BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1140


Chapter 1140 – Withdrawing from the Meteorite Field

When Tie Sheng heard Zhao Hai, he immediately shouted, “Everyone gather around. We need to escape, leave everything behind!”

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but insert himself upon hearing Tie Sheng, “Brother Tie Sheng, there are a lot of good things in this ship including metals and some special products. How about I open the doors and we store those items in our spatial items. After that, we can leave this place and attempt to break through.”

Tie Shen stared, then he shook his head and said, “We can’t do that. We don’t have enough time.” But this time, Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “Brother Tie Sheng, don’t forget that we’re here as pirates. So we need to steal some things before entering the meteorite field. Even if we can’t return to the family’s ship in a short time, we can still be safe. After all, they cannot chase us deep into the meteorite field.”

Tie Sheng thought about it for a moment before he said, “It’s too risky. But we can’t leave empty-handed. Alright, I’ll go organize a group.” Zhao Hai nodded before he turned and left the room. Margaret quickly followed behind him.

Zhao Hai didn’t say anything upon seeing Margaret following behind. The group quickly flew throughout the ship, ransacking every room they could find.

And upon opening these cabins, Zhao Hai discovered that the ship contained more things than he imagined. There were some metal bars inside as well as specialties from Adam Planet. Most importantly, it had a stock of the latest models of cars and mechs.

However, these weren’t Zhao Hai’s priority right now. After opening the doors, Zhao Hai pulled Margaret over and entered another room. Then Zhao Hai didn’t waste any time as he stored everything inside that room into the Space.

Margaret thought that Zhao Hai would take precious items. However, upon seeing Zhao Hai’s actions, she found out that she was wrong. Zhao Hai didn’t take precious items. Instead, he took all the food and water inside the ship. He also took the wine and other daily necessities.

After taking those things, only then did Zhao Hai and Margaret leave. Zhao Hai didn’t take the metals and mechs. He didn’t want to let others know that he had a lot of storage capacity inside his Space. Naturally, he took these things in preparation for later on. Since they had been surrounded, Zhao Hai knew that they wouldn’t be able to escape the meteorite field in a short time. He didn’t know how long it would take before they could return back to the family. In this case, they needed to stock up on food and drinks. Although the Space could provide food, Zhao Hai didn’t want to raise any suspicion. Now that he showed that he took food from the ship, nobody would suspect him.

When Zhao Hai and Margaret returned, Tie Sheng and the others already ransacked the surrounding cabins. Seeing that everyone was here, Zhao Hai turned to Tie Sheng and said, “Brother Tie Sheng, let’s go. We don’t have much time left.” Tie Sheng nodded. Then he waved his hand, commanding everyone to leave the ship. Then he greeted the other camps before he retreated into the meteorite zone.

While Zhao Hai and the others were ransacking the ship, Tie Sheng already informed the other camps about the situation. The other camp commanders were also aware that if they don’t quickly escape to the meteorite zone, they would not be able to escape. Therefore, everyone followed Tie Sheng.

Not long after everyone entered entered the meteorite zone, about twenty thousand people comprised of Mages, Warriors, and Mechs arrived at the now empty ship.

There were two teams sent by the Zhang Family. The leaders of these teams were a Mage and a Warrior. While looking at the ship, the Mage opened his mouth and said, “It seems like they discovered us ahead of time.”

The Warrior nodded and said, “Those fellows are truly sly. Since this is the case, make the mechs retreat first. Then we go and take a look at the nearby meteorites. They certainly haven’t gone far.” The Mage was in agreement, he said, “Right, with our fleets outside, they would certainly be courting death if they decide to leave the passage. Let’s go into the direction the ship has floated to, then we’ll slowly branch out.”

The Warrior nodded. Then they walked towards the mechs and had them retreat. It can be said that mechs had much greater combat power than Mages and Warriors. However, their ability to stay in combat wasn’t very good. Even if they can fight for two days straight, once their energy reserves were used up, they were no greater than scrap iron. And if there were any high-intensity fights, their operating time would be reduced further. This task couldn’t be completed within a day or two. Because of this, it was best if the mechs retreat and save their energy.

Due to the nature of the area, most communication devices were rendered useless. Because of this, communication became a major problem. Otherwise, Zhao Hai and the others would’ve already informed the Ashley Family’s ship to run on its own.

As soon as Zhao Hai and the others entered the meteorite field, they immediately went further inside. However, they didn’t go too deep into the zone. Even almighty Experts from the Cultivation Realm wouldn’t dare enter that area.

After Zhao Hai’s group entered the field, they immediately turned towards the family ship. The ship had yet to leave the meteorite field but instead found a place to hide in. Zhao Hai and the others wanted to know how the ship was currently doing.

Tie Sheng and Zhao Hai took the lead. After flying for a while, Tie Sheng turned to Zhao Hai and said, “I’m almost certain that a spy has infiltrated the family. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have known about this mission.”

Zhao Hao nodded and said, “Not only an ordinary spy, but someone who managed to penetrate deep. It seems like the Zhang Family really had no consideration for the family’s face. This is a dangerous time for the Ashley Family.”

Tie Sheng knit his brows. This mission was considered top secret within the family. Even people from the Bone Symbol Camp didn’t know about its contents up until the operation began.

Only the high-level members of the family knew about the time and scale of the mission. And even in such a case, the Zhang Family was still able to lay down a trap. 

Also, the Ashley Family wasn’t aiming to wage war with the Zhang Family with this retaliation. They just want to teach a lesson to the other side. But judging by the current situation, it seems like the Zhang Family was prepared for war.

One side was deliberately planning while the other had no preparations whatsoever. In this case, if war happened between the two families, then the Ashley Family would certainly suffer a loss.

