BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1146


Chapter 1146 – Ambush

Kelly was currently leading a group of people as they slowly flew forward. To be honest, he didn’t agree to the family’s decision. In order to deal with a few Warriors and Mages from the Ashley Family’s External Hall, they actually dispatched a lot of people as well as battleships. They were making a huge fuss over something trivial.

Moreover, the family even commanded a strict search of the surrounding region. To Kelly, this wasn’t necessary. The people from the Ashley Family had already been scared silly. They have already run far far away. It was impossible for them to stay in the vicinity. Perhaps they might even be deeper in the meteorite field looking for another way to leave.

If Kelly was a member of the Ashley Family, then he would do the same. He would try to leave the meteorite field through another place. This was a much better decision than staying in the meteorite field.

However, Kelly cannot defy the family’s orders. Although it has been more than ten years since he ascended, he still wouldn’t dare say anything about the family’s decision. Additionally, this action wasn’t done by only a single camp. They were even followed by a group of Mechs. Therefore, when they started their reconnaissance on a region named sector 5, they immediately divided it into smaller lots. Then they would carry out a comprehensive search on each area.

And they didn’t only search each lot, they also installed strong alarms inside lots they already searched. As long as people enter these areas, the alarm would immediately send out a notification.

Naturally, it was impossible for them to install these alarms everywhere. What they do is put alarms only on places that would have a huge potential of being entered. And as the Zhang Family pushed on, they would reposition these alarms whenever applicable.

Kelly’s group continued to move forward. Before long, they arrived at the area they were about to search. Those who entered the lot first were the Mechs. In the Machine Realm, Mechs held a much higher reputation compared to Mages and Warriors. Moreover, Mech pilots were mostly comprised of Machine Field natives. The reason for this was that the natives don’t look highly upon ascenders. Although Kelly was leading the team, he wasn’t the commander. Conversely, Kelly was the one who needed to listen to the commander of the Mech unit.

Kelly watched the surroundings while they advanced. Even if they haven’t gone to this area before, it wasn’t any different compared to other lots they searched. There were only meteorites everywhere, nothing else.

Kelly had met people from the other teams before they set out. Therefore, he knew that the others were doing their search on areas much more complex than his. This caused Kelly to be glad. In his mind, the less complex the terrain, the least danger they would be in.

As he was going forward, Kelly suddenly felt a movement of energy. He couldn’t help but stare. Then he stopped and sensed the surrounding area. He discovered that the surrounding meteorites were actually flying straight towards them. Kelly was shaken, then he immediately shouted, “It’s an ambush, prepare to fight!”

However, Kelly’s warning came too late. The target of the meteorites weren’t them, it was the Mechs. Although the Mechs were powerful, their mobility was still inferior compared to Mages and Warriors.

The meteorites were like huge stone balls that were fired towards the Mechs. Although the Mechs were doing their best to dodge, only a few managed to remain unscathed.

Moreover, there were quite a lot of meteorites, dozens of them. Although they weren’t large, they were at least a few notches bigger than the mechs. And each one of them were fast, it didn’t take long before the scouting team suffered a huge loss.

But this wasn’t the end. The meteorites weren’t just shot randomly, instead all of them met in the middle. Once they collided, they fragmented, attacking the Mechs once more. Among the 2000 Mechs present, more than 1000 were rendered useless. As for the remaining Mechs, they were also damaged, reducing their functionality by a few layers.

While Kelly and the others were flustered, several hundred sword qi were suddenly fired from all directions. The protective armor of the Mechs were already burst by the meteorites. So upon being hit by sword qi, the entire Mech troop was annihilated.

Following the sword qi were spells targeted towards Kelly and the others. These spells were at least 10 layers with most of them being 50-layer spells. Naturally, all of these spells had long since been prepared.

Although Kelly and the others had set up their own protective shields, it was still useless against the magical attacks. Before long, a large number of casualties emerged from the Zhang Family’s troop.

Another thing Kelly noticed was that these spells weren’t casually targeted. It seems like most of the spells were going towards the Warriors. The first wave of attacks took the lives of 300 Warriors.

After these two attacks were released, two attacks soon followed. It was already too late for Kelly’s side to retaliate. The group had already broken up with people running in all four directions. However, this was good for them. This way, the attacks coming from the Ashley Family wouldn’t deal with them at the same time. There were several people who came out unscathed.

From the beginning of the ambush up to now, Kelly’s group had eaten four rounds of attacks. Now, the Mechs were annihilated, the Warriors were severely cut down, and the numbers of the Mages were also slashed. At this point, Kelly’s group only had a bit more than 1000 people that were able to fight..

At this time, Zhao Hai’s side already began rushing towards the Zhang Family’s people. One side was full of morale while the other was in a panicked state. There was no need to ponder about the winner of this battle.

Meanwhile, Zhao Hai was eyeing Kelly. This was because he was the leader of the Mages and was the first to respond to the ambush. This meant that Kelly should have stronger spiritual force than the other Mages. Therefore, Zhao Hai wanted to experience Kelly’s strength. As soon as Kelly felt Zhao Hai’s focus on him, he couldn’t help but stare for a moment before sneering. Kelly knew that escaping was pointless at this point. The only thing he could do was fight.

Kelly was identified as a level 5 Mage. However, nobody knew that he had three staffs in his hand. One staff had a 10-layer formation, another had 50-layers, and then the last one had 100-layers. What he normally used was the staff with 50-layers. The other staffs were his secret weapons. Moreover, he had large quantities of restoration potions in his hand. Kelly believed that he has no need to be afraid of a level 6 Mage.

