BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1135


Chapter 1135 – Flawless

After the Warrior got on the stage, he looked at Zhao Hai quietly for a while. Then he said, “Zhao Hai, you’re strong, very strong. But I’m not weak either. You’ve gotten arrogant. Refusing to use any weapon will be your biggest undoing. You should know that this is no longer the lower realms. Mages who don’t use weapons will not have any achievements, even if you are a genius.”

Zhao Hai just listened to the Warrior from the Wicked Symbol Camp. Then after the Warrior stopped talking, Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “I’m not refusing to use my weapon. But your strength is not enough for me to take it out.”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, the Warrior couldn’t help but stare. His expression sunk, then he said, “Well then, let me make my move!” He raised his spear up and readied to attack.

When he saw this, Zhao Hai calmly waved his hand and muttered, “Shield” Along with his words, a shield appeared in front of him. This shield wasn’t as thick as a five-layer formation shield, but it still didn’t look weak.

The Warrior from the Wicked Symbol Camp sneered, then he thrust his spear forward, aiming towards Zhao Hai’s shield. What he released was still sword qi. Sword Qi was just a general description, therefore it was used whenever a Warrior in the Machine Field released an attack.

Zhao Hai just stood behind his shield and greeted the attack with a smile. The attack didn’t even budge the shield, there was no movement at all. When the Warrior from the Wicked Symbol Camp saw this, he couldn’t help but stare. At this time, he suddenly heard a voice coming from behind him, “Spear!” He turned around since he felt a sharp chill behind his neck. He knew very well that the opponent had a weapon pointed at his back. If he dared to move, then the other side wouldn’t mind attacking.

The Warrior from the Wicked Symbol Camp immediately held his hands up and said, “Alright, I admit defeat.” When he said that, Zhao Hai withdrew his magic. Then his body flashed back to the front of the Warrior “I accept.”

The Warrior from the Wicked Character camp muttered, “So this is Zhao Hai.” As he said that, he proceeded to head down from the stage.

Zhao Hai stayed on the stage and didn’t say anything. At this time, the eight remaining participants looked at each other. They seem to not know what to do.

Those watching at the side could see everything that happened. Zhao Hai just used two ordinary spells. One was a metal element shield while the other was actually a dark element spell.

Zhao Hai used his shield in order to distract his opponent. Then he used dark magic to attack the enemy with a spear from behind.

The entire process could be said to be very simple. However, this was the hardest thing a Mage could do when fighting.

All battles couldn’t last for too long. Even warships have reactor furnaces that needed fuel. And this fuel was limited, placing a time limit on how long a warship could fight.

Experts were the same. Whether they be Mages or Warriors, their battle qi and spiritual force could run out. Because of this, they couldn’t fight for a long time. A good example of this was Zhao Hai and Addison’s fight, both of them almost killed themselves from exhaustion.

When the Warrior from the Wicked Symbol Camp left the stage, the others were at a loss for a while. Although the fight wasn’t short, it wasn’t as long as they expected either. 

They already knew that Zhao Hai was strong, so they intend to have the first person consume his spiritual force. But now, it seems like this plan was useless. This caused the other challengers to be clueless about what to do.

Even if the challengers were stunned, this didn’t mean that time wasn’t counting down. The computer began to count down from 1000 once more. If nobody issued a challenge by the time the computer finished counting down, then Zhao Hai would be the champion.

The timer continued to count down. However, the eight challengers below the stage were still looking at each other in dismay, which was the same situation they were in at the beginning.

Cadjo couldn’t help but commend Zhao Hai in his mind. Zhao Hai’s first victory was so flawless. Not only had it ended swiftly, it was also so clean and neat which caused a lot of pressure on the other challengers. Now, they need to think deeply about challenging Zhao Hai.

Ii can be said that Zhao Hai used this tactic to gain time for himself. It could also be a tactic to put pressure on the next challenger.

Calm! Terrifying calmness! This was Cadjo’s appraisal of Zhao Hai. Although the fight looked simple, Cadjo saw something different.

The challenge tournament could be said to be an unfair competition. The person on the stage would be repeatedly challenged by multiple people, wearing him out in the process. Therefore, the first person on the stage would generally be in the worst situation while the last man would benefit from it all.

