BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1149


Chapter 1149 – Breaking The Engagement!

When he heard this, Thunder couldn’t help but raise his eyebrow as he responded, “So it is Space Magic. That is quite a rare ability. But if Zhao Hai can send them back using Space Magic, then why did they only return now?”

Desbarres stared, he didn’t expect Thunder to ask a question at this time. He paused for a moment before he answered, “I don’t know. Young Master, I’ll go ask him when I go back. Then I’ll report back to you.”

Thunder waved his hand and said, “There’s no need. I reckon the timing of their return is related to that thing. Don’t worry about it. Right, have Zhao Hai take a rest. If he needs anything like potions, make sure to give it to him. We need him to be in his optimum condition. The Ashley Family cannot lose in the qualifiers.”

Desbarres nodded, “Young Master, you can rest assured.” 

Thunder nodded and said, “Tell the Zhang Family that the Ashley Family denies their allegations. The members of our External Hall have already returned from their mission. If the Zhang Family still dares to be impolite, then we’ll publicly break our relationship with them. Also, tell them that their conduct this time has made me very discontented. Therefore, I’m breaking Margaret and the Zhang Mingyue’s engagement.”

Desbarres stared, then he immediately knew why Thunder did so. The Zhang Family had been publicly saying that since a large part of the External Hall elites were missing, and that an Ashley Family ship was found in the meteorite field, then the Ashley Family were the ones who attacked them. 

Actually, the two families knew that this was nothing more than the Zhang Family catching the Ashley Family’s plan. Therefore, the Zhang Family was just using it as a means to pressure the Ashley Family. 

But now that Zhao Hai and the others had returned, the Ashley Family could say that there was no such thing. This caused the Ashley Family to sigh in relief.

And at this point, Margaret’s feelings for Zhao Hai were very clear. However, Margaret still had an engagement with the Zhang Family. This might affect Zhao Hai and Margaret’s relationship. Because of this, Thunder decided to use this opportunity to break the marriage agreement.

Desbarres immediately nodded, but he warned, “Young Master, the Zhang Family is becoming more and more brazen recently. It seems like it is a matter of time before they begin moving against us. We need to guard against them.”

Thunder clicked his mouth before he sighed and said, “The Zhang Family has been preparing to deal with us. And we’re a step later than them. However, the Zhang Family is not done with their preparation. They wouldn’t dare fight large scale battles at this time. Because of this, they were still sending cheap shots at us. Hmph. If the Zhang Family really wants to fight the Ashley Family, then I’ll make sure to beat them so hard that they would return with no teeth left.” After he spoke this, the atmosphere around Thunder began to turn cold.

Desbarres was intently listening. Actually, Desbarres and the others were already aware of the Zhang Family’s plan and had repeatedly reminded Thunder about it. However, Thunder didn’t care about it before. He was still thinking that the Zhang Family were the Ashley Family’s strongest ally.

Thunder finally accepted the warning against the Zhang Family when Margaret was attacked. Moreover, upon further investigation, it was proven that it was the Zhang Family who did it. It was also because of this that Thunder agreed to the assault mission. He wanted to strike the Zhang Family in order to test their response.

If the Zhang Family was innocent, then they wouldn’t know about this matter and wouldn’t retaliate too heavily. However, the Zhang Family’s response was fierce, they even set up a trap to take a bite out of the Ashley Family. This opened Thunder’s eyes to the fact that the Zhang Family wanted to deal with the Ashley Family.

The Zhang Family’s plan was good. They wanted to catch Zhao Hai and the others. And even if they can’t, they could still block Zhao Hai from entering the realm qualifiers. This way, the Ashley Family’s benefits would suffer a huge hit. And also, it would be easier for them to deal with the Ashley Family in the future.

However, the Zhang Family didn’t expect how significant Zhao Hai’s impact would be. Now that Zhao Hai was able to bring everyone back to Dark Demon Planet, the Zhang Family’s plan was destroyed. Moreover, their actions had made Thunder vigilant. The Zhang Family tried to steal a chicken only to lose the rice used to bait it.