Kelly was quite an ambitious person. Almost all of the money he raised since he ascended were spent on buying armaments. He didn’t buy a villa nor did he indulge in leisure; all of his money was spent on strengthening himself.

Because of this, Kelly’s armaments could be said to be the best in the Zhang Family’s External Hall. Kelly didn’t only have the three staffs, he also has a protective item. At the same time, his mage robe was a high-level item, providing another point of protection. He also had a piece of metal with a restorative magic formation set inside. It can be said that with these items, Kelly had enough confidence to face level 6 experts. So when he saw Zhao Hai approaching him, he didn’t panic. On the contrary, Kelly took it as an opportunity.

He was preparing to capture Zhao Hai and use him as a hostage. This would give him a token to ask for freedom. Because of this, Kelly just stood in place and sent a spell towards Zhao Hai.

The spell was sent out by the 10-layer formation staff. At the same time, Kelly also activated his defensive formation.

Upon seeing the other party’s magic, Zhao Hai knew that they were using items. However, he didn’t care much about it and just waved his hand. Then a 10-layer formation appeared in front of him, blocking the incoming spell.

But shortly after that, Kelly took his 50-layer formation staff out and sent another spell towards Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai’s body changed direction as he moved back. At the same time, he erected another 10-layer formation in front of him. However, this formation didn’t block Kelly’s offensive magic.

Fortunately, Zhao Hai’s retreat was very fast. He arranged another 10-layer formation in front of him. Then immediately after the shield appeared, yet another one was cast. In turn, Kelly’s magic was blocked by three succeeding defensive formations.

Actually, it was completely unnecessary for Zhao Hai to do this. He just wanted to see how strong other people’s 50-layer magic formation were. But to be honest, Zhao Hai was disappointed by what he saw.

Kelly didn’t expect Zhao Hai to block his attack, after all,  it was a 50-layer magic formation. Kelly couldn’t help but give Zhao Hai even more importance. Then he traded his magic staff for the one with a 100-layer formation inside. 

In the current Machine Field, 100-layer formations were rarely seen. This was because 100-layers were very hard to make. And engraving this kind of formation into a staff was much more difficult. The material requirements for this kind of endeavor was very high. Generally, staffs with 100-layer formations inside were made out of metal. Mithril as well as other additives were needed for the engraving to succeed.

Because of this, the staff’s weight would increase, as well as its cost. Mages who carry a 100 kilogram staff into a fight would certainly suffer. And because of the formations needed to be engraved, different types of materials were needed, further increasing the staff’s price.

Kelly hoisted his magic staff and inserted his own spiritual force on it. Since it was for a 100-layer formation, the amount of spiritual force needed was quite a lot. However, this sacrifice was worth it for the result. The 100-layer formation was Kelly’s strongest metal-element formation.

This magic formation was known as metal storm. When the magic formation materialized, it began to absorb the metal element energy in the surroundings. The spell grew bigger and bigger before it exploded into shards. Then the shards turned into a huge tornadoes. These tornadoes collided once more as it flew like a storm towards Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai’s eyes shone, then he said, “100 layers? Good. This is what I like to see.” Then he locked his fingers together, releasing a 100-layer formation in front of him. However, his formation was somewhat different. Half of the formation was red while the other half was azure. 

When the formation had materialized, Zhao Hai loudly said, “Wind and Fire is eternal. Wind aids fire, fire eats wind! Explode!” Along with Zhao Hai’s voice, the formation in front fiercely exploded. A column of inferno began to shoot itself towards the metal storm.

Kelly sneered, he was very confident of his own 100-layer formation. This formation was made out of the most offensively powerful element. He doesn’t believe that Zhao Hai’s formation would block it.

But Kelly would soon realize that he was wrong. When the two formations hit each other, Kelly’s metal storm melted under Zhao Hai’s spell. The metals liquefied and before long they vaporized.

Kelly was left standing there, dazed. He didn’t expect this outcome. The magic staff he expensively bought was actually rendered useless.

Shortly after that, Zhao Hai said, “Fiery feathers, metal arrows. Rain of ten thousand arrows. Shoot!” As his voice fell, a rain of metallic arrows began to fall onto Kelly.

These arrows were very fast. But fortunately, Kelly’s defensive formation activated. When the arrows hit the shield, the shield shook fiercely, as though it would break at any time.

Kelly gawked. He immediately funneled his spiritual force towards the defensive formation. At the same time, he took out his 50-layer formation staff. He wouldn’t dare use his 100-layer formation staff for a long time. This wasn’t only because the staff was heavy, the spiritual force needed to sustain the formation was too huge. Kelly didn’t have the ability to make use of it for a long time.

Just as Kelly was about to launch his magic, he suddenly heard Zhao Hai, “Silent Demon Killing Arrows,. Fire!” After Zhao Hai said this, a 50-layer formation appeared in front of him. The formation was pitch black. Then a pointed tip appeared on the formation shortly followed by a black shaft and a blue tail. This arrows flew quickly, but they were eerily quiet. Their target was Kelly. 

Kelly was caught while drinking. Because of his usage of magic, Kelly needed to replenish using a magic potion. Although potions recovered one’s magic quickly, the effect wasn’t immediate. 

And while Kelly was restoring his magic, Zhao Hai’s arrow suddenly appeared in front of him!


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