However, Zhao Hai had been too calm in his first challenge battle. In turn, this created a huge pressure on the next challengers, causing them to hesitate. This allowed Zhao Hai more time to himself. This was the best method for someone who wanted to survive a situation that was designed to wear them down.

Finally, when the computer counted down to 200, the second challenger went up on stage. This person was also from the Wicked Symbol Camp. The Ghost Symbol Camp and the Wicked Symbol Camp both had two contestants in the challenge tournament. Now, both of the Wicked Symbol Camp’s participants have gone to the stage.

To be honest, Zhao Hai didn’t dislike the people from the Wicked Symbol Camp. In fact, he didn’t care about the people from the other camps. He wasn’t even resentful towards the Ghost Symbol Camp. It was only those who wanted to kill him that he needed to kill.

The person from the wicked Symbol Camp was also a Warrior. His weapon was a normal two-handed broadsword. When he got up on the stage, he pulled his sword out and calmly looked at Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai saw that the other party seems to be disinterested in talking, so he decided to stay silent. He just gave the other person a bow and then gestured to begin.

The Warrior was still intently looking at Zhao Hai and didn’t issue any response. When he saw this, Zhao Hai decided to make the first move. He waved his hand and released a magic formation. A spear began to depart from the formation and went directly towards the enemy.

The Warrior just stood there and didn’t have any intention to escape. When the spear was close to hitting him, his swung his sword and sent a sword qi out.

Zhao Hai has to recognize that the Machine Field’s metal element magic had very strong attacking strength. Although his spear couldn’t compare to the enemy Warrior’s sword qi, its might was equivalent to a level 1 Warrior. Seeing the enemy parry the spear effortlessly, Zhao Hai knew that the other was certainly an expert.

Zhao Hai’s two eyes narrowed. He knew what the other party was planning to do. They were planning to hold on as long as possible to consume Zhao Hai’s energy. However, Zhao Hai didn’t care, he just waved his hand and released a fireball towards the Warrior.

The Warrior lit up with earth yellow battle qi. His broadsword also turned earth yellow before it sliced a fireball. But at the same time, Zhao Hai released a five-layer formation. However, this formation wasn’t like other attacking formations.

Most attacking formations would release an attack towards the enemy. On the other hand, this formation would make the Warrior from the Wicked Symbol Camp sink into the stage.

When the Warrior saw this formation, he couldn’t help but stare. He could identify that this was an earth element formation. However, the life and death stage was made out of metal. How could this earth element magic be useful?

When while he was puzzled, the Warrior suddenly felt the iron underneath his foot turn into quicksand, making his body sink down.

The Warrior was startled. He couldn’t understand how Zhao Hai’s spell could turn the metal stage into quicksand. However, he wasn’t given time to think about this. The Warrior exerted his energy to fly out. But at this moment, the quicksand suddenly turned into a bed of thorns. It was actually a combined formation.

Just after the Warrior managed to fly out, the earth below him began to rumble. Then a huge metal thorn began to fly out, shooting towards the Warrior.

The Warrior was greatly surprised. But just as he was about to take action, he discovered that it was already too late. Zhao Hai just released a 10-layer formation, the fiery arrow rain!

This arrow rain was the same formation Zhao Hai used against Luo Zhi. Because of this, the Warrior was aware of its might. Seeing that Zhao Hai was about to activate the formation, the Warrior quickly raised his hand and said, “I admit defeat!”

Just as the Warrior’s voice fell, Zhao Hai withdrew the formation. The life and death arena returned to its calm. The Warrior bowed to Zhao Hai and proceeded to get down from the arena.

Zhao Hai just stood there waiting for the next match. But this time, he didn’t need to wait too long. The other participants seem to realize that waiting too long would only be beneficial to Zhao Hai. Because of this, another challenger immediately jumped on the stage. This time, it was a Mage from the Ghost Symbol Camp.

The proceeding battle didn’t have any suspense. Although the Mage had a staff with a 10-layer formation inside, it still wasn’t a threat to Zhao Hai. After all, a recorded formation wasn’t part of a Mage’s strength. Everything still depended on a person’s combat ability!


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