BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1134


Chapter 1134 – Challenge Tournament

Seeing Margaret being anxious, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but smile. Margaret’s performance made Zhao Hai glad. However, he didn’t say anything about it. Instead he smiled and said, “Alright, there’s no need to worry about it. The Camp Lord has reached an agreement with the Patriarch. And the Patriarch already agreed for me to use Liquid Silver.”

When Margaret saw Zhao Hai’s confidence, she calmed down. But then her face turned red. She knew clearly that she had been naive. Since that person now knew that Zhao Hai had Liquid Silver, then it was already too late for Zhao Hai to walk away.

Moreover, her words looked like she cared for Zhao Hai. This caused her to blush. Zhao Hai looked at Margaret and said, “Margaret, thank you. Can I call you Margaret?”

Margaret discovered that she couldn’t bear to look at Zhao Hai in the eye. She lowered her head and gently nodded her head. Then she turned and ran out of the villa, not even saying goodbye.

Zhao Hai looked at Margaret’s appearance and smiled. Then his body flashed and entered the Space. Upon entering the Space, Laura and the others immediately walked over, grinning. Laura looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Brother Hai is truly fierce. You actually managed to make Margaret flee with a few words.”

Zhao Hai looked at them and said, “I think its been a long time since I’ve dealt with all of you. And I’m feeling quite evil today.” Then Zhao Hai waved his hand, releasing metallic ropes from Liquid Silver to tie up Laura and the others. The women screamed and seem to resist. However, they had smiles on their faces.


The next day, the stage was filled with people once more. Zhao Hai was also in his seat. With Cadjo’s command, the computer began to roll for the participants in the first battle.

Zhao Hai just glanced at the battle and was quickly disinterested. On the other hand, the two contestants began to turn hectic. Their weapons and protective gear were swapped for better ones, causing the battle to be more dazzling.

The audience cheered for the battle. At this time, Zhao Hai also discovered that even if the battle had gone hectic, the two participants were holding back. The Camp Lords seem to have already told their members about not going extreme. The crowd’s excitement was great, but the battle was measured.

Zhao Hai saw this situation and began to feel relieved. In fact, even he didn’t want to kill people. If Luo Zhi didn’t want to take his life, then Zhao Hai might have spared him.

Battle after battle quickly went by. Zhao Hai was chosen to fight in the ninth battle. His opponent was someone from the Ghost symbol Camp. But it seems like this person had already been talked to. His gaze towards Zhao Hai didn’t have any killing intent, only a bit of provocation. Even if Dia told them to hold back, it seems like they were still not convinced.

Zhao Hai didn’t care, he looked at his opponent and then gave him a short bow as he said, “Please.”

Zhao Hai’s opponent couldn’t help but stare. He didn’t expect Zhao Hai to be this polite. He returned the gesture and then quickly took his magic staff out. 

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and then waved his hand to release a formation. Then Zhao Hai said, “Concealing Fog!” The formation proceeded to blow up, covering the entire life and death stage with a dark mist.

Right after the dark mist covered the life and death stage, explosions began to be heard. However, those outside the stage were unable to see what was going on. The audience began to drink and scold. Naturally, the target of their scolding was Zhao Hai and his opponent.

After some time, the fog on the stage dispersed, revealing the stage. The two participants were still standing. However, the person from the Ghost Symbol Camp was now wearing his protective armor. Then he looked at Zhao Hai and said, “I admit defeat!” After declaring his surrender, he turned around and faced Cadjo, “I surrender.” Cadjo nodded, then he opened the barrier and let the two exit the stage.

The others were very dissatisfied. However, they knew that it was useless to complain right now. They only grumbled for a few moments before proceeding to watch the next fight. Fortunately, this time, there was no such thing like Zhao Hai’s dark mist.

After this day’s battles, there would only be 18 people left. Then tomorrow, these 18 participants will be reduced to nine. The day after that, the position for tenth place would be decided. Then after the tenth position was decided, the first place would be decided by a challenge tournament!

