BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1144


Chapter 1144 – Smooth Scouting

Seeing Zhao Hai intending to fight with the Zhang Family, Charles and Leo’s expressions dropped. They don’t want to provoke the Zhang Family at this time. Such an action would only cause more casualties on their side.

Most importantly, Charles was afraid that Zhao Hai was doing this in order to weaken the other camps. To be honest, they didn’t expect this outcome when they started this mission. In their view, Zhao Hai’s strength wasn’t that significant. Because of this, they weren’t afraid of Zhao Hai.

Tie Sheng looked at the eyes of the two. With Charles being from the Ghost Symbol Camp, Tie Sheng knew what he was thinking about, “You two, Zhao Hai didn’t want to fight just because he wants to. He currently has a newly refined weapon, so he wants to get accustomed to using it. Moreover, this is required so that we can all return to Dark Demon Planet. Since it is a new weapon, Little Hai is still not comfortable in using it. The more battles he goes into, the quicker he can adapt. Because of this, he needs to fight.” 

Upon hearing Tie Sheng, Charles and Leo stopped themselves from talking. Whether this was true or not, they couldn’t disagree on Zhao Hai’s plan at this point. Otherwise, they would be seen as hindering everyone’s return to Dark Demon Planet. This would only make them everyone’s enemies. Naturally, this wasn’t something the two wanted to happen.

Seeing that nobody was talking, Zhao Hai turned to Tie Sheng and said, “Brother Tie Sheng, I’ll go scout ahead to locate the Zhang Family’s people. Meanwhile, you arrange the team to look at the surrounding terrain. It would be better for us if we are acquainted with the surrounding area before we fight the Zhang Family.”

Tie Sheng nodded and said, “Alright. Go, leave matters here to me.”

When Zhao Hai left, Charles turned to Tie Sheng and said, “Tie Sheng, is the Bone Symbol Camp alright with being used by Zhao Hai? Why do you agree to anything he says?” 

Tie Sheng looked at Charles and coldly snorted before he replied, “If you have someone like Zhao Hai in your Ghost Symbol Camp, then you would also be willing to be used by him. Also, Little Hai had never fought with the others for resources. Ever since he joined the camp until now, he had never consumed potions from the camp. Although he was given a reward, all of that was gained through his own effort. It can be said that the camp was the one treating him unfairly.” Naturally, Charles wasn’t thinking about the Bone Symbol Camp’s well-being when he asked this question. He was just planning to put a wedge in between Tie Sheng and Zhao Hai. However, he wasn’t informed about Zhao Hai’s matters in the Bone Symbol Camp. Because of this, his plan was put to waste.

When Leo saw that Tie Sheng wasn’t joking nor deliberately smudging facts, he couldn’t help but be curious, “What other things did Zhao Hai do for the Bone Symbol Camp?”

Tie Sheng smiled and said, “I can’t tell you that. However, I can say that not only did he give something to the camp, he also offered a gift to the family. Otherwise, Zhao Hai wouldn’t have been able to meet the Patriarch that easily. Moreover, didn’t you notice that the Patriarch didn’t do anything about Zhao Hai and Miss Margaret’s relationship?”

Charles and Leo stared. Then their expressions changed. They had been thinking about competing with Zhao Hai but they actually forgot about Margaret’s status. Naturally, people in their level knew more than others regarding Margaret.

At the time when they heard about Zhao Hai and Margaret, they couldn’t help but sigh about Zhao Hai’s good luck. He actually managed to snatch the family’s princess. However, they actually forgot about the underlying matters.

Upon thinking about the future, Charles and the others couldn’t help but feel envious. If Zhao Hai continued to have a relationship with Margaret, then he would soon leave the Bone Symbol Camp and become a core member of the family. Although it wasn’t the same as directly looking after the Bone Symbol Camp, his future position would still allow Desbarres to stop worrying about the camp.

At this moment, Zhao Hai already left the meteorite base. Since nobody was with him, he could use all of his abilities. Zhao Hai’s figure flashed as he returned to the Space.

Laura and the others were currently in front of the monitor looking at the situation outside. To be honest, the meteorite field was beautiful. Although it was filled with danger, the colorful scenery was still something to look at.

