BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1132


Chapter 1132 – A Positive Worry

The day after Zhao Hai’s first battle, Margaret went to visit Zhao Hai. To be honest, Zhao Hai was currently feeling a headache.

After Desbarres and the others left yesterday, Zhao Hai returned to the Space. Laura and the others then discussed with him about the current matter. Zhao Hai didn’t know whether to laugh or cry after hearing the result. Laura and the others actually encouraged him to pursue Margaret. 

If other men came across this matter, then they might feel heavenly. However, Zhao Hai was different. He already has Laura and the others. He still can’t believe that they urged him to pursue another woman.

And now, Margaret actually came looking for him. Zhao Hai sighed before opening the door and inviting Margaret in. After Margaret sat down, a robot immediately offered her tea. Then Zhao Hai opened his mouth and asked, “Instructor, do you need me for anything?”

Hearing Zhao Hai call her by her title, Margaret couldn’t help but feel slightly disappointed. She let out a long breath and said, “Camp Lord allowed you to join the qualifiers, it seems like he’s confident in your strength. However, you still need to be careful against those from the Ghost Symbol Camp. Camp Lord Dia doesn’t have a good relationship with our Camp Lord. Moreover, I heard about the 10 million coin bet. That isn’t a small number. Although Camp Lord Dia still had good income, 10 million will certainly cut through his wallet. And with the strength you showed yesterday, Camp Lord Dia will surely be vigilant. He will certainly arrange something.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “I thought the same. The Camp Lord already reminded me of this yesterday. There’s no need to worry. I will certainly win.”

Margaret smiled faintly and said, “I don’t doubt your strength. But I think you should still make preparations. And I think you shouldn’t use your Undead on the stage. It will only reveal your cards. When the realm qualifiers start, others would know about your ability.”

Zhao Hai nodded. He could hear that Margaret cared about him. But he let out and sigh and said, “Instructor, feel relieved, I’ll be careful.”

Margaret nodded, then she stood up and said, “Alright, then I’ll believe you. Dins and the others will be safe in the academy. I will look after them.” Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Thank you, Instructor.” Margaret gave a nod, then she turned around and left.

After escorting Margaret to the door, Zhao Hai returned to his room. Then he heard Laura and the others complaining about how he called Margaret by her title. They were telling him about how big of an idiot he was.

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but smile bitterly. Other’s wives would scold their husbands if they were to see other women outside. On the other hand, his wives were offering him advice to pursue another woman. 

While thinking about this, Zhao Hai’s body flashed and entered the Space. Seeing Zhao Hai arrive, Laura and the others immediately surrounded him. Laura looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Brother Hai, why did you call Margaret by her title? I can’t believe you. You could clearly see that she is interested in you.” 

Zhao Hai bitterly smiled and asked, “Laura, aren’t you jealous? Actually, I don’t have to do anything since I’m already strong. As long as I reveal my true strength, I don’t believe the Ashley Family would dare to do anything to me.”

Laura looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Brother Hai, you’re too relaxed. The Ashley Family might not dare to touch you if you reveal your strength, but the family is just a medium-ranked power in the Machine Field. Not to say the Machine Field, if you reveal your strength, the World of Cultivation would get word of it. When that time comes, you won’t be able to seek shelter.”

Lizzy nodded and added, “Big Brother Hai, you should also know about Margaret’s situation. She’s engaged to the Zhang Family. However, the Zhang Family actually wanted to kill her. If she marries into the Zhang Family, then her situation certainly wouldn’t be good. Are you that cruel to leave her alone? After your last meeting, it is clear that Margaret has some feelings towards you. You should pursue her. There’s no need to worry about us, Big Brother. I know you love us, we love you as well. And for our family, we wouldn’t oppose you pursuing Margaret.”

Meg smiled and said, “Young Master, don’t forget your duty. You need to make the Buda Clan grow and expand.”

Zhao Hai forced a smile and said, “Alright. I’m just worried about all of you, so I didn’t want to pursue Margaret.”

Lizzy and the others spat out their tongues and didn’t talk about the topic anymore. Zhao Hai inwardly sighed. This was because he wasn’t sure if this was really what Laura and the others wanted or if they were influenced by the Space. This was also the most annoying aspect about the Space.

