BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1148


Chapter 1148 – Coming Back!

Desbarres recently lost a lot of weight. And those who had insider information knew exactly why. He thought that his plan was seamless: but it actually turned out to be a trap! Most importantly, they were the ones who fell for it.

It can be said that the one who suffered the most loss was the Bone Symbol Camp. This was because the mission not only included Tie Sheng, it also had the camp’s most promising member, Zhao Hai. Additionally, with Zhao Hai’s close relationship with Margaret, the camp would be losing heavily if they couldn’t return.

Although it was said that Margaret went on her own decision, if something really happened to her, then it would be put on Desbarres’s head. And the Patriarch wasn’t a very reasonable person.

The only good news was the fact that the Zhang Family didn’t send any word that they had captured a lot of Experts from the Ashley Family’s External Hall. In the past, the Zhang Family would return the captured people and then send a warning to the family. 

But if the Zhang Family manages to capture a large quantity of External Hall members, then they could use this as leverage to publicly break off their relationship with the Ashley Family.

Although the Zhang Family had yet to send word, this matter still placed a huge rock in everyone’s hearts. This was especially true for Desbarres. These days, it seems like he had halved his usual size.

Even if the family had yet to cause trouble for the Bone Symbol Camp’s Camp Lord, Desbarres himself felt very depressed in the past few days. Zhao Hai was the Bone Symbol Camp’s hope for revival. And now that he didn’t know when Zhao Hai would come back, Desbarres couldn’t help but have a massive headache.

Moreover, it can be said that Zhao Hai was the family’s primary representative in the Six Realm Beginner Competition. If Zhao Hai doesn’t come back, then the loss to the family would be too huge. This would cause Thunder to make Desbarres pay for his mistake.

With this situation weighing on his shoulders, no wonder Desbarres became so thin. And as the realm qualifiers got closer and closer, Desbarres’s face got more and more unsightly. The other Camp Lord couldn’t help but feel grief at the sight of him.

The Camp Lords had fairly similar states as Desbarres. Although some of them had their own authorities, the power they held wasn’t that huge. Among them, Desbarres clearly held the greater position. He was the Patriarch’s childhood friend and was a trusted aide of the family. This was evidently clear by Desbarres’s position as the External Hall’s manager.

But even if each Camp Lord had a competitive relationship, they were also allies in a way. Since the External Hall was a weak entity, they needed to band together so that they had the right to speak out.

Seeing Desbarres suffer bad luck, the other Camp Lords were also feeling bad. Even Dia who liked to take a jab at Desbarres didn’t say a single word about this event.

Actually, it wasn’t only Desbarres. The entire Bone Symbol Camp was feeling depressed. Zhao Hai just came to the limelight by defeating the other camps and emerging as the family’s champion. All of them were thinking that the revival of the Bone Symbol Camp was near. They didn’t expect a matter such as this to happen. This caused the Bone Symbol Camp to feel an unprecedented disappointment.

People were like this. If they don’t hope, then they won’t be disappointed. However, once they were given hope and that hope was shattered, their disappointment would be magnified by several folds.

The Bone Symbol Camp’s mood was as low as a deep valley. Although Tao Wang saw this, he couldn’t do anything. He was also feeling down in the past few days. And his physique was much worse than Desbarres. He wasn’t fat to begin with, so after all these days, Tao Wang was as skinny as a skeleton.

Seeing that there were only ten days left before the realm qualifiers, Desbarres and Tao Wang began to feel despair. Even if Zhao Hai managed to escape now, he still wouldn’t be able to make it to the qualifiers.

Silence conquered Desbarres’s office, he had lost any motivation and energy to speak at this point. Then suddenly, running was heard from outside. Then a person with a happy expression opened the door. He looked at Desbarres and said ,”Camp Lord, come out, quick. Something just came up!”

Desbarres looked at the person and said, “Something happened? What is it?”

The person excitedly said, “Commander Tie Sheng. Commander Tie Sheng is back!”

Upon hearing this, Desbarres and Tao Wang stared. They looked at each other for some time before they simultaneously stood up. Their faces seemed to light up. Then Desbarres asked, “Tie Sheng? Are you sure it’s him?”

The person immediately answered, “It’s him. Camp Lord, you should take a look yourself!” Desbarres and Tao Wang didn’t wait for the person to lead them out as they quickly ran.

When they arrived at the Bone Symbol Camp’s field, they saw people coming out of an enormous spatial rift. 

These people were completely covered in dust. They might look haggard but none of them were injured and all of them had bright expressions on their faces. One of these people stood right by the rift as he led the others out; this man was Tie Sheng.

Desbarres took a deep breath. Then he quickly flew towards Tie Sheng’s side, his face evidently brighter than before as he asked, “Tie Sheng, what is this?”

