BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1138


Chapter 1138 – Ambush

The Rainbow Meteor Field, what a beautiful name! However, just like in the forests, the most beautiful things are the most dangerous. The Rainbow Meteorite Field might be beautiful, but it was extremely lethal towards fleets.

The Rainbow Meteor Field was an extremely huge zone. The countless meteorites here were magnetic and at the same time chaotic. Nobody would survive a journey to the middle of this zone. Even if a powerful Expert goes in alone, he still wouldn’t be able to penetrate the meteor field.

The entire field had a radiance surrounding it. It looks beautiful and dazzling, but all fleets chose to stay away from it.

And don’t think that it was safe to hide inside the meteorite field. In this area, meteorites would occasionally crash against each other and split. Then this would cause a chain reaction where more and more meteorites explode. The irregularity of this event made it dangerous to stay on the edge of the field.

However, this meteorite field was actually in the path between Adam Planet and Luke Planet. It was also impossible for the Zhang Family to go around it. There is only a small opening in the meteorite field that allowed for a fairly safer route. Zhao Hai and the others would stage an ambush in this place.

The Ashley Family’s ship arrived at the area ahead of time. Then Zhao Hai and the others left the ship and went into groups to hide behind meteors. On the other hand, the battleship went to find a proper place to hide.

Because of the magnetic field as well as the energy storms present, most electronic equipment couldn’t be used here. Ships would need to rely on the pilot’s driving experience so that the ship could safely pass through. It can be said that this meteor field was the best place for staging an ambush.

Zhao Hai and the other people from the Bone Symbol Camp hid on a piece of meteorite. This meteorite wasn’t far from the route. It was quite huge, to the point of reaching the size of a planetoid.

After Zhao Hai and the others arrived on the meteorite, they immediately dug open a cavern on it. Then they dug smaller caves inside. It didn’t take long before it turned into a temporary base.

Besides staying in the temporary base, after discussions with Tie Sheng, Zhao Hai also made a small cave on a meteorite behind the base. This would be a key factor in their ambush.

After constructing the temporary base, Tie Sheng would regularly send people to monitor the situation of the passage. This way, they could immediately move once the Zhang Family fleet was discovered.

Although this mission was being headed by a core member of the family, the commander allowed each camp to move independently due to the mission’s nature. Each group leader could make moves on their own discretion.

The Bone Symbol Camo’s leader was Tie Sheng. And since these missions were the type he took more often, he was quite experienced about what to do. Because of this, he was able to command the group better.

However, very few people knew that Zhao Hai was also offering ideas about how to deal with the Zhang Family’s fleet. Although Zhao Hai presented a lot of ideas, he didn’t claim them for his own. Everything was seen as Tie Sheng’s contributions.

Zhao Hai knew that even if he was very famous in the Bone Symbol Camp, this was only because he managed to bring honor to the camp. His reputation was still less than Tie Sheng’s. If people from the Bone Symbol Camp knew that these ideas have been presented by Zhao Hai, then they might not be convinced about their effectiveness.

Because of this, Zhao Hai decided to step aside and credit his ideas to Tie Sheng. He would just offer ideas while Tie Sheng would make the final decision.

Days flew past as everyone cemented their plans. It was decided that the attack would happen ten days later once the Zhang Family’s fleet enters the passage. The reason for this was because they were afraid that the Zhang Family might have made some preparations.

To be honest, there were a lot of people who felt uncomfortable about this mission. But the Bone Symbol Camp were able to endure since they knew that this was a family mission.

Most people from the Bone Symbol Camp didn’t know about the hidden matter between the Ashley Family and the Zhang Family. What they knew was that the two families were allies. Because of this, they couldn’t understand this action.

But after Tie Sheng told them about the reward for the mission, they easily forgot about these matters. For the External Hall, nothing was better than a solid reward. For them alliances between families were worth a fart. Only solid money can move their hearts.

People from the External Hall were mostly ascenders from the lower realms. They were prideful beings in their respective realms, but after arriving at the Machine Field, they found that their identity changed from a heaven’s son to an inferior being. The natives in the Machine Field looked down on ascenders. Some ascenders found it hard to adapt to this change in status.