However, the Ashley Family wouldn’t use this event to strike the Zhang Family. They didn’t have the strength to do it yet. In fact, if it weren’t for Zhao Hai, then the Ashley Family would take even greater losses. Asking a small price in order to deal with this grievance was enough.

Desbarres looked at Thunder and said, “Young Master, with this altercation with the Zhang Family, the importance of the Six Realm Beginner Competition has become more apparent. As long as we make good progress in the competition, we’ll be able to gain more benefits and would no longer worry about not having an ally. The Zhang Family made a significant move against us, they even want to prevent Little Hai from entering the beginner competition. It seems like they’re afraid that we would get a good position. It’s now certain that the Zhang Family has a high-level spy in our family. The most pressing matter for now is to find this spy.”

Thunder Ashley wasn’t a fool. Although he rarely accepted comments, he still knew what to do at certain times. Therefore, he understood what Desbarres wanted to say as he nodded and said, “Rest assured, I will make sure to look this up. There weren’t a lot of people who knew about the mission. I believe we’ll be able to see results soon. Meanwhile, Fatty Des, you make sure that Little Hai gets what he wants. You need to take good care of him.” Desbarres nodded before he turned around and left.

When Desbarres returned to the Bone Symbol Camp, the other Camp Lords were already there. At this time, they were talking to the commanders about what happened.

Desbarres didn’t go to see them but instead he called Tie Sheng over to his office. Desbarres looked at Tie Sheng and said, “Tie Sheng, tell me exactly what happened.” Tie Sheng nodded and then explained everything from the start up to their return. Desbarres listened intently and then nodded and said, “It looks like Little Hai has become better in using Liquid Silver. Moreover, Little Hai’s strength is probably getting closer to ours. It seems like his claims of becoming top ten in the Six Realm Beginner Competition wasn’t just a boast.”

Tie Sheng nodded and said, “Little Hai has become very strong. He will surely blossom in the beginner competition. I’m just afraid that the Ashley Family wouldn’t be able to retain him.” Desbarres smiled bitterly and said, “With the Ashley Family’s strength, it’s impossible for us to keep him. Little Hai will certainly become a famous powerful expert. However, even if the Ashley Family family couldn’t keep him, as long as everyone knew that he came from us, then that is already enough to make people think differently about the family. It doesn’t matter if he stays or not.”

Tie Sheng nodded. Then Desbarres said, “Alright, let’s go to the dining hall. The other Camp Lords should already be aware of the situation. They owe us a huge favor this time.” Tie Sheng smiled faintly before he followed Desbarres back to the dining hall.

The dining hall has been filled up. Besides those from the other camps, everyone currently in the Bone Symbol Camp came to the hall. The entire room looked very lively, their faces were full of excitement.

It can be said that this mission concerned the entirety of the External Hall. This was because elites of the External Hall participated in this mission. These people had fairly high status in the Ashley Family’s External Hall, they were the backbone of the force. Whenever a camp loses people like them, the camp would surely suffer a serious blow.

It has been some time before these people had ascended to the Machine Field. Because of this, they were able to make friends with people from other camps; and some even became tied by familial ties. It can be said that these people were more or less involved with each other. In this case, the fact that everyone returned was a very joyous matter.

As for the Zhang Family spies that Zhao Hai captured, they had already been handed over to the family to deal with. Zhao Hai and Tie Sheng had guaranteed their safety as well as return to Dark Demon Planet. As for what happens to them after arriving at the family, that was something that Zhao Hai cannot control.

After Zhao Hai returned to his room, he immediately cleaned himself inside the Space before going back out and heading towards the dining hall.

Zhao Hai wore a black robe. Although it wasn’t ugly, it wasn’t eye-catching either. And with Zhao Hai’s ordinary looks, it would be hard for people to see him in a crowd.

The reason for his lack of presence was Zhao Hai’s decision to not display anything. This made sure that he looked as ordinary as he can be.

