also been attractively set-up. Most importantly, Margaret was wearing makeup. Although it was only a faint application, it actually complemented Margaret’s calm temperament.

Margaret had a different temperament compared to Zhao Hai’s wives. Laura sent off an aura of a capable woman, her presence could be felt in a room. There was no need to say about Lizzy and Megan. The two of them were practically brought up to be princesses, so their presence exudes majesty. Meg didn’t have much aura to talk about. However, she had a quiet temperament that told people that her life revolved around Zhao Hai. Ruyen’s aura was a bit less compared to Lizzy’s. After all, she was only a princess of a small Duchy. Moreover, with her past reputation, she always felt that she was inferior to Lizzy and the others. Berry had a different aura compared to the others. She was from a Succubus Clan and also a Demon. Her talent was in assassination so her temperament was kind of cold.

On the other hand, Margaret grew up researching magic formations. After she grew up, she spent her life as an instructor. Because of this, she exudes an aura of a scholar. She had a gentle and solemn temperament.

When Margaret saw that Zhao Hai was staring at her, her face couldn’t help but turn red. Then she slowly stood up and smiled before saying, “Am I attractive?”

Zhao Hai recovered, he looked at Margaret and said, “Of course you are, you’re beautiful.”

Margaret walked towards ZHao Hai, here eyes fixed on his, then she said, “Zhao Hai, ever since you saved me from Tyro Planet, I began to see you differently. Although you have killed a lot of people, I still couldn’t help but like you. And after the mission, I came to see that I liked you more. I want to marry you. It doesn’t matter if you have other wives or if they don’t like me, I still want to marry you. Do you want to marry me?”

Zhao Hai didn’t expect Margaret to be so forward. Margaret looked like a silent person whenever they met, he didn’t even feel a bit of intimacy from her. Her words truly made him surprised.

But what Zhao Hai didn’t know was that Margaret had changed after experiencing near death experience twice. The environment back in the meteorite field would make anyone pessimistic, and naturally Margaret was not an exception. She basically grew up in a greenhouse and hadn’t faced hardship before. At that time, Margaret thought that she might really be trapped in the meteorite field or be captured by the Zhang Family.

Also, during that time, Margaret began to discover that life was unpredictable. If they died at the meteorite field, then she wouldn’t have the chance to confess to Zhao Hai.

Although her depressed state disappeared when they returned to Dark Demon Planet, the thought of confessing to Zhao Hai never vanished inside Margaret’s mind. Instead, the idea became more and more intense. Margaret thought about another accident approaching where she really wouldn’t have the chance to show her feelings. Therefore, after she returned to her villa, Margaret decided to tell Zhao Hai as soon as possible.

Zhao Hai looked at Margaret, then he lightly sighed and said, “Margaret, I can understand what you’re thinking. But you should know that I love my wives. So if you really want to marry me, then you have to share. Are you still willing?”

Margaret didn’t even think about it as she answered, “I’m willing!”

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “Margaret, you don’t understand. You’re thinking that my wives are in the lower realms, so you only have to share with me spiritually. But this isn’t the case. I brought my wives with me. So if you marry me, then you will also share physically. Do you understand?”

Margaret had a confused expression. She shook her head, showing that she couldn’t understand what Zhao Hai was saying. What did Zhao Hai mean that he brought them with him?

Zhao Hai looked at Margaret, then he sighed and said, “Please stay calm, no matter where you end up, don’t be afraid. And if you decide not to marry me after this, I hope that you keep things you see as a secret.”

Margaret was still confused at Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai waved his hand, opening a spatial rift on his side. Then he took Margaret’s hand and said, “Margaret, come in and take a look. This is my biggest secret.”

Despite being confused by what Zhao Hai said, Margaret still entered the spatial rift. She believes that Zhao Hai wouldn’t harm her.

Right after she emerged from the other side of the rift, Margaret was shocked. What met her vision was an infinitely large space. She was currently standing on a meadow with a somewhat ancient looking villa in the distance. The villa was covered with seven-colored vines while also have huge trees on its sides.

Naturally, this wasn’t the most important thing. What was important were the six beautiful women standing in front. All of them were beauties, not any worse than Margaret herself. Some were even more attractive than her.

Right when Margaret appeared, the woman at the front of the group smiled faintly and saidm “Hello Miss Margaret. We’re Zhao Hai’s wives. My name is Laura. Perhaps you might not know us, but we’ve known you for a long time.”

Upon hearing Laura, Margaret quickly recovered. However, her mind was still not cleared, she could only mechanically reply, “Hello, I am Margaret.”

Lizzy and the others also took the chance to introduce themselves, with Margaret blankly replying. She repeated her response multiple times, looking somewhat silly.

Then at this time, ZHao Hai’s voice was heard, “Margaret, this is my biggest secret. You can follow Laura and they will explain this to you. Laura, please explain everything to Margaret. I’m tired and would like to take a rest.” Laura nodded and took Margaret to the villa.

Margaret was pulled by Laura as she dazedly walked towards the villa. Meanwhile, Zhao Hai returned to his room in the Bone Symbol Camp. He was afraid that Desbarres might come looking for him, so he could only wait there for now.

At the same time, Laura pulled Margaret to the villa and invited her to sit. Meg offered some tea to Margaret as they looked at the Space’s monitor. Displayed on the screen was Zhao Hai inside his Bone Symbol Camp villa.

Laura looked at Margaret and smiled as she said, “We can see everything using this monitor. It can be said that when you first met Brother Hai, we also saw you. And every time you see Brother Hai, we know.”

Upon hearing Laura, Margaret’s face couldn’t help but pale. She suddenly thought that she was like someone who was having an affair with another woman’s husband. And she was now being exposed.

Laura saw Margaret’s expression and immediately understood what she was thinking. So Laura smiled and assured her, “There’s no need to be nervous. In fact, we urged Brother Hai to get closer to you. If you don’t have our support, then I’m afraid your relationship with Brother Hai wouldn’t have developed this quickly.”

Margaret turned her head to Laura, her face couldn’t hide her confusion. Laura smiled and said, “Let us tell you everything about Brother Hai. I believe you’ll understand how good he is after.” Then Laura and the other proceeded to tell Margaret everything about Zhao Hai.

Margaret listened to the legendary life that Zhao Hai had. She heard all sorts of stories about his accomplishments in the lower realms.

Zhao Hai’s matters couldn’t be expressed in just a few words. Moreover, Laura couldn’t tell everything herself. So when she was tired, someone would take her place and continued the story. 

On the other hand, Zhao Hai was inside his villa. Desbarres and the others didn’t visit him this time. However, Zhao Hai wasn’t worried since he also needed time to think about the future.

When he attends the Six Realm Beginner Competition, he doesn’t know whether he would meet Lu Wei or the Yin Wind Spirit Emperor. In the past, if he really met the two of them and they take revenge, he wouldn’t know if he can be their match.

But now that he obtained Liquid SIlver, Zhao Hai’s state of mind had changed. Instead of harboring deep dread in meeting these two enemies, Zhao Hai was even thinking of challenging them. This was because these two people were his biggest personal enemies. He needed to defeat them, it was his duty to do so. This way, his status wouldn’t be revealed!


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