When Tie Sheng saw Desbarres, he immediately gave a salute, then he replied, “Camp Lord, we’ve come back safely. It’s Little Hai. He used his spatial ability to send us here.”

Desbarres looked at the people coming out of the rift. He scrutinized each person but couldn’t see Zhao Hai. When Tie Sheng saw Desbarres’s action, he couldn’t help but smile as he said, “Camp Lord, there’s no need to worry. Little Hai is behind the rift. He’s doing fine.” Desbarres nodded, then his mood returned to normal. Nobody from the Bone Symbol Camp were among those who were currently pouring out of the rift. Desbarres quickly understood that the evacuation was done according to camps.

It didn’t take long before the people from the Bone Symbol Camp were sent over. When these people saw their friends, they immediately went over to talk. Before long, laughter filled the camp.

Seeing this situation, Desbarres removed the worry in his heart. Moreover, he could see that the losses suffered by the External Hall wasn’t that heavy.

It didn’t take an hour for everyone to go through the spatial rift. The last people to go through were Zhao Hai and Margaret. Zhao Hai’s expression was calm while Margaret had a faint smile on her face. As she followed beside Zhao Hai, she looked like a wife following her husband.

When Zhao Hai came out, the rift quickly closed. Desbarres immediately moved forward to meet him. Seeing Desbarres arrive, Zhao Hai quickly gave a salute and said, “Camp Lord, I’m back.”

Desbarres grabbed Zhao Hai’s shoulders and laughed, “Good, it’s good that you’re doing well. I’m sure it has been hard on you.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “It’s okay. There’s no need for the Camp Lord to worry.”

Desbarres gave a nod before he looked at the people from the other camps. Then he laughed and said, “Today’s a happy day. Don’t leave yet, share a meal with my Bone Symbol Camp. Tao Wang, send word to the Camp Lords explaining the situation. Tie Sheng, have everyone wash up while I go and report to the Patriarch.”

Tao Wang also went over to Zhao Hai and gave him a tight hug. Only then did he go to arrange matters. Meanwhile, Tie Sheng nodded and led everyone to the Bone Symbol Camp’s building to take a rest. Desbarres didn’t delay and immediately flew towards Lofty Demon Island.


Margaret was currently inside a villa prepared for her by the Bone Symbol Camp. Also, this place wasn’t far from Zhao Hai. When she came back to her room, Margaret washed her face and combed her hair. Because of the state of the meteorite field, taking a bath was not an option. Although there were people who can use water element magic to produce water, the amount they were able to take out wasn’t enough for people to take a bath in. This was the reason why everyone appeared haggard.

Originally, Charles and the others readied themselves to return to their camp. However, Desbarres already made preparations for them and even reported the matter to the Camp Lords. Because of this, people from the other camps had no choice but to accept the Bone Symbol Camp’s hospitality.

At this moment, Desbarres arrived at Lofty Demon Island. Due to his excitement, he didn’t ride a car and just flew the entire trip. After arriving at the island, Desbarres went directly to Thunder’s study. This was also the place where the Patriarch did his work.

In the Ashley Family, there were only a few people who can directly find the Patriarch in his study, and Desbarres was one of these people. This was also a demonstration of Desbarres’s status. 

Cadjo wasn’t in the study. He was the Ashley Family’s manager. Because of this, he couldn’t just follow Thunder like a secretary. Moreover, Thunder already had his own female secretary. 

When Desbarres saw the secretary outside Thunder’s office, he quickly said, “Notify the Patriarch quickly. I have something important to report.”

Naturally, the attractive female secretary knew about the relationship between Desbarres and Thunder. So she didn’t dare to delay as she quickly pressed a key and sent a notification, “Patriarch, Manager Desbarres is here asking for an audience. He said that he has something important to say.”

Thunder’s reply was quickly heard, “Let him in.” The secretary nodded. Just as she was about to ask Desbarres to go in, the fatty already pushed the door and impatiently entered the study.

Thunder was currently sitting in his chair while reading a document. Although computers were prevalent in the Machine Field, documents were still in paper form.

Desbarres bowed and said, “I’ve seen the Young Master.” Thunder looked up at Desbarres and nodded, “Sit. Fatty Des, you’ve become thinner.”

Desbarres smiled and said, “Young Master, you can rest assured, I’ll be back to being fat in no time. Right, those who went out for the mission have come back. This includes Zhao Hai and Miss Margaret.”

Upon hearing Desbarres, Thunder couldn’t help but gawk. He placed the document on his hand down as he said, “They’re back? How?”

Desbarres quickly answered, “Tie Sheng told me that it’s because of Little Hai’s space magic. They’re now resting in the Bone Symbol Camp. I’ve invited everyone to a meal after. I’m sure they also suffered a lot.”


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