BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1142


Chapter 1142 – Point To Me Your Allies

Richard was very clear about their current situation. And now, these two groups were making such a huge fuss. This could allow the Zhang Family to find them. And once they were located, they’re finished.

Therefore, Richard wished that he could kill these fellows. However, he knew that this wasn’t the time to do that. Catching these people and seeing if they had accomplices was the most important thing right now.

Zhao Hai and his group quickly returned to where Tie Sheng and the others were. At this point, all of the scouts had returned. All of them were nervously looking at the commanders.

Zhao Hai quickly went to Tie Sheng’s side and said, “Brother Tie Sheng, the problem lies with these fellows. They divided into two groups and declared that the other party are the Zhang Family spies. Since I don’t want to attract the Zhang Family, I decided to capture them all.” 

As soon as Tie Sheng and the others heard this, they couldn’t help but stare. Several commanders looked at these people with cold gazes. They looked like they were prepared to eat these people up.

Seeing the current situation, Zhao Hai turned to Tie Sheng and said, “Brother Tie Sheng, they made quite a noise when they fought. I think the Zhang Family might have heard it. We should escape in the meantime. Let’s deal with them once we arrive at a safe place.”

Tie Sheng nodded, then he turned to the other commanders and said, “Just like Little Hai said, they’ve made quite a lot of noise. We need to leave this area. Only when we’re safe can we deal with these fellows. The Bone Symbol Camp shall take the lead and the last group shall take the responsibility of clearing our traces.”

This time, they didn’t move in their original direction. Since they would stay inside the meteorite field for some time, then they decided to take more risks and go deeper into the meteorite field. The more secure their location, the safer they would be.

Not even an hour after Tie Sheng and the others left, the Zhang Family’s pursuing troops arrived at the location. Seeing the scene of battle, the Mage said, “It seems like they wanted to return to their ship. But why did a fight happen here?” The Warrior smiled faintly and said, “Don’t forget, we have quite a lot of spies inside the Ashley Family. This scene should be caused by our spies.”

The Mage nodded, “That’s possible. But in this case, the spies that caused trouble had lost their value.”

The Warrior shook his head and said, “As long as we manage to capture the Ashley Family, then those people had shown their worth. The family wouldn’t just use this matter to wage war against the Ashley Family, it is also a good opportunity to get rid of their little genius.” The Mage stared, then he said, “You mean Zhao Hai? He’s here?”

The Warrior nodded and said, “Right, Zhao Hai took the mission. I had the chance to read the family’s recent reports. Only four months after he ascended, Zhao Hai was already able to become an unprecedented champion in the Ashley Family’s internal qualifiers. If he gets to join the realm qualifiers and gain good accomplishments, then it would be very disadvantageous for us. Therefore, he needs to be destroyed.”

The Mage nodded, “That would be the best outcome. Then let’s go.” The Warrior nodded. Then they led their army of 5000 Mage and Warriors towards the Ashley Family’s ship.

At this time, Zhao Hai and the others were already deep into the meteorite zone. But before heading this direction, they took a few circles and then went back to the area where they fought with the Zhang Family fleet. Then they proceeded to go deeper into the zone.

The group settled inside a huge meteorite to take a temporary rest. Mages opened a cave inside the meteorite using magic. After everyone entered, they began to relax. At this time, Tie Sheng and the others convened once more to deal with the scout troop that caused trouble.

Tie Sheng and the others were coldly looking at the troublemakers. They lost a few people along the way because they had been forced to evacuate.

These people were tied by Zhao Hai’s magic, so they were still unable to move. Tie Sheng looked at them and said, “So who wants to speak first.”

A Mage from one side immediately said, “Commander Tie Sheng, let me speak first. We’re just doing our scouting tasks. But then we’re suddenly attacked by them. If it weren’t for this, then we wouldn’t have fought back.”

“Nonsense!” A Mage from the other side shouted. “It’s clear that you’re the ones who attacked first. You actually dared to blame us.”

Tie Sheng looked at the two sides, then he said, “Remove their masks. I want to see if they are indeed members of our army.”