After he came out, Zhao Hai immediately saw Tao Wang approaching him. When Tao Wang saw Zhao Hai, he immediately said, “Let’s go quick. Our Brothers want to see their hero.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “How come I became a hero? Right, did Margaret head out already?”

Tao Wang smiled and said ,”Not yet, but you should know that women would take a long time to dress up. I have already told her robot to relay the message.”

Zhao Hao nodded, then he followed Tao Wang to the dining hall. Zhao Hai and Tao Wang arrived at the dining hall at almost the same time as Desbarres and Tie Sheng. As soon Desbarres saw Zhao Hai, he immediately waved at him. Tao Wang and Zhao Hai quickly went over and took a seat. Desbarres smiled at Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, you’ve done very well. Those guys now owe us big time. Let’s see how they’ll pay us back.”

Zhao Hai smiled bitterly and said, “Camp Lord, don’t you think seizing this opportunity for benefit is a bit out of place?”

Desbarres smiled and said, “There’s no need for you to worry about this matter. In any case, this will be good for you. Right, you returned just at the right time for the realm qualifiers. The Patriarch is placing great importance to the competition. He wanted to make sure that I relay this information to you.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Camp Lord, rest assured. I know what I need to do.”

Desbarres gave nod, then he asked, “Are you injured? Or perhaps feeling uncomfortable anywhere? The Patriarch said that we should fully support you. He wants you to stay at your best state as much as possible.”

Zhao Hai waved his hand and smiled, “Camp Lord, I absolutely fine.”

Desbarres nodded, then he said, “That’s good. Those fellows are here, I need to deal with them. We’ll talk later.” Naturally, Zhao Hai wouldn’t stop Desbarres. Desbarres stood up and then walked towards Dia and the others.

The arrival of the seven Camp Lords made the dining hall’s atmosphere a bit weird for those from the Bone Symbol Camp. Under normal conditions, these Camp Lords would not step foot in the Bone Symbol Camp. This was because of the camp’s constant decline over the years. These Camp Lords even look down on the camp. But this time, they actually went to the camp themselves. Moreover, they came to express their gratitude, which made those from the Bone Symbol Camp proud and elated.

Desbarres didn’t go too far this time. He just chatted with the other Camp Lords for a moment before asking them to sit down. Naturally, Zhao Hai was also present on the table. Zhao Hai didn’t say anything and just gave the Camp Lords a salute. Dia and the others returned the courtesy while expressing their gratitude to Zhao Hai. But at the same time, their eyes couldn’t help but show a sense of deep envy.

After everyone had sat down, Desbarres went to the dining hall’s stage. He waved his hand to silence the hall before saying, “The mission had been a huge trial for our External Hall. But it was fortunate that everyone managed to return safely. I need to commend everyone here for their bravery. You certainly didn’t make the Ashley Family lose face. You’re the pride of our External Hall!” After he said this, everyone in the hall issued a cheer.

Desbarres waved his hand once more. After seeing everyone calm down, he continued, “Everyone has certainly suffered in the past few days. I have already discussed it with your Camp Lords, your contribution points for this mission will be increased. Additionally, each camp will add a bonus on top of your initial reward. Brothers, you’re now rich!”

Desbarres’s words brought laughter and whistling to the hall. People from the External Hall liked to hear about rewards. Desbarres’s words were completely aimed at their hearts. There weren’t even any official statements, which made everyone feel great.

After Desbarres calmed everyone down, he said, “Everyone, I know that you haven’t had a good meal and a good rest in the past days. So I won’t be saying anything more. Brothers, eat, drink. Welcome home!” Everyone cheered. Then robots began giving everyone food and drinks. The feast had officially begun.

Throughout his speech, Desbarres didn’t mention a word about Zhao Hai’s merit. This was a brilliant move. Zhao Hai’s action of saving everyone had already been engraved in their hearts. If Desbarres mentioned it, then it would seem too petty. 

When Desbarres returned to his table, Dia and the others looked at him strangely. They never talked like this to the people in their camp. It was at this point where they saw their gap with Desbarres.


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