BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1147


Chapter 1147 – Time To Head Back

Kelly was an old fighter who had a lot of experience in battles. Even if he was drinking a restoration potion, he was still channeling his spiritual qi towards his defensive formation. He knew clearly that his opponent wasn’t easy to deal with. Just the fact that Zhao Hai was able to break a 100-layer formation was enough evidence for his power. Since he knew about this, Kelly drank a potion ahead of time. He was prepared for a long-term fight.

But at this time, Zhao Hai’s dark arrow was already flying over. This arrow was specifically made for killing. It was a dark element formation with three metal element formations mixed into it. And judging by the fact that it was a 50-layer formation, one should be able to imagine how powerful it was.

While Kelly was drinking from his potion bottle, he suddenly felt his defensive formation vibrate. Just as he was about to notice what happened, the shield broke. It didn’t take long before Kelly felt pain from his body. When he put his bottle down, he quickly noticed pitch black holes on his body. The holes kept spurting corrupted blood, it was clear that he was poisoned.

“I should drink a detoxifying potion”was the final thought that came through Kelly’s mind before he died.

The Silent Demon Killing arrows were more lethal compared to other layered formations of its level. This was because the entire power of the 50-layer formation was concentrated on five arrows. Moreover, these arrows weren’t shot at the same time, instead they were successively released in a straight line. Because of this, all five were aimed towards a single point of Kelly’s shield. It took two arrows to destroy Kelly’s shield while the other three hit him. The arrows were also rotating, causing greater damage to Kelly’s body. The arrows were poisonous too. With these effects stacked together, there was no way for Kelly to survive.

Naturally, Zhao Hai didn’t respect Kelly’s corpse, he immediately sent it to the Space and turned him into an Undead. After that, he switched his target to another person. They needed to finish this fight as soon as possible. This way, they could retreat sooner. Otherwise, they would be surrounded by the Zhang Family.

Actually, the fight was already nearing its end. Those who can escape had already escaped. Those who were left behind were already trapped and were nearly eliminated. From the initial 4000 people, 500 escaped while the rest were wiped out.

With Zhao Hai making his move, it didn’t take long before everything has been cleaned up. Immediately after that, Zhao Hai’s group left the area. As they were leaving, Zhao Hai took all of the destroyed Mechs as well as the corpses. If there weren’t smaller Mech fragments as well as crushed meteorites in the area, then nobody would know that a fight happened here.

Naturally, Zhao Hai had Cai’er clean these up after they left. He didn’t want other people to know about this ambush as much as possible. 

By this point, the Undead Zhao Hai  created were much stronger compared to his other Undead. Before, Zhao Hai’s undead were at most rank 9 Apprentices. On the other hand, these new Undead were actually level 3 and above. For Zhao Hai, this wasn’t a weak fighting force.

After Zhao Hai and the others made several turns and circles, they managed to return to their temporary base. Everyone was very excited, their action this time allowed them to expel the foul air they’ve been keeping in all this time. Wiping out more than 3000 people from the Zhang Family was truly satisfying.

However, they didn’t celebrate until their brains shut down. Tie Sheng and the others quickly assigned people to act as sentries around the base. Then they commanded the others to take a rest so that they could maintain their optimum condition.

Nbody opposed to this. All of them knew that they were still in danger. Only when they return back to Dark Demon Planet would they attain true relaxation.

In the following days, Zhao Hai didn’t propose going out to attack the Zhang Family. Of course, the Zhang Family responded to the attack they just suffered. In their mind, the Ashley Family’s camp should be near the  battlefield. Because of this, they carried on a strict investigation on the surrounding area. Naturally, they weren’t able to find anything.

Meanwhile, Zhao Hai and the others didn’t stay in the same temporary base all these days. They moved further into the meteorite field. At this time, their location had become very dangerous.

Tie Sheng and the others knew that the most dangerous element in the meteorite field wasn’t the Zhang Family. It wasn’t easy for the Zhang Family to find Zhao Hai’s group. The meteorite field was just too big. With the number of the Ashley Family’s team compared to the size of the meteorite field as well as the Zhang Family’s numbers, it was almost impossible for Zhang Family to find them.

The most dangerous aspect of the meteorite field were the meteorites, magnetic storms, and other natural disasters that might happen in the field. These things don’t discriminate when it came to their victims. Meteorites would collide with each other and cause chain reactions on the surroundings. And these things happen randomly, making the meteorite field dangerous. Because of this, Tie Sheng and the others chose their temporary bases very carefully. They preferred bigger meteorites since they were more robust compared to the smaller ones.