Ascenders who had talent were able to slowly adjust their mentality. With their hearts still resolute, with enough effort, they were able to become experts in the realm. However, for most people, this spirit vanished. As they became members of External Halls, their pursuit changed from becoming strong to acquiring machine coins.

It can be said that these people had lost their ideals and were now chasing after money, which was sad. 

Ambitious people would set goals, and those with enough talent would become strong. If you only live for money, then your life would be pitiful. However, the majority of people from External Halls were doing this exact same thing, living for the sake of money.

The Chinese used to say that poverty inhibits one’s ambitions. This sentence can also be applied to the people in the Machine Field’s External Halls. Mages and Warriors who didn’t have enough income to support their lifestyle would end up chasing after money.

As the days went past, the Bone Symbol Camp also made exchanges with the other camps. Under the commander’s orders, everyone made attack calculations from time to time.

The Bone Symbol Camp held a key position in this ambush as they would be the first group to launch the attack. However, their position was at the innermost part of the route. As soon as they attack, the other camps would follow after. This was because the Bone Symbol Camp was tasked with attacking the lead battleship of the Zhang Family’s fleet. Doing so would force the other ships to stop.

It can be said that the Bone Symbol Camp’s task was very heavy. Their attack on the lead ship would affect the outcome of the succeeding attacks. 

Ten days went by in a flash. The people from the Bone Symbol Camp were tensed. They knew that the fight was coming soon. Sure enough, the Zhang Family didn’t disappoint them. They arrived right on time.

The fleet comprised of ten shps. These ten ships weren’t true battleships. Instead, they were merchant ships that were armed with weapons. They weren’t combat-oriented and mainly served as transport. They were armed with a simple weapons system as well as a limited number of mechs. There were also Mages and Warriors on the ships to serve as guards.

Commanding the Zhang Family’s ship was a man named Adams. He’s a merchant captain with a lot of experience and had already made multiple trips safely through the Rainbow Meteor Field. Because of this history, the Zhang Family felt relieved leaving this matter to him.

Even with his status, Adams was still wary every time he went through the meteorite field. Adams knew clearly that the Rainbow Meteor Field was extremely random. It was a very dangerous zone that could randomly destroy ships.

Once the fleet entered the meteor field, Adams’s relaxed expression turned stern. His two eyes were focused on the path.

This passage wasn’t very long. Spaceships could pass through it in one hour with full speed. However, ships wouldn’t dare traverse this passage in their full speed. This was because meteors would sometimes wander through the passage. If a ship manages to hit these meteorites, then a chain reaction would certainly occur.

Because of this, even if speed was crucial in passing through this region, haste was heavily discouraged. One couldn’t go too fast nor too slow. With his experience, Adams clearly knew how to traverse this passage.

Adams was currently inside the ship right behind the lead ship. If the lead ship met an attack, then he could use the second ship to help.

After eyeing the passage for some time, Adams quickly said, “All ships slow down to twenty knots. Ready your system weapons and keep a steady communication with other ships.”

The order was quickly passed down. Before long, the entire fleet slowed down. Then the lead ship began to enter the passage.

One by one, the fleet entered the meteor field. Adams was anxiously staring at the computer. At this point, the communication was beginning to be affected. Conversations were beginning to crack. However, Adams didn’t panic. This was to be expected judging by the meteorite field’s characteristics.

The fleet slowly advanced. Oftentimes, a ship would shoot some smaller meteorites that were on their way. But generally speaking, they were still safe.

Even if the fleet was halfway through the passage, Adams still didn’t relax. As long as the fleet was still inside the passage, he couldn’t lower his guard.

At this time, Adams’s expression sank, then he yelled out, “Ship number 1, pay attention. Ship number 1, pay attention. Immediately descend, immediately descend!”

Adams’s eyes was stuck on the computer. He could clearly see a meteorite not far away from ship number 1 suddenly moving. Then that meteorite hit a bigger meteorite, causing the latter to move towards the passage!


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