A challenge tournament was different from a normal tournament. Normal tournaments would have its combatants decided by a computer. On the other hand, in a challenge tournament, the computer would randomly select one person. Then that person would then accept challenges from the other nine. If nobody challenges this person, then he would be crowned first place and would claim the reward for being the champion. If people challenge him and he was defeated, then the winner would replace him on the stage. This cycle would continue until 9 people are defeated and one was left.

In such a competition, only the first place would be decided. The second, third, fourth place and so on weren’t chosen. In other words, besides the first place, the other nine would have equal placement.

Desbarres and the others have also briefed the participants of this arrangement beforehand. However, Zhao Hai didn’t care much about it. He was already settled on becoming first in this competition so that the Bone Symbol Camp would rise.

The next days, the 18 participants were reduced to 9. Naturally, Zhao Hai smoothly progressed. Although the others had their equipment changed, their strength still couldn’t match up to Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai didn’t use too powerful formations. At most, he would use ten-layer formation sets. However, Zhao Hai’s formation sets were very powerful. Moreover, they were interchangeable. Up until this point, Zhao Hai had already used dozens of unique formation sets. This caused everyone to be startled.

One must know that the oldest ascender in this competition had ascended three years ago. At most, they could cast one or two formation sets. But now, there was Zhao Hai who showed dozens of formation sets. It was terrifying to think about.

Moreover, Zhao Hai just ascended four months ago. How was he able to get dozens of formation sets in that short time? Even those who ascended for a year would find it hard to do so!

Although the challenge tournament had yet to happen, everyone present knew that the first place holder could only be Zhao Hai. It would be impossible for the others to snatch this position.

In the past few days of battles, Zhao Hai didn’t use any weapon. He didn’t even show his magic staff nor his protective gear. He defeated everyone with his own strength. Not to say about the Ashley Family, even in the entire Machine Field, Zhao Hai should be the most powerful beginner present.

The days quickly flew past and it was finally the last day. It was the last day for the family qualifiers and the most exciting one, it was the challenge tournament!

Zhao Hai and the others arrived at the life and death stage. Besides Zhao Hai, there were two from the Ghost Symbol Camp, two from Wicked Character Camp, then the other camps had one participant each. One could see from this point how close the strength of the Ashley Family’s External Hall’s camps was.

The day of the challenge tournament was also the day where the stage had the most people. Not only did Desbarres and the others came, Margaret also went to watch. However, Margaret didn’t sit in the VIP room. Instead, she sat behind Zhao Hai’s seat where she could speak directly to Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai didn’t expect Margaret to come. When he saw here arrive, he couldn’t help but stare. Then he asked, “Why are you here?”

Margaret looked at Zhao Hai and smiled, “I want to see you compete. You need to get first place.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Don’t worry.”

Those who knew Margaret couldn’t help but be shocked upon seeing her interaction with Zhao Hai. Margaret’s relationship with Thunder wasn’t a secret matter in the Ashley Family. Because of this, people were clear about Margaret’s situation.

Due to how Thunder acted, Margaret had a certain resentment towards other men. She barely spoke to the opposite sex other than her elders. But now, she approached Zhao Hai. Who knew how many men threw their glasses down in sadness.

Zhao Hai also felt people’s gazes on him, but he didn’t care. He already expected this to happen.

Naturally, being in the VIP seats, Thunder was able to see everything. His eyes couldn’t help but shake as he turned to Desbarres and said, “It seems like what you said was true. Margaret indeed has a favorable impression towards Zhao Hai. Have you checked his background in the lower realms?”