Although Zhao Hai didn’t leave the new base, he continually placed great attention to the movements of the Zhang Family. Zhao Hai discovered that the Zhang Family had changed their approach. They no longer separated into teams to perform a search. Instead, all of their attention were focused on the passage. They also built temporary bases along the passage. Meanwhile, their ships patrolled the path between the passage and the direction to Dark Demon Planet. Naturally, they were planning to block the Ashley Family with this method.

Seeing this situation, Zhao Hai understood that the Zhang Family didn’t want to sour their relationship with Ashley Family yet. Otherwise, they would’ve used the occupied ship as a reason to wage war. At this time, Dark Demon Planet was still very peaceful, there were no signs of an approaching war.

The Zhang Family’s goal this time seems to be obtaining a ransom from the Ashley Family or even preventing Zhao Hai from attending the Six Realm Beginner Competition.

The latter point wasn’t just plucked by Zhao Hai from thin air. He speculated these from talks he heard from the Mages and Warriors of the Zhang Family. It seems like the Zhang Family really had a high-ranking spy placed in the Ashley Family. It was because of this that they managed to understand the internal matters of the Ashley Family.

It was also through this spy that they understood Zhao Hai’s strength. Therefore, they wanted to stop Zhao Hai from gaining benefits in the beginner competition.

In the past, Zhao Hai wasn’t clear about the Six Realm Beginner Competition’s importance for the family. But after this event, Zhao Hai knew that for a medium-grade influence like the Ashley Family, it was absolutely important.

Zhao Hai wasn’t planning on bringing trouble to the Zhang Family, he knew that it was impossible. The Zhang Family were now clumped up in and around the passage. They also built several bases on huge meteorites. Once Zhao Hai’s group attacked them, they would immediately be surrounded by walls of iron. Moreover, the Zhang Family set themselves up so that support would quickly arrive once a certain area was attacked. So instead, Zhao Hai spent his time idly inside the base before the time he decided to return to Dark Demon Planet.

Tie Sheng and the others didn’t pester Zhao Hai to deal with the Zhang Family. In fact, even they didn’t want to attack the Zhang Family. They were aware that attacking the Zhang Family was very risky. There was a huge possibility for them to suffer heavy casualties if they do attack.

Those who joined the mission were among the elites of the Ashley Family’s External Hall. It wouldn’t be good if they suffered heavy losses. And since Zhao Hai didn’t raise any plans of attack, the commanders also spent their time with ease. In any case, Zhao Hai had enough food to feed all of them. The only thing they did now was to relax inside the base.

Days quickly passed by. All this time, Zhao Hai was seen to be closing up to practice. However, nobody inside the base were discontented. What they knew was that Zhao Hai was anxiously practicing so that everyone can go home sooner. 

Margaret was beginning to look unhealthy as the days went by. Seeing Zhao Hai working hard while everyone was living comfortably hurt Margaret’s heart.

Those who didn’t suffer couldn’t reach Zhao Hai’s level. With Zhao Hai’s strength, it was clear that he had suffered hardships before. Imagining what might have happened to Zhao Hai made Margaret’s heart ache.

During the last incursion, Margaret was able to see Zhao Hai’s merciless side. At the same time, Margaret could see Zhao Hai acting patiently, watching the enemy first before making a decisive move. As she thought of this, Margaret began to see Zhao Hai as a bottomless pit. She wanted to know more about him.

Everyone already knew that Margaret and Zhao Hai were quite close. Most of them knew who Margaret was and were clear that Zhao Hai would become a core member of the family in the future. But even if they were envious of Zhao Hai, they couldn’t help but be convinced upon seeing his strength.

Time passed and soon there were only ten days left before the realm qualifiers starts. Zhao Hai had been closing up all this time, making Tie Sheng and the others more and more anxious. Every day, Tie Sheng and the others would send people to Zhao Hai’s cave to see if he came out. They were truly afraid that Zhao Hai might not be able to join the realm qualifiers.

Actually, what they didn’t know was that Zhao Hai was just doing normal training all this time. He did nothing else other than delaying. He didn’t want people to think that it was easy for him to send everyone back to Dark Demon Planet. 

Seeing that there were only ten days left before the realm qualifiers, Zhao Hai finally decided to head out. He thought that it was time for him to return to Dark Demon Planet!


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