Zhao Hai nodded. Then he waved his hand, removing the masks on the scouts. When the masks were removed, the commanders of the Ghost Symbol Camp and the Upright Symbol Camp couldn’t help coldly snort. This was because these 50 people were comprised of people from both camps. Moreover, each side had members from both camps. 

The expressions of the two commanders weren’t attractive to look at. This means that no matter which side has the spy, their camps would still be related to them.

Tie Sheng looked at Charles and Leo and said, “How do you want to deal with this?”

Leo coldly snorted and said, “In my opinion, all of them should be killed.” When he said this, both sides began shouting and blaming the other side.

Charles looked at them and said, “I’ll have them killed as well. However, they need to go through my method first. I want to see if they have something to spill.”

Tie Sheng looked at the two. Then he knit his brows and said, “Charles, are you confident?”

Charles snorted and said, “You should already know about my methods. Under my technique, they wouldn’t be able to tell a lie.”

Tie Sheng and the others didn’t say anything. Charles was telling the truth. His savagery was quite famous in the Ashley Family’s External Hall. This fellow could use all kinds of torture to affect the enemy’s mind. Therefore, he was best at interrogation. Those who had been sentenced by him were all dead.

At this time, Zhao Hai opened his mouth and said, “I also heard about Commander Charles’s methods. However, these people are sent by the Zhang Family. And since they decided to turn violent, it seems like they have already been psychologically altered. I’m afraid that even if you torture them, they would still talk nonsense. I have a way to solve this. I don’t know if you would accept?”

With the strength Zhao Hai showed along the way, the various commanders have already treated him as an equal. So when they heard him, they nodded. Then Tie Sheng said, “Tell us your method.”

Zhao Hai looked at the commanders, then he smiled faintly and said, “As you already know, even if I can use all the elements, I’m mainly a Dark Mage in the lower realms. I can turn people into Undead and make them confess everything they know. Moreover, the Undead couldn’t lie. Even if I commanded them to kill their wife and children, they wouldn’t hesitate to do so. So having them confess their allies wouldn’t be difficult. As long as we choose one person from the two sides and then turn them into Undead, everything will become clear!”

When they heard Zhao Hai, Tie Sheng and the others couldn’t help but be surprised. Their impression of Zhao Hai was of a temperate and calm person. They didn’t expect Zhao Hai to have a method much worse than Charles’s. In their minds, turning a living person directly into an Undead was truly evil.

Not to say the commanders, those present in the cave couldn’t help but feel a chill when they heard Zhao Hai’s words. It was at this point that they discovered that Zhao Hai wasn’t someone they should annoy.

As for the troublemakers below, their expressions turned for the worse. When they heard that Zhao Hai was going to pick one person from each side, they began praying that they weren’t the ones to be picked.

Similarly, Margaret was shocked at Zhao Hai. However, after she thought about Zhao Hai’s accomplishments in the lower realms, she couldn’t help but nod.

In the Machine Field, killing people wasn’t a major matter. All those who wanted to be strong would need to walk through a pile of corpses. 

Tie Sheng took a deep breath to calm down his mood. Then he turned to the others and said, “What do you think?”

The others nodded. Then Tie Sheng looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, you can proceed.” Zhao Hai nodded before turning his head towards the two groups. As Zhao Hai swept his gaze towards these people, they couldn’t help but feel like a pig for slaughter. 

At this time, someone from the team with 15 people suddenly said, “Don’t kill me. Please. I’ll talk. As long as you keep me alive, I’ll tell you everything I know.”

Upon hearing these words, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but laugh and said, “There’s no use bargaining with me. It’s no longer possible for you to preserve your life. I won’t believe a single word you say.” Then he waved his hand, wrapping that person in a dark mist. The man screamed for some time before his aura vanished.

Once the dark mist disappeared, a pale white skeleton began to stand up from the ground. Naturally, this was an Undead. All those present couldn’t help but feel their backs turn cold. The scream was still echoing inside their heads.

Zhao Hai looked at the skeleton and said, “Point out your allies.” The skeleton proceeded to point towards the side with fewer numbers. But then he also pointed towards the side with the greater number.

Seeing this result, Tie Sheng and the others couldn’t help but gawk!


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