Seeing Zhao Hai come back, they immediately went to welcome him. It has been more than ten days since Zhao Hai entered the Space. Since he was with other people during the ambush, he didn’t have the chance to leave.

Zhao Hai hugged Laura and the others. Although ten days wasn’t a long time, he still missed them.

After everyone had settled down, Meg immediately offered Zhao Hai a cup of tea. Zhao Hai let out a long breath and then said, “The Space is really good. Nothing outside can compare to it.”

Laura and the others smiled. Zhao Hai looked at Laura and said, “Laura, how are the Zhang Family’s people doing?” While Zhao Hai was absent in the past few days, Laura and the others were busy. They took on the task of mapping the meteorite field.

This wasn’t a difficult matter to accomplish. They divided Liquid Silver into smaller versions and then explored the meteorite field. They even treated it as a game.

At this point, almost all of the Rainbow Meteorite Field had been mapped by the Space. Zhao Hai didn’t need to personally investigate the area. He could just relax inside the Space and look at the monitor.

Laura quickly opened the map of the meteorite field. It can be said that the field was really big. There were also small dots on the map. These dots surrounded a small passage. There were also rows of red dots on both ends of the passage.

Laura pointed at the red dots and said, “Brother Hai, look. The Zhang Family sent 50 medium-sized battleships altogether. They’re currently patrolling the passage. The ones currently pursuing you are only comprised of Mages and Warriors. Most of the Mechs retreated when your group entered the meteorite field. All in all, there are 20 thousand pursuers. They divided themselves into four to five groups and scoured the passage. They’re doing a comprehensive search on the immediate surroundings of the abandoned ship.”

After she said that, Laura gestured towards an area on the map. The region she pointed out were filled with red dots. These red dots indicated the Zhang Family’s search parties.

Zhao Hai looked at the monitor and nodded, then he said, “It seems like the Zhang Family are working really hard. This is good. It’s time to clean them up. Lizzy, which of the teams do you think are the easiest to deal with?”

Lizzy pointed towards the team that was the farthest from Zhao Hai’s base. Then she said, “It should be this one. They have mechs among them. Although mechs have strong combat power, they’re far less flexible than Mages and Warriors in this meteorite field. Additionally, they can’t deal with long-term battle.”

Zhao Hao nodded. Although the meteorites in this field weren’t too close together, they weren’t far apart either. And don’t forget, besides meteorites, there were also other things in the meteorite field. At the same time, mechs aren’t good for one-man combats. In a one-on-one battle against a Mage or a Warrior, it was likely for the Mage and Warrior to win. 

The reason why people thought that mechs were more powerful than Mages and Warriors was because their average strength was better. Mages might win against one mech. However, in a battle that involved thousands, Mages and Warriors would certainly lose against them.

If one were to make an analogy using ancient chinese terms, Mages and Warriors were martial artists while Mechs were soldiers in the army. In a one-on-one battle, martial artists could certainly kill a soldier. However, when it came to large-scale battles, martial artists could never contend against an army.

And in this meteorite field, Mechs couldn’t fight a large-scale battle. Because of this, Mages and Warriors were in an advantageous position. Thus, Lizzy chose the team with the most Mechs.

Zhao Hai turned his head to Lizzy and said, “Let me see the details of that team.”

Lizzy nodded. Then the picture on the screen changed. A region was zoomed in, showing a team. There were 2000 Mages and Warriors as well as another 2000 Mechs. This number wasn’t small.

But it was obvious that these people weren’t stupid. The reason why they had mechs among them was because there weren’t a lot of meteorites in this area. Moreover, the distance between each meteorite was much greater compared to other areas.

Nevertheless, this wasn’t an issue for Zhao Hai. Even if the meteorites were far apart, as long as the battle begins, these meteorites would shatter, causing smaller rocks to splinter out. Mages and Warriors might be able to dodge these fragments, but Mechs would certainly have problems with it.

The information that Laura and the others collected didn’t stop at this. Since the Space’s network was connected to the outside world, they managed to get more than the locations of these teams. For example, they were able to know that these people were from the Zhang Family’s External Hall. Moreover, their identities were public, one could even see their information on the net!


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