Tie Sheng sighed and said, “Alright, even if something is happening to the family, we cannot do anything about it at this time. What we need to do is protect our lives. Let’s hope that nothing happened to the ship, or else our lives wouldn’t be good.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he turned to look at the others before saying, “Brother Tie Sheng, it would be best if you organize a group to clear out our traces. Otherwise, the enemies would quickly find us and give chase. I’ll head out front first and explore the area.”

Tie Sheng nodded and said, “I’ll choose two people to go with you. It’s better for your safety.” Zhao Hai didn’t object. Then Tie Sheng chose two people to go with Zhao Hai before he stayed behind.

Tie Sheng’s status was quite substantial among the External Hall’s camps. And with his position as the commander of the Bone Symbol Camp, the other camps began unconsciously to listen to his words.

Tie Sheng looked at everyone and said, “This time, we’ve been snared in the enemy’s trap. Also, the outside passage has been blocked. Some of you might have already known this, but we might have to stay away from the family for a long time. We have people currently chasing behind us, so I ask each camp commander to work together and clean all of our traces. We cannot be discovered. This isn’t the time to act on our own. If we are separated, then we’ll all be captured.” Nobody objected. They knew that what Tie Sheng said was correct. If they don’t work together, then they would have no chance to fight back against the Zhang Family.

Seeing everyone agree, Tie Sheng nodded and said, “Then I ask every commander for a meeting. We need to discuss our further actions.” After he said that, every commander went forward for the meeting.

Tie Sheng looked at the commanders and said, “The core member of the family is currently in the ship. I’m afraid we’ll have to temporarily take responsibility for everyone. We’ve brought our elites to this mission, so if we all perish here, then the External Hall will be finished. What we need to do now is to survive. I’ve already sent people ahead to scout and look for the ship. If the ship is fine, then we can tell them about what happened. But if there’s something wrong with the ship, then I’m afraid we’ll have to stay inside this meteorite field for a while.”

The camp commanders nodded. Just after the battle ended, the core member of the family returned to the ship along with some Mages and Warriors. Therefore, they weren’t here now. Because of this, the people in charge could only be the commanders from the eight camps.

Seeing everyone nod, Tie Sheng said, “I suggest that we send people out to scout the nearby area and clean up any traces we might have left behind. After the person I’ve sent forward comes back, we’ll discuss what to do once more.”

Everyone nodded, then a Mage asked, “Tie Sheng, who did you send ahead? Is he good?”

Tie Sheng looked at the Mage and identified him as the Ghost Symbol Camp’s commander. He’s also the person responsible for their camp’s missions, Charles.

Tie Sheng looked at Charles and said, “Of course. Zhao Hai personally went out. If he can’t do it, then I’m afraid nobody else can.”

When he heard Tie Sheng’s answer, Charles couldn’t help but stare. Then he nodded and said, “Right, if it’s Zhao Hai, then he could certainly do it.”

Tie Sheng agreed. Then he said, “Alright, then everyone, let’s begin. Pay attention to the direction we came from. There may be troops chasing us. And make sure that no camp is left alone.”

As soon as they heard Tie Sheng, the commanders couldn’t help but stare. Charles looked at Tie Sheng and said, “No camp is left alone? What do you mean?”

Tie Sheng nodded and said, “It’s possible that someone from the Zhang Family is with us. Therefore, it would be best if no camp goes on their own. Otherwise, the spy might use this opportunity to send word back to the Zhang Family.”

The commander of the Upright Symbol Camp, Leo, looked at Tie Sheng and said, “Impossible. You’re being unfair. My men will never betray the family.”

Tie Sheng turned his head to Leo and said, “Don’t talk about fairness. This mission is a family secret. However, it was still known by the Zhang Family, they even set up a trap. This only means that there are traitors among is. And how can you guarantee that your people are completely loyal?”

Leo couldn’t answer. Charles nodded and said, “Tie Sheng is correct. Let’s organize 50-people teams and disperse out. Nobody is permitted to be left alone.” Everyone nodded.

While the camps were getting people ready, Zhao Hai continued flying forward. Zhao Hai’s spiritual force was suppressed in outer space. Because of this, he only discovered the Zhang Family’s fleet when they surrounded the passage.

Nevertheless, Zhao Hai’s spiritual force was still the most powerful in the Ashley Family’s External Hall. This was also a reason why he volunteered to investigate.

Following behind Zhao Hai were senior members of the Bone Symbol Camp. In the beginning, they weren’t convinced of Zhao Hai. But after seeing Zhao Hai’s strength, they couldn’t help but get surprised. The power that pushed the meteorite towards the ship belonged to Zhao Hai. Additionally, Zhao Hai’s early detection of the enemy ships saved them. 

At this time, Zhao Hai suddenly stopped. Then he waved his hand, stopping those who were following him. One of them went to Zhao Hai’s side and asked, “Little Hai, what’s wrong?”

Zhao Hai turned to the man. He identified this person was one of Tie Sheng’s aides. He also had some reputation in the family. He’s a level 5 Warrior who had two blades as his weapons. His name was Richard.

Zhao Hai replied, “Brother Richard, it’s no use. Let’s head back. The ship has been occupied by the Zhang Family. If we go back, then we’ll be ambushed.”

Richard stared, he looked at Zhao Hai and said, “How did you find out?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “My spiritual force is not a joke. Although the ship is quite a distance away, I could still see its current situation. Let’s head back to report to Brother Tie Sheng. We’ll have to make another plan.”

Richard didn’t doubt Zhao Hai. He just whispered and said, “Is the core member of the family fine? If anything happens to him, then we’ll be in trouble.”

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “Let’s go back.” After turning around, Zhao Hai flew back the way they came.


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