Zhao Hai had no worries about using the Space to subdue his enemies. However, the Space seems to be influencing Laura and the others as well. This wasn’t something that Zhao Hai wanted to happen. However, he has no ability to stop it right now. This was the reason why he could only sigh.

Zhao Hai clearly knew that the Space would always place his benefits first. Therefore, the current program was inevitable.

Whether it was influenced by the Space or not, Laura and the others wanted him to pursue Margaret. In this case, Zhao Hai didn’t want to betray their expectations.

After sighing once more, Zhao Hai finally allowed nature to take its course. Actually, he really didn’t have such thoughts about Margaret. But now that Laura and the others said it, Zhao Hai began to think about the situation. It seems like Laura and the others had already weighed the pros and cons of this action.

Zhao Hai returned to his room and started to study magic runes. Since there were a lot of magic runes present, Zhao Hai’s research started very slow.

Fortunately, after multiple breakthroughs, Zhao Hai’s spiritual force had become more formidable, allowing him things like an eidetic memory. Naturally, this eased his progress.

The day unconsciously passed by. Zhao Hai went out of the Space and returned to the villa. Then he sat down and prepared for the competition.

Desbarres and Tao Wang came in the morning along with Tie Sheng. Tie Sheng had already finished his tasks and had some free time. Naturally, he wanted to see Zhao Hai’s battle.

When Zhao Hai and the others arrived at the life and death stage, the place was already filled with people. Zhao Hai went to his seat and then closed his eyes.

The other contestants also arrived. The other 35 looked at Zhao Hai with difficult expressions. They saw how formidable Zhao Hai’s strength was. Among them, the strongest was only able to instacast five-layer formations. Moreover, after doing so, their spiritual force would be used up. But last time, not only did Zhao Hai instacast a 5-layer formation, he also followed up with two 10-layer formations. Such strength was terrifying for the other contestants.

Zhao Hai was aware that the others were looking at him, but he didn’t care. His attention was on the Ghost Symbol Camp’s participants. It must be said that the Ghost Symbol Camp was quite good. Of the 36 contestants left, 8 of them were from the camp. Besides Luo Zhi who Zhao Hai killed, only one other person was eliminated. 

Moreover, Zhao Hai also discovered that their equipment seem to be different from before. Their armors and staffs were exchanged.

The eight looked at Zhao Hai with bad expressions. Naturally, Camp Lord Dia had already talked to them. 

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and didn’t care about them anymore. No matter how strong the equipment they were given, everything still depended on the user. Strong weapons could only be strong in the hands of the powerful.

At this time, Cadjo announced the beginning of the competition. The computer then began to cycle through the participants. The first battle of the day would be between a Mage of the Ghost Symbol Camp and a Mage from the Upright Symbol Camp.

The Mage of the Ghost Symbol Camp went on to the stage and completely crushed his opponent. The equipment of the enemy simply couldn’t catch up.

The staff used by the Mage from the Ghost Symbol Camp was a high-level item. It had a ten-layer formation inside. Even before the battle started, Zhao Hai knew that the Mage’s staff wasn’t inferior to the high-level goods he had in his hand.

After clashing for two rounds, the Mage from the Upright Symbol Camp finally admitted defeat. The Mage from the Ghost Symbol Camp proudly smiled before turning his head and glared at Zha Hai. The provocation could be clearly seen. However, Zhao Hai was just sitting there with his eyes closed, as though he was asleep.

Desbarres had an ugly face on. After the battle, he turned to Dia and said, “Dia, it seems like you really went all out. You even took out some new weapons. What? Afraid to lose 10 million?”

Dia snorted and said, “Of course I can afford to lose 10 million. I just don’t want to lose to you. I don’t believe Zhao Hai doesn’t have a special item on him. If he doesn’t have anything, he wouldn’t have been this strong just four months after ascending. Even if you deny it, nobody would believe you.”

Desbarres coldly snorted and said, “Don’t think that changing equipment will make you win. Let me tell you, Zhao Hai being first is already set in stone.”

At this time, the Upright Symbol Camp’s Camp Lord grunted, “Although your bet has nothing to do with us, we still got affected. At least our contestants relied on their own means.” Naturally, he was reluctant to accept the Ghost Symbol Camp’s win by having superior equipment.

In fact, it wasn’t only the Upright Symbol Camp, the other Camp Lords were also having difficult expression on their faces. Dia just gave his contestants an unfair advantage, causing their members to lose. 


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