It was clear that Thunder cared about Margaret. Therefore, he needed to investigate Zhao Hai’s status in the lower realm. Desbarres hastily nodded and said, “I have checked it. But Patriarch, you should know that these things aren’t necessarily accurate. What I know is that Zhao Hai is a Patriarch back in the lower realms. His clan is also a Dark Mage family. He’s also known to specialize in Dark Magic. However, he is also an all-element Mage as well as a Warrior. He’s both vicious and merciless. He uses his refining technique on people he killed. I’m afraid he had killed over a million people. Also, he has multiple wives in the lower realms. And it seems like he had a good relationship with his wives. The last time him and Margaret met, he still called her instructor. As for how it developed into this, I really don’t know.”

Desbarres didn’t boast too much about Zhao Hai and just told what he found. He knew that Thunder hated being deceived. And if Desbarres lied, then Zhao Hai and Margaret’s development would be cut short. Zhao Hai’s merciless and vicious manner as well as his multiple wives might be a weak point to others, but this wasn’t the case for Thunder.

This was especially true for Zhao Hai’s vicious attribute. In Thunder’s eyes, this wasn’t a negative, instead it was a strong point. As for Zhao Hai’s wives, Thunder didn’t say anything. Instead, in the eyes of Thunder and Desbarres, Zhao Hai left his wives behind in the lower realms. Him getting another wife in the Machine Field wouldn’t be an issue.

Thunder nodded and said, “I didn’t expect this kid to be that kind of person. More than a million people? Hehe, great. This is the kind of person the Ashley Family needs.”

Desbarres smiled and didn’t say anything. Thunder turned to Desbarres and said, “Take him to me later, I want to see him personally.” Desbarres nodded.

At this time, Cadjo arrived at the stage. He looked at everyone present before he smiled and said, “After several rounds of fighting, the Ashley Family’s ten brave combatants have finally been elected. And today will be their most decisive battle, the challenge tournament! Select the first person receiving the challenge!”

The computer rolled through the participants before settling on one. Upon seeing the person chosen, Cadjo couldn’t help but stare. His smile seemed to turn wider as he announced, “The first person on stage today shall be Bone Symbol Camp’s Zhao Hai! I ask Zhao Hai to come to the stage!”

Zhao Hai didn’t expect himself to be the first person on the stage as well. However, he just nodded towards Margaret before heading to the stage.

Seeing Zhao Hai arrive on the stage, Cadjo immediately said, “Good. Now, the challenge tournament begins!” Then he proceeded to leave the stage.

Zhao Hai calmly stood on the stage. Meanwhile, the other participants couldn’t help but look at each other in dismay. They were clear about Zhao Hai’s strength, and they already knew that they cannot win against him. Because of this, the one who went first on the stage would only consume Zhao Hai’s spiritual force, making it easier for those following him.

Because the others knew about this, nobody wanted to be the first to issue the challenge. Cadjo didn’t care about this as he looked at the other participants and said, “According to the family’s rules, once a person stands on the stage for 1000 breaths then they would win. If nobody challenges Zhao Hai in 1000 breaths of time, then he will immediately claim victory. The timer starts now.” After he said that, a timer appeared on the computer screen. It started from 1000 and slowly counted down.

The other nine knew that this wasn’t Cadjo pushing them to fight. This was a well known rule of the Ashley Family. 1000 breaths of time was neither long nor short for these people to decide. The nine had ugly expressions after seeing the number on the screen counting down. They wanted to challenge Zhao Hai, after all their equipment has been upgraded. And these people were talents in their respective camps. They weren’t afraid of Zhao Hai, they just want to fight him.

When the number on the screen reached 300. One person could no longer keep calm. He stood up and said, “I’ll go.” Then he stood up and went towards the stage.

Zhao Hai looked at the man and identified him as a Warrior from the Wicked Symbol Camp. His strength was at level 3 and his fighting prowess was very good. His weapon wasn’t a sword and instead it was a spear. This spear was long at three meters in length. If others used this kind of spear, then they might find it hard to fight. However, this person was clearly talented judging by the fact that he was able to place in the top ten.


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